15 Celebs That Tried To Look Young (But Now Look Scary)

There’s no doubt we all want to look perfect, so we use all kinds of filters before we post our picture for the world to see, or add concealer in all the right places to hide these annoying zits. Some of us are okay with these small fixes, but then again, most of us aren’t being followed by cameras and our faces aren’t immortalized in films for the rest of eternity. Celebrities are definitely under a lot more pressure, so they look for more permanent fixes. Going under the knife and making a permanent change is definitely scary, and some celebs are lucky enough to get out on the other side looking better, but others come out the other side looking even worse than before.

Plastic surgery isn’t like dying your hair; you can’t really change it back. Once it’s done, the ugly nose, or horrible facelift will be there for the rest of your life, maybe even causing you more trauma than before. Many celebrities are very candid about their time in the surgery room while others would never admit. Celebrities who have shared their plastic surgery experiences include: Victoria Beckham, Kaley Cuoco, Wendy Williams, Tamar Braxton and many more.

Many don’t actually need to let us know that they’ve had any surgery, because we can see the crooked nose, the creepy smile, or the face that doesn’t move. Unfortunately, to stay relevant in Hollywood, you have to stay young and beautiful, but as you grow older, you're bound to get a few wrinkles here and there.

We bet you’re thinking of a few scary looking celebrities right now, but just in case you can’t, here is a list of 15 celebs that tried to stay or look young and beautiful but ended up looking scary.

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15 Courtney Cox

via: media.nbcnewyork.com

Mostly known from her role in the very famous and hilarious hit series Friends, Cox played the role of the neurotically clean and neat Monica Gellar. No one can deny that Courtney was absolutely gorgeous! The beauty was 30 years old when she first starred in Friends, and by the time it ended in 2004, she was 40 years old and definitely looked it! None of the friends cast (besides maybe Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer) have been part of any huge projects since the show ended. It’s natural to freak out when you’re unemployed and can’t find work after you’ve been part of a huge hit. The gorgeous actress got face fillers and immediately regretted it. Cox married the very lovable Friends guest star David Arquette in 1999, had a child together but sadly divorced in 2013. They had met on the set of Scream and, other than Neve Campbell, were actually the only ones to appear in all four movies.

14 Renee Zellweger

via: starcasm.net

The 48-year-old actress has pretty much lost all her beauty. The Texan is mostly known for her roles in Bridget Jones’ Diary in 2001 with the very charming Hugh Grant, and of course Me, Myself, & Irene with the hilarious Jim CarreyRenee came back for Bridget Jones’: The Edge Of Reason in 2004 and when she recently starred in Bridget Jones’s Baby in 2016 (with the handsome Patrick Dempsey) everyone definitely had something to say about her new “look.” The actress has denied being under the knife stating, "I did not make a decision to alter my face.” Critics spoke out and fans tweeted, “Her face is CLEARLY altered! Own it!” While another fan stated, “Be proud and own it girl!” If you haven’t altered it, then why do you look like a wax figure when you smile?

13 Cameron Diaz

via: celebrityplasticsurgeryxp.com

The gorgeous Charlie’s Angel stole the hearts of many with that charming smile, beautiful green eyes, and adorable giggle. The actress has admitted to fixing her nose for health reasons, but we’re not sure that’s all she’s done! Diaz went from being the it Hollywood girl to pretty much disappearing from the Hollywood scene. The actress could be just aging badly or hiding a couple of surgeries that have gone wrong. The 45-year-old has definitely changed since she played the role of Mary in everyone’s favourite movie, There’s Something About Mary. Her last two productions were both in 2014, S*x Tape, with the famous How I Met Your Mother actor, Jason Segel, which didn’t do so well, and the movie Annie, which also didn’t receive the best reviews. We’re sure the star is feeling the pressure now with hot new actresses showing up in the scene. Who knows, the stress could even be causing all these wrinkles!

12 Heidi Montag

via: i.ytimg.com

It’s all about proportions, something that Heidi didn’t really understand when she got her chest augmented. Montag has undergone 10 plastic surgeries: mini brow left, botox in forehead and frown area, nose job, butt augmentation, fat injections in cheeks and lips, and a couple other more. The actress isn't shy when it comes to speaking about her plastic surgeries. Heidi has said, “We all want to feel attractive, so who is anyone to judge me?” Montag is mostly known for her role on The Hills. On the show, the world got to see her family react to her plastic surgeries. Heidi's mom was not shy to share her opinion on TV. She said,“ It’s weird... you look like Barbie." No doubt that Heidi obsessed over perfection! Montag later opened up about her regrets and had a breast reduction. Montag is one of many celebrities to have a breast enlargement, only to later reverse the procedure.

