15 Celebs Photoshopped Without Eyebrows

Ta da! The arrival of another silly, yet idiotically mesmerizing viral internet trend has captivated millions of people for reasons we will never fully understand. Eyebrow elimination via the magic of Photoshop is the latest internet fad to mindlessly view when you don’t much value your time apparently. Celebs have become the muse for Photoshoppers to have their way with, by axing out their existing eyebrows in order to make them look super-weird. Even the most attractive star suddenly looks fairly frightening without any eyebrows to frame their otherwise normal face.

Of course, eyebrow trends have changed over time, from the pencil thin, over-plucked look to the full and bushy brow that is coveted currently. The “unibrow” has never been much of a hit, bit after seeing this strange no-eyebrow look, one giant eyebrow across one’s forehead would be a major improvement.

Why people have taken a liking to this ridiculous trending idea is mind-boggling, but you will surely be hooked in just like everyone else has. It is really quite alarming just how different a person can look without their eyebrows where they ought to be. A big, bald forehead is rather unsightly when we are used to two curves of hair there.

Take a good gander at these 15 celebs with their eyebrows shockingly edited out. These pics certainly will raise some eyebrows… for those of us who still have ours intact! As for the celebs in these photos, we love ya, but a hearty laugh at your expense is worth the embarrassment.

15 Demi Lovat-no!

Where in the world did your thick brunette brows go, Ms. Lovato? Your forehead looks hella smooth without those bold brows to frame that pretty little face of yours. Perhaps you raised them one too many times at your miserable Twitter trolls and the fuzzy puppies just fell right off your head. With all that smoldering eye makeup she’s wearing, even without any eyebrows, Demi doesn’t look all that weird, strangely enough. Although this photo is a Botox ad if there ever was one. Let’s hope Demi doesn’t sweat too much as she performs to her fullest on stage at her next concert or all that dripping forehead sweat will get into her big brown eyes. That’ll certainly sting, especially with all that heavy mascara she’s got on. Brows or no brows, Demi is one beautiful young lady. But we’ll take the brow version when possible. Just a “heads” up!

14 Robert Pattin-Someone Stole Your Brows

Actor Robert Pattinson is a current heartthrob, from his vampire roles and other romantic leads, but without the perceived masculinity of a strong set of hairy eyebrows, he looks like some sort of doofus that would work the night shift at the Orange Julius at the local mall. The droopiness of his eyes are further enhanced by the lack of brows and that odd and unflattering grin makes the look all the creepier. Sure, he will not ever have to worry about the dreaded unsightly “unibrow,” but one thick solo one may be a better look than a bald-browed forehead – at least for this dude. It’s a good thing Robert is donning that baseball cap, this way the beads of potential sweat won’t roll into his half-shut eyes. We do need him to be able to see, if only just a little. Although he may not like what he views in the mirror. Good luck keeping your sex symbol role with your new smooth look, Robert!

13 Ariana (Not So) Grande Eyebrows

Pop singer, Ariana Grande seems to be quite particular about her looks, so the fact that there is a strange photo floating around of her with no eyebrows must give her the twitches. The petite princess always has her hair done just so, wears the perfect perky and sexy stage ensembles, and reportedly prefers to be photographed from her “good side.” High-maintenance seems to be her middle name. So this no-brow Photoshop job must make Ariana not feel so Grande. Yes, she still is a serious stunner, with her creamy smooth skin, delicate and enviable features, and bright brown eyes, but without any eyebrows, even the prettiest gal in the room looks a tad freaky. See girls, this is what happens when you over-pluck. Put those tweezers down! At least there’s more room for Ariana’s makeup artist to blot on foundation so she looks stage-ready, even without her brown brows in place.

12 Bruno’s Eyebrows Went to Mars

Bruno Mars is a hit-making singer-songwriter, has an adorable smile, and is loved by fans worldwide. His songs are as catchy as can be and his stage presence is always flawless. He has a signature style both musically and in his choice of clothing and accessories. But the one thing that will totally throw off Bruno’s badass balance is the lack of eyebrows to complete his fresh look. Those brown eyes certainly draw us in, but when we look north and nothing’s there, we just want to look in a completely different direction, like towards Mars, for instance. Bruno certainly doesn’t look like a total dog without brows, but he surely looks a heck of a lot more handsome when he’s got a pair. Let’s hope the next Photoshop job spares Bruno the embarrassment of a bald forehead. Bruno, we like you “Just the Way You Are.” That means with a set of brows.

