15 Celebrity Photos We Can't Believe Exist

A lens sees all, even when people think it does not. That is the real reason why the paparazzi are so maligned; one never knows where these opportunistic photographers lurk and what their shutters close upon, like a vampire's fangs sinking into the privacy that divides the fine line between a celebrity's wish for privacy and fame, tearing it to shreds. An innocent shot by a paparazzo of Michael Douglas, desperate to get at least one pic to sell to a glossy celeb mag, revealed the secret of the Hollywood star's recent cosmetic surgery, making the pic viral and earning the photographer plenty of money. Photography is a medium that is roughly two-hundred years old and has allowed many people to trace their families throughout the ages and see the world and open our eyes to many things not known before. Images have also granted to regular people constant access to the lives of famous stars for nigh on a century, a relationship and situation that forms a very tenuous tightrope. One moment the lens is a friend when in a studio, modelling or on the red carpet, it soon becomes an enemy when intruding on people's private lives when celebs go about their every day lives. Now there are cameras everywhere - even on people's wrists - snaps grow more frequent no matter how flattering, embarrassing or just flat out odd they are. So here follows a treat for the eye - maybe - of some of the more bizarre celebrity pictures out there!

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15 Go Bette; It's Your Birthday!

Now and then, the oddest stars rub shoulders with one another among the Hollywood Hills and at a glitzy party or event, there are as many cameras around as there is champagne and caviar. So plenty of photo opportunities exist for the paps and of course even for the celebs that are mixing with each other. Therefore it comes as no surprise that bizarre pictures arise of individuals one would never "picture" together usually. It is this fact that obviously explains this weird photograph of gangster rapper and Shady/Aftermath superstar 50 Cent, being snapped with the Broadway and Hollywood legend, Bette Midler. We have 21 Questions about this picture! Firstly it is rare that such people are seen together, but maybe Bette is planning to make a musical of Get Rich Or Die Tryin'? Secondly, maybe they are very good friends and think of one another as The Wind Beneath My Wings?

14 No Wonder His Hair Went Gray!

The bulk of celebrities have the odd piece of work that they would rather stay forgotten and end up consigned to the rubbish bin of history. Everyone has to pay their dues, but some of those dues are more hilarious than others, especially when they embody the style of a decade that is best forgotten, such as the 80s. Nowadays George Clooney is a bonafide Hollywood legend, a top actor, Oscar-winning producer and somewhat annoying activist (as most celebs that push do-gooding down our throats are) but even his modern-day gravitas cannot erase this downright odd photo shoot. Not only does this hideous 80s throwback reduce even George Clooney's coolness to Absolute Zero but the vibrant shirts and the - business at the front, party at the back - mullet made this sartorial tragedy into something out of a horror movie! Let the "Gravity" of this photo sink in!

13 Mime Hard Or Mime At Home!

For manufactured pop groups, despite the backlash, they get from music purists and snobs that like their singers as songwriters and musicians too, there remains a lot to learn. Not only is there remembering the lyrics to the song, but there are also things like the dance routines and other performances, but even so, undoubtedly the most fundamental aspect is knowing to hold the microphone in the right hand? Little Mix are globally successful, having won British singing show The X Factor in 2011, becoming the first girl group to do so, so they took the world by storm with the might of Simon Cowell behind them. Off the back of One Direction capturing the hearts of teenage girls everywhere, Little Mix came along when bands like Cheryl's Girls Aloud, Destiny's Child and the Pussycat Dolls were no more. That is some big names to live up to, so maybe it is understandable that Little Mix's Perrie Edwards should grow confused and sing into her clenched fist. Let's just hope it was not another Milli Vanilli moment!

