15 Celebrity Paparazzi Shots Of 2017 We Can't Forget

In the immortal words of Lady Gaga!

I'm your biggest fanI'll follow you until you love mePapa-paparazziBaby, there's no other superstarYou know that I'll beYour papa-paparazzi

While those lyrics will never get old, the real paparazzi may get old to celebrities. While there is a benefit for celebrities staying in the eye of the public (if the public doesn't care, your career takes a hit), the constant fear of having your privacy invaded has to get annoying.

While some take the prying paparazzi in stride, others try to avoid them at all costs, while some even get into verbal or physical altercations with these individuals who are at the bottom of the media totem pole.

This year has seen some interesting pictures captured by paparazzi, some look to be staged, while others look to be bothersome to the individual being captured.

You'll definitely enjoy!

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15 Bella Thorne With An... "Interesting" Look

via Pinterest

The star of Shake It Up who recently came out as bisexual was caught by paparazzi here and attempted to give a pleasant smile. However, it seems that she was caught a bit off guard by their presence.

You have to give her credit for this amazing dress. She looks absolutely stunning and I hope this style catches on with more celebrities.

Bella has a long career ahead of her and if she keeps working hard and making solid career choices she should become an even larger success than she already is.

She may even grow to love the paparazzi following her around, it's unlikely though.

14 Angelina Jolie Shopping

via Pinterest

This may not have been the best year for Angelina Jolie's personal life, however, she is far beyond just her marriage. Angelina is a woman of many talents and accomplishments. She is also one of the more prominent humanitarians in the entertainment industry.

In this picture, it almost looks as if she couldn't care less that someone could be taking her picture. Every now and then we all just want to go out and enjoy ourselves - who can blame her?

Angelina will keep doing her thing no matter what anyone else has to say about it.

13 Pamela Being Pamela

via Pinterest

When Pamela Anderson isn't busy attempting to shame victims of sexual misconduct... seriously Pamela, you thought that was a good idea? Well, she obviously didn't think that through, nor is she self-aware enough to realize what her career was built on.

Anyway, when she isn't embarrassing herself, she's attempting to stay relevant by posing for weird paparazzi pictures. It's hard to even tell what the thought process was in this picture.

You do have to admit that Pamela does look amazing, so at least she has that going for her if nothing else.

12 Chyna Ellis Is Amused

via Pinterest

No makeup? No problem.

Cell phone? No problem.

Expensive purse? Got it.

Weird robe dress thing? Got that too.

Chyna looks like she doesn't have a care in the world. Her time spent on Love Island and her several attached love interests this year have been enough to keep her in the headlines.

It's rare for a reality TV star to achieve success in a realm where talent begins to be more important than questionable actions one is willing to share with the world.

Let's be honest, reality TV is less real than your favorite Netflix series. Well, at least Chyna looks good here.

11 Eva Ready To Enjoy Spain

via Pinterest

When Eva Longoria isn't busy looking for her next big project, she sometimes likes to enjoy herself and take a vacation. Here she was captured in Spain and doesn't look too thrilled about it.

It's a good thing that she's wearing sunglasses, nobody could survive an icy stare like that. When she isn't busy acting or producing, Eva is an activist known to support a number of causes.

It shouldn't be too long before she lands another big role, I mean she did just get remarried recently, things are going her way once more. You go, Eva!

10 Gigi Hadid Doesn't Look Too Pleased

via Pinterest

Gigi Hadid woke up on this day and was like, "Ain't nobody taking a picture of my face on this day." Fashion models don't always like their picture taken, especially when they are leaving their apartments.

New York may not have as much paparazzi as Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean it's any less annoying for celebrities to deal with.

You just have to feel for Gigi here. This picture really does tell a thousand words, "I don't even care if I drop this phone, just keep them away from me."

We feel your pain, Gigi. We feel it.

9 Katy Perry Attending A VMA After Party

via Pinterest

When Katy Perry isn't cashing checks to do political appearances for terrible candidates, she focuses on her career. This quick picture was snapped at an after party for the Video Music Awards.

The bigger question is, how do these celebrities keep up with each after party and where they want to go? That seems to be the most complicated aspect of these events.

Well, at least Katy looked like she was Wide Awake. This look definitely suits her and while the paparazzi snuck a picture, it doesn't look like any major harm was done to the singer.

