15 Celebs Making Less Cash Than The Cashmeousside Girl

Danielle Bregoli (better known as the “cash me ousside girl”) is hanging-on to her 15 minutes of fame like grim death! She came into the public spotlight as a troubled 13 year old girl whose mother was at her wit’s end, appearing on Dr. Phil for some intervention. While he did provide intervention opportunity, an interesting side effect came when she challenged some of the audience members to “cash her ousside!” The statement sent shockwaves around the world and turned into a mega viral meme. Today, she’s “cashing in” on the hype and making bank! It has been reported that Danielle is charging $30,000 for personal appearances and $40,000 if she has to go out of the country!

Danielle and her representatives (yes, she is managed) are in talks with producers for her and her mother to star in a reality television show. She is appearing at hip-hop festivals, doing meet and greets and is even making money off of her 14th birthday party this month! Her merchandise is selling like hotcakes and it all started from a dumb comment made on Dr. Phil. Embarrassingly there are many celebs that have made much greater contributions to the world that are making less money per appearance than Danielle. Here are 15 such celebs that aren’t pulling down that same cash me ousside bank!


15 Coach Carter

How many people can say they have had Samuel L. Jackson portray them on the big screen? In the case of Ken Carter, he became a household name thanks to a 2005 film called Coach Carter. Coach Ken Carter was a high school basketball coach that insisted that his players take their academics as seriously as their basketball. He managed to do a complete turnaround of the program and seriously impacted the lives of many young men. Coach Carter is an educational hero and happily speaks to audiences about his efforts. That amazing opportunity will amazingly cost less than seeing Danielle Bregoli live and in person. Not only does it cost less, but Coach Carter charges approximately half the amount of Bregoli for a much more motivational and inspirational presentation!

14 Grandmaster Flash


Danielle obviously appreciates hip hop music, not because she is a recording artist, but because she just likes listening and dancing. But with all her craziness, she commands a considerably higher price tag to appear than hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash! As one of the leaders of the hip hop and DJ movement, Grandmaster Flash is royalty in that particular musical style. He is highly respected for his contributions and still seen as relevant! He makes personal appearances and hip hop fans are constantly in awe when he comes in the room. But the cost to have him enter the room is still less than Bregoli charges, which seems like a serious error in priorities. It’s not that Danielle doesn’t have the potential to be great, but she hasn’t done anything close to what Flash has accomplished, which leaves us all shaking our heads.

13 Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is a retired NBA basketball player and for years was a titan in professional basketball. Even now, Iverson’s name is remembered for his amazing performance on the court. Retired athletes are frequently called upon to make personal appearances, speak to youth organizations and provide motivational speeches at corporate events. There is certainly good money in these types of speaking engagements and Iverson is understandably taking advantage of the opportunity to share some of his knowledge and thoughts on motivation, teamwork and athletic ability. His speaking fees though are surprisingly under the $30,000 mark that Bregoli charges and it’s doubtful that the cash me ousside girl does a lot of basketball dribbling. We could be wrong, but she is certainly no Allen Iverson, on or off the court.

12 Bill Nye the Science Guy


For years, Bill Nye the Science Guy has been known to portray science in a fun and kid-friendly way on his popular children’s television series. Bill Nye holds a number of honorary doctorate degrees from very prestigious schools and has earned his degree in mechanical engineering! He has collaborated with NASA and gives a number of guest lectures on a variety of scientific topics. Even with all this, Bill Nye still isn’t pulling that big cash me ousside money per appearance. He’s doing pretty well and his longevity will beat Danielle’s any day, but dollar for dollar for a personal appearance these days, Danielle’s getting more than our man Bill. I guess science isn’t as cool as getting the chance to see her go crazy or blow up on someone!

11 Former Vice President Dan Quayle

Dan Quayle was just one heartbeat away from the most powerful job in the world during the George H.W. Bush administration. He was the Vice President of the United States, making him the President of the Senate and under constant supervision of the United States Secret Service. One would think that meeting him and getting to hear his thoughts may be worth more than that of a girl that can’t pronounce the word “catch” correctly. Apparently this is not the case! These days, Dan Quayle charges less than $30,000 for a speaking appearance. While this is still a great deal of money compared to most of us, it is still less than Danielle is pulling down these days! I guess the new is still worth a lot more money.

10 The Most Interesting Man in the World


He doesn’t always do public appearances, but when he does, he charges less than Danielle Bregoli! Yes, “the most interesting man in the world” from the Dos XX beer commercials (portrayed by Jonathan Goldsmith between 2006 and 2016) brings in between $20,000 and $30,000 for speaking engagements. A good amount of money for sure, but hasn’t he earned it considering how interesting he is? The tales of the most interesting man in the world are sort of a “Chuck Norris joke 2.0” for the world and it has made him well...very interesting. Goldsmith is highly recognizable and everyone wants to get their picture made with him because of the legendary commercials. But he is still making less than Danielle, who is far less interesting for sure!

9 Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear has been regarded as one of the most beautiful women on television and in films! That is a pretty tall order and there’s no one that can look at Locklear and not see her beauty. She has received a number of Golden Globe awards and even more nominations and starred in famous television series like Dynasty, Melrose Place and Spin City. Locklear has proven her acting chops over a long and successful career. But even with her well established status in television and film acting, her speaking fees are less than $30,000! It costs a lot of money to get people like Locklear to come out to an event, but it’s still less than having to pay Bregoli to insult and abuse the audience of an event!