12 I Pity the First Lady That Doesn't Have My Action Figure!

Fate throws the most bizarre people together, and often it throws up the weirdest - and sometimes stupidest - photo opportunities, especially during the Festive Season. It is only this foolishness around the Holidays that can explain away this photo of the star of a cult 80s TV show and the First Lady of the United States at the time. However, whatever the explanation for this image (and there is likely a good explanation) still, indulging in the oddity of The A-Team star and star of Rocky III, B A (Mr T) Baracus dressed in a Santa vest. Not only is Mr T dressed in a Santa vest, but he is dressed in a Santa vest, handing a Mr T doll to the First Lady of the time, Nancy Reagan, it can't really get more 80s than that!

11 We're Not Worthy!

Alice Cooper is one of the most notorious and famous of the stars that emerged in the 70s as part of a rock sub-genre known as "Glam Rock." The weird Gothic rocker with a girl's name seems quite odd anyway, with his flowing black hair and a penchant for the macabre in his performances and songs. So it quite strange to see Mr Cooper kicking back and turn off his somewhat Kafkaesque sentiments at any time, let alone for something as mundane as a spot of table tennis. It is hardly very in keeping with his edgy and dark rock star image. However, playing table tennis is one thing but in this picture Alice Cooper is playing a spot of tennis with Santa! Maybe Alice Cooper is teaming up with Saint Nick to prove he's been a good boy this year and so deserves lots of presents?

10 Go Home Nic, You're Drunk!

Not many people can resist a selfie with a celebrity. Today they have usurped the humble autograph because let's face it; anyone can scrawl a name on a napkin. However, with selfies, people can prove to everyone that they actually did see a particular celebrity (unless the picture in question looks obviously Photoshopped). It seems that actor Nicolas Cage wishes he could use the excuse that he was Photoshopped in this particular pic because then he could possibly explain away why he looks so wrecked. Perhaps he has asked the flight attendants for one too many tipples? Maybe he has a fear of flying and was about to lose consciousness? Or did the annoying person next to him keep nudging Mr Cage while he was asleep and awoke to a phone camera in his face? Most likely it was a case of unfortunate timing...

9 Calling Occupants...

The Beatles make the word 'legend' seem a little lacking. When they broke the world with their brand of rock and roll pop, changing the world and the world of music irrevocably, forever. Nearly 50 years after the band parted ways, only two of The Beatles are still alive, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and their songs are so powerful that they managed to stop Apple from playing their songs over misuse of the name of the record label. So it is obvious why Ringo Starr thinks he is above the law and able to communicate with a higher frequency, communicating with a higher power to get The Beatles' musical talent. Perhaps this picture shows Ringo have a flash of inspiration for the Teletubbies 30 years in the future, considering he originally narrated Thomas the Tank Engine?

8 Gosling? Or Chameleon?

Fashion always runs the risk of being "out there" when it comes to style, and a star can often become the palette on which these bizarre ideas get played out, and for an upcoming A-List Hollywood star, work is work. What kind of insane fashionista thinks that a grandma's wallpaper is the height of Haute Couture though? The dated rather quaint wallpaper doesn't stop on the walls though, it goes on to cover the matching outfit worn by the model, Ryan Gosling. Gosling seems as though he might be training to become a secret agent by learning how to camouflage himself in plain sight, at least that should be his excuse for this terrible picture! There is always something weird going on in La La Land and Gosling got to see this first hand!

7 Are Amber and Roses Stuffed Down There?

Since Kim Kardashian broke the internet with images of her derriere, the world and especially their wives have wanted to emulate Mrs. West in the trunk department ever since. Exercise can only get those buns to swell up so far, and this leads many to enhance their rears, even when it means bolstering their already gifted assets. So this picture of a model and actress Amber Rose looks as though she has not just got an Anaconda down there, but an entire collection Snakes and Plane! Fair enough, this outfit is perfectly designed to showcase such a part of the anatomy but unless some pervy photographer got creative with Photoshop - as if some paparazzi do not already test the barriers of taste as it is - Amber has more than enough goods to whoever she gets with, guy or girl.

