15 Celebrity Moms Who Love To Show Off Their Bods

A woman’s body undergoes enormous changes during the process of pregnancy, and it can take up to two years for everything to return to ‘normal’ post pregnancy, with many moms wearing a few extra pounds, tiger stripe scars, and slightly wider hips for the rest of their lives. For a celebrity mom, fitness is necessary for career longevity.

Being a mom can be a game changer. Suddenly someone who focuses much of their efforts towards their career is given the monumental responsibility of parenthood. Becoming a mom, some argue is even tougher in the life of a celebrity, especially since there is an unspoken expectation for mom to bounce back into her pre-pregnancy body just weeks after giving birth. At the same time, famous parents have personal trainers, chefs, and an army of nannies at their disposal to ensure they get the gym time they require in order to get back to their pre-pregnancy ‘fighting weights’.

There’s nothing wrong with a mom wanting to display her own fitness, particularly after logging hours and hours at the gym to get there. As the saying goes, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’, so why not? Here are 15 celebrity moms who love to show off their post pregnancy bodies for the world to see.


15 Megan Fox

There’s no arguing with how the fantastically fit mother of three, Megan Fox, continues to rock her curves. Having given birth three times in short order since 2012, it’s surprising she’s had time to stay in shape, let alone continue to act. While she hasn’t landed any leading lady roles to really show off her post maternity figure, she’s not exactly hiding out in baggy attire. Her arc on hit TV show New Girl saw the actor in skin tight athletic wear, showing that Fox still has it. There is no word as to how much skin the ‘Foxy’ lady is going to show off when hitting the screen in the James Franco directed comedy Zeroville, which is currently in post-production.

14 Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum is a super model, super mom, and continues to maintain her super-hot body, even after having four kids. This Victoria Secret model has not let a baby belly (or four) get in the way of her spreading her angel wings. The model first became a mom in 2004, and continued modelling before and after the birth of each of her children. In 2009, Klum was often nude in a photography book entitled, Heidilicious. It wasn’t until 2010 that the model parted ways with Victoria’s Secret, having spent over a decade as a brand ambassador for the lingerie giant. The America’s Got Talent judge continues to stun, even though she’s wearing slightly more clothes, but still form fitting at 44 years old.

13 Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is a Victoria Secret model who didn’t stop her career once she became a mother. As the replacement to Gisele Bündchen on the runway, Kerr certainly had some big high heeled shoes to fill. Before becoming a mom the model posed nude, chained to a tree, for Rolling Stone, Australia to help raise awareness for endangered koalas. Message received. In 2011, when she was six months pregnant, she became the first pregnant model for Vogue when featured in Vogue Australia. In 2014, Kerr replaced Gisele Bündchen once again, but this time representing the brand H&M. The model sparked controversy in 2016 when her nude January/February cover for Australian Harper's Bazaar was pulled from newsstands for being too risqué, but curious fans can still find it online.

12 Kate Hudson


Single mom to two boys (Ryder 12 and Bingham five), Kate Hudson tries to keep her dating life out of the spotlight unless it’s someone who she plans to integrate into her boys’ lives, but that doesn’t mean she’s beyond showing her post-baby mom bod. The svelte daughter of Goldie Hawn, first made waves when she starred as Band Aid Penny Lane in the coming of age movie Almost Famous as we saw her peekaboo breasts while she danced around in nothing but a coat and underpants. The actor has continued to show off her figure for roles since becoming a mom, most recently in a shower scene in the 2014 film Good People. The star also regularly shows off her fit frame in promoting her fitness clothing line Fabletics.

11 Charisma Carpenter

When people think of Charisma Carpenter, the actor who is most famous for her role as Cordelia Chase on the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, most don’t make the ‘mom’ connection. Charisma Carpenter gave birth to her son in 2003, part of the reason why some ‘interesting’ plot lines were written towards the end of the series Angel. Since that time, this hot mom hasn’t stopped flashing her assets for the camera. To celebrate her 44th birthday, Carpenter posted a picture of herself to social media, just as she was born, for the whole world to see. She took it down shortly after, but you can still find it online easily. In addition to her flashes on social media the star showcased her fully naked body in the 2015 BDSM themed thriller drama Bound.

10 Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez’s booty has caused a stir since way back when she was still Jenny from the block. This fly girl has reportedly had her rump insured for 27 million dollars as one of her most valuable assets. This mom of nine year old twins reportedly got back into fighting and dancing shape after gaining 50lbs during her pregnancy by training for a triathlon just six months after her son and daughter’s arrival. Today Jenny can be seen in tight fitting gowns, complete with sheer cut outs and regularly posts photos of her fit self online. Apparently the 48 year old hottie isn’t just getting attention from fans, Yankee A-Rod is the most recent celebrity proud to have the singer on his arm.

9 Britney Spears

When the world was introduced to a young Britney Spears, a generation was inspired to go out and pierce their belly buttons in envy of the singer’s tight and toned abs. In the years to come Britney had two children, and it took some time for her to regain her dancer’s physique. While some have criticized the star, suggesting that she’s guilty of photo shopping some of her more scantily clad images, anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing her Vegas act knows that this star works hard for her mom body, and with or without some ‘digital enhancement’ she should be proud. Britney gives hope to the other moms who take their time getting back into shape post baby. There’s no denying how great she looks today.


