23 Celebs Reveal What Happens Behind Closed Doors

When it comes to adventures in the bedroom, some celebrities prefer not to kiss and tell. Those 15 celebrities have no business being on the list that you're about to read through.

Because these are not only 15 of the best looking women in Hollywood, but they're all very in touch with their bodies. Including several who are open about how they love literally being in touch with themselves!

These hot women may become even hotter when they reveal their favorite way to get down in the bedroom, which ones prefer to let someone else take charge, and which celebrity would often hop on a plane and travel for some action.

We also have some of the more shocking stories, such as Mel B's group activity alongside her nanny, Katy Perry ranking her former lovers - and which one thinks she's the awful one in bed - and one celebrity who loves engaging in some self-loving to her X-rated action that turned into a publicly released tape.

With quotes from nearly every entry, we let these gorgeous women put it in their own words on what makes their toes curl when the cameras - or at least the public's cameras - go off and the bedroom door closes.


22 Rihanna Loves A Man In Charge

Rihanna's music videos sometimes involve various props and outfits that clearly required hours of prep. When this is being done, you can imagine Rihanna has quite a vocal voice. But when she's getting into some adult activity, Rihanna enjoys taking a backseat

"I like to take charge, but I love to be submissive. Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge of your sh*t. That’s sexy to me. I like to be spanked,"

Rihanna went on to say,

"Being tied up is fun. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned — you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs … I’d rather have him use his hands.”

21 Miranda Kerr Doesn't Let Flying Slow Her Down


Miranda Kerr is one of the most successful models of all-time. In fact, she was the first ever Australian to become a Victoria's Secret Angel. But being successful means that she also had to spend plenty of time flying to different locations. Which for her, meant that sometimes when it came to getting busy, that the plane was the best place

“Let’s put it this way, I’ve [definitely enjoyed myself] in the air before. Alone. And together," said Kerr when talking about her need to express herself sexually to British GQ.

We're sure that with her high level of income that she can also afford her a great deal of privacy whenever she requires it. After all, some of those flights are hours long!

20 Eva Longoria Isn't Against Being Tied Down Or Some Self-Loving

Eva Longoria is definitely in touch with her sexuality, something you'll learn with her raunchy quote below.

"I was working on a movie and knew I’d be there for a month, so I used my per diem to buy a vibrator. I didn’t begin enjoying sex until I started [self-love]… It’s a shame I didn’t discover it sooner… Everybody should [do it!],” said Longoria.

In another interview, Longoria also revealed that in the bedroom she doesn't have an aversion to giving up some control in the bedroom.

"I’ve been tied up with silk scarves. There’s something very sexy about being submissive. Because your guard is down, you have to totally surrender to something like that.”

19 Jenny McCarthy Had Fun At The Grand Canyon


When it comes to being adventurous, you may expect a former Playboy Playmate of the Year to have a pretty good answer. But when Jenny McCarthy was put on the spot, she responded with

"I wish it was more exciting, but it's the Grand Canyon. There's like scorpions and stones and dirt and it's hot. It was like the strangest and worst sex of my life."

Let's hope those scorpions didn't actually end up playing a role in the booty bumping! There's also no telling on if that session was with Jim Carrey or not, but you can imagine if it was he'd have some funny commentary to go along with the loving.

18 Cameron Diaz Will Travel To Get Some

Celebrities should logically have a much easier time getting some adult action than the average joe. But sometimes, like in the case of Cameron Diaz, they use their seemingly unlimited bankroll to take a trip for some loving

"Oh gosh, I can’t even count how many times I’ve gotten on a plane for love. It’s not unusual in this business; my lifestyle demands it. I’m always traveling for [whispers] c**k. You’ve got to go where it is. […] I’m primal on an animalistic level, kind of like, ‘Bonk me over the head, throw me over your shoulder. You man, me woman," said Diaz when talking about her sexual adventures.

Diaz has also been open in the past about the importance of engaging in self-love.

17 Scarlett Johansson Enjoys The Backseat Of A Car


You can imagine that if you were getting intimate with Scarlett Johansson, which currently Colin Jost (an actor on Saturday Night Live), you probably are hoping that she brings that Black Widow costume home for a night of cardio in the bedroom.

But if Jost wants to get on Johansson's good side, he'll read a quote from a past interview where Johansson admits that the bedroom isn't the only place she enjoys being intimate,

“Sex in a car. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind wanting something crazy and kinky, the back seat would be it," said Johansson.

Something tells us that if Jost comes across this that he may spend the next part of his night making sure his car is looking clean!

16 Zoe Saldana Fooled Around Between Train Cars

Zoe Saldana is one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood, even if her main role does have her donning some green skin! But Saldana remembers where she came from, perhaps because it was also the site of one of her saucier memories

"Okay, this is ghetto, but hey, I'm from Queens, whatever. There is a train from Coney Island all the way back into the city, and [I engaged in intimacy] in between two train cars."

