15 Celebrity Moms We'd Rather Look At Over Ariel Winter

There’s one sure thing about Hollywood, and that’s you're bound to see insanely gorgeous people around every corner. The lifestyle of celebrities is all about glamour and a whole lot of bling. These celebrities, of course, have access to all the beauty products they want and even plastic surgery. We don’t fault them for that, but we do acknowledge they're sometimes more able to appear stunning on a day-to-day basis than the rest of us are.

Ariel Winter, these days, is making quite the name for herself as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and it’s mainly because she seems to be shouting it from the rooftops. She’s an actress from the show Modern Family, and there’s no doubt that she’s a great-looking girl, but "the most beautiful" might be a reach. We love confidence, especially in women, but at times, celebrities can become annoying when they're constantly going on about how beautiful they are. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least a dozen women in the industry who are not only older than Ariel but also happen to be mothers. She definitely appears more beautiful when she's done up in Instagram posts, but she doesn’t look like that in real life. Winter is pretty young -- only 19 -- but there are celebrities who are older than her that have her beat by a long shot. These are all beautiful women; no one should be claiming the prize as "the most beautiful woman.”

15 Halle Berry, Old School Beauty

It’s almost laughable to have these two in the same category. We’re not even sure why we're comparing the two. Halle Berry is a goddess, and Ariel Winter looks like a frump. This is just not a flattering photo for Winter. Berry is in her 50s these days, and it looks as if she hasn’t aged one bit. We really can all just hope we look as good as she does in her 50s. She’s breathtaking. She grew up in the pageant circuit and went on to be a model. She, of course, went on to be one hell of an actress, winning an Oscar for Monsters Ball. She’s had quite a career as an actress and is also a bombshell of a woman. She's also a mother, and these days, she's been less and less in the limelight.

14 Sandra Bullock Is Fit as Hell

Need we say more? Sandra Bullock is a vision, and at 57 years old, she's looking pretty darn great. She's played the lead in some pretty great movies, and she's been known to have snagged some young boyfriends, like Ryan Gosling, in her day. Possibly, the difference is that Bullock is pretty on the inside as well. We don’t know Winter, but it’s usually not a good sign if a woman is going around saying she’s all that. Bullock is not the kind of actress to be involved in scandals. The closest she ever came was when her husband, Jesse James, cheated on her, and that was his fault because he’s not too bright. Bullock has always been a class act in the industry, and it just goes to show that the legends are always the best. It seems like the up-and-coming actresses just don’t know how to act.

13 Jennifer Garner Still Excites Us

You can see the difference, right? Is it just us? Okay, good, let’s move on. It’s always amazed us how men can cheat on women like Jennifer Garner. I mean, just look at her. Even after having multiple children and being in Hollywood for a long time now, Garner is still a smoke show. She’s a down-to-earth lady who's made a name for herself in the industry. She carries herself with a level of class and elegance that, hopefully, Winter will learn with time. But again, when Garner was 22, you didn’t see her flipping the bird on any talk show. If you want to get respect in the industry, it won’t be by being disrespectful. People will just assume you’re a train wreck. Garner has proven she's a force to be reckoned with even while going through a divorce.

12 Anna Faris

Yup, that’s Anna Faris, and there's no doubt that this fox can draw attention to herself. She’s dressed in a blue jean outfit, and she's never looked better! We love Faris because she's down to earth and so relatable as a person. Again, Faris has always been a class act in the media. She doesn’t toot her own horn, and although she loves a scandalous photo op, she doesn’t even go too far. She's humble in the industry and even has fans like Bill Murray in her corner. She’s been in one comedy after the other and has a wonderful son in her life with former partner Chris Pratt. Her career seems to be doing well, too. Winter could learn a lot from this leading lady of comedy, especially when it comes to eating humble pie.

11 Smoldering Mila Kunis

If this is the kind of show that Ashton Kutcher comes home to, then we're all in major envy. She always looks great in black, especially when she has that smoky eye effect going on. Mila Kunis has been in the industry for a while and even as a young actress, but she wasn’t one to cause a scandal or be a part of headline news for bad behavior. We met her on That 70’s Show, where she met her soulmate and the father of her children, Ashton Kutcher. She’s gone on to appear in many great movies over the years and seems to have a strong belief in helping others around her. She believes in protecting her children at all costs, especially when it comes to them appearing in print in the media. Another actress who's proven to be a class act.

10 Nicole Kidman as the Seductress

Nicole Kidman has been in the industry forever, and she’s been in a lot of pretty great movies. She's been a redheaded smoke show for years. Even to this day, she has that vibe about her. She was recently cast in the popular TV show Pretty Big Liars as a woman married to a younger man, and they're portrayed as a couple that has sex on every surface of their home. She can pull off that character even at her age because she has a very sensual vibe to her even after all these years. She's fiercely protective of her children, and she's yet another actress who hasn't had a scandal all these years. She's classy wherever she goes, and she’s not one to put other people down or claim she’s better than anyone else. We can’t get enough of Kidman!

9 The Seductive Michelle Pfeiffer

There’s a really good chance that Ariel Winter just might need a stylist in her life because her wardrobe isn’t doing anything for her. On one side, we have a classy and gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer, who's captured men’s hearts for decades. And then we have Winter, who just looks ho-hum in this photo. When Pfeiffer played Catwoman in Batman, that catapulted her career to a whole new level. She was smoking hot in that movie. She's still acting to this day and looks as polished as ever. This woman has always had a heart of gold and she takes her role as a mother seriously. That’s why she dropped out of the limelight for a while. Pfeiffer has actually found herself on the list of the Most Beautiful Women in the World, so Winter might not want to even try to live up to this living legend.

