15 Celebrity Love Affairs That Destroyed Careers

There has always been a certain understanding in life that with fame comes a certain invasion of your privacy. Even back before there were tabloids or even newspapers if you were a public figure it came with the territory that regular everyday people would likely be discussing your life and relationships. However, the level of thirst for knowledge about what celebrities do behind closed doors seems to have become more ravenous than ever before.

There aren’t too many careers that are so dependent on aspects of the person’s personal life and that should have nothing to do with the business they are taking part in but being a celebrity definitely is one. For instance, the public seems to become invested in the relationships of the rich and famous, especially in the instances where the celebrities in question reveal aspects of them. When these couples then explode some of the people who’ve become interested in them can be very disappointed by that outcome, especially when it seems as though one of the parties is particularly at fault. We aren’t behind closed doors with either of the people in the relationship and for all we know the so-called victim may have cheated again and again in the past but if there is someone to blame, fans will do so. In the case where the person that is seen as the cheater or homewrecker is supposed to be beloved, it can be extremely damaging to their careers, even devastating. That is what inspired us to write this list, of the fifteen celebrity love affairs that destroyed careers.

In order, for a celebrity to be included in this list they, first off, need to have been involved in a publicly disclosed affair, either as a cheater or so-called homewrecker. Secondly, their career needs to have taken a notable nosedive as a result of their inclusion in the controversial relationship. However, we would like our readers to keep in mind that famous people whose career tanked as a result of an affair but eventually rebounded could be in the running.

15 Eric Benét

14 Scott Disick

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13 David Arquette

12 Rupert Sanders

11 John Edwards

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10 Billy Crudup

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9 Ingrid Bergman


8 Ryan Phillipe

7 Anthony Weiner

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6 LeAnn Rimes

5 Robin Thicke


4 Jesse James

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3 Kristen Stewart

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2 Tiger Woods

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1 Meg Ryan

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Previously seen as America’s sweetheart, Meg Ryan once upon a time was one of the most bankable stars in all of Hollywood. The star of movies like Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail as well as Kate & Leopold to name just a few, her movies made millions at the box office. Then she took a role in 2000’s Proof of Life alongside respected actor Russell Crowe and word leaked that and her co-star became an item. Married to Dennis Quaid at the time, her image never recovered and in the coming years, her career’s decline was a marked one.

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15 Celebrity Love Affairs That Destroyed Careers