15 Celebs’ Most Savage Tweets To Fans

There's something about Twitter and social media that makes people feel invincible. They log on, and suddenly they feel like they can say anything to anyone with no consequences. With social media, we've almost completely eliminated any actual face-to-face discussion with people, and this is leading to some worrisome results. For one, people are a lot braver and more insensitive when they know that they don't have to actually look people in the eye when they make comments. And there's also something about the internet that makes people want to act bigger and tougher than they actually are, perhaps in a way to compensate for their shortcomings in real life.

Celebrities are more than familiar with these issues. For them, getting hate online is a daily and never-ending occurrence. But sometimes they decide to strike back. Sometimes this is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it's great to see celebrities stand up for themselves, especially if they can do it in style and totally put these so-called "fans" in their place. Other times celebrities can be just plain brutal, perhaps going a bit too far with their insults. But whatever the case, it's always interesting to see how celebrities respond to criticism, and it reminds us all that these people are just human after all...

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15 Lili Reinhart Tells Fans To Back Off

via: eonline.com/kingoftheflatscreen.com

Fans of the show Riverdale might recognize Lili Reinhart, who plays the role of Betty Cooper on the show. She's a very talented actress and she looks as though she's destined for really great things in the future. Just like the character she plays, she's not afraid to stand up for herself, and she has no problem with letting her fans know when they've crossed a boundary. She was spotted one night in downtown Vancouver by a fan, who approached her and acted like she knew her. Lili was understandably pretty weirded out by this, and she told her to stop.

But this fan was so insulted by this that she took to Twitter to trash the actress, calling her names and saying she was a terrible person. Obviously Lili saw this and decided to respond, and she did so in the best possible way. She pointed out that the way the fan acted was inappropriate, and she had no justification in doing so. This brings up an important issue – it's really not okay to put your arms around celebrities and treat them like some kind of doll.

14 Kevin Durant Loves Teasing Twitter Trolls

via: businessinsider.com/knowyourmeme.com

Kevin Durant is another celebrity that has no problem with savagely tweeting at fans who get on his nerves. This guy seems to be pretty entertained by the huge amount of NBA fans that try to trigger him, and he shows that he's just as good at dishing it out as he is receiving. NBA fans will know this guy as he's one of the biggest names in basketball, but he's definitely one of those guys who fans love to hate, which explains why he gets so many Twitter trolls trying to heckle him online.

But if all this banter is getting to him, he's showing no signs of it. In fact, he seems to genuinely enjoy coming up with some pretty awesome and hilarious comebacks. This picture is only one example of the funny and savage tweets he's sent the way of basketball fans who don't like him, and there are plenty more where that came from. Fans still haven't got the picture that this guy is a better Twitter troll than they'll ever be!

13 Gordon Ramsay Is Just As Savage On Twitter 


Gordon Ramsay is another celebrity famous for some pretty serious disses. Most people know him for absolutely destroying people in the kitchen. His use of strong profanity when referring to other people's cooking has become something of a legend on the internet and in the cooking world. There are numerous compilations on YouTube of him going absolutely bonkers over other people's cooking mistakes, and they're always pretty hilarious. A lot of them have been turned into memes, and they're pretty golden.

But not many people know that Gordon is just as savage on Twitter as he is in the kitchen. This guy actually gets sent pictures of other people's cooking fairly regularly, and every time, he utterly destroys them. One person asked him what he thought of their sister's "cheesy chicken and rice." His answer was typical: "I feel sick just looking at it." There are countless other examples of this on the internet, but on rare occasions, he has been known to offer some praise.

12 Rihanna Destroys Mean Fans On The Regular

via: capitalxtra.com/pinterest.com

Rihanna is another celebrity known for being very active on Twitter and Instagram. Anyone who knows this singer knows that she's a very strong, outspoken individual who doesn't care at all what anyone thinks of her. Everything about her broadcasts this outlook. Her singing is loud and proud, totally carefree, and that's why it's so powerful. Her style of dress is one that she likes and is comfortable with, and she's definitely not trying to impress anyone. And her activities online definitely show that she's not going to try and pretend to be anyone she's not.

And what kind of a person is she? The type to stand up for herself, that's for sure. There have been countless examples where Rihanna has personally replied to people trying to give her a hard time. It's almost like people are more courageous when they think the celebrity will never actually respond to them, but Rihanna has a knack for showing up in the comments section, and savagely destroying these so-called "fans." The best part is it's all completely public.

