15 Celebs Caught Red-Handed Hitting On Their Fans

Celebrities make millions of dollars, live in outrageous mansions, and are the most famous people in the world. However, none of this would be possible without their adoring fans. Some celebs are known for having a short temper when it comes to their fans. Some fans can be overly aggressive and cross the line. Not all celebs are like that and several will take the time to take pictures, sign autographs, and show their appreciation for their fans. In fact, some have gone beyond showing their appreciation and gratitude for their fans.

Several world-famous celebs have been caught flirting, kissing, and even getting intimate with fans. Several celebs prove they're great at flirting because they're caught in bed after the physical activity. Fans often go crazy when getting to meet their favorite celeb and just hope to get a hug. Well, some celebs love to take advantage of their fame and power. However, flirting in person isn’t the only way celebs have been caught. Many celebs use social media as a way to connect with fans and grow their fanbase. Other celebs use it to hit on their fans and try to set up a date. Here is a look at 15 Celebs Caught Red-Handed Hitting on Their Fans.


15 Coco Austin

In 2011, the reality world fell in love with rapper/actor Ice T and glamour model Coco Austin. They starred in their own reality series, Ice Loves Coco, from 2011 to 2013. Coco often performed in burlesque events showing off her world famous “assets.” In 2013, her “assets” got her into trouble after two pics went viral. In the first pic, she posed with a fan with his hands visibly placed on her derriere. She knew the pic would cause her trouble as she messaged him later asking for the pic to be taken down and said, “Its not a good look.” Later that month, she took a pretty intimate pic with rapper AP.9, which greatly angered Ice T. It got worse when AP.9 claimed it went further and that he had naked pics too.

14 Marco Belinelli

It’s important for celebs to remember that direct messages can be easily shared. If the person is offended by the messages they can simply share it with their followers. Several celebs have been exposed this way and shooting guard Marco Belinelli is one of them. In 2014, Belinelli was a member of the San Antonio Spurs that won the NBA Championship. Apparently, he was feeling really good about himself and decided to capitalize by hitting on a fan. He asked one of his female followers, “Wanna see something big to eat?” The fan was pretty disgusted with the question, and it was clear to her what he was referencing. He wasn’t done as he went into more graphic detail. It finally ended when she wrote back, “I have a man. I’m good on that.”

13 Lil Wayne

Obviously, this pic is much after the flirting but he’s still caught red-handed. Lil Wayne has had many ups and downs throughout his life. He’s released several popular albums making him one of the bestselling artists of all time. However, he has had several struggles in his personal life and many relationships that didn’t work out. This scandalous pic did not help his situation at all. After splitting up with his longtime girlfriend, Dhea, Wayne apparently took the breakup somewhat hard. Shortly after the split, he was caught in bed with a fan. He was photographed sleeping next to a groupie, Saralyn. In the pic, they’re both in the buff, and it’s clear that Saralyn is the person taking the pic. The image was later leaked online of Wayne and his groupie. However, Saralyn was outraged when the pic was leaked and claimed she had no idea how it got out.

12 Tyga


Tyga is no stranger to controversy, especially if it involves underage girls. Rapper Tyga has risen to the top of the hip-hop world but it’s his personal life that generates all the interest. Rumors swirled for months that Tyga was dating reality star Kylie Jenner. They confirmed the relationship just days after her 18th birthday. They created a great deal controversy because of the significant age difference and speculation that they’d actually been dating since she was 16. They broke up in 2016 but Tyga made a few more headlines. He messaged a 14-year-old singer, Molly O’Malia, and told her she was “dope.” The young singer took it as a huge compliment but she soon realized he wasn’t interested in her music. She wanted to talk about music while he wanted to meet her in Los Angles and get closer to her.

11 James Harden

This is the result of some innocent flirting. Celebrities should always follow two important rules when hooking up with a fan. All cellphones should be locked in a safe and absolutely no falling asleep after doing the deed. James Harden currently plays for the Houston Rockets. He’s not only a skillful player on the court but is even more skillful off. He found himself in some trouble but was able to get out of it. Harden was photographed in bed with Instagram model Farrah Flossit. Flossit snapped the pic with Harden sound asleep next to her. The pic had everyone talking and figured Harden’s girlfriend would eat him alive. However, like a last second three-pointer at the buzzer, Harden squeezed by unscathed. He was able to convince his girlfriend that Farrah had Photoshopped him into the pic. She believed him and left Farah an insulting and furious message.

10 Ezekiel Elliot

Celebrities are learning that there is nothing more dangerous than a groupie with a cellphone. Running back Ezekiel Elliot learned that the hard way. In 2016, Ezekiel Elliot was the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft. He became the newest member of the iconic Dallas Cowboys. Later that day, he sent out a tweet giving a shout out to the Cowboys and sponsor Old Spice. However, that’s not the pic that would have the Internet buzzing the next day. In the course of celebrating, he hooked up with a groupie. Elliot and the fan apparently continued to celebrate all night. In the morning, she took a selfie with Elliot sleeping next to her and the pic quickly went viral. Elliot’s girlfriend posted, “Y’all don’t gotta worry about me, I’m just fine sitting here with you guys laughing.”

9 Lebron James

Lebron James has won three NBA Championships, four NBA MVPs, and was a Rookie of the Year. He’s one of the greatest NBA stars of all time and has millions of fans. Despite being married, James has randomly messaged female fans in the past and had hit on them. In 2016, he messaged 18-year-old Instagram model Rachel Bush. It was an innocent “Hey what’s up!” but that’s all she needed. She posted the message for all of her followers and called into the Billy Madison Show to spill the beans. However, that didn’t stop James from trying it again. In 2017, he messaged Instagram model Heidi Hoback and hit on her. A lot of her posts feature her in the wilderness so James’ opening line was, “Teach me how to hunt and I’ll teach you to play ball. Deal? Lol.”


