15 Celebrity PuberMe Pictures That Everyone's Talking About

The damages from Hurricane Maria may exceed over $91 billion. In order to help raise money to support Puerto Rico, Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll started the "PuberMe" challenge. They both shared a photo from their most awkward years and called on their fellow celebrities to do the same. And as you'll see, some of the biggest names in Hollywood responded.

Such as Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Silverman, and Alison Brie. Even Lena Headey took some time away from Westeros to show us how she was looking over a decade ago. Though while those are some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, they definitely had some growing pains. Including Brie requiring some headgear and far too many entries to list off here suffering from some awful fashion choices. In fact, one celebrity even added a caption talking about how she didn't lose her virginity until she was 20!

The campaign recently ended with Colbert announcing that the popularity of the challenge has helped raise over $1 million in relief effort. Which also means you can rest assured that we've tracked down the absolute best entries that have left everyone talking. Included are also side-by-side photos of the stars as you know and love them, perhaps making their transformation through puberty all the more shocking!


15 Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer may have had her eyes closed and not looking at the camera, but that wasn't enough to share her from the shame of the above photo! Especially with her wall that is decked out with pictures of 90s crushes. Who knew she was such a huge fan of 90210? But then again, that's definitely the most shocking thing in the world for someone who grew up in the 90s.

Schumer also let people know that the shirtless person in the photo was her brother. Let's hope she got his consent before posting the photo because it definitely got people talking. With how many people out there who aren't a huge fan of Schumer's comedy, we wouldn't be surprised if this photo is one of the funnier things you've seen of her.

14 Christopher Mintz-Plasse


Of all the celebrities on our list who you may have best predicted looked awkward as a child, Christopher Mintz-Plasse may not have been the most surprising. I mean it's not like his character of McLovin on Superbad was known for his rugged good looks. Mintz-Plasse shared the photo along with the note, "Here's me at my twerpiest!!!"

While he may be telling the truth, we do have to give him some credit. After all, he might be looking awkward in the above photo but at least he is still supporting his country with a cool USA T-Shirt!

Mintz-Plasse's career took a hit as of late when his television show The Great Outdoors was canceled after one season. He does, however, get to reprise his role in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise with the third one expected to release in 2019.

13 Gillian Jacobs

When you take in the above photo of Gillian Jacobs, your eyes might immediately be drawn to the massive glasses that take up a large portion of her face. Jacobs must have known that because when she uploaded the photo she made sure to note "I chose those glasses."

We do have to give Jacobs a ton of credit for not only uploading a PuberMe photo but also going the extra mile and uploading a 2017 version of her pulling off the look! Jacobs added the message "Who am I kidding? I haven't changed at all." to the second photo.

Regardless on if Jacobs in embracing her inner-child or not, it's abundantly clear in the 2nd photo why she is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

12 Mayim Bialik


Some of the actresses on our list had the "good fortune" to have success as a child actress. Which means they have photos of them from a younger age in professional settings, like the one above, which we're sure you are loving staring at.

Mayim Bialik's known now for The Big Bang Theory, but there was a solid portion of her career where she played the lead on the role Blossom.

When talking about the photo which she uploaded to Instagram, Bialik stated

"Here is me in my first fancy photo shoot at 13 by #HarryLangdon. those boots - oy!" We're sure Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother would totally think she is pulling them off though!

11 Jordana Brewster

Many celebrities on our list are left looking pretty rough in their photos pre-puberty. That doesn't seem to be the case for Jordana Brewster who at the very least was able to sidestep the horrible acne, braces, glasses and in some cases (sorry Alison Brie) headgear that others had to wear.

Brewster's acting career started at the age of 15 after appearing in All My Children. Her most notable role, however, may be in the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Brewster added the caption "Me vogue-ing hard circa 1996" on the photo which she uploaded to Instagram. We're sure that in 2017 there are still plenty of magazines that would love to get Brewster to come in and pose for them!

10 Lena Headey


When it comes to shows on television that have a large following, none may create a bigger stir than Game Of Thrones. Which is why it's fantastic that one of the leads, Lena Headey, elected to participate in the challenge. And while you might not be stunned to see Cersei Lannister strutting around on a horse, the photo she shared may of a younger Headey is still great to see. Especially if you're used to seeing Headey rocking the blonde hair!

Headey uploaded the photo along with the message "Trotting stylishly into the 80's ... WTF ..," which is a sentiment that you may also find yourself sharing.

Bonus points to Headey for the jelly sandals and socks!

9 Reese Witherspoon

If you've ever seen the movie Talladega Nights, you might instantly get reminded of the movie with the above photo. More specifically, the part where Ricky Bobby admits that he doesn't know what to do with his hands during an interview because that's exactly what Witherspoon appears to be doing.

