15 Celebs Caught Vacationing In The Most Random Places

When you book those two weeks off from work, you’re usually daydreaming about visiting Florida, some island in the Caribbean or a typical tourist spot like Paris, right? Come on, don’t deny it. Those typical tourist spots are so popular for a reason—they usually provide Instagram-worthy photos and have a lot to offer. But celebrities don’t just go to typical tourist destinations. The main reason they don’t do this is because they won’t get the privacy they’d like, and they can easily afford much more exotic vacations.

Below are 15 random places that celebrities have visited for a vacation. You’ve probably heard of the famous St. Tropez (a favorite for Jay Z and Bey) or the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris, but these locations are so much more private and unexpected. We can guarantee that you haven’t heard of most of them or thought of visiting them for a vacation, but will definitely want to pack your suitcases and book a flight after reading this.

15 Cindy Crawford, Amazon Rainforest

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Ah, to be a celebrity on vacation—eating gourmet food, relaxing on pristine beaches, getting room service at luxurious hotels, hunting anacondas in the Amazon… wait, what? You wouldn’t expect a former supermodel to be hunting snakes in a rainforest, but Cindy Crawford (in the sunglasses and boonie hat) and her family did just that for Thanksgiving. Well, that’s a new way to spend the holiday. It’s better than just sitting around the table like we do every year and pushing through crowds on Black Friday, right? Cindy shared some beautiful pictures from her excursion on Instagram. She and her husband can be seen in the photos enjoying the sunset and looking for anacondas while on a boat in the river. Cindy also visited Peru during her vacation. Sounds like an adventurous trip, and she looks like she was having the time of her life.

14 Usher, Sahara Desert

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Many of the places that celebs go on vacation are relaxing, comfortable and beautiful (whether they’re well known or not). There’s usually a nice hotel that they can stay at and tons of things to do for entertainment. But, that’s not always the case. The Sahara Desert isn’t exactly comforting and there are no fancy hotels to stay in. Yet, Usher decided to visit the desert in 2013. It wasn’t just a day trip, either. When Usher does something, he goes all out. He spent several days in the desert, camping out in tents, wearing a traditional headdress and riding on camels. It’s not your typical celeb vacation at all (he posted pics of the sand in his shoes and there is obviously no fancy restaurants or hotels nearby), but it sure sounds like an amazing experience. We totally respect Usher for being this adventurous.

13 Scott Disick, Versace Mansion, FL

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Whose house is good enough to be a vacation spot? Gianni Versace’s house (read: opulent mansion), of course. When we watch Cribs or see photos of celebrity homes, it’s easy to understand why anyone would want to spend a night or a week in a celebrity’s home. They’re usually over-the-top, and have unnecessary things like bowling alleys, arcades and movie theatres. But, if you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing a stay in a celebrity’s house, you now can (assuming that you have the money).

Designer Gianni Versace passed away in 1997 but his mansion is now a boutique hotel opened to the public. There are 10 suites (including the designer’s old bedroom) featuring personal butlers and the iconic mosaic pool. The Kardashians (and Scott Disick) have visited this unique hotel (as seen on their reality show), along with Madonna and Donatella Versace.

12 Kate Moss, Molori Lodge, South Africa

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The Caribbean is such a popular area for celebs to visit (and it’s easy to see why). Besides that, Europe seems to be the continent most celebs flock to for a vacation. There’s something for everyone in Europe, after all. If you like lazing around on gorgeous beaches, there are places like Mykonos and Mallorca that can satisfy your desires. If you like shopping, Paris and Milan will not disappoint. If you’re a person that likes the cold weather, instead, skiing on the Swiss Alps is probably a dream come true. And of course, there’s all the wonderful food that we could go on about forever. With all that Europe has to offer (and with all those hotels that only celebs can afford), it’s kind of surprising when we see celebs vacationing on a different continent.