8 Ja Rule


International hip hop sensation Ja Rule has been on the scene for a number of years. He has been one of the biggest names in rap and hip hop and certainly someone that Danielle would respect (given her love of rap and hip hop music). He has recorded with Jennifer Lopez and collaborated with many other rap and hip hop icons. Ja has even managed to earn himself four Grammy nominations! Ja Rule is not only a well established recording artist, but he does a great deal of acting as well! He’s appeared and still appears in a number of films, keeping him relevant, busy and in demand. Ja Rule’s speaker fees are surprisingly less expensive than Danielle’s, which I think is a bargain considering his status as a hip hop icon and actor!

7 Mark Paul Gosselaar

People know Mark Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris from the hit 80s and 90s teen sitcom Saved By The Bell. He spent a number of years trying to live down the Zack Morris typecast and has done a pretty good job of it through the years, appearing on other television series and in some films. He has earned some respect as an actor and is recognizable by just about everyone that has ever seen Saved By The Bell (which is virtually everyone). But he is still making less per appearance than Danielle! Her and her bad attitude pull down more to do a personal appearance than the famous Zack Morris! Sad, but unfortunately very true. If Mark Paul isn’t making more than her then I’d imagine Mr. Belding is making even less!

6 Steven Yeun


This is just a sad reality! Steven Yeun played the character of Glen in the hit series The Walking Dead. Glen wasn’t just some fly by night character either. Glen was part of the main cast for years and has been a fan favorite for sure. While his actual salary from the show has been undoubtedly very good and perhaps his net worth is higher than the young Danielle, he still isn’t commanding as much money per personal appearance as she! If Steven Yeun can’t get more money than a bad acting adolescent, then I don’t know if humanity has its priorities straight! Don’t worry Steven...your stock will stay higher than the cash me ousside girl for years longer. It is pretty certain though that Danielle would probably not go down against Negan without a fight!

5 Kathy Najimy

Actress Kathy Najimy was a breakout character in the Sister Act movie franchise and has gone on to do work in other major films. She is also the voice of the character Peggy Hill on the Mike Judge cartoon series King of the Hill. Kathy Najimy is very talented and highly recognizable as an actress the world over. She has a perky, upbeat and energetic voice and always seems to portray characters that are larger than life! As well known as she is, her fee is surprisingly low (somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000). To let that sink in, you could get three separate appearances by Najimy for one with Danielle Bregoli! Either Najimy needs to go up in her price or Danielle needs to come down in hers.

4 Dame Maggie Smith


Also an alumnus of the Sister Act movies as well starring in each of the Harry Potter films, among a long list of films for decades is Dame Maggie Smith. She has been awarded the title of “Dame” by the Queen of England, which is definitely something to write home about! Smith has been recognized for her outstanding accomplishments in film with too many awards and nominations to count. But even with this, she still brings in less for personal appearances at age 82 than a girl that hasn’t even entered high school yet! Dame Maggie’s minimum starts at just $25,000, which is not too shabby for an Academy Award winning actress! She certainly has lived the long and very memorable life as one of Hollywood’s finest, which is more than Danielle can claim, but Maggie is admirably still going strong in her 80s making public appearances.

3 Tom Green

Tom Green is a comedian and comedic actor that even had his own wildly successful talk show on MTV in the 1990s. He’s still known for his hijinks and silly antics, having even appeared in a season of Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump. One of his biggest claims to fame though was in his brief but very memorable marriage to actress Drew Barrymore! Green still gets around in the world of comedy, television, film and even rap (bet you didn’t know that). His speaking fees start out at $25,000, which is a bargain compared to what the cash me ousside girl is charging. Tom isn’t quite as new or current and that’s definitely hurt his earning potential, but I don’t get how anyone can complain about $25,000 for showing up somewhere for a day.

2 Olympia Dukakis


Academy Award winning actress Olympia Dukakis has been around long enough to establish herself as Hollywood royalty. She has been in movies with a wide variety of roles and has been regarded as one of the warmest personalities on screen and off for a number of years. Her grace and her presence makes her one of the favorites in the industry. But shockingly, Dukakis doesn’t charge as much money to grace others with her presence as Miss Bregolli! Perhaps it’s because she doesn’t need the money (that’s almost certainly the case) but it really only makes us respect her more to know that she is more attainable financially. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that time spent with Ms. Dukakis would be much more valuable than hearing Danielle say “cash me ousside” one.more.time.

1 Aidy Bryant

For the last several seasons, funny girl Aidy Bryant has become one of the favorites among the Saturday Night Live main cast members. She is a great character actress and is always good for a very hard laugh! She has managed to springboard her success on the show into acting roles in some pretty big movies as well recently, but she seems to keep a humble attitude. Her personal appearances are somewhat less expensive than that of the “cash me” girl. People are sure to laugh and enjoy the conversation a lot more with Aidy than Danielle as well. So if you have got $30,000 burning a hole in your pocket, save some of it and hire Aidy to come hang out for a while and you won’t be disappointed!

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