6 Ed Milli-BLT

Although not a celebrity in the traditional sense and not well known beyond British shores (even on British shores probably) but politicians are under constant media scrutiny and the saying goes that politics is showbiz for ugly people. In 2015, the UK held a General Election and the Leader of the Opposition, Ed Milliband, ran against the former Prime Minister David Cameron. Not only was Ed Milliband a geek in a suit, meaning the best option was more of the same for Britain, but the media also managed to mock Mr Milliband, especially after an embarrassing snap of him biting into a bacon sandwich! The awkward chewing of the snack by Mr Milliband is the most memorable thing about his election campaign, and probably of Ed Milliband as a whole.

5 Tiger Teeth!

Golfer Tiger Woods had the world at his feet and every golfing record to break in his hands. Until he started to play away from home and the list of his affairs and the breakdown of his marriage came to a glaring light, with the public fallout with his enraged wife aired on the news. One may not blame Tiger's ex-wife Elin for losing her rag momentarily that she may have socked Tiger in the jaw, or maybe a golf ball once hit him in the mouth? However, when we see a golf superstar out skiing is odd enough, although many athletes commonly play other sports in their leisure time (most soccer players play golf) but did Tiger go off-piste and lose a tooth? Alternatively, did he take a tumble when he stumbled around after being caught drink driving, either way, it is a hole in one mouth!

4 Pee-Wee Herman Gets A New Job

Throughout the 80s, Pee-Wee Herman starred in a raft of comedy movies as the rather innocently idiotic titular character, until he fell from grace in the early 90s. Pee-Wee - real name, Paul Reubens - got caught pleasuring himself in an erotic theater, then his home was raided after child porn allegations surfaced, which he never got charged for. Although attempting to make comebacks in cameos and eventually launching a Netflix series in 2016, Reubens knows fame is fickle, so he is prepared for the rainy days. Not only does it look as though Herman moonlights as a carriage driver taking people around the city, but he also was spotted with some tape on his neck to tighten the skin, as some kind of swift make-shift plastic surgery and not a "Pee-Wee" one!

3 Amanda's Facial Flutter!

Amanda Seyfried has gone from strength to strength since starring in Mean Girls, with her role in Mamma Mia! shooting her to greater fame after starring alongside Hollywood legend, Meryl Streep. However, this photo of Seyfried at the premiere of a movie she starred in, While We're Young in Paris in 2015, seems as though someone thought they could sit with her, when they couldn't. What else would explain away these odd facial expressions she is making? Although Amanda Seyfried is an actress and one method of stage craft is to exercise the muscles to enable that muscle to adapt so well to speaking often and acting expressions needed to convey a range of emotions. Alternatively, it could be as simple as something like working out the face and taking advantage of any downtime to get in those workouts?

2 Mayer's Waxwork Chum

Even guys get jittery at the thought of turning 40, hence many men going crazy to indulge in mid-life crises that see them buying a terrible - cheap - sports car. Perhaps the singer realized that when it gets older, Your Body IS A Wonderland? Of wrinkles and such! Mayer posted the above image to Instagram with a friend he had not seen in a long time, though it does not seem as though this friend looks quite real, was Mayer too tired of thinking that Your Body Is A Wonderland that he decided that from now on to only befriend waxworks? Alternatively, was Mayer on the way to receive plastic surgery but anyway, it seems a little "out of tune" for this musician but who knows, maybe he just has a lot of plastic looking friends?

1 What Are These Two Practicing?

Avatar, Resident Evil and star of the Fast and Furious movies, Michelle Rodriguez must have got tongues wagging when she was seen hanging out with model Cara Delevingne. So rumors would soon start in celebrity gossip columns that maybe the two are more than just friends and maybe Rodriguez and Delevingne are killing two rumors with one stone here? By mocking the media gossip columns by what those gossip columns speculate that they get up to privately or is Michelle trying to catch the ring Cara has blown with her tongue? If so, she needs to get a little closer because she is miles away from the smoke ring and she hasn't got a chameleon's tongue. Although it does become a little impossible to catch a smoke ring with a tongue, unless they're developing a new game or Rodriguez has a weird superpower?

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