11 Meg Ryan

via: i.pinimg.com

The sweetheart from one of our favourite movies, You’ve Got Mail, could be one of the poster girls for plastic surgeries gone wrong! Meg looks almost unrecognizable now, and it’s breaking our hearts. As far as we know, the actress has only lip implants and botox injections, but boy, have they changed her face a lot! The actress isn’t even that old; she’s only 55 years old, which is basically the new 30. Look at celebs like Jennifer Lopez (48 years old) or Salma Hayek (51 years old) and how gorgeous they look. In any case, we’re pretty sure that it would have been much better for the actress to just let herself grow old gracefully. The actress has been part of a couple of projects in the last couple of years, so she's still working, but no one has seen Meg Ryan without making a face or asking, "What the hell happened to her?"

10 Rose McGowan

via: celebrityplasticsurgery.com

If you were a Charmed fan, you will remember Rose McGowan very quickly. She was the actress who replaced Shannen Doherty for supposedly being too catty and difficult to work with. However, if you’ve never watched Charmed, then you might know her as one of the several women who recently accused Harvey Weinstein of assault. While she never mentioned names, in 2016, McGowan spoke about a “serial predator” in Hollywood, and now fans are realizing who she was talking about. The actress had spoken about undergoing surgery after a horrible car accident where her glasses smashed into her face, slicing her under her eyes. Some fans believe that she has done more than just fix what a car accident may have done, considering her very puffy face and all around different features. However, the actress has denied it. Fans have gone as far as saying that she looks like Michael Jackson.

9 Donatella Versace

via: s.yimg.com

Who doesn’t know Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace or the elegant brand? The star is 62 years old but looks like a plastic doll now. The funny thing is that celebs sometimes think they can get away with not admitting their procedures. Donatella has admitted to getting botox but has denied undergoing any other procedures. In 2014, the star almost looked unrecognizable with a super shiny plastic face that was very hard to miss. Experts say that the designer has had a facelift that went wrong, which is why her face looks unnatural and frozen and her skin looks over-stretched. With all the before and after pictures, I think it’s pretty obvious that the designer had more than just botox. Some also say that the star got a nose job. Regardless, that’s one celebrity that should have stayed far away from the knife.

8 Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

via: adobeguru.com

She was first known as the Olympic Gold medalist, then she became known as the Kardashian stepdad, but of course once she became Caitlyn Jenner, EVERYONE knew who she was, because there wasn’t one magazine or news outline not reporting on the transformation. Bruce Jenner (currently Caitlyn Jenner) was Kim Kardashian’s stepfather that  practically raised the Kim and her siblings, as their dad Robert Kardashian passed away when they were very young. Caitlyn is also the parent of Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. Before Bruce became Caitlyn, she mentioned in one of the Keeping up With the Kardashians episodes that a doctor had advised her to undergo a partial face-lift and a nose job, but it went terribly wrong.

7 Jocelyn Wildenstein

via: elitecelebsmag.com

What have you done, Jocelyn? Known as "Catwoman" (for obvious reasons), she is most famously known for her plastic surgeries gone wrong. Earlier this year, Wildenstein got engaged to fashion designer and boyfriend of 14 years, Lloyd Klein. With a 32-carat diamond ring, her doting 50-year-old fiancé proposed at the Versace Mansion in Miami. The plastic surgery enthusiast has reportedly spent $4 million on plastic surgery already, but it seems like it isn’t enough! The 71-year-old denies being addicted to plastic surgery, despite her need to have even more. We would make a list of the surgeries she has had but clearly making a list of what she didn’t have would be much shorter! Obviously the actress didn’t need that much surgery, considering how beautiful she looked before, but I guess you can get hooked pretty easily. A poster of the socialite should be in every plastic surgeon's office with the caption, "Don’t get carried away under the knife."