11 Brandon Marshall Challenges Angry Fans

via: bleacherreport.com/ftw.usatoday.com

Brandon Marshall is another athlete that is pretty used to getting a lot of hate. Some people take sports way too seriously, and they end up wanting to vent their frustration at someone or something when their team loses. They try to act tough by going on Twitter and sending hate messages to athletes that either beat them or made a mistake, costing them the game. The funny thing is that most of these athletes get traded around often – the one that you insulted might end up playing for your team one day. What a waste of effort.

Anyway, wide receiver Brandon Marshall plays in the NFL, and he's getting really used to all the hate so far. But apparently he can only take so much before he snaps. And for him, snapping means challenging fans on Twitter to fights in the parking lot outside the stadium. And that, my friends, is the definition of savage. I'm willing to bet no one took him up on this challenge...

10 Alan Shearer Slays Twitter Troll

via: bleacherreport.com/chroniclelive.co.uk

Another player that really shouldn't be getting any hate on Twitter is Alan Shearer. As the best striker ever to play in the Premier League, he deserves nothing but respect from those who follow the game to this day. Many young people today might not even remember him, but those of us with a few years under our belts know that this man is a legend. He's another character who's never afraid to speak his mind, and it's this honesty that has really endeared a lot of people to him. Although he might be getting old, he showed on more than one occasion that he's very adept at using Twitter.

Alan Shearer now works primarily as a sports pundit, providing commentary after the game and sharing his vast experience. But one idiotic fan commented on how Alan Shearer always seems to compare current strikers to his own career, and he followed this sentence up with "zzz." Alan Shearer was quick to shoot back, and pointed out that it wasn't like he could compare strikers today to this "nobody's" career. And he's totally justified in comparing himself to strikers today, because he's still the man to beat in the English Premier League!

9 Ariana Grande Destroys Sexist Twitter Fans 

via: mashable.com/picrail.com

It's always worth a round of applause when celebrities take a stand against sexism, and that's exactly what Ariana Grande did about a year ago. Apparently, she overheard a bunch of male fans talking about her, and was disgusted about what she heard. Apparently they said she dressed like a sl*t, and was "asking for it," and all of the things you associate with sexism. This is a huge problem today, especially with all the scandals going on in Hollywood right now, and it's great to see people taking a stand and not staying silent, which is the worst thing you can do. Ariana Grande is setting a great example, and she should be applauded for this.

This Tweet pictured above is actually only one of several that she posted after this incident, but it shows how dedicated she was in voicing her disgust at this behavior. She actually shared a much longer tweet explaining how it actually happened, and how she reacted and felt. But there's something awesome, and yes, savage, about a girl like Ariana showing that she can stand up for herself. I hope those fans feel ashamed.

8 Carmelo Anthony Gives Twitter Troll Savage Comeback


Carmelo Anthony is one of the best-paid basketball players in the NBA right now, so it should come as no surprise that he was utterly unfazed by the taunts and insults that were thrown his way on Twitter. But while he could have just kept silent and enjoyed the wonderful life he was living, getting paid to the thing he loved, he took it one step further. He really snapped back and showed that miserable, jealous fan that not only did he not care, but he wasn't about to take his insults sitting down, either.

The fan in questions mocked Anthony, calling him names and criticizing his performance. But the worst part about all this was that this Twitter troll actually considered himself to be a fan of Anthony's, albeit one that had "stopped supporting him." But Carmelo's response was perfect, and highlighted the fact that he really didn't ask for his support in the first place, letting him know just how utterly inconsequential he really was.

7 50 Cent Cruelly Attacks His "Special Needs" Fans

via: rebelcircus.com

Another tweet that really shouldn't be celebrated was by 50 Cent. Again, this is not something that should be admired or encouraged, but there's no denying that this was a totally savage tweet – in the worst way possible. He actually targeted one of his fans in this tweet, calling him "autistic" and accusing him of having "special needs." He specifically told the whole world that he "didn't want any specials needs kids on his timeline," which really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Obviously, it's not okay to call people out and make fun of them because of their physical or developmental issues.

He actually deleted these tweets, and I guess that shows a little bit of remorse on his part. The person he was tweeting to was actually insulting him and trying to cause a reaction, so it's not like 50 Cent is the only guilty party here. But resorting to name-calling and slurs of this level is probably below someone like 50 Cent. I mean, he's a rapper right? Couldn't he think of something a little more clever to say?

