15 Celebrity Snapchats You Don't Want Your Kids To Follow

What’s not to love about Snapchat? The idea behind this wildly popular social media app is to “snap” a photo or video to share with followers as part of your "story." The beauty behind Snapchat is that just seconds after viewing the photo or video, it self destructs! The app is designed as a more interactive and multidimensional platform to chat with friends and family. But it has become so much more in recent years, making it a beacon for celebrities and self proclaimed “interesting people” to connect with the world. People are always looking for ways to pull back the curtain to see the real lives of celebrities. Snapchat has made that amazingly possible, which is both good and bad!

Sometimes, the unknown is not known for a reason. We do not always want to know literally everything about those that we see as stars. But many of our favorite celebrities show nearly every painful moment of their lives to us all. Some of them are also a little too much for certain Snapchat users. There is all kinds of stuff going out into the world via Snapchat and some celebrities put all their business out there! So here are 15 celebrity Snapchats that you definitely wouldn’t want your kids following. Be warned!

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15 Rihanna

As a phenom in the music industry, Rihanna has established herself as an absolute giant. Born on the island of Barbados, life wasn’t always easy or great for Rihanna. But life turned around for her, getting signed to her first record label at the age of 16! Since then, she has been seen as one of the most talented young women in music. Her social media accounts not only promote her music, but her sexy side as well. Rihanna isn’t afraid to show off the goods and put out some serious adult vibes to all her Snapchat followers! She’s wildly hot and loves to flaunt what she’s got. For that reason, it may be a good idea to keep the kids away from her account and just stick to the music.

14 Brody Jenner

Via: Las Vegas Informer

Brody Jenner is the son of the former Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner and brother to Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Brody has become another one of the people that are famous for being famous. For folks like this, staying relevant is the order of the day, every day. So it’s not shocking that Brody would be a very active user of social media. His Snapchat activity is frequent and always updated, but not always what we could call kid friendly...or even appropriate for anyone! He’s very unpredictable, as evidenced by his 2015 snap of a naked woman with legs in the air and a tiger giving sexual pleasure. It was promptly deleted by Jenner, but the damage was done. It’s clear that he was making a reference to his then 17 year old sister Kylie and her relationship with rapper Tyga. Dude...you’re talking about your sister!

13 Bella Thorne

Actress and former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne is a hot ticket these days on social media. She is a shining example of how some celebrities will post anything and everything to Snapchat. She has posted videos of herself doing just about nothing as if the world wants to see her every move. She’s also known to be a little wild with Snapchat as well. She was filmed claiming to want her then boyfriend Gregg Sulkin to F- her in the A -! She loves to take tons of selfies of all her goods and isn’t afraid to share it with the world. Bella is obviously sewing wild oats and at her age, it is somewhat normal, but she is sharing it with the whole world. Definitely not PG rated stuff.

12 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is all grown-up now and a huge name in reality television as well as modeling. Kylie, like her famous sisters has to keep herself in the public eye as much as possible to maintain her celebrity status. That’s not hard to do for Kylie, who is one of the most controversial users of Snapchat on the platform! She has snapped videos of herself putting her hand down her sister’s pants, claiming she’s “high as F-” and posting some of the most revealing photos and videos possible! She’s also posting pictures and videos of her while driving, not exactly setting the best example for safe driving. You may want to keep the kids away from following Kylie on Snapchat and other social media until she calms down just a bit.

11 ScHoolboy Q

ScHoolboy Q is a well known rapper from South Central Los Angeles that is part of the hip hop group Black Hippy. There are a lot of rappers that frequently post on Snapchat, to show their talents and stay as relevant as possible with their fans. In the world of rap and hip hop, it’s important to stay as connected to fans as possible. ScHoolboy Q is a very active Snapchat user and he keeps it regularly updated. But this doesn’t always mean that what he’s posting is what you’d want your kids seeing. He enjoys smoking weed and posts a lot of videos to Snapchat of him doing just that. He’s a big boy and can do what he likes, but this isn’t necessarily something everyone ought to watch.

10 Trey Songz

Via: Complex

More recently, Trey Songz has found himself in a bit of trouble with KeKe Palmer for allegedly using her likeness in a music video that was not approved. Trey Songz is a rapper known for sexual themed music, that is also a big part of his Snapchat life. He loves to take shirtless selfies and show off what he’s got to the world. Some rappers and other celebrities use their social media presence to further a particular cause and raise awareness. Others like to talk about funny things or show particularly interesting aspects of their lives. Trey Songz is active on Snapchat for sure, but he’s showing off his body and keeping it very adult themed. Not bad if you’re older and that’s your cup of tea, but keep the kids away.

9 Jason Derulo

Via: Capital FM

Jason Derulo is another hip hop artist that fills his days with keeping Snapchat as updated as possible. He has kept plenty of attention on him posting some very controversial pictures on both Instagram and Snapchat. In 2016, his girlfriend Daphne Joy accidentally used Snapchat to send a naked selfie meant for Derulo, but sent to the world. The damage was done before she could delete it and of course the photo went viral. When he used Instagram to send a picture of him underneath a woman in a very p*rnographic way, the world screamed that it was just too much! Derulo is a little too unpredictable to let your kids follow him on social media. Adult fans have even taken issue with some of it, but that’s your call. Very adult and very provocative!