However, Africa has a lot to offer, especially if you’re a lover of the wilderness. And there’s really more there than you’d expect. There’s a place in South Africa called the Molori Safari Lodge, which is within a game reserve. Now, when you think of safari excursions, you probably imagine sleeping in tents or in little cabins, right? Well, that’s just not how celebs do safaris. The Molori Safari Lodge has open-air suites with retractable glass walls and private swimming pools. The reserve has over 300 species of birds and the Big Five species. It’s really what dreams are made of (and that’s appropriate since Molori actually means “to dream”). Celebs that have been spotted here include Mischa Barton (haven’t heard that name since The O.C. went off air, huh?) and Kate Moss.

11 Denzel Washington, Acapulco, Mexico

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Mexico is definitely a popular vacation spot. But, most people head to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta when they decide to visit the land of burritos and Chihuahuas. So, Acapulco seems a bit random. Today, the city is known as one of the deadliest cities in the world, thanks to its high crime rate. But, back in the ‘40s and ‘50s, the city was a hot spot for movie stars. It also saw resurgence as a vacation destination a few years ago. What made the city so appealing? It may have something to do with the high-rises, stunning beaches, majestic cliffs or private villas. There are two hotels that celebs like staying in while in Acapulco. The first is Encanto, a $20 million boutique hotel. The other is Las Brisas, a gorgeous hilltop retreat in which Denzel Washington and Madonna have stayed in.

10 Sofia Vergara, Anguilla

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Unless you’re a geography nut or grew up in the Caribbean, you’ve never heard of Anguilla. It’s located around the same vicinity as the British Virgin Islands and it’s one of the spots celebs go to when they want to soak up the sun, but be away from annoying tourists and paparazzi (again, because most people have never even heard of it). Some of its selling points are that it has 33 white sandy beaches, golf courses and private villas. Besides that, the island has practically no traffic, no crime and is tranquil. So, which celebs frequent the island? Well, Liam Neeson, Uma Thurman, Drake, Sofia Vergara (right) and Robert de Niro have all been spotted here.

9 Harry Styles, Necker Island

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Necker Island is a place that you probably have never heard about. And that’s because it’s a very private and exclusive location. The 74-acre island is owned by none other than Sir Richard Branson (the founder of the Virgin Group, fourth from left). Where is Necker Island located anyway? Fittingly, it’s in the British Virgin Islands (in the Caribbean). There are freshwater pools, whirlpools, tennis courts and guesthouses on the resort. But, don’t expect to visit this place anytime soon (unless you have a winning lottery ticket that you’re waiting to redeem). The cost for just one night starts at $51,000. Yes, it starts there, that’s not a typo. Who can afford this kind of luxury? Well, there's Harry Styles (left), Mel Gibson, Oprah Winfrey (no surprise there) and Steven Spielberg can.

8 Jessica Simpson, San Ysidro Ranch, CA

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California, in general, is likely the least random state for a celeb to be spotted in. That’s because celeb central (AKA Hollywood) is located in this sunny state. But, you’d think that celebs would visit high-scale restaurants and hotels when in California, or at least visit the popular locations like Disneyland, Yosemite National Park or Lake Tahoe. Well, that’s not the case for celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez. They choose, instead, to visit an orange and lemon ranch that’s over 200 years old. Yeah, that’s definitely random. Well, it’s no longer an orange and lemon ranch. Rather, it’s been transformed into a hotel with 40 suites. This is also where Jessica Simpson got married, and apparently, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were married here in secret.

7 Richard Branson, Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco

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Celebrities visiting a castle (again, owned by Sir Richard Branson) located in the foothills of a mountain in Morocco? Yep, that screams “random” to us. Technically, it’s another home that’s opened to the public. Before Branson bought the property (as per his parents’ suggestion) and transformed it into a retreat in 2005, it was owned by an antiques dealer and interior designer. The Kasbah Tamadot features gardens, a vegetable patch and animals (including two camels, three donkeys and two mules). Please find us a luxury hotel more random than this, if you so dare. There is so much to do and enjoy at the Kasbah, including spa treatments, cooking classes and excursions. Not surprisingly, celebrity guests include Branson and his famous friends.