11 Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Brow”

Miley Cyrus loves to test the waters when it comes to changing up her unique style, but the no-brows look will hopefully be a Photoshop-only scenario. She’s shaved part of her head in the past, but leave your face alone, Miley! Not only does a no-brow forehead make Miley look fairly frightening, but the look actually ages her. And we all know how important the illusion of youth is in the public eye. Even when Miley sticks her tongue out for photo opps, at least she looks semi-normal thanks to the fact that her brows are still available for the viewing public. But with no eyebrows to be found, Miley would not be invited to any “Party in the U.S.A.” Even if her original brows “Can’t Be Tamed,” at least bushy brows are better than none at all. Bald may be beautiful for some, but no brows for Miley means “We Can’t Stop” staring. And not for a positive reason.

10 Eyebrows Down the Dwayne

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for his physical prowess as well as his handsome and chiseled looks, but this oddball picture of the actor with no eyebrows (and missing teeth as an added touch) make “The Rock” look like a freak of nature you’d find living under a rock. Sure, his bald head is considered sexy by the ladies and his masculine energy is admired by both sexes, but that no-eyebrow look makes Dwayne look insane! He’s super-hot in his Fast and Furious flicks but he needs to grow those brows back fast or else we’ll all be furious. Hercules may be strong, but apparently Dwayne’s hair follicles are weak. Even his character in Moana looks like a babe compared to this Photoshopped image of the hulky and hunky actor. No brows is a big no no for this fine fella who looks like an ogre without brows to finish his face.

9 Anne Hair-away

The award-winning actress, Anne Hathaway is a classic and feminine beauty with fine delicate features and a timeless breathtaking beauty. But from the beginning of time, a set of eyebrows have always been part of a “normal” face, and without any brows, not only does Anne look far less attractive than normal, but she barely looks normal at all. If only those light brown pixie cut bangs were a little longer, then we’d hardly even notice that her brows were somehow swept away from her otherwise pretty face. The Devil Wears Prada, but she also sports a set of well-groomed brows on her face at all times. Style starts from the very top, so brows are part of an overall pretty package. No brows in sight wreaks Havoc on this actress’s face and she better Get Smart and pencil a pair on immediately. Even The Intern knows the importance of a pair of well-groomed brows.

8 Keeping Up with the Eyebrows

Kim Kardashian-West is as famous as one can be and she always looks like a million, or more like a billion bucks. Her clothing is always high-end and expensive, her hair is always styled to pure perfection, and her makeup is always done by a professional, even for a trip to the local grocery store – not that she does her own shopping. But part of Kim’s makeup routine is always the care and maintenance of her eyebrows. Those thick and robust dark brows always look perfectly groomed and frame her perfect face impeccably. But this side-by-side comparison of the reality star and business woman with and without eyebrows shows just how big a difference they make in a person’s appearance. She looks like an alien without her brows and even Kanye would have a problem with this bald forehead look even though he worships his curvaceous wife. “Momager” Kris better call in the experts and have Kim’s brows reinserted right away before this becomes tabloid fodder.

7 The Dirt on Burt

Burt Reynolds is a classic actor with decades of fame under his belt. He’s well-known for always having a manly mustache, but we always realize he’s got a set of eyebrows too, even though they are not the focus of his signature look. But take a look at the aging star without brows and he looks a little odd. He’s still quite dapper and handsome, but the brow-less look doesn’t do him any favors. Why not take that classic mustache, split it in two, and replace his brows with that bushy hair? He’d be hard to recognize, but at least he wouldn’t look as freakishly shocking. Burt may have stolen the show in Smokey and the Bandit, but it looks like a bandit made away with his eyebrows. Or perhaps the City Heat burned off his brows in a freak accident. No matter why those brows are gone, we need them back so we can see Burt Starting Over with a fresh set of eyebrows.

