15 Celebs That Got Too “Close” To Their Fans (With Photos)

With social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, not only do we have a window into the everyday lives of our friends and family, but have access to our favorite celebrities too. It’s an excellent tool for those in the entertainment industry to promote themselves, interact with fans and even gain new ones. However, platforms like Twitter and Instagram can be double-edged swords, especially for the rich and famous.

These days people can pull out their smartphones and film at any given time to catch people in the most awkward and private moments that weren’t meant for the public eye. It used to be that celebrities only needed to worry about the paparazzi hiding around corners taking multiple shots in hopes of getting that one shot to make celebrities look at their worst. Now that phones have the ability to take pictures or film with one shake of the hand, they have the general public and even their fans to worry about.

Rock stars and musicians have reputations for getting too close with their fans and groupies, from Elvis Presley to Guns n’ Roses, but at least back then all we had to go on was hearsay and rumors. In the last few years, however, many of these fans have been hitting the headlines themselves because they are usually the ones leaking the photographs. So with that in mind, here are 15 celebrities that definitely got too close their fans.

15 James Franco Flirted With A Fan Until He Realized Her Age

via: Hollywood gossip.com

Actor James Franco is on top of the world right now with his critically acclaimed TV series The Deuce that has already been commissioned for a second season. However, back in 2014, Franco came under fire because he got a little too flirty with a female fan on Instagram.

Unfortunately for Franco, the girl named Lucy Clode turned out to be just 17 years old, and in his defence, upon realizing her age he backed off. Sadly, that didn’t stop media outlets from accusing Franco of “grooming” and all kinds of horrific allegations.

He met Clode after performing a stage show in New York and asked her to tag him in Instagram after posing for a selfie with her. Even though it was a genuine mistake, we can’t see Franco getting too close fans again without at least checking their ID first.

14 Miley Cyrus Gets Groped At A Concert

via: The Mirror

Since dropping her Disney good girl image Miley Cyrus seems to go out of her way to as controversial as she possibly can. She was also known to get pretty touchy-feely with a lot of her fans at conventions and even more so at her performances.

Footage taken by a fan from 2014 shows the singer wearing a silver leotard and seemed to have no issues letting her fans grope her nether regions and her chest. The singer continued thrusting her hips towards the fans and seemed to be having fun despite what was happening.

Since reconciling with her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, Miley seems to have toned her act down quite a bit and her public image seems to be a lot less provocative in 2017. Maybe the negative press she received about this contributed to her change of image.

13 Usain Bolt Is Fast With The Ladies

via: The Sun

Usain Bolt is the fastest man to have ever competed in World Athletics and one of the most decorated Olympians of all time. Bolt was celebrating his 30th birthday and his final Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when he bumped into student Jady Duarte at a nightclub.

The two clearly hit it off and Bolt certainly looks happy enough, but several media outlets reported that Jady is the widow of a Brazilian drug lord Douglas Donato Pereira, also known as Dina Terror.

Duarte claims that she didn’t know who Bolt was, but considering that his face was on every billboard in the city promoting the biggest sporting event ever held in the city, you may want to take that with a grain of salt. Further adding to the controversy, the Jamaican superstar had a girlfriend of two years waiting for him at home, and he was caught on video twerking with another girl before the photos were taken.

12 When Luke Wilson's Love For His Fans Annoyed His Co-Workers

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Luke Wilson, the younger brother of fellow actor Owen Wilson is best known for his roles in Legally Blonde, Old School, Idiocracy, and Vacancy. In fact, it was his time in the horror film Vacancy that he starred with Kate Beckinsale that his conduct with female fans was brought to light.

Not only did the Beckinsdale lose her patience with Wilson due to the actor frequently showing up late on set with a hangover, but he also refused to stand off camera during scenes to read their lines, sending his double instead.

However, it was Wilson arriving on set boasting about how many women he hooked up with over the weekend that made Beckinsale especially annoyed. As the above image displays, he certainly loves taking advantage of his fame and using it to gain female fan attention.