6 Michael Jackson

via: stars-plastic-surgery.com

No one can deny that he is the King of Pop and no one has moves like him, but he was one of the stars that grabbed the attention of the media with one of the most drastic plastic surgery changes in history! While others may have blamed the doctor for what happened to the pop star, Dr. Steven Haughlin, who performed the surgeries, said that he only did what he was told. In the 1980s, Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo, which some doctors say is a result of skin bleaching. Despite looking completely different, the singer only admitted to having two nose surgeries. Many remember Jackson not only for his legendary music and moves that will live on forever, but also for his bizarre behaviour during the last couple of years before he passed away.

5 John Travolta

via: chaostrophic.com

John Travolta has been in numerous movies and has played a range of roles. Millions of girls fell in love with Travolta when he played Danny in the very famous musical Grease. Who could forget those moves? We could start naming all the movies the actor has been a part of, but we would need a separate article for that. His most recent notable role was in The People VS OJ Simpson. Even though everybody loved his role, fans did comment that he did look really odd. While watching the show, some fans tweeted, “Is that John Travolta, or just a terrifying botox lookalike... John, oh John. What happened, man?” Another fan sadly tweeted, “WTF has happened to John Travolta. He’s made from plastic!” No doubt that Travolta felt the need to get the surgeries in order to stay relevant and younger. Guess what, John? We would have loved to see you grow old gracefully, or maybe find a better surgeon! Yikes!

4 Tara Reid

via: plastic-surgery-mistakes.com

Who doesn’t remember the adorable actress from American Pie or Van Wilder: Party Liaison, but look at her now. Eek! In 2004, the actress got implants, which you would think would help her score more Hollywood roles, but it resulted in the complete opposite. Reid has been one of the actresses to speak about the negative effects of plastic surgery. She said, “My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing, I had hernia, this huge bump next to my belly button. As a result, I couldn’t wear a bikini. I lost a lot of work.” In 2006, the the actress had her procedures reversed, but as we all know, nothing goes back to exactly what it was before. A lot of actresses depend on their beauty to be on screen, so it must be hard for someone like Tara Reid, who was once a Hollywood hottie, to be on the sidelines now. Although, we also can’t help but notice that even her face looks completely different now. Could it be due to the stress of unemployment?

3 Clay Aiken

via: almadecine.com

The star is 38 years old, but he looks more like he's 50 in most pictures. Aiken came in second place to Ruben Studdard on the second season of American Idol, but boy, has he really changed since then! In 2012, good old Andy Cohen got Akin to admit he had plastic surgery while playing “Plead the Fifth.” Clay stated, "I had operative surgery on my jaw for a TMJ thing and I had them suck the fat out of my chin while they were in there.” At that time, the singer was competing on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. Many were upset at the fact that it took the media that long to comment on his very apparent procedures. Some said this was because he is a man, and women are more scrutinized for their looks.

2 Mickey Rourke

via: cdn.fitavation.com

Known for his role as Randy “The Ram” Robinson in The Wrestler in 2008, and Ivan Vanko) the bad guy in Iron Man 2, Mickey is one of the few men in Hollywood to get attention for his botched plastic surgery procedure. Many don’t know that before the 65-year-old actor was an actor, he was a boxer from 1964 to 1973. Rourke has had 27 wins and 3 defeats. As a result of the boxing background, Mickey broke his nose a few times and had a cracked cheekbone. The 5'11" actor from Sin City said he needed the plastic surgery, but also admitted to going to the wrong person for it. Regardless, the actor is supposedly healing and looking a lot better than when he first got his surgeries. No one can deny that he was a handsome devil when he was younger.

1 Joan Rivers

via: celeb-surgery.com

Joan Rivers passed away in 2014 at 81 years old, and she had definitely made a name for herself in Hollywood an actress, writer, and producer. This was one person who could not deny her cosmetic surgeries; in fact, she was another one who candidly spoke about her procedures. While some people thought that Rivers' procedures were just a bit too much, she wrote a book in 2008 called, Men Are Stupid... And They Like Big Bo*bs: A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery, in which she wrote about her multiple surgeries, such as her eye lift, nose job, and implants. Joan wrote, “Looking good equals feeling good... I’d rather look younger and feel happy than look older and be depressed.” You have to love her for her honesty. If she feels good, who are we to argue? No one can deny that the woman had amazing style until the very end.

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