8 Katie Holmes 

Just take one look at this photo, and you won’t be able to deny that Katie Holmes is capable of being a pretty hot girl. Sure, she’s from the Creek, but she’s come a long way since, and these days, she's been kicking it on the independent-film scene. She's recovered from her marriage to Tom Cruise and is now in a new romance with the sexy Jamie Foxx. Where did that come from, right? Katie Holmes has proven over the years that she's one class act. She's never been in a scandal, and she's very polished when she's out and about in the media. This girl has a huge interest in fashion, and every time she leaves the house, she's dressed with elegance in mind. She's never seen in trashy situations or photos. She's one actress who's going far.

7 Jenny McCarthy Is the Sinner

Judging by this photo, we would have to say that Ariel Winter should never be a blonde. She looks horrendous in this photo, and alongside Jenny McCarthy, she doesn’t look much better. Jenny McCarthy has certainly had her fair share of scandals over the years, but she’s cleaned up her act and is a mother as well as an entrepreneur. She’s in a committed relationship and has released multiple bestselling books. McCarthy has always been considered a bombshell, and it’s not just because of her blonde hair. She has a rocking body, and that hasn’t changed over the years. These days, she's doing reality TV her with boyfriend, Donnie Wahlberg, on Wahlburgers. The couple is so red hot that their sex tricks are often in the magazines, but it’s all in good fun. Who wouldn’t want to become part of the mile-high club?

6 Beach Bum Elin Nordegren

Yes, it’s true -- this babe is a mom. She's the ex-wife of Tiger Woods and the mother of his babies. She's still more gorgeous than Ariel Winters even though she's au naturel on the beach in a bikini. She certainly has one hell of a body. After getting divorced from Woods, Nordegren decided she wanted to live the quiet life for a while and be out of the limelight, and we can’t blame her. “I have moved on and I am in a good place. My relationship with Tiger is centered around our children and we are doing really good – we really are – and I am so happy that is the case. He is a great father. I’m not going to deny that I went through the ringer. But I don’t think I doubted we’d end up here. That was always my dream, that the kids can have two loving parents that show respect for each other. And I feel that’s what they have.” She’s been through a lot, but she’s always remained classy through it all.

5 Heather Locklear Is a Vixen

Heather Locklear is a living legend, and she's been considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the industry for years. She's almost 60 years old, and she’s looking as great as ever. She's a mother to a daughter with her ex-husband, Richie Sambora, as well as to a child with her current husband. She started her career by playing the sex kitten on Melrose Place. She’s just one of many beautiful actresses whom Winter will never be able to compare herself to. Many people have asked Heather how she stays looking so great, and her awesome response is that she laughs a lot. She even had the shocking statement one time that she sometimes puts semen on her skin to make it look healthier looking. We’re not going to try it, but you’re welcome to.

4 Jennifer Lopez’s Booty Shake

Ah, yeah, sorry, Ariel Winter. There's just no comparison. Jenny has been around the block for years, and although she's 49 now and has multiple children, she looks like she hasn’t aged at all. She also has one incredible booty that men have admired for years. She walks around like a goddess most of the time, and she certainly fits the part. She's a talented singer and actress, and we can’t believe that she’s the age that she is. Winter doesn’t hold a candle to the amazing Lopez. She started off as a dancer for Janet Jackson, so she’s certainly come a long way since then. She's one of the most successful singers in the industry, recording number-1 hits one right after the other. She has a great attitude, and it doesn’t look like she’s stopping anytime soon.

3 Heidi Klum, the Supermodel

Heidi Klum, believe it or not, is a mother to two children and was married to Seal. She's been a model in the industry for years and was considered to be one of the top supermodels in the industry. She frequently appeared at the Victoria's Secret Annual Fashion Show. She was an Angel for many years and a frequent model for Victoria’s Secret campaigns. Winter can’t compete with a girl like Klum who's had a red-hot career and a body than women all over the world would die for. These days, she’s 44 and can still pull off wearing a tight leather dress. She's been on the show America’s Got Talent for a few years now, and it doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon. She’s one of the most beautiful women in the modeling world, and she’s never looked hotter!

2 Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone is a legendary name in the industry and one that we have to respect. She's not only on her way to her 60th birthday but also still a goddess after all these years. She has years of experience in the industry, and she's worked with many top actors. She's so much hotter than Winter that we're embarrassed to have to even bring it up. Stone is a mother and is still in the acting industry. She's known for those blue eyes and that unmistakable voice. Stone came from the modeling industry as well before she was an actress. She’s a classy woman who's stayed away from scandals over the years. The young Hollywood actresses don’t have anywhere near her class and will probably never have the kind of acting chops that she's displayed over the years.

1 Julia Roberts Is a Class Act

Hmmm… yes, which one is classier? Young actresses often think it’s super cool to be in the media flipping the world off. They don’t realize that it just makes them look trashy. This picture is proof of that. Julia Roberts has been in the industry forever. She blew us away playing a prostitute in Pretty Woman, and she’s had an extraordinary career ever since. She is now in her 50s with multiple children, and she still manages to take our breath away. One thing Roberts said about her career was that her fans never wanted to see her clothes off. What she meant by that comment is that she became a world-famous actress and made millions of dollars without ever doing a nude scene or provocative photos. She’s totally right, and young Hollywood could learn a lot from that.

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