15 Celebrity Kids Who Belong In A Horror Movie

Horror films have always had somewhat of a guideline when it comes to what translates to the silver screen. From slasher films killing off their heroines as soon as they undress to damsels in distress constantly running up the stairs rather than running out the front door, there always seems to be a template when producing a standard horror film. Yet, introducing children into a horror storyline is a great way to broaden the audience for a film. While it can sometimes diminish the graphic content of a film to include children, horror films like The Exorcist have proven that simply adding a child to the cast of characters doesn’t mean it can’t still have an R rating.

While there is undoubtedly an endless supply of young and aspiring child actors that would love to make it onto the big screen, it seems that there is a plethora of untapped talent just waiting to be used in Hollywood. With so many celebrities popping out children left and right, the paparazzi have had a field day with photographing their daily lives as they’ve grown up in the public eye. There are some that have relished their anonymity, even when they’re walking with their celebrity parents, and there are those that have decided to follow in their parents’ footsteps in order to pursue their own careers in acting. Whatever the case, there are some fresh-faced kids that would be a great addition to any horror film in talks of making it to the big screen. Check out our list of the 15 kids who belong in a horror movie and see who might be the next big thing in the world of thriller films.


15 Jackson Theron

via OK! Magazine

Charlize Theron is an actress that many would think of as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and yet, she opted to go through adoption when she became the mother of Jackson. One would think that Charlize would have no trouble finding a husband and popping out a million little beautiful blonde-haired babies like herself but that obviously wasn’t the future that was meant for her. Instead, she adopted little Jackson and became a single working mother like so many other women in America. The similarities between this beautiful Hollywood mother and so many other mothers was made blatantly clear when she was photographed trying to corral Jackson into her car in a parking lot. He was giving the fight of his life and she seemed to be struggling just to get him in the car. While some magazines were quick to call her a “monster mom,” numerous mom blogs popped up to let the world know that corralling a toddler to get into the car is just another day in the life of a mom. In the meantime, it seems that Jackson would be a great addition to any horror film since he obviously has a good amount of energy, the fight instinct that’s needed and the ability to capture the attention of strangers.

14 Suri Cruise


As the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Suri has some pretty big acting shoes to fill if she ever intends on breaking into Hollywood as an actress. Yet, since her life has been filled with the ever-hounding hoard of paparazzi, she is probably already more than ready to step in front of the cameras as a horror film child actress. Oftentimes, Suri has been filmed on camera or through video highlights while being hounded by the paparazzi and she hasn’t always been ready to flash a pearly white smile. In one instance, she was shouted out by a paparazzi donning a camera and was told she was “a brat” and even “a b****.” Obviously that was pretty harsh criticism for a 7-year-old at the time but she seemed to take it well. In fact, Holmes has never had a Britney Spears umbrella moment with the paparazzi, even though the moment her young daughter was called “a b****” was definitely a time to flip out in historic fashion. This horrifying incident just showed that Suri would be able to hold her own on the big screen and wouldn’t back down, regardless of how harsh the criticism might be.

13 Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

via India Today

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is the 10-year-old daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She has made quite an impression on the world since she never had the typical look of a celebrity daughter. While her blonde locks has made people think she resembles her father more than her sultry mother, the resemblance became even more evident when Shiloh decided to lop off all of her hair. She’s often photographed with a boy’s haircut and even a tailored suit and tie, with many people commenting on her eccentricity at such a young age. She would make the perfect child actress for a horror film with an edgier storyline, especially with those crystal light eyes and Angelina Jolie pouty lips. It’s obvious that Shiloh will be a great beauty when she grows up and audiences love to see these budding actresses early on in life on the big screen. Perhaps Shiloh could star in the remake to Firestarter, which formerly starred a young Drew Barrymore since the two have a few similarities in regards to the cute and chubby cheek factor.

12 Louis Bullock

via ABC News

While the world was reeling from the news that Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, had been cheating on her with multiple different women, it turns out that the couple had already started the process of adopting their first child. After the debacle with all of his mistresses coming out of the woodwork, Bullock decided to go through with the adoption all on her own. Louis Bullock was the adorable ray of sunshine that she (and the rest of the world) needed in order to finally bring some joy into the story of the beloved actress, Sandra Bullock, and he would definitely be a welcome addition to any Hollywood horror flick. While he’s definitely cute enough to make it on the big screen all on his own, the world would probably go to the movie theaters just to try and see whether or not he could exude some personality on screen. Even if it’s just to hear what his little voice sounds like, the world is definitely intrigued over what the future beholds for little Louis Bullock.

11 Vivian Falcone

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Vivian Falcone is the eldest daughter of actor, Ben Falcone, and comedic actress, Melissa McCarthy. It was obvious that she had an over-the-top personality that deserves to be highlighted and seen all over the world when McCarthy would talk about her during interviews. In numerous interviews on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, McCarthy told hilarious little stories about what life is like as a mother to Vivian and her sister, Georgette. This only made the world want to know more about these two rambunctious little rascals. While McCarthy has said that she has often allowed her children to visit her while onset filming a movie, the most interesting movie set visit came while she was filming the 2016 film, The Boss. After learning that there would be other children in the film, Vivian reportedly asked her parents if she could try out for a part in the film. She ultimately got the role and proved that she already has the acting bug. Throwing her in a horror film would be a great way to prove to her parents that it wasn’t just a fluke that she wanted to star alongside her mother on the big screen and perhaps she really is on her way to being the next big actress in Hollywood.

