15 Celebrity Personal Trainers We Feel Sorry For

Personal trainers have something that many of us wish we did: access, up close and personal, to the stars. They see them at their most vulnerable, and can often become friends and confidants rather than just employees. Their job is to take a celebrity and get them fit for whatever they need, whether that’s a new modelling contract, an upcoming action movie, or simply a summer in bikinis. Along with that access comes a lot of responsibility, and also an obligation to stay and do their job whether they are enjoying it or not.

While we envy a lot of personal trainers, it stands to reason that not all of them have it so good. If it was all joy with no pain, everyone would be trying it as a career path. You have to stay pretty fit if you’re going to be training others, and now that you’re working with a celebrity, you also have to look good for the cameras of the paparazzi which will be watching you closely. That means a lot of work in the gym for yourself even after you finish your day job.

Then there’s the fact that not all celebrities are created equal. You might end up working with someone cool, like Johnny Depp. Then again, when you get close enough to see the reality behind the façade, you might find out that Johnny Depp is a violent wife-beater. Not only could you end up working with some awful people, but you might also get to ruin your heroes. We feel sorry for all of these personal trainers.


15 Karlie Kloss’ Trainer Getting Tired

Being a trainer for a top model must be a great job, because you get to hang around with someone who is regarded as being amongst the most beautiful women on the planet. On the other hand, this guy doesn’t look like he is all that happy with it. Karlie almost appears to be the one who is looking over and encouraging him on, rather than the other way around. Neither of them have smiles on their faces, and although they haven’t yet broken a sweat on their run, they look stressed and tired already. The trainer also looks a lot healthier than Karlie – it must be kind of difficult to work with someone who wants to look so thin that it’s unhealthy, particularly when you have dedicated your life to health and fitness. It looks as though he has two phones (one in pocket and one in hand), so maybe he also had to confiscate it to stop her using it.

14 Kit Harington’s Trainer, Dalton Wong, With No Spoilers


Dalton Wong has one of the hardest jobs on the planet. First of all, he’s responsible for training Kit Harington and keeping him in good enough shape to be Jon snow. Second of all, Kit Harington looks a bit like a homeless man when he’s not on set, if this shot is anything to go by. And thirdly, he has to work closely with this man day in and day out, without being able to ask him about the upcoming Game of Thrones spoilers. Kit isn’t allowed to tell, so Dalton will just have to work without getting all the answers that everyone wants, even though he is this close to one of the stars of the show. It must be absolute torture to watch the latest episode and then not be able to find out what happens next from the man himself. We can’t envy him for that.

13 Gwyneth Paltrow’s Trainer, Tracy Anderson, Looking Stressed

Tracy Anderson is one of the top trainers in the business, and has worked with a wide range of celebrities across the board. She is known for her unique style, which is sought after by famous women who want to stay in shape. She doesn’t seem like she is enjoying working with Gwyneth Paltrow, however, and the actress doesn’t look so pleased either. We imagine that, as someone who really understands how the body works, it would be pretty awful to have to spend time with Paltrow. She would probably be trying to educate Anderson about whatever new-age nonsense she is into this week, and self-promoting her website constantly. Not fun for anyone involved. She has probably perfected the polite smile, laugh, ignore, and move on technique to an expert level by now. As the two of them walk back from a session, they look stressed and awkward with one another.

12 Justin Bieber’s Personal Trainer, Putting Up With Childishness


Looking at Justin Bieber, you definitely get the feeling that he is more the time to Instagram his entire training session that to actually put a lot of work in. He’s fit and muscular, sure, but if you took away his ability to broadcast it to the entire world he would probably stop bothering. The personal trainer he is working with here has a real look of strain on his face, as if he’s really unsure about how much longer he can take this job. ‘Another Instagram shot, Justin?’ he seems to be saying. ‘Oh, okay, and then we’re getting back to the circuit after this, right?’. What fun it must be to hang around with this juvenile star while he gets up to all of his hijinks. Any kind of responsible adult would probably be rolling their eyes and thinking about quitting after spending more than five minutes in his bubble.

