15 Celebrity Photos You Need To Look At Twice

With every elementary school student and their mother being pros at Photoshop these days as well as the smorgasbord of apps out there that are specially designed to transform photos into hilarious and hideous creations, there is no shortage of funny celebrity photos lurking around online. Drag, click and poof - instant freakazoid. Because after people get bored with transforming themselves and their friends into unholy looking humans, the next natural choice to turn to is celebrities. They're normally so perfect with their good looks, great hair and smooth skin... why not throw a deformity or two their way? Even if their images are airbrushed or enhanced after the camera shutter clicks, they still look pretty great unairbrushed. Besides, they have more money than they know what to do with, unending fame, get to travel the world and most are beloved by the better part of the population. So giving them an extra body part, even just in fantasy land, can feel pretty justified at times.

We've scoured the internet to find fifteen of the funniest celebrity photos that something is not quite right with. Take a closer look at these beastly beauties and prepare to admire the handiwork of some very bored people out there.


15 Ginger Grande

With a face full of bright freckles and all of that orange-y hair, Ariana looks more like Carrot Top's daughter or Pippi Longstocking rather than the superstar singer. Gasp! Does this mean that redheaded Ariana Grande has no soul? If you believe in the tales that South Park tells, then this orange Ariana wouldn't. All things considered, we actually don't think that Ariana looks too bad with this new look but we're pretty sure that she'll happily stick with her coloring versus this much brighter and dottier version of herself. While having a special look like freckles and red hair can really help an emerging artist stand out in their audiences' eye, Ariana is already big time so she doesn't need any special effects to help her out.

14 Daddy/Daughter Face-Off


Aww, what an adorable baby girl Jay-Z makes... not! This very funny face swap. People love to face swap celebrities holding their kids for this hilarious reason. It's been done with Scott and Mason Disick and many other celeb parent and child duos. Blue looks like a serious parent with her blue binky in her mouth and Jay-Z just looks like a very confused baby. The white flower clip in his hair is the icing on the cake. While Blue looks a lot like her dad, she should be very glad that she doesn't look exactly like him. Like most men, he doesn't make for the nicest looking girl. In fact, he makes a pretty downright ugly looking girl.

13 Senior Stefani

Grandma Gwen has aged pretty well but might benefit from a nice age-appropriate caftan or pantsuit. But that's just not the Gwen Stefani way. Even in her golden days, we can't imagine Gwen taming her look down too much. When the day comes for her to be a doting cookie-baking grandmother to Kingston, Zuma and Apollo's offspring, we think that she'll still have much of the rocker vibe in her everyday style. So this photo might be pretty accurate as far as futuristic photo predications go. But even so, we hope that she'll have lost the "Hey Baby" skin stickers and the jewelled thong teaser. Some things were just not made for grandmothers - any grandmother - to wear. We also hope that her band mates are not vampires - they haven't aged a day in this picture!

12 Hulkstache


Double the stache, double the power. The Hulk's mustache is iconic. It's one straight line short of a full square and practically a celebrity in its own right. Seeing a mini Hulk with its own mini stache peeking out in place of The Hulk's mouth is a little creepy but then again, the man doesn't seem all that human to begin with. After all, "The Super Destroyer" has worked hard his entire career to achieve that "inhuman look." With a mustache larger than life like this one, it's no wonder that someone wanted to pay homage to it in this weird way. We assume The Hulk has a special mustache trimmer on payroll who rolls out a set of carefully designed scissors and combs customized to tend to this legendary set of facial hair.

11 Jennifer And Sofia If They Had Terrible Dental Hygiene

Proving that teeth that absolutely necessary for many reasons, aesthetics included, here are Jennifer and Sofia, completely tooth-free. Not a very pretty look, is it? Let this be a reminder to all you carefree brushers out there as to why a good regular dental health routine is so important. Dental offices should send out pictures like these to their patients on reminder cards. What image is going to get you motivated to make that check-up appointment? A cartoon image of a dancing toothbrush and box of floss or a scary-looking toothless celebrity? Because let's face it, if they look incredibly unattractive without teeth, we know that we don't stand a chance to look so great without teeth, either.

10 No Cage For This Monkey


People love this photo of Nicolas Cage's imposed face on this adorable little monkey body. The funny thing is that the original photo is not much different as the monkey's facial expression is very similar to Nic's. Nicolas Cage is a man who has offered a lot to the meme community by way of contributions, willingly or otherwise. Of course, there's the "You Don't Say" meme taken from the movie, Vampire's Kiss. But that's only the tip of the Nicolas Cage meme iceberg. Many of his other still funny but lesser known memes have to do with his face Photoshopped on to other people or characters like ET, for example. And hey - this monkey! There's just something about the man's face that the internet loves. You don't say! We still haven't figured out if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

9 Upside Down Brit

This pic was taken during Britney's dark days. Judging by the grim expression on her mouth, or um, chin and hint of the infamous gray hoodie, this looks to be the same photo from her umbrella-wielding car smashing days. The year was 2007 and many a celeb photographer was putting their children through college by capturing Britney's antics. Then came the fateful night when she begged to be left alone and her wishes were not granted. So she took to the photographer's car with a giant green umbrella and the images of that attack will live on forever. Reversing her facial features gives Brit the appearance of a chubby man with a big chin and lots of stubble. If we saw this guy running at cars with an umbrella, we wouldn't hesitate to call the proper authorities. What a creep.


