15 Celebrity Makeovers That Made Them Instantly Hotter

Celebrities are often faced with the dilemma of how to evolve their look without disenchanting their loyal fans. While a celebrity is on the journey of trying to build up their fame, it can be important to hold onto the signature elements of their look in order to ensure fans come along for the ride. Changing up a look too drastically too early on can be detrimental to an individual's career. It can cause confusion with fans and can make the public lose interest quickly. Yet, there are also makeover transformations that aren't received well and can cause a huge amount of criticism. When Taylor Swift was trying to evolve from a young country artist into a star in the pop genre, she went platinum blonde, chopped off all of her curls and sported super dark makeup to try and create a makeover worth talking about. However, the hairstyle was received horribly and was added to the same pile of terrible makeovers that included Kim Kardashian's when she mistakenly tried to go blonde.

These were examples of makeovers gone terribly wrong, and it became a cautionary tale for those looking to change up their signature look. Yet, there have been some celebrities that have changed up their look for the better and instantly garnered attention for amplifying their hotness factor. Check out our list of the 15 celebrity makeovers that made them instantly hotter and see how some of these stars were able to get it right when they made a drastic change to their signature style.


15 Kylie Jenner

When Kylie Jenner was first featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, there wasn't much attention on her as the youngest member of the clan. Once she and Kendall began growing up in the public eye, it was Kendall that garnered the bulk of the attention due to her burgeoning career in the modeling industry. Yet, that didn't mean Kylie was going to let her sister get all of the attention. She began transforming her look through a series of hair color changes and trips to the plastic surgeon. While there are those who have criticized her transformation, there were others that came to her defense. There had already been so much criticism over the way she looked because people claimed that she looked like she would never grow up. Then, the criticism stated that she was growing up too fast and changing too much. Whatever you might think, there's no denying that she looks incredibly beautiful with her new look.

14 Amber Rose


Amber Rose was once thought of as the mysterious bald beauty on the arm of Kanye West but has been able to build herself up as a celebrity in her own right. After the demise of her relationship with West, it would stand to reason that she would go back to being an unknown, but instead, she maintained her celebrity status. She quickly became linked to Wiz Khalifa and started making television appearances on her own. While she's always been known for her bald hairstyle, she decided to change up her look in a drastic makeover that had people really in shock. While growing out her own hair, she was photographed wearing a number of different wigs. No one had ever really seen her with hair before, and now, they're hoping she'll never go back to bald again.

13 Selena Gomez

When Selena Gomez began transitioning out of her former Disney star label, she had to tow a difficult line in trying to shed her squeaky-clean persona without going into a downward spiral like so many other former Disney stars. She dabbled in acting, but her main focus has been on the stage as a star in pop music. While trying to solidify herself as a true pop star, she went through a makeover process that tried to make her look a bit older. Her signature baby-faced look was making it difficult to make people think of her as a young lady instead of a small Disney kid. She chopped off her signature long locks and went on a campaign to try and appear older and more mature. There were many accusations that she had a slight nose job to get rid of some pudginess in her face and also reports that she had lip injections. Whatever the case, the result was amazing.

12 Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is an actor that has beaten the odds when it comes to finding stellar work throughout his lengthy career. While other actors who found fame in the 1980s have long since been put out to pasture, Cruise has been able to maintain his celebrity status in a huge way. He's still considered to be one of Hollywood's hottest leading men and action stars and is thought of as a heartthrob to millions all over the world. Yet, evolving him into the superstar that he has become wasn't just about building up his acting prowess. The photos of Cruise before the work he had done on his teeth are actually quite alarming. While nearly everyone in Hollywood has had work done to make their teeth as bright and perfect as possible, it's the mouth transformation with Cruise that really showed an amazing before and after photo.

11 Mama June

When Mama June was first featured on an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, it wasn't just Honey Boo Boo that garnered the attention of the world. The mother of the brood had just as much appeal as her daughter, with her over-the-top antics and simple tastes. Once the spinoff series made its way to TLC, the world got to see more of the entire family. Mama June was depicted as a great mother that never allowed her child to take off school to appear on television interviews and consistently stated that the money she was making from the show was being saved for her when she grew up. Yet, there were also a number of controversies surrounding her former relationship with a convicted child abuser. When she returned to television to reveal her weight loss and plastic surgery endeavors, people were stunned to see the incredible transformation.

10 Kendall Jenner


When Kendall Jenner first began to embark on her journey to become a supermodel, the world didn't know just how to receive her. The rest of the Kardashian clan had created a signature look that just didn't seem to fit her look. While everyone else was embracing the huge derriere and duck-faced look, Kendall was sticking to her natural beauty and making a name for herself on the runway. Yet, that didn't mean that she was opposed to changing up her appearance. During Fashion Week in Paris, Kendall was asked to swap her typical brunette locks to showcase a blonde look on the runway. The result was an amazing transformation that showed her in a completely different way. While her sister and half-sisters had previously gone blonde, none looked as stunning as she did in Paris.

