15 Celebs Caught Partying Way Too Hard

Celebrities like to blow off steam, just like everyone else. And, unlike the average person who goes out with a budget in mind, their super-sized paychecks mean they can pay cover at the most exclusive clubs (and cut the line), get VIP bottle service, and drink only top shelf spirits. That’s not even thinking about the cities around the world they can party in - while Los Angeles sees the majority of celebrities out on the town, they’ve been spotted in London, Paris, New York, Miami, and many more. I mean, when you’ve got money to blow, why not enjoy it?

There’s just one problem. While a regular person’s sloppy, drunken night on the town remains a mere memory the next week, for celebrities who are constantly trailed by the paparazzi, it can be a lot harder to erase any embarrassing moments. Chances are, a paparazzi will capture you drunkenly stumbling to your limo, and will certainly take a variety of shots if you trip over your stilettos and crash to the ground. It’s simply part of being famous – you sacrifice some of your privacy when you hit the town.

While the large majority of celebrities know how to control themselves and never get too sloppy in the public eye, there are a few that just threw caution to the wind and decided they were going to go for it.

Here are 15 celebrities who were caught partying way, way too hard.

15 Taylor Momsen

In a way, it’s not surprising that Taylor Momsen would get caught by the paparazzi having had a little too much to drink. After all, she’s done her best to cultivate a certain bad girl vibe over the past few years. Having a few too many shots seems just par for the course. However, there’s a difference between a posed photo where you’re channeling your inner rock star, and one where you just look like a hot mess – and unfortunately, this shot of her in the back of a cab is definitely hot mess territory. Part of the reason is that her look can go very, very easily from rock star to strung out rock star, but still, make sure to be aware of those paparazzi when you’re heading home after a crazy night.

14 Miley Cyrus

At the beginning of her rise to stardom, Miley Cyrus cultivated a squeaky clean image. She was a star on a popular Disney show, she sang clean songs aimed at the tween market, and just put forth a certain good girl image. And then, something snapped; she dyed her hair platinum blonde, started twerking left and right, started singing about a lot more explicit things, and just wholeheartedly embraced a different side of herself. You can guess which version of Miley is captured in this photo – she appears to be at some sort of fancy venue, just totally digging the music. Let’s be honest though, that’s the face of someone who’s had a few too many shots of tequila, not someone who’s just loving the tunes and enjoying the atmosphere.

13 Paris Hilton

Unlike other celebrities, who work as musicians or actors and just party every now and then because, well, they’re young and gorgeous and famous, Paris Hilton is essentially just famous for partying. As a socialite, if there’s an event on the scene in Los Angeles, she’s going to be there. As a result, there are literally thousands of pictures of Hilton at various parties over the years, often with other celebrities. However, when you attend that many parties, you’re bound to overindulge at a few of them, as this photo demonstrates. No one wants to be the girl so hammered she has to be carried out of the club, but this particular night, that’s exactly what Hilton was. The security guard carrying her on the left has definitely had enough celebrity shenanigans for one night.

12 Katie Price

For those who may not know, Katie Price rose to fame in the UK as a glamour model, and has somehow managed to stay in the spotlight for years on end. And, by the looks of this photo, she’s certainly not opposed to having a wild night out from time to time. Look, we get it, sometimes when your favourite song comes on at the club and you’ve had enough drinks to loosen your inhibitions, you just have to dance. However, this is a little further than that– the paparazzi has captured her in a weird squat position with a drunken look on her face, and the whole thing is just not cute. Although you do have to give her props for somehow keeping a white outfit totally clean when she’s clearly drunk.

11 Lindsay Lohan

Over the years, Lindsay Lohan has earned herself a bit of a reputation as a party animal with certain substance abuse issues. So, it’s not surprising that the paparazzi have captured Lindsay having partied a little too hard from time to time, as this picture demonstrates. We’re not exactly sure where she is – the luxe floor and tablecloths in the background make it seem like it’s not a club or bar. However, it seems as if someone in a suit – perhaps a security guard – is heading her way, ready to clean up the mess on the dance floor. From the position sprawled on the floor to the weird way the cameras have captured her face, this is just not a good look for the red-headed starlet.

10 Helen Flanagan

For those who aren’t as familiar, since she isn’t exactly a household name in North America, Helen Flanagan is a British actress best known for her many seasons on Coronation Street (and all her subsequent reality television appearances). Flanagan, as someone young and gorgeous, likes to get all glammed up and hit the town every now and then – although in this case, she’s taken that sentiment a bit too literally! Her teased hairstyle looks all askew, and she’s stumbled and fallen to the pavement thanks to having a few too many. At the beginning of the night, she probably looked totally gorgeous, but here she just looks like a hot mess. That’s the problem with being a celebrity– even if you just stumble once, for a few seconds, they’ll manage to capture those specific seconds on camera.

9 Matthew McConaughey

Okay, we have to admit – Matthew McConaughey seems like the type who would be really interesting to hang out with. He’s just always super chill and seems like he’s having a good time, no matter where he is. In this picture, though, it seems like he’s having a really, really good time. Like, drank-half-a-bottle-of-vodka kind of good time. We’re not sure if something got poured on him at some point, if he poured something on himself, or what the deal is there. The point is, he looks like he’s absolutely hammered beyond belief. Although, when you’re the type to walk around shirtless and play the bongoes and do all the weird stuff that McConaughey always does, getting snapped by the paparazzi after partying a little too hard doesn’t even seem that bad.