11 Mama June’s Trainer With A Lot To Handle

This personal trainer has worked with top names in Hollywood, so it must be nothing short of demeaning to have to work with someone like Mama June. All that Honey Boo Boo money means that she can afford to hire the best, but that doesn’t mean it can buy her class. And honestly, it looks like it would take a lot more than a few workout sessions a week to get Mama June looking anything close to her trainer. There are a lot of layers on that woman that need to come off, and it would take months of hard work day in and day out to make that happen in a satisfactory way. Having to work closely and physically with someone who looks like this must be an absolute nightmare for a personal trainer. We hope she also took control of Mama June’s diet to make the process quicker. She’s slimmer now, and it looks like she has this trainer to thank.

10 Kim Kardashian’s Trainer, Falling Behind


This guy looks like he is having a hard time keeping up with Kim Kardashian, and we’re not surprised. When she wants something, it’s usually best to get out of her way, because she’s going to get it. If she wants to win the race, she’s going to win the race. Either that, or he’s just hanging back to enjoy the famous view from behind as she runs in those tight yoga shorts. Working with Kim must be pretty hard anyway because she has a very specific body shape to maintain, which means putting a lot of work into getting her waist as slim as possible whilst still keeping her thighs and glutes thick. In this shot, with skin-tight clothing, you can get an idea of just how specific that shape is – most women don’t naturally have that kind of bell curve. That is, unless she gets most of it through surgery.

9 Britney Spears’ Trainer, Dealing With Breakdowns

Britney has what you might call a bit of a fluctuating waistline. She seems to have a lot of trouble staying in shape, and we doubt that’s the fault of her personal trainer. It must be annoying to have such a high-profile celebrity client and not be able to brag about how you were able to get them into such great shape, as Britney has been carrying a little bit of extra weight pretty much since the days of her breakdown. She has demonstrated herself to be pretty volatile, and we’re not sure that we would want to put ourselves into that situation if we had a choice. Her trainer looks fairly bored during this video which Britney posted to social media, showing her doing a quick circuit with weights. Hopefully, this time, she can get into shape and stay there without any more hiccups. But we aren’t holding our breath.


8 Louise Thompson And Ryan William Libbey, Trophy Boyfriend


You might think that reality star Louise Thompson has a pretty cute story to tell. She decided to get fit and hired a personal trainer, and soon sparks started to fly. She ended up leaving her boyfriend of two years and getting cosy with the trainer instead. Unfortunately for the trainer, Ryan William Libbey, it looks like things are more than a little one-sided. All they seem to do together is pose for pictures for her Instagram account...where he’s holding her up in some kind of impressive way to show off his muscles along with how tiny she is. They have a height difference between them, and he always looks either unhappy or bored in the shots, as if he can’t wait for someone to hurry up and take the picture so that he can put her down. If you ever needed proof that your significant other was only into you for your looks, it would have to be something like this.

7 Khloe And Kourtney Kardashian’s Trainer, In Public Eye

Anyone who has ever suffered an inspection at work knows this: doing your job is hard enough as it is. Doing your job while you are being watched takes things to a whole new level. It makes you sweat nervously, makes you lose concentration, and can even make you forget how to do things that you’ve been doing for years. This poor personal trainer isn’t just doing the work with one pair of extra eyes on him – he has the camera crews and indeed all of the viewers focused on him. That’s a lot of pressure to bear. On top of that he has to work with Khloe and Kourtney, who are rapidly fading into the distance as the Kardashians that people are least likely to remember. One of them also has significantly further to go on their body goals than the other, as these images show more eloquently than we could describe.

