15Pamela Anderson

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Before Kim Kardashian, and before Paris Hilton, there was Pam Anderson. She was a bonafide Baywatch babe who was the object of every young man’s desire. She wasn’t the first celebrity to have her bedroom antics broadcasted to

the four corners of the world but she was the first of the Information Age. It shed a light on her personal life like never before and her love life became an open book. Many celebrities before her were known as “serial daters,” but she brought it to a new level. She’s been romantically linked to Scott Baio, Dean Cain, Bret Michaels, Antonio Sabato Jr., Vince Neil, David Charvet, Kelly Slater, Marcus Schenkenberg, Michael Bolton, Fred Durst, Stephen Dorff, and then there’s her marriages to Tommy Lee, Rick Salomon (twice), and Kid Rock. That’s not even mentioning the rumored trysts with Criss Angel, David Spade, Slash, and Sylvester Stallone!

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