15 Celebs People Think Are Hiding In The Closet

Being gay in Hollywood might not seem like such a big deal nowadays, but there are celebrities who still prefer not to share their private life with the world. Whether they are afraid of how it might affect their career or whether they simply try to keep their intimate life as private as possible, there are numerous celebrities who haven’t come out as gay, although almost everybody strongly suspects they are in the closet.

Sure, there have been cases of some celebrities who have literally killed their careers by coming out, so it is not such a big surprise that some of the famous people out there have decided to spend their lives in the closet. Certain celebs have had rumors about them being gay following them their whole lives, yet some of them kept denying them, while others didn’t comment on them at all.

All we can do is guess, but there have been some quite strong reasons to believe some of those big names haven’t been totally honest about their sexuality. So let’s take a look at some of those stories and talk about 15 celebs everyone strongly suspects are in the closet. Who knows? Maybe some of them will surprise us this year by finally coming out.

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15 John Travolta

There are some celebrities, such as Kevin Spacey, who have never been married and that was what really contributed to the rumor about them being gay spreading. However, that isn’t the case with John Travolta, since he has been married to gorgeous Kelly Preston since 1991 and they had 3 kids together. But his marriage and fatherhood weren’t enough to stop the suspicions about him being gay form spreading. In fact, some believe that the couple is about to get a divorce because of John’s “double life”. A couple of years back, Doug Gotterba, a pilot from California, publicly spoke of his 6-year-long affair with Travolta. Travolta denied the whole thing, but Gotterba’s story isn’t the only reason why people believe Travolta is gay. For example, he always demands his masseurs to be male.

14 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

People around the world agree that Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives off kind of a gay vibe (if there is such a thing as a gay vibe in the first place). The rumors about him being gay have been around for years now and they have gotten even more intense after he portrayed gay characters on the screen, for example, in Mysterious Skin. The thing that seemed really suspicious was his answer when people started openly asking him about his sexuality. He didn’t really come clean one way or the other, he sort of just wiggled his way out of answering the question. During his interview with the Out magazine, when asked why he wouldn’t comment on the gay rumors, he claimed it would be “tacky” if he was to clarify. Well played.

13 James Franco

There was a time when everybody was talking about James Franco’s sexuality. Now people don’t talk about it too much and they simply just assume he is gay because he sort of admitted it, but not really. Sounds complicated? Well, so was his answer when he was asked about being gay. So the thing was he portrayed gay characters on screen several times and people were wondering if he was gay in his everyday-life too. According to him, he is gay in his art and straight in his life, although he is also gay in his life up to the point of intercourse which makes him straight. He claims it all depends on how you define “gay”. Are you confused by this yet? Well, don’t worry, it seems that so is James Franco.

12 Hugh Jackman

The rumor about Hugh Jackman being gay is a big one and it is everywhere. Hugh denied every bit of that rumor and he admitted that he didn’t pay much attention to it, but it really bugged his wife Deborra-Lee Furness. However, there have been some reports claiming that the hot Aussie actor and his wife have been living separate lives lately. He’s also been often seen hanging out with younger male celebs, such as Zac Efron, so people wonder if he is ready to trade his wife of 20 years with whom he shares two children for a younger male companion. Jackman stated that the whole story was a 100% fabrication and that he and his wife have a wonderful marriage and they are both happy. Who knows? Maybe they have a really big closet too.

11 Jeremy Renner

People started speculating about Jeremy Renner being gay mostly thanks to his male roommate. It is one thing when you are young, your career hasn’t really started yet, you can’t really afford the rent so you decide to share your apartment with someone in order to make the ends meet. However, when you are an adult with a successful career, it is quite unusual to have the same roommate for years, isn’t it? That was the case with Jeremy Renner. He used to live with the same man for a really long time so people started suspecting that the two were more than just roommates. Soon enough, everybody seemed to be talking about it. Jeremy denied the whole thing and acted like he didn’t care at all about the rumor spreading.

10 Bruno Mars

Back it 2012, the question “is Bruno Mars gay?” was all over the internet. The US website CNN posted a report about Bruno Mars coming out during one of his interviews and suddenly, the Internet just exploded. However, Mars’ reaction to the whole thing was the weird part about this story. According to CNN’s iReport, Mars didn’t want the story to get out on the April 1st when it was supposed to because it was April Fool’s Day and it was pointed out to him that it wasn’t the best timing for coming out. But the story did get out and Mars just denied the whole thing and demanded the report to be taken down. He claimed the story was completely fabricated and false, but it seems pretty suspicious, doesn’t it?

9 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Here we have not one possibly closeted gay celebrity, but two of them married to each other. The rumor has it that both Will and Jada Smith are gay and they married to each other in order to hide it. They are both friends of the Church of Scientology – known for being one huge closet for numerous gay celebs – so that is what makes the whole thing even more suspicious. They also claimed their marriage was all about treating each other as free spirits and not following traditions, and they basically admitted to having an open marriage. However, the heat really went up when Alexis Arquette, a US transgender activist, accused both of them of secretly being gay. Sure, they both denied it, but at this point, who can really tell what’s true when it comes to their unusual marriage?