6 Jared Leto’s Trainer, Helping Transformations


There are a few actors that are known for dramatic transformations, and Jared Leto is certainly one of them. From fat enough to be a famous murderer, to skinny enough to be an AIDS sufferer, to buff enough to be the Joker, he just keeps going in circles. That’s one of the reasons that we don’t envy his personal trainer at all. He must be one of the most complex clients on her books. Then there’s also the fact that he travels around an awful lot, hopping from film sets to recording studios to press junkets to world tours. How could anyone keep up with that? He either has to fly someone around the world with him, or have a different personal trainer in every part of the world, and neither of those options sound like they would work out great for the trainer. Maybe that’s why she looks completely unimpressed while training him during a session at the gym.

5 Lauren Goodger’s Personal Trainer, Strolling Not Running

For a reality TV star, Lauren Goodger doesn’t exactly have the look that you would expect. There has been a lot of media attention on her weight, and how it has fluctuated over the years – though it has never really gone down to that of some of her attractive co-stars. Being Lauren’s trainer can’t come with a lot of rewards, as she never seems to get any closer to her goals and always has this rounder figure. Right now, it seems like they are just walking around and chatting. Is this all the exercise that she gets up to? Is her personal trainer currently trying to talk her into running just for a few minutes? Is Lauren thinking about going for a takeaway? We hope that this personal trainer has some more high-profile clients to brag about, otherwise she’s got a fairly poor deal trying to brag about Lauren given the results of her work.

4 Matthew McConaughey And Lance Armstrong, With Bro Envy


Imagine that you are one of the world’s top athletes. You are renowned for your physical and athletic prowess, even if you might have a few black marks on your record. Then you meet this actor who kind of enjoys staying in shape, and you agree to go for a run together. That’s when you find out that this guy can actually keep up with you, and more than that, he can do it with ease. If we were Lance Armstrong, we’d be thoroughly disgusted with how in shape Matthew McConaughey is. He doesn’t even have the decency to train full-time, with all of these interruptions to go to film and TV sets. What an insult. It’s funny that these guys have a bit of a training bromance going on, but it must have been a sucker punch to the gut when they first starting going for a run together.

3 Madonna’s Personal Trainer, Tracy Anderson, Training Sessions Over Kids

Madonna is pretty infamous for being difficult to work with from time to time, and there’s one woman who knows it more than most. We’re on to Tracy Anderson again, the celebrity personal trainer who has worked with just about anyone who has ever been anyone. She ended up falling out with Madonna in quite a noticeable way when the pair suddenly cut off relations entirely after working together for three years. Apparently, Madonna was far too demanding – and when Tracy was forced to miss a concert that her son was performing in, she drew the line. “Madonna can demand whatever she wants to demand, she's Madonna, that's just what it is. It wasn't working for me because my demands are, like, I have a kid. When I missed my son's saxophone concert because of a training session with her, I was like 'I can't do this anymore'. That was it for me,” she said.

2 David Cameron’s Personal Trainer, With An Amateur


It must be kind of scary being the personal trainer to a world leader. The Prime Minister of the UK is someone who a lot of targets are aimed at, especially during the current political climate of rampant terror attacks. Even going for a run in the park must require a posse of bodyguards. Being the personal trainer of a former world leader, on the other hand, might be a little embarrassing – particularly when it is someone who is as out of shape as David Cameron. The man goes for a run in a faded black polo shirt and tracksuit bottoms that look like they date back to before he came into power, and he couldn’t look more unsuited to running in a park if he tried. This poor personal trainer definitely has his work cut out – Cameron is never going to look fit. It can’t be fun to work for such a hated man, either.

1 Kanye West’s Trainer, Not Escaping

How much would you hate being Kanye West’s employee of any kind? He seems like a hard man to work for, with very clear ideas about what he wants and a seemingly random path through life. Would you ever know if he was being serious about whatever he said to you? The pair seem to be stopping for a chat in the middle of the road here, no doubt instigated by Kanye – the personal trainer looks like he has his car keys out in an attempt to edge away and get going. But you can’t get out of a conversation with Kanye West. It’s not over until he says it’s over. He would probably follow you and get in the car just to tell you how he has the best car of all time. Jokes aside, no one looks happy at all in this picture. That’s evidence enough for us.


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