15 Celebs Slammed By Their Own Family Members

Desmond Tutu once said, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” It’s true; we don’t get to pick our family members. In some cases, it’s best to learn to accept family for who they are. Often, our families can be there for us in times of great need. However, that’s not the case for everyone. For some people, they are stuck with their family and if they could choose another, they would. Family can be complicated for everyone. We fight with family, love family, and get annoyed by family. At least for most people, family issues stay in the family. On the other hand, if a celeb has any issue with family, it can quickly become public knowledge.

Famous celebrities might try to keep family issues private but often find their personal problems in the headlines. There have been several instances of world-famous celebs having their dirty laundry laid out for everyone to see. Sometimes, family will publicly insult, mock, or reveal private information about their very own flesh and blood. This is usually followed by intense media scrutiny and even more secrets coming out. Some family problems run so deep for celebs that they’re forced to cut them out. Many are even emancipated from their own parents at a very young age. Several beloved celebs have had family members publicly tear them down for everyone to see. Here is a look at 15 Celebs Slammed By Their Own Family Members.

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15 Linda And Brooke Hogan

The reality series Hogan’s Knows Best followed former WWE Champion Hulk Hogan and his family. It also featured his wife (Linda), son (Nick), and daughter (Brooke). In 2007, Linda filed for divorce from Hulk, which resulted in Brooke siding with her father. This caused a major rift between the mother and daughter. Linda gave an interview where she revealed private information about Brooke. She revealed that Brooke had plastic surgery, including breast implants. She also accused Brooke of having a reputation for lying. Brooke didn’t just publicly slam her mother, but she bodyslammed her in an interview. Brooke no longer feels like she can trust her mom and said that Linda is “preying on her babies” and “I feel betrayed.” Later, their feud continued after a controversial audio recording of Hulk was released. In the recording, he made homophobic and racial slurs as well as insulted Linda. Brooke once again took her father’s side over her mother.

14 Damon And Stacy Dash

Actress Stacy Dash is best known for her role as Dionne Davenport in the film and spin-off TV series, Clueless. Her cousin, Damon Dash, is a music producer and entrepreneur. He is best known for co-founding and launching Roc-A-Fella Records along with Jay Z and Kareem Burke. Like many families, Damon and Stacy disagree on politics. However, in this case, it caused a huge rift. Stacy caused shockwaves in her family when she endorsed Mitt Romney over Barack Obama in 2012. This created the initial problem between the cousins. In 2014, Stacy became a contributor to Fox News. Damon was heavily critical of his cousin and her workplace. He claimed that she was only hired because of her race. He also said, “I think Fox pays her to say that s***. I know how Fox is.” The rift over politics still exists between the two famous cousins.

13 Martin And Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has had public feuds with former bosses and ex-wives, so it should come as no surprise that he’s had a feud with his father, Martin Sheen, on numerous occasions. Charlie has had many ups and downs in the last several years. Martin tried to convince his son to go to rehab and Alcoholics Anonymous but Charlie refused to. In fact, at one point, he claimed to have “cured his addiction” using his mind. In 2011, Martin compared Charlie’s struggle with addiction to a fight with cancer. Charlie wasn’t pleased with his father’s comment and slammed his father in an interview. Charlie said, “OK, Pop walk through a cancer ward right now and find any of those mother******* who look like me.” However, Charlie and Martin reconciled before Charlie publicly revealed that he is HIV positive. In 2015, when Charlie made the announcement, his father was very supportive of him and remained by his side.

12 Halle Berry And Renee Berry

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry is the only African-American woman to win an Oscar. After winning the award, her estranged half-sister, Renee Berry, attempted to congratulate her but was never able to get through. Growing up, Halle had a very difficult relationship with her father, Jerome, who she claimed was an abusive alcoholic. She even claimed witnessing her father beating her mother. Halle was very close with Renee as kids but Halle later cut off all contact with her father. She rarely talks to anyone in the family and even refused to visit her father when he was dying. Renee paints a very different picture of her father as someone who was a kindhearted man. Renee also claimed that Jerome was never abusive. Renee tried several times to get through to Halle and finally had enough. She claimed that Halle is trying to cut off the African-American side of her.