9 Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger has had an incredible acting career over the years and has starred alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. From her iconic role in Jerry Maguire to her debut in the musical production of Chicago on the big screen, she has solidified herself as a talent in Hollywood that could play just about any role. Yet, her biggest transformation came on the red carpet when she debuted her new look for all the world to see. While she had already created a name for herself through her performances and signature look, she chose to make a few alterations that completely transformed her look. When she first emerged to showcase her new look, there was a bit of criticism over her use of plastic surgery. However, it's hard to deny that her beauty still stands.


8 Justin Bieber


When Justin Bieber first shot to fame as the heartthrob pop singer with millions of screaming young fans, he sported a signature hairstyle that was instantly recognizable. The long hair with the sweeping bangs became hugely popular with young boys trying to go for the heartthrob look, and girls became obsessed with his hair. When it was revealed that he had chopped off those signature locks, people were completely shocked. Oftentimes, when a celebrity becomes known for a signature look, they tend to keep milking it for quite some time. Yet, fans were able to forgive him for such a spontaneous change to his overall look due to the phenomenal results. Once he chopped off his hair and changed up his look, he shed the little boy persona, and the transformation helped him in bringing fans through the evolution of his music.

7 Ashlee Simpson

When Ashlee Simpson was first introduced to the world, she was just known as Jessica Simpson's younger sister. She tried to make a name for herself as a music artist worthy of obtaining fame outside of being Jessica Simpson's sister and even attained her own reality series on MTV. Her debut studio album was received well by the public, and she quickly became a favorite for her rebel persona and rocker style. Yet, that period didn't last long, and she soon began morphing into a younger and smaller version of her sister. Her signature nose that gave interest to her face was changed by an expert rhinoplasty. The transformation was striking, but she wasn't done there. The dyed black hair that made her look like the sexy rocker was changed to blonde, and the transformation was complete.

6 Lady Gaga


When Lady Gaga first came onto the music scene, people were blown away by her stage antics and theatrical representations. Her music videos seemed completely innovative, and her appearances at red carpet events were like nothing anyone had ever seen before. She was asked to perform at various award shows because you never knew what she would do next or what kind of over-the-top ensemble she would wear. From the infamous meat dress to arriving in an egg, it was always something with Lady Gaga. Her fans were deemed "Monsters," and the world seemed to completely embrace her theatrics as part of her artistic expression. Yet, there came a time when people started to grow tired of her publicity stunt antics, and it was no longer helping her to promote her new music. In an effort to change things up, Gaga transformed her look to incorporate a more classic type of beauty. Not only does it suit her better, but it also really helps to emphasize her physical appeal.

5 Lisa Rinna

When it was revealed that Lisa Rinna was joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there were many that hoped she would pass on the chance to put her family on display. Reality television is known for breaking up families, and fans didn't want to see her family destroyed for all the world to see. Yet, Rinna made a huge impact on the series and became one of the best additions to the franchise. During the first season that she became a cast member, there were a number of people criticizing her for still donning the same hairstyle after 20 years. Rinna took to social media on a number of occasions to show off what she would look like with a different hairstyle. While the bouffant look became hugely popular, it's this look with the long wig that truly won over fans.

4 Gigi Hadid


When Gigi Hadid was first introduced on the reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she was already making a name for herself in the world of modeling. The television cameras followed her through her journey as a burgeoning model, and it became clear that she was far more than just another pretty face. While she made a name for herself through her signature blonde locks, she donned a dark hair color when she walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week alongside Kendall Jenner. The transformation was thoroughly striking and reminded people of her dark-haired sister, Bella. With the light eyes and brunette locks, the look was reminiscent of ultra gorgeous Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie. It made her porcelain skin stand out to showcase her stellar facial features, and she was highly praised for her new look.

3 Demi Moore

When Demi Moore first obtained fame in the early 1980s, she was the dark-haired beauty that got her start from daytime soap operas. While she was slowly starting to rise in fame, it wasn't until she chopped off all of her hair that people really started to look closely at her beauty. Her performances in hit films like Ghost and Indecent Proposal helped to solidify her status as an A-list actress. While she continued working and didn't have any big scandals to deplete her status in Hollywood, she seemed to stay out of the limelight for quite a few years. When she emerged with long flowing locks and a boy toy on her arm, people couldn't believe how beautiful she looked for a woman of her age.

2 Kate Gosselin


When Kate Gosselin was introduced as the incredibly tired and overbearing mother on Jon & Kate Plus 8, people had a huge amount of sympathy for her as a mother of eight. Yet, it was hard to deny that her look was starting to change over the years and that her attitude toward her family was taking a much harsher tone. She quickly garnered the title of "Monster Mom" in the tabloids, and it wasn't long until her marriage came to an end. Once she was officially divorced, she again changed her look. People were hugely critical over her strange reverse mullet hairstyle, and she changed it up by adding length to her blonde locks. While her attitude didn't seem to change much, at least her overall look was improved.

1 Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus first started out during her Hannah Montana years, it was hard to deny that she was an incredibly beautiful girl. Once she started to transition out of her Disney stage, there were high hopes that she would continue on without any of the same old scandals from her predecessors. Yet, she went a completely different route that had many wondering what had happened to her that would make her change so drastically. From the foam finger performance to her red carpet appearances with questionable fashion choices, she continued to try and provoke with her strange and outlandish behavior. Yet, that wasn't the end of her transformation. Recently, she changed up her style again, and it's been met with a huge amount of praise.

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