In another interview, Saldana also gave further insight on just how she likes to get down

"I like missionary, and I like being on my knees too. And I love being on top. I love doggy style or standing up."


15 Russell Brand Thinks Katy Perry Is Bad In Bed


When looking at the music videos that Katy Perry appears in, it becomes clear that she is very comfortable letting the world check her out in little to no clothing. But while her life may be overly sexualized, according to her ex-husband Russell Brand, their bedroom life at home was definitely missing the fireworks needed to make it work.

"When you’re a monk, you’re not allowed to have sex with anyone. When you’re married, it’s one person. That’s one more than a monk. It’s not that different. I’d be having sex thinking, ‘think of anyone, anyone else," said Brand in an interview.

Here's hoping Katy's learned some new moves in the bedroom since her departure from Brand that'll help keep the attention focused on her.

14 Khloe Kardashian Definitely Has A Favorite Position

There is no shortage of ways that you and your partner can engage in loving. Which also means that if you happen to have a particular preference, you definitely owe it to you and your partner to vocalize it.

And while you may not have a favorite, If you're Khloe Kardashian, you definitely have a preferred way to spend your evening in bed

"I won't say no to a little doggy style action! [It's] actually a really great workout for your abs and arms. I'm not a missionary girl, and I don't belong in a missionary!!!," said Khloe in a past interview.

We're sure the workout is a nice added benefit, especially considering Khloe has become incredibly healthy after losing a significant amount of weight.

13 Holly Madison Says Loving Hefner Was Far From A Highlight


Holly Madison spent years booty bumping with Hugh Hefner, but the experiences were anything but positive.

"There was zero intimacy involved. No kissing, nothing. It was so brief that I can't even recall what it felt like beyond having a heavy body on top of mine. Needless to say, for me, sex was never the highlight of the relationship."

Madison felt trapped at the house and was forced to follow several strict rules, including not going out later than 9pm and was not allowed to get a job. Madison also admitted at one point that while cleaning she came across a tape entitled "Girl and Dog".

No Thanks!

12 Jada & Will Got Freaky On Their Way To The Academy Awards

Will Smith is one of the most successful actors of all-time, but we wouldn't blame you if you say you prefer staring at his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. The next story though involves the both of them.

When talking to Shape magazine, Pinkett Smith revealed their moment of passion that happened on the way to the 2010 Oscars

"He started looking at me in this way that drives me wild. We started kissing passionately, and the next thing I knew, well, let's just say we missed the red carpet and I ended up with almost no makeup on."

The two have been married since 1997 and have raised two children together. It's clear that time didn't detract the amount of intimacy that they have for one another!

11 Christina Aguilera Reveals Her Preference For Women (And Latex!)


Many celebrities in Hollywood are open about exploring their sexuality. While that may include an occasional handhold or kiss in public with members of the same sex, when the bedroom door closes, things definitely get a lot more X-Rated.

When discussing her sexual preferences, Christina Aguilera admitted

"I love experimenting with my sexuality. I want to try out as much as possible. It would be wrong of me to hide this side of my personality. I find it [more of a turn on] looking at women than men."

In another interview in the past, Aguilera has also revealed in the past that she is a fan of wearing latex in the bedroom. We wouldn't be surprised if some of her latex outfit from some of her past musical adventures were inspired by this passion.

10 Farrah Abraham Has Fun By Herself (And With Her Tape)

Let's be honest, there aren't too many things that Farrah Abraham could do that would leave us shocked at this point. The former Teen Mom star has her own fair share of headlines dominated by her love of partying, but for this list, it's her love of another activity that lands her here.

Abraham had an adult tape released of her in 2013 and when promoting the tape on Howard Stern's show, admitted that she engages in some self-love to herself in action

"I [play with myself] to [the video]. . . I like to watch my own video," when asked how many times she had seen it, Abraham responded

"I mean, I've had my video for a while so I've seen it . . . a lot."

Yikes. Little bit more information than we need to know.

Katy Perry Ranks Her Top 3 Former Lovers

Some celebrities, such as Katy Perry, have found themselves entertaining several different prominent lovers in the bedroom over the year. While there is nothing wrong with that, it does make for some interesting interview questions. When sitting down with James Corden, Perry was asked to rank her top 3 lovers.

The bronze medal went to DJ Diplo, the silver to Orlando Bloom and the top prize went to John Mayer who she dated on and off for several years. We'll sure Mayer enjoyed the compliment. The real knock, however, is any prominent celebrity, such as her ex-husband Russell Brand, who failed to crack her top 3!

Perhaps she heard about the time he insulted her lovemaking skills and decided to take a shot back at him.

9 Madonna's Experiences Growing Up Were With Girls


Madonna is definitely comfortable embracing her sexuality through her various outfits and music videos. So you can't be all that shocked that when she was asked about her past experiences in an interview, that she held nothing back

"All of my sexual experiences when I was young were with girls. I mean, we didn’t have those sleep-over parties for nothing.”