6 CeeLo Green Tweets Homophobic Insult To Fans

via: rebelcircus.com/artisticmanifesto.com

CeeLo Green is another guy who made a politically incorrect, yet savage tweet that he probably regretted at some point. He was responding to a fan who had questioned his behavior on stage, particularly when it came to his "masculinity," in the words of CeeLo. This apparently angered CeeLo pretty badly, because he then resorted to name calling and accusing this fan of being gay, which probably wasn't the best move. It was just so blunt. There was no kind of euphemisms or subtle hints, just, "I'm guessing you're gay?" It's like something you would hear in the halls in high school.

Obviously, people called him homophobic soon afterwards, and he was forced to delete the tweet. He showed himself to be pretty insensitive, and in the end it made him look like the bad guy. This is a pretty interesting lesson, because it probably would've been better if CeeLo had just kept quiet. Now, the fan that was heckling him probably feels as though he "won."

5 Jaden Smith Tells His Fans To Drop Out Of School


Jaden Smith is another celebrity who is no stranger to Twitter, and has made some pretty savage remarks on the social media platform in the past. He's become somewhat of a controversial figure in the celebrity world, and he's proven time and time again that he has no problem speaking his mind. But it's what goes on in his mind that is sometimes a little questionable. What did he mean by this tweet, for example? Does this even make any sense? How in the world would people be more intelligent if they all dropped out of school? This is definitely one of the most savage tweets anyone has ever made, although probably not in a good way.

One thing that you have to remember is that the majority of these celebrities on Twitter are followed by millions of people. They are massive role models for kids, impressionable young adults, and many others. When you start saying stuff like this, a lot of people will listen, even if it's obviously the wrong advice. How many people do you think dropped out of school as a result of this tweet? It's an answer a lot of us would probably not know.

4 Rihanna Once Again 


Rihanna is so active on social media that we couldn't resist featuring her twice in this article. Many of us are more than familiar with Rihanna's... unique style of dress. She wears revealing clothes, as any singer these days does, and her shirts are sometimes rather transparent.

Obviously, this rude fan was trying to shame her by saying "ummm... Rihanna, you know your boobs are hanging out in like all your videos... right?" Rihanna had the perfect response when she said simply "You're welcome." She is so on point. First of all, if you're a heteros*xual dude, then why the hell would you be complaining about this or trying to shame the girl? But the most important point is that Rihanna stayed strong and absolutely massacred this poor fan.

3 J.K. Rowling Trolls Haters

via: ew.com

There are many celebrities who are good at using Twitter to troll people, but J.K. Rowling has to be one of the best ever. For those who don't know about her presence on Twitter, it's usually fiercely political, and she loves to anger her right-wing followers. She has made a series of politically charged tweets in the past, and many have enraged people. Some have been so incensed that they've tweeted her and threatened to burn her books and movies.

But her response shown above was savage and amazing. She first pointed out that she already has their money, so burning her products would be pretty much worthless at this point. She then points out that she's pretty sure burning DVDs produce toxic fumes, so in the end, she would still be winning. She really showed that she can troll with the best of Twitter users that day, and we can't help but applaud her efforts.

2 Frankie Muniz Puts A Hater In Their Place


You might remember actor Frankie Muniz from everyone's favorite childhood show, Malcom in the Middle, in which he played the lead role. Everyone got to know this character really well over the years, and in a way, many of us grew up with him. It was somewhat of a surprise when he announced that he was putting his acting career on hold while he explored other parts of his life, such as race car driving, drumming, and being a manager of a rock band. All of those things sound pretty awesome, and we can't really fault him for wanting to do something different with his life.

One idiotic fan went on Twitter to publicly trash Frankie Muniz's acting style, calling it "awful." He probably didn't know what a huge mistake he made, until Frankie absolutely destroyed him. He reminded this stupid fan that he was retired at 19 with 40 million in the bank, while this guy was probably still living with his mom. Of all the savage tweets, this one takes the cake.

1 One Of The Most Brutal Tweets Ever


This has to be one of the most savage, brutal and totally insensitive tweets of all time. Unlike a lot of the other tweets in this article, this one is not something to be applauded or encouraged. For those who don't know, Onision, is actually a pretty well-known YouTuber. Back in 2016, tragedy struck when Christina Grimmie, a well-known American singer, died after being shot. Her fans were utterly heartbroken, and many had been praying for her after learning she had been taken to the hospital while suffering from her wounds.

But unfortunately, Christina Grimmie didn't make it, and her fans sent many Tweets of love and mourning. But Onision decided to take a very different approach to this. He seemed to take this opportunity to prove to everyone that God doesn't exist, telling her fans to "wake up" after they had prayed and God didn't save her. What kind of a person would do such a thing?

Sources: viralthread.com, buzzfeed.com, twitter.com

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