15 Celebs Who Looked Better Before They Were Famous

Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande have only gotten more attractive with age. Considering they are still very young and have been in the spotlight since they were kids, this is only natural. But sometimes, people don’t get better with age. Sometimes, celebrities allow makeup artists, plastic surgeons, and fans to dictate their look and their life. The pressure gets to them, they start looking older far too fast, and they end up starving themselves with crazy diets. That’s what we’re talking about today. Not the diets or enhancements, but just the pure fact that some celebs looked way better before they became famous.

We always tell ourselves that we’d look way better if we had personal trainers, makeup artists, and assistants at our beck and call. But obviously this isn’t true for some, these celebs included. In fact, these celebs not only didn’t use their assets to their greatest potential, but they looked better before they gained them. It's not that they are ugly now, but looking at them before will blow you away with how attractive they were. Many of them are gorgeous now, so that makes them all that much more appealing to hear they were even more attractive when they were a “nobody.”

Now, in no particular order, let’s take a look at fifteen celebs who looked way better before they became famous. We guarantee you haven’t seen all of these shots, but you sure will be glad that you saw them.


15 Pamela Anderson Was A Babe Even Before Baywatch

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Although Pam Anderson looked amazing in Baywatch, she actually looked a lot better before she starred in the hit show. She was amazing in Baywatch, but she was even better before. She had such a beautiful glow and light in her eyes. She looked like the perfect natural beauty before fame got to her. Back in her Home Improvement days, she was still doing well for herself, and she was stunning at every point in her career. But the longer it went on, the worse it got. Just look at how perfect she was before all of it. As a teen, she was without a care in the world.

Any vintage photos of her are guaranteed to blow you away. The young model was a natural, a word that she would eventually hold as nothing but a memory in a few short years.

14 Renee Zellweger Was Once A Fox

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Renee Zellweger, who is most famous for her role in Bridget Jones, has been through a lot with the media. Her change in appearance a few years ago was undeniable. It’s easy to see through the pictures that she has aged, which is totally acceptable. But even if you look at photos of her from before she aged so much, before enhancement accusations, she looks so much fresher and more beautiful.

This was a high school photo and although her hair could use a bit of TLC, her face is stunning. She has a bit of a baby face, but that tenseness that built up over time is nowhere to be found. This was seen early on in her career and it only got worse. Just look at this before fame picture and compare it to the first Bridget Jones movie. There is still quite the difference that has nothing to do with age. She’s still beautiful, but that look that she had back then is unobtainable.

13 Katy Perry Was The Hot Girl Next Door

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Katy Perry started out as a Christian singer who decided that she needed more (money, fans, and something else) so she debuted to the world with “I Kissed A Girl,” one of the most controversial songs of the decade. Despite this, she seemed to be fresh, clean, and quirky for most of her career. It’s just recently that she got rather wild in a not so appealing way.

Anyway, like it or not, before her career, she was quite the beauty (not that she hasn’t always been). It’s simply that as a teen, she was your classic girl next door, without the glitz and glamour. There’s something that is so attractive about that. We’re talking wife material here. Katy Perry was every guy’s dream when she was younger. We only hope she can start drifting back to that person again. Although blue hair never hurt anyone, it’d be nice to see her with a fresh face.

12 Kim Kardashian Was Beautiful Au Naturel

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Although the Kardashians have always been known, they never really rose to fame until Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired. Kim K is one of the most famous and most Googled woman in the world. After all, she is gorgeous! But she was even more gorgeous before she became a trending topic. This old photo here is from her senior yearbook, and boy does she look perfect.

She was no doubt the most popular girl in school and was every boy’s crush. She looks amazing now, but she looked naturally flawless back then. Looks like she still liked to put some work in to look good, but I’d say it was her best year yet. In fact, almost all of the Kardashians looked better before they became “The Kardashians.” Looking back, you’d hardly recognize them without all of the money they put into their new looks. They looked like a normal, everyday family.