8 Kim And Kanye Hit The Kouch


Someone had a blast creating this "make-under" photo of Kanye and Kim. They've both packed on quite a bit of weight, Kanye especially, and their clothing isn't fresh off the runway. A very special touch is the backdrop in muted tones of brown a la the local photo place in the mall. Another special little nugget of fashion happiness is the peach/coral shirt that Kanye is wearing which matches to Kim's peach/coral dress. The make-under specialist who created this little number really went all out and knew just what they were doing. If this photo were shown to a person who went into a coma several years ago and just woke up, they would think this is just a couple who enjoys hitting the kouch every night to watch their favorite shows together. The coma patient would also probably be perplexed as to why this regular Joe Schmoe has such a smug look on his face.

7 Her Lips Are Sealed... All Three Of Them

Paris Hilton is a triple threat! Maybe a fan thought that Paris' pretty pout was so nice looking that it deserved to be showcased three times on her face. But this is just pretty freaky. Imagine - that's three times the chance for her to talk trash or spill secrets about her celebrity frenemies. Only how would she know the secrets were true? She would not be able to verify them with her own eyes since she doesn't have any. It would also be three times the chance for Paris to invent a new catchphrase. Remember "That's hot!" and all its cringe-worthiness? This would also be triple the opportunity for her to re-launch her attempt at a singing career. Perhaps her other mouths might have better luck with a new rendition of "Stars Are Blind?"

6 Mighty Mega Sniffers


Brangelina's super-sized honkers leave no room for their mouths but if they lived among a gigantic-nosed species, they would still be two of the nicest-looking of their kind. But imagine the tarp-sized tissues they would have to carry around in case of a sneeze attack. It would be a nightmare to be around these two if they had even the slightest cold. And if they wanted a nose ring, it might have to be the size of a bracelet. Does a big nose necessarily mean a heightened sense of smell? It stands to reason that's how it would work. If only these giant noses could have helped Brad or Angelina to sniff out the scent of the trouble that was headed for their slice of paradise.

5 What's That In Your Mouth, James Franco?

Uh-oh, James Franco has swallowed a smaller version of himself... and that smaller James Franco seems to be smiling judging by the crinkling of his eyes. How terrifying would that be... to see someone open their mouth only to reveal a little nose and tiny set of eyes? These kinds of celebrity photoshop swap images are very popular right now. People love substituting celebrities' body parts with extra body parts. So why not shove James Franco's eyes and nose in place of his mouth? This one gets extra funny points because the nose is sticking over his lower lip. It is a well done masterpiece, too. Well blended, perfect placement. Must have been done by a very talented and extremely bored person.

4 Mr. Michelle And The Former First Gentleman


The hilarity here is all about facial expressions. Michelle's surprised face and former U.S. president Obama's disapproving/unimpressed grimace was the perfect storm for this face swap. Michelle looks almost dapper in Obama's neatly pressed classic black and white tuxedo while on the other hand, Obama is not doing Michelle's body any favors with that grumpy frown. Turn that frown upside down! No one should be sad with that amount of jewels around their neck. The Obamas are known for their good take-it-in-stride sense of humor so we can't help but wonder what their reaction would be to this altered photo being that it's a particularly bad photo of Obama. Now that he doesn't have the world literally on his shoulders, we think he'd probably be able to laugh this one off.

3 Indiana Sloth

Poor Harrison Ford doesn't look like he could have done much here to save the day with his eyes that are set very, very far apart. This is a new trend in photo altering called "celebrity sloth faces" and if you've got a half hour of your life to throw away, it's worth a Google. The Indiana Jones franchise made Harrison one of the hottest celebrity crushes back in the day. He was an instant dreamboat. Sloth version Indiana Jones? Not so much. While sloths themselves are nothing but adorable and admirable creatures, Indiana Jones instantly loses all of his sex appeal and rugged charms in this sloth imitation. This photo creation teaches us the importance of facial feature placement. It's not exactly Harrison's eyes, nose or mouth that make his face so attractive but their respective location to each other. Lesson learned.

2 Cueball Whoopi


This might be the most normal looking photo of the bunch... and that's saying a lot. Whoopi's face is so recognizable that we instantly know that's her under that shiny bald head and not a man who kind of resembles Whoopi Goldberg. But on the other hand, Whoopi is known for her rather outrageous hairstyles. Although it's become more toned down as time goes on, Whoopi's hair is nothing if not big so seeing her as bald as a cueball kind of throws us for a loop. We hope that Whoopi doesn't see this altered image and get any ideas. While the lack of hair does give her a certain kind of wise and peaceful look, Whoopi just wouldn't be Whoopi without those dreads.

1 Bigmouth Miley

Without a nose taking up room on her mug, there's extra space for that famous tongue that she loves to flash. Nose-free Miley makes for quite the creature with her big eyes, huge red lips, gums, teeth and oh yes - that tongue. Now that's it's been enlarged, it's obvious that Miley could benefit from the use of a tongue scraper on that sucker.

Something tells us that if she saw this weird image, she wouldn't be offended or upset with the person who created it. She might be so inspired by the toothy picture, she would make it her next album cover. Or get a tattoo of its likeness. Stranger things have happened in the world of Miley Cyrus.

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