8 Michelle Rodriguez

As far as celebrities go, Michelle Rodriguez doesn’t really get the same paparazzi attention as some of the bigger A-List celebrities do. Sure, she’s had a fairly successful career, and she definitely made some waves when she began dating women. However, the paps aren’t camping out to get shots of her at every moment of the day. She is still a celebrity, though, which means they’re still around enough to get any potentially embarrassing moments – like this one. She’s getting out of a limo, clearly totally intoxicated, her dress falling off her shoulder, and just basically looking like a drunk mess. I mean, at least the length of the dress means she didn’t show anything risqué to the cameras, but still, that’s not a good look.

7 Robert Pattinson

After he snagged the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, Robert Pattinson got a ton of teen admirers. However, if you ever pause to look at him, he’s not exactly the typical leading man. Sure, in certain shots, his angles are incredible and he rocks that male model thing. In many other shots, though, he looks dishevelled and kind of dirty, to be honest. This falls into the latter camp. He’s dressed for a comfy and slightly chilly night out, rocking a toque and coat, and appears to be on some type of public transit. His face...I mean, it speaks for itself. This is a man who had way, way too many pints at the pub. Like, way too many. This is not the face of a leading man.

6 Paris Hilton, Part 2

Remember when we said that Paris Hilton was literally always at parties or just hitting up the club with fellow celebrities? Well, that means a higher than average chance of getting drunk and embarrassing yourself – as this photo proves. The paparazzi have captured her stumbling and falling to the ground in a drunken mess, with her minidress almost giving the camera a scandalous glimpse of the goodies. If you look closely, though, you can see what a party champion Hilton is; though she’s fallen, her beer can remains firmly in her hand with not a drop spilled. That’s someone who knows how to party – and probably someone who has been drunk at a lot of parties. Now, if only she knew how to avoid the paparazzi’s lens.

5 Kate Moss

Like some of the other celebrities on this list, Kate Moss has a bit of a bad girl/party girl reputation. While the vast majority of models are fairly inoffensive and simply show up to walk down the catwalk, Kate Moss has a bit more personality – for better or for worse. It’s one of the reasons she’s become a household name, but some of her habits have also stirred up their fair share of controversy over the years. In this shot, the paparazzi have captured her on a wild night out, with someone trying to talk to her while she’s just feeling herself and whipping her hair back and forth. We’re not sure what the explanation behind the moment captured here is, but let’s just say Moss doesn’t look quite as glamorous as she usually does.

4 Avril Lavigne

Everyone who has ever had a little too much to drink on a night out knows the draw of late night junk food. When your inhibitions are lowered and you just want to continue the indulgence, you’ll find yourself in a pile of fries, burgers, pizza, etc. It seems that celebrities are no different. In this shot, Avril seems to have had a few too many drinks and is just totally feeling that pizza. To be fair, some sloppy junk food binging isn’t quite the same as face-planting on the pavement outside the club, so you’ve got to give her props on at least getting her drunk butt home before getting a bit sloppy. Plus, who could argue with late night pizza – it’s almost impossible to resist.

3 Christina Aguilera

When she lets loose during a performance, Christina Aguilera’s vocal ability is absolutely incredible. There are few artists out there who can compare. And, it seems that on a night out, it may be the same – the pop princess hasn’t put her party days behind her quite yet. In this picture, the paparazzi have captured her carefully walking to her car with two friends or bodyguards on either side, making sure she gets there safely. See, celebrities, that’s the secret, you can’t attempt it solo. If you know you’re a little sloppy, flank yourself with people so you have a chance of getting to your destination without tripping over your stilettos. Sure, the look on her face isn’t the most flattering, but this picture could have been much worse.

2 Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton’s outfit choices in this shot prove how crucial your going out clothing choices are when you’re a celebrity. The look on her face seems to indicate she may have had a few too many drinks on her night out, but when she’s getting into the cab, there are no scandalous shots to be taken by the paparazzi because she’s fairly covered up. Celebrities who opt to go out with mini-skirts and super low-cut tops or dresses, on the other hand, risk exposing way more than they wanted to expose when something slips as they drunkenly climb into the car to head home. Barton doesn’t look quite as bad of a drunk mess as some of the celebrities who the paparazzi have captured, but still, she’s definitely looked better.

1 Jake Gyllenhaal

In comparison to other actors who are constantly on the front page of every tabloid and gossip magazine, Jake Gyllenhaal has always maintained a fairly low profile – especially if you consider that he’s consistently gotten role after role in the industry. However, that doesn’t mean he never cuts loose and has a little fun, as this picture demonstrates. We’re not sure quite where he’s coming from, but the paparazzi have captured him when he’s definitely rocking something other than the typical stoic face celebrities usually put on in front of the paparazzi. From this photo, we can only assume that Jake Gyllenhaal is a fun, silly type of drinker, and we kind of love that. This is a man who could probably bust out some insane moves on the dance floor when he’s a few drinks in.

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