8 Abigail Ratchford

Via: Reddit

Abigail Ratchford is primarily known for her modeling career. She has done some work in acting, but it is her gorgeous body and modeling talents that are paying the bills at the moment. Ratchford has been featured on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit website as well as a number of male themed magazines including Playboy and Esquire. Ratchford has kept herself very relevant through the use of her multiple social media accounts, but especially with her Snapchat account, which goes without saying is very adult themed! She posts photos of her looking as sexy as possible and while this is all great for her adult followers, it is not exactly what you want your kids watching online. Her future in acting is not clear, but for now, keep the parental controls on.

7 Amanda Cerny

Via: Nuttit

Amanda Cerny is an internet famous celebrity. She has made a name for herself on YouTube and has shocked people with how much she is willing to “reveal.” Amanda is also very funny, giving her a great combination of hilarious and hot all at the same time! Amanda has been featured in Playboy and has even begun a promising acting career. Her Snapchats though are very adult! There’s no doubt that her hotness is through the roof and for that reason, there’s plenty of people that want to follow her to see what she’s going to post next. But while she is primarily famous through social media, it is not all kid friendly. Don’t be lured by the comedy, as it is not something you want the kids watching unmonitored.

6 Miley Cyrus

Via: Hollywood Life

At this point, everyone knows that Miley Cyrus is no longer the sweet, wholesome Hannah Montana from her younger Disney years. Miley has spent a lot of time sewing wild oats and showing the world that she is no longer Disney material. She has exhibited behavior that has most of the world scratching their heads and clearly doesn’t care. Miley is proud of who she is and that’s all good, unless you’ve got a kid glued to Snapchat. Getting inside Miley’s head is a scary trip indeed. She puts out all kinds of stuff that could potentially make your kid’s eyes melt. But this is probably common sense for just about everyone in the world at this point, so if you’re letting your kids follow her, you definitely know better!

5 Arianny Celeste

UFC is big business with a huge following. It is high intensity and like wrestling 2.0 and in the grand tradition of boxing and wrestling, the ring girls are an important attraction. Arianny Celeste is known as the ultra sexy ring girl for the UFC Octagon. She also co-hosted the reality show Overhaulin’ in addition to other modeling work. Like so many models and television personalities though, you have to be willing to keep yourself out there for all to see. In Arianny’s case, she makes sure everyone sees all her hotness with as little clothing on as possible through her Snapchat. She has plenty of followers that love to stay tuned to see what kind of updates she’s going to add and how much hotter she can make herself..

4 DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled is one of the more popular Snapchat users in the celebrity world. While not everything he’s put out on the social media platform has been for adults only (actually, there’s been a lot of positive stuff) it’s kind of unpredictable what he may put out for the world to see. So with this unpredictability, mixed with something of a compulsion to post to Snapchat, it’s no surprise to learn that Khaled documented the entire delivery of his son on the platform! There’s no way this is something most people would put out to the whole world (and there’s no telling what his fiance’ Nicole Tuck really thought) but Khaled was proud to the whole experience. It’s this unpredictability that makes him someone you may want to keep the kids from following.

3 Josephine Skriver

Via: Reddit

Josephine Skriver (who is also known as JoJo), is known the world over as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She is a Danish model that has appeared in multiple magazines and publications since 2011. JoJo is active on social media like so many other models and gladly posts everything she has got to remind all of us of her amazing gifts. While JoJo is obviously a pretty clean cut model, she is still posting all the goods on Snapchat. Now there’s plenty of young men that will be wanting the eye full that she puts out there, but good responsible parents may want to put a stop to that. She has never claimed to be a nun and as a result, is not likely to stop showing off the sexy any time soon.

2 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is kind of the crown princess of the reality television empire that is the Kardashians and Jenners. Kim has been known to show off all the goods in the past and it’s kind of been a driving force in her career. First, there was her famously leaked sex tape with Ray J years ago and now a very public marriage to Kanye West. Kim is a mom now, but has not exactly tamed the beast so to speak. Kim, much like her sister Kylie, is in love with showing off her body. She has snapchatted some very risque and provocative photos and videos that may not be completely appropriate for the kiddos. Kim is no’t quite as wild as Kylie, but she sure is comfortable with her body!

1 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was once the queen of socialites. She had her own reality television show The Simple Life when reality television was still kind of new. On The Simple Life, she and friend Nicole Richie lived in rural Arkansas with a working class family. She is an heiress to the Hilton Hotels fortune and still known the world over as a celebrity. Paris has been and still is known for her great beauty and remembered for her famous catchphrase “that’s hot.” To maintain her relevance, he has taken to the world of social media with a huge impact. Her Snapchat activity includes some very personal and very racy photographs. Mixed with the pretty substantial history behind her (including a sex tape years ago) she is not exactly the most G rated celebrity on Snapchat.

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