6 Justin Time for Some New Brows

“Cry Me a River!” Seeing the normally handsome Justin Timberlake without eyebrows is no way to bring “SexyBack.” The award-winning singer and sometimes actor is always well-suited and stylish, and his looks have the females swooning, but without eyebrows, Justin looks like the guy who didn’t make the cut to be part of the boy band. He’s still hotter than most guys even without brows, but surely wife Jessica Biel would have said “I don’t” to this version of her hubby when she reached the altar. But knowing Justin, he’s the one who could make a no-brow look become a trend. He may even write a hit song about it. With all the stage time Justin clocks, he needs his brows to collect the sweat he creates while dancing and performing all his #1 hits in the large concert arenas. A “Suit & Tie” will make his body look decent, but that good-looking face needs eyebrows to finish off the total package.

5 The Real Slim Eyebrows

Eminem is a rapping genius and many people across the globe find him to be pretty darn handsome too. But without any brows to be found, he looks like a super shady version of “The Real Slim Shady.” He may say he is “Not Afraid” of looking at his brow-less face in the bathroom mirror, but we surely are spooked at his appearance! Eminem may consider himself to be a “Rap God,” but our nightly prayers for the return of his mysteriously missing eyebrows have gone sadly unanswered. This frightful facial look makes Eminem look more like “The Monster” than the rapper and actor we have come to know and love. But we have “No Love” for this hairless look and the rapper looks far from anything resembling “Beautiful.” If we could “Sing for the Moment,” the lyrics would include a desperate request for his brows to grow back in.

4 Jared Let-go of His Eyebrows

OK so this one is more of a shaved-off situation rather than a Photoshop hack, but even so, seeing actor Jared Leto without brows is seriously alarming. The removal of his brows was probably for a role, but he still has a life outside the world of acting, and this is not your everyday go-to look. Sorry to say, but without any eyebrows, the actor looks nothing like his usual handsome self and instead looks fairly sickly. His eyes appear to be sunken in and his whole face has a depressed expression to it. Jared needs his brows to reappear so he can be the hot actor and heartthrob the ladies love and the fellas want to be like. Without a set of brows, Jared looks more like Mr. Nobody than the famous celeb he really is. If he wants to seem like an American Psycho, this no-brows look certainly does the trick.

3 Joseph Gordon-Levitt-ated Brows

Oh, to be young, rich, talented, and handsome. Uh, forget the handsome part. Without any brows, the actor looks far less attractive than we are used to seeing him on screen and as he walks the red carpets. Don Jon may have been a hit with the ladies, but when his brows took The Walk off Joseph’s face, the fella became much less appealing. Joseph, of the 10 Things I Hate About You, two of them are your missing eyebrows. Perhaps Joseph has Mysterious Skin and a rare infection caused his eyebrows to fall out. Or maybe The Night Before this photo was taken, someone replaced his face cream with a bottle of Nair hair remover. He should really be on The Lookout for whoever may have pulled such a cruel prank. Let’s hope this Photoshop scenario never becomes something real because Joseph looks far more attractive with eyebrows. Such Changes are totally unnecessary.

2 David Arquette Screams for His Brows Back

Actor David Arquette is a funny fella always up to tell a good joke, but this time the joke is on him as someone Photoshopped his eyebrows off his normally expressive face. David surely let out a hearty Scream when he saw this odd photo of himself without his brows where they are supposed to be. Even Eight Legged Freaks would freak out at the sight of the actor missing a notable facial feature. Muppets From Space are certainly out there, but seeing David in this condition is totally out of this world. David may love looking at Beautiful Girls, but no girls will find him to be attractive with this hairless look. It’s a good thing The Shrink Is In, because David will need to talk this horror through with a professional. And if all else fails, perhaps he can find his missing brows in the Field of Lost Shoes.

1 Ellen Is Yellin’ For the Return of Her Brows

The funny lady of the daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres is forever making her fans laugh heartily, but this time instead of chuckling at her well-timed sense of humor, they are poking fun at her brow-less image. Ellen has never made her looks the center of attention, but without any brows (or teeth, in this crazy picture), all eyes are on her now-freaky face. Her talk show would certainly be a bust if the woman actually looked like this in real life. Nobody looks good without brows, no matter how much you want to like them. Of course, Ellen would be the first person to make fun of herself after seeing this kooky photo, but if this is what she saw in the mirror, she’d use a portion of her fortune to have new brows tattooed in. Just because someone is funny, it certainly doesn’t mean they must also be funny looking!

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