15 Celebs That Treat Waiters Like Crap

Being a celebrity means that you are a little more recognizable than most folks. It often (but not always) means that you have more money and resources. Sometimes because celebrities find themselves being stalked by photographers and begged by fans for autographs, they think they are somehow a little more important or better than the rest of us. Celebrities are like the rest of us in that they have all kinds of different personalities and opinions. A lot of celebs are very humble and highly approachable, but some just aren’t. While everyone can have a bad day, there are some that time and time again find themselves being a little more rude to people in service industries.

Waiters and waitresses work very hard every day. When anyone eats at a restaurant, they expect to have friendly and efficient service. Somehow there are some celebrities though that regardless of how hard the staff works, believe that it’s just not good enough. Most people don’t like the idea of celebrities treating people like garbage and it may just shock you to find out that these are 15 people that have been known to treat waiters like crap. This might just change how you think about these famous folks in the future.

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15 Kendall Jenner

Via: CelebMafia

Kendall Jenner is part of the Kardashian/Jenner clan that are famous simply for being famous. The reality television star and model was certainly born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but that’s no reason to treat people badly. She’s likely not always rude, but when you’re a celebrity, it only takes one time for a terrible reputation. It was reported back in 2014, when still a bratty teenager that she left a SoHo restaurant without paying. The server ran out after her to ask her about the bill, and Jenner threw some money AT the server, laughing with her friend as she kept walking. At no place or time would that ever be acceptable for anyone and it certainly isn’t for Kendall! We can all just hope that she’s grown up a little and learned some humility.

14 Ludacris

Via: Famous DC

Ludacris is a hip hop artist well known for being a terrible tipper! This long time celebrity has been around for a while now and not new to ya know...dining out or living life. Waiters don’t expect celebrities to be superhuman, but they do expect them to be human! Whatever the customary tip for the area would be fine, but when a celebrity receives good service (considering they often request special accommodations), there is no reason to tip below the standard amount. In Ludacris’ case, he has been known on multiple occasions to only tip ten percent. It has also been recalled that when he is taking a large group with a tip already included, he’s changed it back down to ten percent! Kind of a jerk move for a guy that can clearly afford to be a little more generous to people that handle his food.

13 Catherine Zeta-Jones

Via: Wikipedia

Word has it that actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is not only a poor tipper, but a little impatient with restaurant waiters. Sure, this might not be all the time, but the rumor is that she doesn’t make eye contact with the servers or staff, gets impatient if questions are asked and makes unreasonable requests for items not on the menu. Whether you tip well or not doesn’t really matter when you treat people like complete crap! Zeta-Jones is the wife of star Michael Douglas, but has made her mark on Hollywood all on her own. But with rumors about a bad attitude when dining out pop up, she may need a dose of reality and an attitude adjustment. At least have the decency to tip extra well if you’re going to be a jerk!

12 Rachael Ray

Via: Simon & Schuster

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray is known for her famous 30 minute meals. She has endorsed many kitchen products and has authored about as many cookbooks. Ray is always seen as a smiling, happy and carefree personality bubbling over with enthusiasm for food. It makes it incredibly shocking to hear stories on Reddit from people that say she has been very rude in restaurants. From telling someone asking for an autograph not to talk to her, to barking about not needing another drink when a fan was trying to buy her a beverage, the tales of Rachael Ray at restaurants are truly awful. Hopefully these are exaggerations and no person could truly be this horrible to people that work in her own industry! It seems though, that she does lack some of the personality in real life that she displays on television.

11 Gene Simmons

Via: Death and Taxes

Gene Simmons from the band Kiss, is a larger than life kind of guy. He is known for more than just musical ability, having been able to turn the band into a merchandising empire. He has long been regarded however as being something of a ladies’ man, bragging about having slept with over 4,800 women in his younger days! This doesn’t mean that he should be rude or inappropriate to waiters in restaurants. Apparently, when dining at one of his own restaurants, he ran the server to death, ate for free and didn’t have the decency to even give her a tip! What’s even worse is that he allegedly referred to the server as “sugar boobs!” Maybe this isn’t every day behavior from Gene any longer, but once is too much for anyone.

10 Lea Michelle

Via: SheKnows

Known for her work on the Fox series Glee, Lea Michelle has been known to get something of an inflated ego as a result of her instant success and celebrity status. It has been reported that Lea has more than once, been quite rude and downright intolerable to waiters at restaurants. Once, she allegedly sent her father back to knock on kitchen windows to see where her food was (just 20 minutes after the order). When the food came out, she argued with the waiter about food allergies that had been taken into account. So all this can be forgiven with a huge tip of course, but the cherry on top of this crap sundae is that they only left a ten percent tip. Way to keep it classy, Lea.

9 Tyra Banks

Via: ABC News

Some say Tyra is a real sweetheart, but on some occasions, this famous model, talk show host and host of America’s Next Top Model has apparently allowed her inner diva to come out. According to someone on Reddit, they waited on her once and didn’t acknowledge that she was in fact Tyra Banks, the greatest model to ever walk the runway (or something like that). Anyway, she apparently caused a scene because she was not acknowledged. Models are sometimes known for some of their outlandish behavior, but she’s more of a television personality at this point in her life than a model. She knows better and should order a slice or two of the humble pie! Hopefully this is not the norm for Tyra and just a one time thing.