11 Justin Bieber's Reputation Precedes Itself In Brazil

via: TMZ

In the last few years, Justin Bieber has earned himself a bit of reputation in the country of Brazil. In 2013 he had a tantrum and stormed off stage mid-performance, and defaced a 30 million dollar hotel in Rio de Janeiro and was charged with "crime against city order and cultural heritage."

It was the night the night he spent with a female fan that he met a Brazilian nightclub that made the biggest headlines, though. After the night out, Bieber was filmed sleeping next to his beloved baseball cap, despite the girl having to sign a confidentiality contract.

In an interview with The Mirror, the woman in question declared that they did indeed sleep together, and the singer treated her and other girls to chocolates, sweets, and chicken nuggets.

10 Robin Thicke Blurred The Lines Of Acceptable Behavior

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Robin Thicke best known for his hit "Blurred Lines," already raised some controversy with his VMA performance with Miley Cyrus in 2013 and his suggestive interactions with his dancers at his live shows. These, however, are just performances for the purposes of entertainment. You could say they were an act.

Unfortunately for Thicke’s wife Paula Patten, his racy on-stage persona was revealed to be just as bad when the above image was taken with a female. The image clearly shows the singer’s hand groping the blonde girl intimately at the VMAs after party.

Although Patten publicly defended her husband, their 9-year marriage _ and 21-year relationship _ ended less than a year after this image went viral.

9 Joel Embiid Declares #FakeNews On Relationship With A Wannabe WAG

via: Yahoo Sports

Olivia Pierson is known to fans of E!’s WAGS as a “sports WAG” or an athlete groupie after joining her cousin on the reality show in 2015 with intentions of finding a relationship with an athlete. As a result, she started dating an NFL player for the Jackson Jaguars called Marcedes Lewis.

There are a lot of viewers that didn’t believe that the relationship was real, but nevertheless, the TV show aired a lot of footage of the couple to try and put the doubters to rest.

Fast forward to 2017, when Pierson found herself in an incredibly embarrassing situation with a different superstar athlete after she posted an image of herself and a basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid to Instagram, declaring their relationship on Valentine’s Day. Embiid responded with a post of his own declaring the announcement as "fake news," denying there was any relationship. It seems that Embiid treated Pierson just like any other fan or groupie trying to get some publicity for a fling with a celebrity.

8 Maybe George St-Pierre Loves To Party A Little Too Hard

via: TMZ Sports

George St-Pierre is without a doubt one of the greatest fighters to have ever set foot in the Octagon. He recently returned to defeat the then-middleweight UFC champion Michael Bisping in a hard-fought match that saw the former welterweight champion move up a weight class after a four-year hiatus and win via a knockout.

When outside of the cage, GSP is also known as a bit of a ladies man who loves to party and celebrate with the ladies. In an interview with Asylum, he’s gone record and said that he believes that fighters should have lots of bed partners.

We certainly can’t judge the champ for what does in his private life, but it seems his promiscuity nearly got him into trouble in the past. It was reported to several media outlets that GSP got one of his one-night stands pregnant. Even though he denies the baby is his, we do wonder if this close call with a fan has caused to pick his future partners more carefully.

7 Coco Allows Fan To Touch Her Inappropriately For A Photo And Instantly Regrets It

via: The Sun

Glamour model and reality star Coco Austin is better known as the wife of rapper and actor Ice-T, and the couple starred in their own reality show Ice Loves Coco. which ran for three seasons.

However, their public solidarity has been shaken on several occasions when Coco was seen getting a bit too up close and personal with the rapper AP.9 while in Las Vegas in 2012. Coco tried to publicly shrug off the images as a bit of harmless fun, but Ice-T was furious and lashed out at her on Twitter.

Then just six weeks later Coco was again having her photo taken with a fan at a public event and again she allowed another man to grope her in public. Clearly upset that the images went viral, Coco sent the fan a request to take the images down because of how bad they looked; he obviously didn't listen.

6 Usher Accused Of Risking Fans' Health

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In July 2017, R&B singer Usher made the headlines after a report dating back to 2012 revealed that a paid woman – a former fan – $1.1 million in hush money after infecting her with the STI herpes.