11 Nicki Minaj Was Once Natural But Still Smokin'

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This one here is a given. Nicki Minaj has a bum that never ends and lips that rival Angelina Jolie’s. Tons of people find her attractive, but if you ask us, she had it going on before. This little rapper had big dreams when she was young and she ended up accomplishing them. But sometimes, the humility in the eyes of a young person who is not yet famous makes them all that much more appealing.

There’s something about her as a teen that you just want to love. With all the controversy that she rides on, it’s nice to see something that could not be controversial at all. It is shocking to see her sweet, young face and natural body. The woman has become very successful, but would she have been if she had kept her old look? It’s a tough question to answer since being wild seems to get people's attention.

10 Amy Winehouse Was Once Pretty And Carefree

Via: Rollingstone.com/youtube.com

The tragic tale of Amy Winehouse broke millions of hearts. Some people can handle fame and some cannot. Amy was one of those who most definitely could not. The singer was talented and beautiful, but with so many problems, fame, along with her addiction, ended up killing her. As a young artist, she was fresh and clean, but the longer she was famous, the worse it got for her. Her smiles were tense, her laugh was strained, and most of all, her mind was focused on nothing but her addiction.

In her last years, she had become lost, depressed, and a shell of who she used to be. But looking back at her before she was famous lets us see that yes, she did have good times. She was once a happy ray of sunshine to everyone she met. In honor of Amy, let’s remember her as the sunshine rather than the darkness.

9 Milla Jovovich Was Even More Gorgeous Before She Became Famous

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The Ukrainian model Milla Jovovich has always been a freakin’ bombshell. She starred in so many action films in the early 2000s that she was deemed the "reigning queen of kick-butt" in 2006 by VH1. And in 2004, she was Forbes’ highest-paid model in the world. Although she appeared in films as a teen in the 90s, she never really became “famous” until the early 2000s. Before then, she was just a really amazing model. These pictures of her prove it!

She deserves her fame now more than anyone. She left seventh grade in order to focus on her modelling career. Now that’s dedication! But it wasn’t just that, she was also teased. She once said, “I was called a commie and a Russian spy. I was never, ever, ever accepted into the crowd." Something tells us they were just jealous, Milla. That’s what I’m guessing because some girls hate girls as pretty as Milla.


8 Cate Blanchett Was Even More Stunning When She Was Young

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You can’t even for one second say that Cate Blanchett is not attractive. It’s a fact, she is and always has been. Now we’re not saying that less makeup and natural hair makes you more attractive. After all, makeup artists can make millions proving that it doesn’t. But we can say that there was something so attractive about Cate before we knew her as Elizabeth I and Galadriel. She’s majestic in her movies these days, but the classic look she had before she was famous is timeless and elegant. She has the kind of flawless face and bone structure that you just can't buy.

I’m not sure when this photo was taken but she sure looks better than she did in the 90s when she played Elizabeth I. And she looked killer as a queen… both times she played one. Who knew she could look so down to earth as well.

7 Martha Stewart Was A Dime Once Upon A Time

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One of my all-time favorite transformations! Did you know that before she Better Homes and Gardens’ top contributor that Martha Stewart was a successful model? Not well known, but geez was she perfect. In every way. She may have gone to prison later in life but as a young woman, she was unstoppable.

She babysat the New York Yankees before they were New York Yankees when she was just ten herself. Five years later, she was modeling for Chanel before it was Chanel. It’s amazing the hand she played in so many things that have gone down in American history. Modeling for Chanel? That was just to pay the college funds so she could make millions as a stockbroker. The girl was on fire and tries to stay that way in everyday life to this day. She kills centerpieces, gardens, and lunch with your great aunt! She’s the jack of all trades!