6 Ryan Reynolds, Jackson Hole, WY

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When you think of Wyoming, what comes to mind? We realize that’s a toughie, because hardly anyone really thinks of Wyoming on a daily (or even a weekly) basis. But, there is one iconic thing that Wyoming is known for: Yellowstone National Park. Besides that, you wouldn’t really think of Wyoming as a place for a vacation. Yet, it’s a place that many celebrities visit. Specifically, they visit a place called Spring Creek Ranch, located in a wildlife sanctuary and surrounded by a mountain range. There’s tons of wildlife to be seen here including eagles, deer and coyotes. The celebrities that have visited this lesser-known paradise include Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds (left), Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey.

5 Jude Law, Rockhouse Hotel, Negril, Jamaica

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Jamaica is not a random place for a vacation—in fact, it’s probably one of the first places that come to your mind when you think of a vacation. But, you would expect a celebrity to visit a high-end resort (rather than a small, odd hotel), right? Well, it isn’t so for celebrities like Keri Russell, Jude Law, Lennox Lewis. These celebs have been spotted at Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica. This is a boutique hotel located on the cliffs of Pristine Coast (literally on the cliffs). It’s really something to look at. There’s eight acres of tropical gardens and a 60-foot-long cliff-top pool. Actor John Slattery visits every year to snorkel and enjoy the Rockhouse’s culinary offerings, such as mango chutney. That actually sounds way better than a typical, high-end resort.

4 Naomi Campbell, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

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Ever heard of Sveti Stefan? Neither have we… until now, that is. Sveti Stefan is a small island off the coast of Montenegro (which is situated between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). The island is a rare find, with cobbled lanes, spectacular waters and not a lot of tourists. The reason the island is so unknown is because only hotel or restaurant guests are permitted on it. At the centre of the island is a piazza (much like the ones you’d find in Italy), complete with a historical church, tavern and a variety of shops. Guests to the island’s resort, Aman Sveti Stefan have included old Hollywood stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Recently, Supermodel Naomi Campbell visited the private resort.

3 Kanye West, Swan Lake, Armenia

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It’s not every day you hear of a celebrity visiting Armenia. In Kanye’s case, it isn’t that surprising since he is married to Kim, whose roots are in Armenia. What was surprising, though, is that he visited Swan Lake (that’s actually a place and swans have been spotted there). Kanye played a free concert there. Yes, that’s pretty random indeed. The story goes that while he was in Armenia with his wife in 2015, it just came to his mind one night to have a free concert. So, with the help of Twitter, the word spread in just a few hours. Kanye and Kim were not expecting too many people to show up on such short notice. However, thousands of people were awaiting the musician. He apparently performed six songs, including “Stronger” and “Jesus Walks.” The performance didn’t last as long as he had planned though, since the police had to shut it down once people began jumping into the lake after Kanye.

2 Kendall Jenner and Family, Area 51, NV

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Area 51 is definitely one of the most mysterious places in the world. There have been so many conspiracy theories surrounding the forbidden stretch of Nevada. It’s been revealed that it’s an area where the government tests their military aircraft and things of that nature. However, some people still really think that the government is holding an alien (or mythical creatures) there! The Kardashian/Jenners fall into that group of people. While this is not a full-out vacation, the family did visit the spot while on a camping trip. In an episode aired in 2013, the family took a trip to the border of Area 51 in hopes of spotting some UFOs or aliens. They hired a guide named Travis, who claims to have been abducted by aliens. Though Bruce, at the time, was extremely skeptical of the stories, the others seemed quite interested. Brandon, Brody and Leah took advantage of this by preparing a prank that will go down in the history of pranks.

1 Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mallorca, Spain

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When you think of places in Spain, you think of Barcelona and Madrid, right? Yeah, creepy, how we know that, right? Well, not really. After all, those are the most populated cities in Spain and the ones visited by most tourists. Celebrities are not like most tourists, though. They have access to some of the world’s most beautiful and exclusive places. So, when a celeb visits Spain, you can expect them to go to the exclusive island of Mallorca.

The most exclusive place on the island for the rich and famous is probably Deià, located on the west coast. You’ve probably never even heard of the place, but it’s been a popular celeb destination for a long time (even Grace Kelly visited it back in the day). Deià, a village on the West coast of the island, is particularly popular with its exclusive La Residencia Hotel. Past visitors to the island include Kate Moss, Pierce Brosnan and Harrison Ford. Quite a few celebs also own (or have owned) properties there, too, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Claudia Schiffer.

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