The reports revealed court documents that the two engaged in unprotected relations after the singer was diagnosed with the virus. They also revealed that the singer paid the woman’s medical bills after she began to show symptoms of the STI afterward.

In August 2017, three more women and a man came forward with their own accusations of being exposed to the virus after encounters with the Grammy award-winning singer. Usher denies the allegations and the case is still ongoing.

5 Just How Notorious Does Conor McGregor Want To Be?

via: TMZ sport

Even though the “The Notorious” Conor McGregor has held UFC titles in two weight classes, he's lost two out four fights in the ring and the cage and he's never defended his belt once. Yet despite this, he’s likely to be the highest earning fighter in mixed martial arts thanks to his massively hyped boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

He lost that contest without Mayweather even breaking a sweat but his ability to talk a good fight and promote a match would rival any superstar in the WWE. Outside of the cage, McGregor also likes to paint himself as a bit a family man, and an inspiration to all that have come from humble beginnings.

Although much of what is happening in the above images from you a video uploaded by one of the girls isn’t clear, McGregor is clearly intoxicated and didn’t choose his company wisely. The girl behind the filming claimed that “The Notorious” did drugs and cheated with on his girlfriend.

4 Fan Tried To Blackmail NHL Star Jaromir Jagr

via: Sun Sentinal

Jaromir Jagr is professional NHL Ice Hockey place that at 45 years old defies his so-called prime and continues to be a key player for the Calgary Flames in 2017.

In 2013, Jagr found himself in bed with an 18-year-old from the Czech Republic who had aspirations of being a model. There’s nothing too unusual or interesting about that, but when she took a photograph of the two together while he was still asleep she tried to use the image to extort money from him.

After the incident occurred, the woman contacted him and threatened to publish it unless the NHL star handed over $2000. Jagr’s response was "I don’t care," so she published the photo. In addition, she turned out to be the girlfriend of Dominik Rudl, a young ice hockey player from the Czech National Junior team that idolized Jagr growing up.

3 R. Kelly Allegedly Turns His Fans Into Cult Members

via: Chicago Times

Singer R. Kelly is certainly no stranger to controversy. From marrying a 15-year-old Aaliyah to getting dragged through the courts for crimes against minors, the list is seemingly endless. However, in 2017 he has been the subject of some entirely new allegations. According to reports, he lures young female fans with the promise stardom before indoctrinating them in his slave cult.

One woman named Joycelyn Savage (pictured above with Kelly and her mother) was completely cut off from her family and the mother made very public requests for contact via the media.

The mother is convinced that her daughter is suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrome and that she’s been completely brainwashed by Kelly. Savage responded by blasting her parents in the media while defending the singer. Whatever the truth is to the situation, it seems R. Kelly thrives on the controversy despite getting far too close to his fans.

2 Meek Mill's Fan Took A Photo Of Them To Prove They Hooked Up

via: narcity

When will celebrities learn to stop falling asleep with their groupies? The selfie generation can’t help themselves at the best of times let alone when they land in bed with someone famous. This rapper is another one of those celebrities.

Meek Mill has got himself into a spot of bother lately after failing to adhere to the rules of his probation. However, back in 2013, the hip-hop star’s encounter with a fan named Alexus shared an image of him sleeping after they did the dirty deed.

Apparently, Alexus wanted to prove that she spent the night with Mill to a friend, and it was the friend that actually leaked the images online. It just goes to show when it comes to celebrities you never know who you can trust.

1 When The After-Fight Party Should Have Ended For Chuck Liddell

via: Twitter/MMAInciter

At the peak of his career former light heavyweight champion and knockout artist Chuck Lidell as the face of the UFC, and at one time he looked unstoppable. He was also a lover of never-ending parties, often being pictured with an endless string of ladies in precarious positions.

This image above has to be one of his most controversial, though, as not only is Chuck pictured with nothing but the UFC champions covering his private area, but surrounded by ladies.

The photograph seems to be an innocent enough joke, despite the obvious inappropriateness. However, in light of recent events, the image has certainly raised a few eyebrows on Twitter.

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