Witherspoon added her own thoughts on the photo, saying "Giant glasses, awkward hands, feeling 14! All for a good cause. God Bless Puerto Rico." At least she had the self-awareness to know how awkward the pose is! Perhaps it's not too surprising that as her movie career blossomed that those glasses stayed back in the trailer.


8 Alison Brie


There are some celebrities on our list who may be embarrassed about the clothing choices that they may have been wearing. But for Alison Brie, it wouldn't matter what she is wearing, your eyes are going to go straight for the headgear that she's rocking.

Brie definitely wasn't lying when she admitted that the most awkward years of her life were when she was having the dental assistance. It's clear that the process left her with a great smile though!

Let's hope she doesn't lose a tooth while filming upcoming episodes of the wrestling Netflix drama GLOW. Though if she does, we're sure her dental solution would be a lot more subtle than what she had to rock growing up.

7 Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde probably isn't too familiar with people throwing shade her way when it comes to her appearance. But when it comes to her throwback photo that she uploaded to Instagram, she made sure to be the one throwing the insults at her former-self saying

"What I lacked in eyebrows, I made up for in chine-ne."

The post was shared over 68,000 times. And while it isn't clear on if it was her birthday or a friends that she was celebrating, that kind of support towards Puerto Rico is worth celebrating.

Wilde's latest major effort as an actress is the series Vinyl which has sadly been canceled. She does have an upcoming film titled Life Itself which also stars Samuel L. Jackson and comes out in 2018.

6 Kathy Griffin


When talking about the above photo, Kathy Griffin added the comment "and I wonder why I didn't lose my virginity until I was 20." Though if we're being fair Kathy, your photo is far from the most embarrassing one on our list. It is definitely evident that she was absolutely covered in freckles though, and perhaps that gave her some insecurity growing up?

While Griffin has come under fire in this past year, in part for her criticism of Trump, we're glad to see her name in the news for a positive reason. Griffin also made headlines earlier this year when she shaved her head in solidarity for her sister Joyce who is battling cancer.

5 Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is plenty familiar with knowing how to make audiences laugh with his antics. He spent years on Saturday Night Live before landing a successful hosting job on The Tonight Show. But perhaps one of the funniest things he has done in recent memory was pulling this photo out of his past and making it public!

The super bright pink sweater is made all the more apparent by his very cool friend in the corner who is rocking out with a Metallica shirt on. While we don't know if Fallon still has this particular wardrobe still in his closet, we're sure it would be a huge hit if he managed to re-create it for Halloween this year.

Either way, he's sure to find ways to leave you entertained.

4 Angela Kinsley


Fans of The Office are going to get a particular kick out of the above photo that stars Angela Kinsey. While Kinsley plays a hard-ass on the show, she is all smiles in this throwback photo that dates back decades. Kinsey commented on the photo saying, "Perm, Members Only jacket, jeans in socks."

Wait...are jeans being tucked into your socks not cool? Thanks for the fashion tips Angela!

If you find yourself spending hours watching Kinsey and The Office on Netflix, perhaps you'll also want to spend some time watching Kinsey in the Netflix series Haters Back Off which is set to come back for its 2nd season on October 20th.

3 Sarah Silverman

While we don't know which teams Sarah Silverman is a fan of now, she was definitely making her allegiance for the Chicago White Sox evident in the above photo. Though considering the White Sox were one of the worst teams in baseball this year, even if she was a fan she may not be so open about stating it!

Silverman's recent efforts will be with an upcoming Hulu show that is centered around a semi-talkshow format where she is interacting with people who share different viewpoints than herself,

"I’m hoping to, with this show, connect with un-like-minded people. It’s a fun challenge and, what I kind of realized is, it doesn’t have to be a deep moment we did where we connected with these people and it’s really smart and moving. I feel like the reaction to that, if I were the audience, would be ‘f*ck you.’ I’m not looking to make them look like assholes. A mission statement for the show, with these field pieces, is exposing that we’re all the same.”

2 Stephen Colbert


You're not going to be able to complete a list of PuberMe photos without giving credit to the people who started it all - Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll.

Colbert recently announced on The Late Show that the efforts had raised over $1 million that will go towards Hurricane Relief effort in Puerto Rico. While it did not make an appearance on our list due to the format, the challenge ended with Lin-Manuel Miranda sharing a video of him singing a song during his teenage years about how much he hates living in New York City.

While we're sure Trump isn't the biggest fan of Colbert, there is no question that this "challenge" was a fun and effective way to raise support.

1 Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll has been making a huge name for himself over the last few years. He was outstanding on The League, he had great smaller roles on shows like Parks and Recreation and he's even coming to Netflix with a new animated comedy titled Big Mouth which is based in part on his life growing up.

But one of the best things he did with his career so far was start up the PuberMe challenge with Colbert. The funds raised are going to make a significant difference and it's something that Kroll should be very proud of.

Kroll shared the photo on his Twitter account along with the caption "Here's me trying to look like a tough guy because I hadn't hit yet".


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