While Madonna has found some success in love, including being married to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie, she is currently rumored to be linked to a young male model. Something tells me if that's the case that her bedroom is far from inactive! Even if her time of having women over for sleep-over parties may be over.

8 Kirsten Dunst And Jake Gyllenhaal Did It Everywhere

Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal spent two years - 2002 to 2004 - in what seemingly was a great relationship. While they were all smiles in the public eye, they definitely had plenty to smile about whenever they found themselves some privacy - even if that privacy was still in public.

"We tried to spice things up. We had sex in cars, in the bathroom and even by the sea. The only place we didn't have the guts to try was in a walkway in a hotel because we thought we might get kicked out if we were caught," said Dunst when talking about their escapades.

You can imagine that photos of Gyllenhaal and Dunst going at it would have made for quite the catch by the paparazzi.

7 Mel B Had The Nanny Join In For Years


Mel B was embroiled in controversy this year when reports started to break that her and her husband Stephen Belafonte were separating. While that may not be out of the ordinary in Hollywood, what was shocking was the reports saying that Mel B and Stephen would often engage in three-ways with their nanny on a regular basis. Mel B would also get intimate with Lorraine Gilles on a one-on-one basis.

As well as this, Belafonte would film the encounters on some occasions. The two met Gilles when she was 18 years old. It was reported that they were at a bar and that following their first meeting, they brought her back to the house and upon getting even drunker also engaged in group activities of an adult nature.

Gilles was their nanny for 7 years.

6 Heidi Klum Loves Exploring Things Out Of The Norm

As one of the most celebrated models of the last few decades, not to mention several appearances on television, Heidi Klum is used to being told what to wear.

We're sure she may not be too unfamiliar with being told what to do in the bedroom as well, especially if she is engaging in some role play; something she admitted to in a past interview

"It's good to make an effort to dress up sometimes – to do things outside of the norm. Some people are more experimental in bed and others are more boring. If you are wild and crazy, bring it on so the other person is well aware that you have little devil horns that come out every once in a while."

While we aren't sure what she means by "outside the norm," we're sure you don't mind imagining.

5 Gina Rodriguez Conquered Her Guilt About Self-Love


Gina Rodriguez may star on the television show Jane the Virgin, but the quote that we have next is all about her enjoyment of action that requires only herself

"In all honesty, I used to feel guilty for [engaging in self-love]. Oh my god, this extreme guilt! And that lasted way too long. Or maybe I [just did it too much]. It’s OK to look back in retrospect and be like, it wasn’t good that I felt bad about touching myself," said Rodriguez in a past interview.

Many people struggle with becoming comfortable with expressing themselves in this way, and we commend Gina for finding a way to no longer feel guilty about it. Her television series is coming back for a 4th season this October.

4 Ashley Graham Got Frisky In The Ocean

Ashley Graham is one of the most prominent women in the modeling industry. She is praised for her composure body-positive attitude. One of her most revealing photo shoots came when she stepped into a swimsuit for Sports Illustrated.

Which may explain why Graham is so comfortable in the water. When she was asked where was the most outrageous place she engaged in intimacy, she replied

"In the ocean on New Year's Eve."

That's one way to kick off the New Year! Graham met her husband while attending church back in 2009 and the two were married less than two years later. We're sure he was more than happy to help her embrace her wild side.

3 Amber Rose Loves Lying Back


Amber Rose is definitely not known for holding back her opinion. In fact, she even had her own talk show entitled The Amber Rose Show where she revealed plenty of details about her home life. Including her thoughts on what she enjoys in the bedroom,

"I feel like a lot of girls like it missionary but they never admit it because it just seems like you’re a lazy f---. You know you like to lay on your back and take it!"

Unfortunately for Amber Rose, her talk show failed to find a significant audience and it was canceled after 1 season and 9 episodes. Not like that's stopped her from getting her opinion out there though!

2 Nicole Kidman Has Explored Strange Fetishes

Sometimes stars on this list have been incredibly explicit about the type of activities that they love to get down with. But for Nicole Kidman, she kept things a little bit vaguer when she was talking to GQ.

When asked about her love life, Kidman replied "I’ve explored strange sexual fetish stuff."

While we're not too sure what that entails, we're sure you don't mind letting your imagination run wild. And just in case you want to see Kidman run wild, she has bared it all in several films including the Stanley Kubrick classic Eyes Wide Shut

1 Sarah Silverman Likes Being Manhandled


Sarah Silverman has made a career as a successful comedian. But you aren't checking out the photo we have above and thinking about how funny she is. Especially because while laughter may sometimes occur in the bedroom, this list isn't meant to leaving you thinking about how funny Silverman is.

When Silverman is having her way, she's definitely not going to be thinking about how to make you laugh while the adult action is going on,

"I do enjoy a good sound missionary-ing... and I like to be manhandled," said Silverman when talking about her preferences. While it might be hard to imagine Silverman being manhandled by Jimmy Kimmel, who she dated for years, we'll commend her for being honest!

Silverman is currently dating actor Michael Sheen, who perhaps thankfully has no relation to Charlie!


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