8 Sharon Stone

Via: Muzul

Longtime Hollywood icon Sharon Stone shocked the world with her performance in Basic Instinct. She has gone on to do many films and has produced several as well. The celebrity has apparently gone to her head over the years, giving her a sense of entitlement and a license to be rude to people who work in service jobs. Allegedly, Sharon was dining at a hotel restaurant where everyone was breaking their necks to cater to her. She demanded Evian water, which was not available causing her to throw a fit. The manager sent the waiter out to get the water and she apparently left a horrible tip. Demanding something that isn’t even available at the restaurant is bad enough, but to not reward those that go out of their way to find it is even worse.

7 Mike Myers

There are a few instances where people have recounted experiences with Mike Myers that were not so hot. He apparently has been noted as hating eye contact. That in and of itself is perhaps the most diva-esque behavior possible, but that’s not where it ends. A waiter in a restaurant he ate at once recalled that the staff were briefed that there were not to look at him at all before he arrived. He apparently threw his trash on the floor expecting someone else to just pick it up for him. Hopefully this is an exaggeration, but there are too many different reported incidents of his poor attitude and unreasonable expectations to ignore. This is a tough pill to swallow for most of his fans that would expect a whole lot better.

6 Mariah Carey

Via: Just Jared

It comes as a surprise to virtually no one that Mariah Carey is something of a diva. This diva behavior extends all the way to restaurants as well it seems. The legendary recording artist has been reported as making unreasonable demands with her whole entourage in tow. She apparently went to a Las Vegas restaurant after closing, demanding that they remain open for the pleasure of her company and attend to her many requests. After all this, it was reported that she left nothing for the staff. No one deserves to be treated like that and word surely travels fast. But the world knows that Mariah is a diva and has come to expect nothing better. That still doesn’t give her a good reason to be so awful to hard working people.

5 Tiger Woods

Via: Celebnmusic247

Tiger Woods showed the world his true colors in a lot of ways when his personal life fell apart after proof emerged of multiple affairs. At the time, Tiger was on top of his game and one of the most loved figures in the history of sports. After all of this came crumbling down, you’d think he would eat some humble pie, but sources indicate that he is apparently kind of a jerk to food service staff. Rumor is that he will often leave a very low tip or none at all after making several demands to the staff. He’s been under a lot of stress in the last several years, so maybe life is just taking its toll on the once king of golf. One thing is clear and that is that Tiger should change his ways and show some more humility.

4 Jeremy Piven

Via: CBS News

Jeremy Piven is known for several comedic roles, but it was his role as Ari Gold in the hit series Entourage that took him to the next level. Piven may have let it all go to his head a little too much when allegedly, at an Aspen restaurant, his behavior got a little out of hand. It must have been bad, because he was asked to leave and not come back. This is bad enough, but when tipping, he apparently left a DVD of Entourage season one! That is the ultimate slap in the face to the waiter that had to suffer through an evening of his bad decisions. The waiter got a little satisfaction after apparently throwing it down the stairs at him as he was leaving. What a story!

3 Khloe Kardashian

Via: Los Angeles Times

Another of the Kardashian/Jenner girls reportedly acting badly to wait staff? Surely not! In truth, the rumor is that Khloe is just a bad tipper. It has been alleged that she is of the opinion that her presence at the restaurant is far more valuable than the tip itself. This could all be a vicious rumor and it’s virtually impossible to prove. Her friends have apparently gone back to fix tips for her according to OK!. There are all kinds of people out there that don’t tip like they should and it’s a horrible behavior to adopt. In most places, servers rely on their tips as the bulk of their income, so for that reason, it’s important for them to be compensated for good service. Khloe should get her act together and step up.

2 Britney Spears

Via: PopCrush

Britney Spears has undergone a few transformations in her career. The world is well aware that she went through a dark time and had a lot of difficulties during that period. We can hope that it was during this time of her life that some of her bad behavior to waiters was at its worst. Britney allegedly left $26 on a $500 bill! This isn’t the only time Britney has done this, allegedly sending a waiter to get her a specialty coffee once and didn’t even give him the money back for the purchase. She apparently has tipped poorly on multiple occasions and hasn’t been invited back to certain restaurants for this reason. Hopefully, now that life is headed in the right direction, she has had a change of heart regarding how she treats waiters.

1 Usher

Via: Celebitchy

Word is out that pop icon Usher has a pretty crappy track record when it comes to his behavior at restaurants. This guy has spent the bulk of his life as a celebrity, rising to fame as a teenager. Usher has been known to flaunt this celebrity to get alcohol (before he was of age). The claim was that he made the statement “don’t you know me” when he was not immediately recognized and asked for identification. Furthermore, he has been so bold as to leave his autograph instead of a tip. While the autograph may well be worth more than the tip itself, it’s a pretty douchey thing to do! There’s nothing worse that people assuming that you care who they are or what they do for the world.

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