8 Kim Kardashian


How could anyone create a list of celebrity moms who love to show off their bodies without featuring Miss Selfie herself Kim Kardashian? Kim loves the spotlight almost as much as she loves nude selfies in her bathroom mirror and photo shop. With curves being a huge part of this family’s brand, can we really blame her for constantly striking a pose for the world to see? One hundred and two million Instagram followers can’t be wrong about the draw that this yummy mummy has for fans and followers alike. Whether she’s balancing a bottle of champagne on her carefully sculpted rump, being shot by paparazzi or her own cell phone, she most certainly gets the attention she so desperately seeks.

7 Jessica Simpson

Very few people are strangers to the sights of Jessica Simpson in her Daisy Dukes or a bikini washing a car. While the singer/celeb struggled with her post baby weight for a while, she later became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and gladly flaunted her transformation for the world to see. Not only does the star love to show off her own bikini bod, she’s also come under fire on social media for allowing her daughter to follow in her footsteps when she posted pictures on Instagram of her young daughter bikini clad. Instagram is the best place to gaze at Miss Simpson in all of her bathing beauty, most recently she posted a photo laying on a pool floating to celebrate her 37th birthday.

6 Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis has an approachable sexiness that no one can deny. She’s also not afraid to take off her shirt for a role, and has done so in several films including Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Friends With Benefits and Black Swan, but all of those roles were before babies. Not to worry, she’s still willing to show off her petite frame for film. While she isn’t currently showing off Black Swan levels of skin, she’s not afraid to strip down to the realities of being a real woman with a real body. The star stripped down to a sports bra in the film Bad Moms if you’re into that kind of thing. Off the silver screen this mother of two can be found revealing a little more since paparazzi are so bent on following the mom to the beach. Mila kept it real by going make up free for the cover of People Magazine in 2016, but we’re guessing audiences are hoping she strips off more than a layer of foundation for her next photo shoot.

5 Beyoncé

The Queen Bae has rocked her curves both pre-and post-baby. She is a trend setter in maternity photos and newborn baby shots who is not afraid to display that mother earth goddess look for the entire world to see. Her twins are still practically newborns, yet Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z have been spotted slipping into a Soul Cycle class unnoticed by fellow exercisers by entering the room after the lights had already gone down. Since the super star diva had no issue with flaunting her post baby figure in form fitting performance clothes after the birth of her first child, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all graced with more photos of the fit mom showing off her legendary lady lumps.

4 Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon is 41 years old, has birthed three children, and still has a body that many women and men in their twenties would pant after. While she doesn’t get nude for many of her films, when a role calls for it, she dives in. In 2014, just two years after giving birth to her third child the star stripped it down and took it all off for several scenes in the film based on Cheryl Stray’s best-selling memoire Wild. Although Witherspoon wasn’t very comfortable with all of the sex scenes, she knew it was important for the role. The star joked with US Magazine about calling up author Stray to complain about some of the more difficult scenes saying, “I called Cheryl the day before and I was like, 'I have to do this scene in this alley and I'm having sex with two guys, and I'm like, 'Why did you do this?!'”

3 Demi Moore

There’s a reason that Ashton Kutcher fell hard for this hot mom, so did the world. If she wasn’t afraid to pose in the buff for the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991 when she was pregnant, why would she hesitate to do it again post baby bump? The mother of three works hard to maintain her mom bod, so flaunting it just made sense. Demi Moore gave audiences a sneak peek at her body in films such as Indecent Proposal, Disclosure and The Scarlet Letter. Who could forget when Moore took off her top and shook her money maker for the world to see in the 1996 film Strip Tease? Moore continues to be an absolute stunner at 54 years young.

2 Halle Berry


Not many moms would be happy to take off their tops or pose in skin tight super hero costumes shortly after giving birth, but then again most moms aren’t Halle Berry. The Oscar Winner wasn’t afraid to show some skin before kids, and she certainly isn’t now that she’s a mom putting the “her” into Super Hero. Most recently, the mom made headlines following the 2017 Oscars by posting a video for all of her Instagram followers showing Berry stripping out of her beautiful Versace gown and about to enjoy a skinny dip. In a caption included with the slow motion clip the actor wrote, "After a long award show a girl can't wait to take it off!" At 51, Berry is certainly aging gracefully!

1 Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet first made waves on the set of Titanic when she posed like one of Jack’s ‘French Girls’. Being a mom certainly hasn’t slowed down this actor on her penchant for taking it all off for the cameras. Kate first became a mom in 2001, and there is still a great ‘body’ of work where she strips down for the sake of a role. In 2006, she took off her clothes for the film Little Children and The Reader in 2008, the part which finally gave Kate her Oscar following five previous nominations. Winslet has since had another child in 2013, and has said that due to her advancing age that she won’t be baring it all any longer, but we’re betting if the right part surfaces she might be convinced again.

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