8 Vanessa Hudgens Out For Lunch

via Pinterest

I want to go to lunch with Vanessa Hudgens, she knows how to party. One latte wasn't enough for her, she was in the mood to double fist some caffeine, and nothing was going to stop her.

The singer/actress from High School Musical fame understands how to make the most out of her afternoons and for that she has my absolute respect.

Her schedule has been picking up, so she may receive even more attention from paparazzi in the near future. If she handles it like this, she will be the talk of the town.

Everyone give Vanessa a round of applause.

7 Kim Kardashian Hot On A Beach

via TMZ

In what seems to be a completely staged paparazzi shoot, Kim Kardashian was caught enjoying her time on the beach. Why does it look staged?

Well...how do I put it?

Somehow none of the pictures were of Kim's most popular asset. That's right, no shots of the butt. Also, somehow each picture looks like it was carefully crafted, all the way to how sunlight reflected off her body.

Would you put it past a Kardashian to stage a paparazzi photograph or two? Kim has definitely staged far more elaborate incidents that had perfect lighting.

Yeah, this wouldn't be a big deal for her.

6 Libby Babet Training

via Pinterest

When you are a star trainer on The Biggest Loser: Transformed, it's not a surprise that paparazzi would find you in the middle of exercising. I mean, what else would Libby Babet be doing? Does she even exist outside of the realm of fitness?

Of course, she does. It just seems a bit ironic that this is the capacity in which they found her. Could this be a case of a staged paparazzi incident?

Who knows? Maybe Libby wanted her name out there a little more; she is definitely at a pivotal point in her career. You definitely have to admire her work ethic!

5 Jennifer Getting Her Prayer On

via Pinterest

Oddly enough, Jennifer Garner has campaigned for stricter laws concerning how paparazzi approach children of celebrities. She even testified alongside Halle Berry in California on the issue.

However, Garner was caught here after returning from church in Los Angeles. When she isn't being bothered by paparazzi she takes her free time to push for advances in early childhood education - making her a pretty swell person in the process.

She has several upcoming projects, but she has yet to return to the heights she reached from Alias (Which landed her a role in the Daredevil movie and the heavily critiqued Elektra spin-off).

4 Marion Cotillard Looks Stunning

via Pinterest

Do they come any classier than Marion Cotillard? She isn't only an amazing actress, she takes a great picture as well. This photo is so good it looks as if she agreed to pose for it.

Marion has a look that could have fit in well with the Golden Age of film in Hollywood. There really isn't enough nice things to say about her and her talent.

Even Brad Pitt was rumored to have a fling with her, at the expense of Angelina Jolie...

Yeah, that's probably not what either of them wants to discuss...

Allow us to move on!

3 Taylor Swift Caught By TMZ

via TMZ

That's right, Taylor Swift was caught by the paparazzi this year. In the past she has gone to extreme methods to avoid having her picture taken, even walking backward for quite some time to avoid the lens.

Taylor has also had a wildly successful year as she perfectly marketed her new album and has had an incredible number of sales.

Taylor Swift is a mega-star so it's no surprise that paparazzi attempt to get as many pictures of her as possible, I guess that's part of being as famous as Taylor.

2 Rita Ora Looking Glam

via Pinterest

All the magic goes down inside the Bowery Hotel in New York. Singer and actress Rita Ora definitely wins the contest for best outfit and least intimidating sunglasses by a celebrity.

British women know how to represent and Ora isn't an exception. She has already made her mark as a host while she hones her craft as an artist. There is definitely a lot of success in the future for Rita, especially if she continues making a splash when she is in the public eye.

This picture almost looks as if comes straight out of a movie scene, and that's a good thing.

1 Neelam Gill Blending In With London

via Pinterest

Let's examine this paparazzi picture together. What we have here is fashion model Neelam Gill, texting away on her phone as she walks after doing some shopping. This looks extremely similar to a common scene in movies, or in your everyday life as you walk down the street.

London is a bustling city and you want to know something? This picture could feature anyone and it would have the same effect, this is a picture of modern life in a first world nation.

We should all give Neelam Gill credit for knowing how to blend in perfectly, it's amazing the paparazzi was able to spot her.

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