11 Bethenny Frankel And Bernadette Birk

Some mothers and daughters just don’t get along with each other. Bethenny Frankel knows exactly how that feels. Bethenny is best known for her appearances in the reality TV series Real Housewives of New York City. In 2011, she created the Skinnygirl cocktail company and eventually sold the company for a whopping $100 million. Bethenny and her mother, Bernadette Brik, have had a complicated and difficult relationship for over 20 years. Frankel claimed that her mother was an abusive alcoholic when she was growing up. Her mother retaliated by claiming that she created the Skinnygirl cocktail company. There was a bitter war of words for several years until June 2016. They seemed to bury that hatch but it didn’t last too long. Recently, Bernadette had some unkind words for her daughter. She called her daughter “a moron” and also said, “Bethenny is a liar and a shark. She ran through my guts. She will get along with the other sharks.”

10 Angelina Jolie And Jon Voight

To say that Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight had a difficult relationship would be an understatement. Both father and daughter have won Academy Awards and starred in critically acclaimed films. However, their relationship was strained from the very beginning, and Voight had no influence on his daughter’s career. Growing up, she rarely saw her father following the divorce unless it was for public appearances. In 2001, the relationship improved for a brief time when they both appeared in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. However, the relationship soon deteriorated, and they stopped talking. Jolie legally changed her name and had “Voight” permanently removed. This resulted in Jon going on Access Hollywood where he unleashed on his daughter and claimed she had “serious mental problems.” Jolie completely cut him out of her life following the interview. However, following her mother’s death and with the support of her then husband, Brad Pitt, she has once again reconciled with her father.

9 Madonna And Her Brothers

“Queen of Pop” Madonna is an international phenomenon. However, despite all the money she has, many of her family members are still struggling to make ends meet. In fact, one of her brothers is homeless and in desperate need. It appears that turning to Madonna for help isn’t an option. Madonna has had a strained relationship with her father since her childhood. Her relationship with her siblings is even more strained than that of her father’s. In 2008, her brother, Christopher, wrote a tell-all book, Life with My Sister Madonna, and said, “She doesn’t have a clue, which is kind of depressing and kind of amazing.” Obviously, Madonna wasn’t happy about the book or comment. Madonna’s other brother, Anthony, has had a very difficult life. He is homeless and destitute but it appears that Madonna has no plans to help him mainly because of his drinking. Anthony once said about his sister, “Madonna doesn’t give a s*** if I’m dead or alive.”

8 Kendra Wilkinson And Patti Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson rose to fame as one of Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends and for her role in the reality series The Girls Next Door. However, it’s been her intense family feud that has kept her name in the headlines. According to her mother, Patti, and brother, Colin, Kendra has been treating the family poorly for years. They claim that she’ll only associate with family if it’ll benefit her career and ratings for her numerous reality series. On the other hand, Kendra feels like she can’t trust her mother to keep family matters private. Kendra didn’t inform her family that she was pregnant because she was worried her mother would leak it to the media. Patti and Colin found out about the pregnancy from her fans, which greatly hurt both. Colin was so angry that he went to Twitter to publicly slam her. He said, “Every1 plz never ask me about my sister again. She is no longer a part of my life. She’s an inconsiderate psychotic b****. I’m done.” Kendra and her mother briefly reconciled before resuming their war of words.

7 Ryan And Tatum O’Neal

6 Meg Ryan And Susan Jordan

Meg Ryan is a beloved celeb that has earned the respect of audiences all over the world with her performances in When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail. However, it appears that despite her success, she hasn’t earned her mother’s respect. Susan Jordan and her daughter have had a strained relationship for several years. In 1991, Susan was deeply hurt and offended when she wasn’t invited to Meg and Dennis Quaid’s wedding. Later, Susan publicly criticized Meg for having an affair with Russell Crowe. Susan once again publicly slammed her daughter with some harsh comments. She said, “The image [Meg] has of the innocent, dizzy girl-next-door could not be further from the truth. In real life, she’s a cold-hearted, cruel manipulator.” Despite the comments, Susan has said she hopes for forgiveness although by this time, it seems unlikely.