6 Angelina Jolie Had An Astonishing Beauty Before She Was A Star

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Before she was Brad Pitt’s partner, Angelina Jolie was once as au naturel as they come. She too started her career as an aspiring model. Only this time, she lied about her age to get the job. Harry Langdon was her photographer that thought she was 18. However, she was only 15 at the time. These photos prove that the girl was born stunning. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, as they all show off that beauty and star power that will make her famous.

Obviously, she’s not going to look the same today as she did when she was 15. But even in her “prime” when she was Lara Croft, she still lacked something that she had when she was a young, fresh model. How in the world she can be perfect in any state is beyond me. She is known as the perfect mother, actress, and model.

5 Kristen Stewart Was Smily And Fresh-Faced

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Haters will say this is Photoshopped, but the truth is that before she became famous, Kristen Stewart actually… smiled. Ever since Twilight was released, she’s had a bad reputation for never smiling or at least never letting us see a genuine smile. We don’t know what happened to take away the pure joy that this girl showed us but it isn’t good. However, we still celebrate those times when she always had a smile ready, and we will forever mourn the days she can’t let a smile pass those lips.

Okay, so she actually does smile but the whole joke is too easy to run with and she really did smile a lot more back then, before the vampires came to ruin her life forever. Before being famous, she wanted to be a director, not an actor. But at the age of 8, she was thrown into acting and never looked back, or smiled, again. All in good fun.

4 Uma Thurman Was Absolutely Gorgeous Before Fame

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She wants to dance like Uma Thurman! I never really knew what that meant, but hey, I guess Uma can dance. I believe anything Fall Out Boy says. After all, she was quite the looker before fame got to her. She’s most famous for her role in Kill Bill and is quite the stunning woman. It’s kind of funny how she often ends up on the “not hot” list, though she’s incredibly hot to this day.

Perhaps the people that put her there are remembering her from before, when she was a total knockout. She was absolutely amazing in Pulp Fiction, but this was years before she got all dolled up for such roles. I’m telling you, she looks like eye candy with black hair and a cigarette in her hand. But she looked even more appealing before she was known as Mia Wallace.

3 Brad Pitt Was Even More Good-Looking Before Hollywood Got To Him

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Before he was the face of Legends of the Fall, Oceans, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad Pitt was just your average dude born in Shawnee, Oklahoma. His first major role was in 1991 as he played a random hitchhiker in Thelma and Louise. But his most popular would be that of Ocean’s…all of them. But before that, he was just a teen model trying to get any job he possibly could that would launch his career in modelling and acting.

Although he’s always been one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, I’d say he looked better when he wasn’t trying so hard, when he was just a young guy looking for a job. I mean, this younger picture is of him modelling, but you get the gist. He just was himself and it worked for him. As someone who lived near Springfield, let me tell you that he was famous before he became famous.

2 Denzel Washington Was Even More Of A Heartthrob

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Denzel Washington is, and has always been, the definition of handsome. He has more class than a state university and is not afraid to show what a gentleman he is. To this day, he looks younger than he is (62) believe it or not. Just look at him when he was in high school. This is his actual yearbook photo! This is twenty years before he starred in Glory, his first major movie. Just look at how things have changed. He’s just as handsome now, but can you really see how he was likely the crush of every girl at Mainland High School at Daytona Beach, Florida?

I mean, who wouldn’t be crushing on him? He had confidence, intelligence, and obvious talent. Not to mention he was really, really good looking. This was back in the 70s too, when racism was still a big thing in society. He killed it!

1 Bill Murray Was A Handsome Young Man

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Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Bill Murray used to be really hot, I kid you not. Today he’s seen as a comic relief, and he has been for decades. This photo is of him when he was in his twenties. There are photos of him in his yearbook that are stunning. To be fair, the man is almost 70, so of course he’s going to look worse than when he was in his twenties. So, rather than give pictures of him now, we’re looking a few years back. Although, he wasn’t exactly the “attractive protagonist” back then. He was alright, but back before anyone knew him, he was quite good looking.

Even the little scar on his forehead was attractive. There’s something about him when he went by the name of William that is so much more appealing.


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