8 Usain Bolt

This is the result of celebs hitting on their fans. Usain Bolt is considered the fastest man in the world. That’s a good thing because he couldn’t get out of Brazil fast enough after his pic was taken. Usain Bolt is an eight-time Olympic gold medalist. He most recently competed at the 2016 games in Brazil. After winning his third set of gold medals, Bolt decided to celebrate all night long. While at the De Bracos Albertas club, he met a 20-year-old local, Jady Duarte. She was unaware of who he was but they still hooked up at the end of the night. Duarte decided to share a pic of the two after their passionate night with friends on WhatsApp. Soon, the pic was circulating online and had people talking. Usain refused to answer any questions and literally bolted out of Brazil as he flew home early.

7 Jaromír Jágr

When most celebs are caught red-handed with a fan, they’ll deny it despite the proof. Jaromír Jágr is not one of those celebs and anyone that considers blackmailing him is just wasting their time. Jágr has set many records in the NHL but this pic might have set a record too. In 2015, then 43-year-old Jágr was photographed sleeping next to 18-year-old model Catherine from Moravia. She flashes the peace sign, as he is fast asleep in the background. He was clearly tired after a long night of “drills and exercises.” She attempted to blackmail Jágr by threatening to release the pic unless he paid her 50,000 Czech Koruna’s ($2,000). Unfortunately for Catherine, she chose the wrong guy to blackmail. He simply responded with “I don’t care,” and she released the pic. The image had everyone talking and even included several parodies by fans. Clearly, this went way beyond flirting.

6 Mike Epps

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When flirting online with a fan, it’s important to remember the difference between direct messages and messages that everyone can see, including annoyed wives and girlfriends. Comedian Mike Epps has made audiences all over the world laugh. He’s a very accomplished stand-up comedian and comedic actor. However, this awkward conversation didn’t end with huge amounts of laughter but an irritated eye roll instead. One day, Epps suddenly started sending messages to a fan that goes by the twitter handle @ceciCitra. She even seemed a bit confused with his sudden messages. He first asked if she was on Instagram before bluntly telling her, “DM me.” Epps got a response but not from who he was excepting. His then-wife, Mechelle Epps, saw the entire conversation and simply sent an eye roll. Moments later, Epps blocked @CeciCitra.

5 Julian Edelman

A helpful hint for Tinder users is to have an intriguing and interesting profile pic that’ll make users swipe right. This Tinder user likely accomplished that mission. Julian Edelman is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots. The Patriots are one of the most dominant teams in the history of the NFL. With each Super Bowl victory, the celebrations get wilder. In 2015, Edelman slept with a groupie named Sabrina after winning the Super Bowl. She took a pic of the two in bed together as he slept. She even gave it a vulgar caption. She then used it as her Tinder profile pic and got a lot of matches. It soon went viral and caused quite the uproar. Celebs should be warned that hitting on a fan might result in an embarrassing Tinder profile pic.

4 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has always had a complicated relationship with his fans. He has millions of adoring fans that dream of just touching him. He has often brought several fans on stage during performances and has even kissed a few on the lips. At the same time, he has lost his cool with his fans, including shouting at them during concerts, flipping them off, and spitting on them. He also loves to flirt with his fans, and this time, it got him in trouble. In 2013, a fan by the name of Tati Neves posted a video of Justin wrapped in a blanket sleeping titled “Justin Bieber sleeping with a girl in Brazil.” The video shows Justin in a deep sleep and is identified by his trademark tattoos. Tati filmed him as he slept and posed for a selfie with a huge smile. Justin’s people claim that he was partying the night away with fans and that nothing scandalous happened, although Tati obviously disputes that.

3 James Franco


James Franco is a critically-acclaimed actor who has appeared in several beloved films. Franco stirred up some controversy when he was caught hitting on underage fans on social media. First, he was busted flirting with a 17-year-old and even tried to set up a meeting at a hotel. When she didn’t believe it was Franco, he sent her a pic of him holding up a sign with her name on it. However, she reluctantly turned down the offer. Franco later went after another 17 year old online. He met a fan named Lucy from Scotland through social media. She was visiting New York for a few days and Franco tried to meet her. To be fair, when he found out she was “nearly 18” and with her mother, the conversation stopped there.

2 Waka Flocka Flame

Most celebs will deny when they’ve been caught red-handed. Even when there is hard evidence, they’ll never admit it. Then, there are the few celebs that just don’t seem to care if they’re caught. Waka Flocka has released several popular albums but his personal life has gained more attention. In 2014, he married reality star Tammy Rivera. On one episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Flocka admitted to being unfaithful and revealed his several infidelities. Rivera forgave him and they tried to move on with their life. Later, a pic surfaced online which likely caused him some problems with his wife. In the pic, he is sleeping next to a woman whose face is not visible. Suddenly, an Instagram account opened and posted the pic. However, Rivera continues to stand by Flocka.

1 Robin Thicke

R&B singer Robin Thicke was literally caught red-handed hitting on a fan. In 2013, Thicke was on top of the world. His hit single “Blurred Lines” was number one on the charts and he was married to the beautiful Paula Patton. However, that same year, this scandalous picture of Robin and a fan went viral. In 2013, he took this pic with Lana Solaro and the reflection in the mirror caught Thicke’s hand grabbing her derriere. Additionally, Lana claims that she made out with Thicke at the MTV Awards after party also attended by Paula. Lana tweeted out the pic but claims she didn’t notice the reflection until somebody pointed it out. It was shared all over the world and eventually found its way to Paula. In 2014, Paula filled for divorce after discovering that Thicke had been unfaithful.

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