8 Whoopi Goldberg

People have been wondering about Whoopi Goldberg’s sexuality for years and years. She is an outspoken LGBTQ advocate and she has a huge LGBTQ fan base, but she describes herself as straight. However, the suspicions have grown even bigger during the 2017 Tony Awards when she and Kevin Spacey did a kind of funny routine that was perceived as both of them finally coming out. The two actors have had the gay rumors following them almost their whole careers and they both acknowledged that during that evening. While some believe they were just making fun of the persistent speculations about their sexuality, the others believe that it was actually their way of finally admitting to being gay. If that really was the case, people agree that it wasn’t really the best tactic possible.

7 Rod Stewart

Everybody has heard the story about Rod Stewart having his stomach pumped after a same-sex encounter so many times that it almost becomes a part of his bio. Rumor has it that he had oral sex with so many men in a bar in San Diego that it eventually got him into a hospital for stomach pumping. Sure it makes for quite a story, but one must admit that it seems a little bit far-fetched. Stewart claimed that it was a pure fabrication and he also pointed out to the source, a publicist Tony Toone. However, according to him, everybody was at least “a little bit gay” back in the ‘70s. He himself was surrounded by a bunch of gay artists and he released The Killing of Georgie – a groundbreaking song about the murder of a gay man.

6 Hulk Hogan

The story about Hulk Hogan being gay didn’t come out from some unreliable source or from someone who tried to make a bunch of money off of it. It was, in fact, his ex-wife who told the press that during their marriage, Hulk had an affair with Brutus Beefcake, his fellow wrestler. She wrote all about it in her memoir Wrestling The Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes which got her a defamation lawsuit filed against her by her ex-husband. He claimed that she made up the whole thing just to hurt him since their marriage didn’t have their “living happily ever after” ending. He also claimed to have a lot of friends both in the entertainment and in the wrestling business who were gay and he didn’t have a problem with that at all. According to him, if he was gay, he wouldn’t try to hide it.

5 Tom Cruise

Not many people have had such a colorful romantic life like Tom Cruise. We’re not talking just about his three marriages to gorgeous women and his countless relationships with hot girlfriends, but also his numerous alleged gay affairs. He has been denying the gay rumors ever since we’ve heard them for the first time a bunch of years ago, but somehow, they always seem to be coming back. He sued a gay adult actor who claimed that they had an affair and then he sued a publisher who spoke about having a videotape of Cruise’s sexual encounters with a gay man. He won both lawsuits, but that didn’t help stop the rumor from spreading. In fact, South Park aired an episode in which they plead with Cruise to come out as gay.

4 Jared Leto

Jared Leto portrayed an HIV-positive trans prostitute in Dallas Buyers Club and it got him an Academy Award that year. However, rumor has it he might be gay in his everyday life as well. The actor seems to only date women in public but Alexis Arquette spoke about her intimate relationship with him before transitioning into a woman. Judging by Leto’s comments on being gay in Hollywood, it doesn’t come as such a big surprise that he might have chosen to stay in the closet. He often talked about gay actors not having the same opportunities as the straight ones. According to him, the film industry is still pretty conservative and not ready for a leading gay man. He went even further and stated that actors shouldn’t disclose their sexuality at all in order to get all the opportunities they deserve.

3 Taylor Lautner

The beginnings of the rumors about Taylor Lautner being gay can be traced back to the “usual suspects” – his cute boyish look, great and trimmed body, and bromances with his male buddies. However, lately, there have been even more reasons to believe Taylor might be gay. First of all, it is pretty clear why he would want to stay in the closet since his career was basically built upon the fact that millions of young girls around the world have had a crush on him thanks to his role in Twilight. However, he has been spotted in gay establishments more than once and he is known for hanging out with openly gay guys. There have also been some rumors about him hooking up with Bryan Singer in order to push his acting career a few steps further.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio

Everybody knows that Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys dating hot supermodels, but some also suspect that they are nothing more than his “beard” and that the actor is actually a closeted homosexual. Back in 2013, there was something interesting going on between Leo and his The Great Gatsby co-star, Toby Maguire. According to some reports, Wendy Brown, Maguire’s mother, told the press that the two have been intimate in the past. She also claimed that it was obvious they both have feminine traits they were willing to accept and that they wouldn’t be ashamed to have a “gay title” if it came to that. However, both actors denied the reports and claimed they were nothing more than friends ever since their teenage years. However, people have been quite suspicious about their relationship and many still believe it is way more than just a friendship.

1 Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is an extremely talented and successful actor, and the rumors about him being gay are almost as old as his career. Kevin is well-known for his amazing impressions of other famous people, such as Johnny Carson, Christopher Walken, Jack Lemmon, etc. He does an awesome impression of a straight guy in his everyday life as well, although pretty much everybody believes he is actually gay. He never talked about it much and he definitely never admitted he was gay, but he came pretty close to coming out of the closet at the 2017 Tony Awards. He didn’t actually confirm the rumors; instead, he tried to play them for laughs. Maybe it was his way of acknowledging that those rumors exist and maybe the whole fun act was his way of showing that a person’s sexuality shouldn’t be an issue at all. But all these do not matter since Spacey just came out days ago.

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