5 Liam And Noel Gallagher

Oasis is known for their groundbreaking and phenomenal music. Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher are known for feuding with each other and their many problems. Recently, Ariana Grande held a benefit concert for the Manchester attacks, which occurred at the conclusion of her concert one month earlier. The concert had an excellent lineup that donated their time for this great cause, including Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. Liam Gallagher also performed that night, but his brother Noel was missing. After the event, Liam took to Twitter to publicly criticize his brother for missing the benefit concert. First, he apologized for his brother’s absence and then said, “Noel’s out of the (expletive) country weren’t we all love,” and followed up with, “get on a (expletive) plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad (expletive).” Oasis disbanded in 2009 but the brothers’ turbulent relationship will likely never end.

4 Jennifer Aniston And Nancy Dow

In the ‘90s, Jennifer Aniston became a household name after the enormous success of Friends. Nancy Dow was a former actress and model but had long retired before her daughter’s success. Aniston noted that growing up, her mother could be harsh and critical of her looks and appearance. However, the relationship fell apart when Nancy gave a controversial interview with tabloid show Hard Copy. Nancy discussed Aniston’s upbringing, her insecurities, and her struggles. She was also critical of her weight and appearance. Aniston was furious after the interview and essentially cut her mother out of her life. Later, Nancy wrote the book From Mother and Daughter to Friends, which caused further damage. They didn’t speak for years, and Nancy wasn’t invited to Aniston’s wedding with Brad Pitt. They reconciled a few times over the years but the relationship was always strained. They spoke for the first time in 5 years just before Nancy’s death in 2016. Later, it was revealed that Nancy had not included Aniston in her will.

3 Courtney Love And Her Parents

Courtney Love has often found herself at the center of controversy. Love has been estranged from her mother, Linda Carrol, practically her whole life. Love barely even knows her mother, who left Love at a very young age. Later, Linda wrote a tell-all book that painted Love in a less flattering light. Love’s agent called the book “vicious and greedy fiction.” Additionally, Love’s father, Hank Harrison, has publicly slammed his daughter and made several accusations. Love was married to iconic musician Kurt Cobain at the time of his suicide. However, there have been speculations and rumors that he was murdered. Hank is now joining in on accusing his daughter of murdering Cobain. In 2015, Love fought to keep certain documents pertaining to Cobain’s death sealed to protect her family. Her father saw this as her trying to cover things up and said, “No doubt she was capable. I can’t prove she pulled the trigger, but I can prove her involvement to a high degree of certainty.”

2 Ariel Winter And Crystal Workman

Ariel Winter is best known for her role as Alex Dunphy in the hit comedy Modern Family. It’s safe to say that the relationship Alex has with her mother, Claire, is nothing like the relationship Ariel has with her mother, Crystal. Ariel claimed that her mother was emotionally and physically abusive towards her. In 2012, Ariel’s sister, Shanelle Workman, became her legal guardian. In 2014, Ariel was removed from her mother’s guardianship but the feud didn’t end there. In 2015, Winter was officially emancipated from her mother. Recently, Ariel has made headlines with some risqué attire and Instagram pictures. In an interview, her mother criticized her daughter for wearing revealing clothes and offered up several backhanded compliments. She said, “She needs to grow up. I would tell her to dress properly, be the beautiful person she is.” Ariel responded on Twitter, “What’s sad is that you lie consistently.” Their relationship is severely strained and seems to remain that way for the time being.

1 Kate Hudson And Bill Hudson

It’s no secret that Kate Hudson is the daughter of Academy Award-winning actress Goldie Hawn. Goldie has been an inspiration and role model to Kate. However, she rarely talks about her biological father, Bill Hudson, from whom she’s been estranged virtually her entire life. In fact, Kate considers Goldie’s longtime partner, Kurt Russell, to be her father. Kate once said that Bill “doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall.” Bill has attempted to reach out to his kids but they’ve been unwilling to respond. Things took a turn for the worse not too long ago on Father’s Day. Kate wrote a nice Instagram message to her father that read, “Pa, just simply…I love you to the moon and back.” Her brother, on the other hand, wasn’t nearly as nice. He wrote, “Happy abandonment day.” Bill was deeply hurt and publicly slammed his kids by saying, “I no longer recognize Oliver and Kate as my own. I would ask them to stop using the Hudson.”

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