15Linda And Brooke Hogan

The reality series Hogan’s Knows Best followed former WWE Champion Hulk Hogan and his family. It also featured his wife (Linda), son (Nick), and daughter (Brooke). In 2007, Linda filed for divorce from Hulk,

which resulted in Brooke siding with her father. This caused a major rift between the mother and daughter. Linda gave an interview where she revealed private information about Brooke. She revealed that Brooke had plastic surgery, including breast implants. She also accused Brooke of having a reputation for lying. Brooke didn’t just publicly slam her mother, but she bodyslammed her in an interview. Brooke no longer feels like she can trust her mom and said that Linda is “preying on her babies” and “I feel betrayed.” Later, their feud continued after a controversial audio recording of Hulk was released. In the recording, he made homophobic and racial slurs as well as insulted Linda. Brooke once again took her father’s side over her mother.

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