10 Faith Urban


While Nicole Kidman had children with Tom Cruise during their marriage, it wasn’t until she married Keith Urban that she finally had her own biological children. Faith Margaret Kidman Urban is the younger daughter and has often been compared to Nicole Kidman during her infamous strawberry blonde ringlet look in the ‘90s. Faith has the same strawberry blonde locks and resembles her mother in every way when she was younger and would be a great addition to any Hollywood horror film looking for a cute and curly-haired little girl to be seen running for her life from a “monster.” Perhaps she’s even accumulated some acting genes from her Academy Award-winning mother and she could bring a little more to the table than just running with a high pitched squeal. While Kidman and Urban have never expressed any wishes to get their children into the acting business, it would be interesting to see if either of their daughters will wind up finding their way there on their own in the future.

9 Honey Boo Boo

via The Sun

When Honey Boo Boo was first introduced to audiences through the TLC series, Toddlers & Tiaras, people could already tell that she had that star quality that made people want to see more of her. She inevitably got her own spin-off reality series, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and for a time, the show truly resonated with the general public. Yet, the series was ultimately cancelled amid rumors of Mama June dating a child molester and people began learning more horrifying and dysfunctional information regarding the other siblings. While there are some that say that the cancellation came just in time because the world was already starting to tire of Honey Boo Boo’s antics and aging look, others are saddened that they won’t be seeing her anymore. Yet, if she won’t be returning to the small screen, she would make a great addition to the big screen. Perhaps she could revamp her look for a film about the tragic death of JonBenét Ramsey, since she would have some prior experience being from the child beauty pageant world.


8 Ava Phillippe


Ava Phillippe is the daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe and she’s been making headlines in recent years due to her striking beauty and similar look to her mother. The similarity between the two is uncanny and many believe she looks exactly like a younger Reese, as seen through her various childhood roles on the big screen. Ava is 17-years-old, so she has only a short amount of time before she will stop being considered a kid in Hollywood. Yet, she could definitely land a role as a scream child in a horror flick if she chose to and she probably wouldn’t even have to name drop her famous celebrity parents. Based solely on her looks alone, Ava would definitely have no trouble landing a part as a beautiful damsel in distress in any Hollywood horror flick. In fact, people would probably run to the theaters just to see whether or not she acted and sounded like her famous Legally Blonde mom on the silver screen and that would definitely be a selling factor for movie executives looking for a young blonde actress for their next film.

7 Ella Wahlberg

via OK! Magazine

Mark Wahlberg’s daughter, Ella, has grown up living the glamorous life and has undoubtedly been privy to all of the luxuries that goes with being the celebrity child of an A-list actor. She is often photographed at red carpet events, attending the most prestigious celebrity kid gatherings and has even been featured on the reality series, Wahlburgers. She doesn’t look like the spitting image of her Boston-born father or her ebony-haired mother since her blonde locks and adorably chubby cheeks make her stand out in their family photos. Yet, that doesn’t seem to matter since she has a look that is all her own and seems perfect for the silver screen. Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to being involved in a few horror films throughout his film career so he could definitely give her a few pointers based on his own experiences. Also, he could probably use some of those Entourage connections to help land her a few auditions, at the very least.

6 Genesis Tennon

via US Weekly

Viola Davis is an actress that has received critical acclaim for her stellar acting performances in films like The Help and Doubt. She has even been called out by other great actresses like Meryl Streep since there are many in Hollywood that feel that she hasn’t been given enough great roles to show off her acting skills. Davis has created a few waves for being vocal about the inequalities in Hollywood for African American actors. However, it may not have done much good since her recent film, Fences, was snubbed at the upcoming Golden Globes. In the meantime, there seems to be another budding starlet that has taken up all the limelight, her daughter. Genesis Tennon has always been a shining light in the eyes of her mother since she has mentioned her during numerous TV interviews. Yet, the world is starting to see the star quality for themselves due to a myriad of photos that have made their way online. During Halloween 2015, Genesis dressed as her mom and the photo was posted online. From seeing her holding the statue to the darling ear-to-ear grin, hers is a face that belongs on the silver screen.

5 Blue Ivy

via GigiOnThat!

When photos of Blue Ivy first appeared online, people marveled at how much she looked like her celebrity parents, Jay-Z and Beyonce. While that may not be such a flattering remark considering Jay-Z isn’t exactly known for his handsome facial features, she has since grown up to look far more like her mother. In fact, side by side photos of Blue Ivy with a younger Beyonce shows that she is much more similar to her mother nowadays. In any case, Blue Ivy would make a great addition to a Hollywood horror film since she would, at the very least, garner some attention to the film. Beyonce has often made waves in Hollywood for her efforts to become an acclaimed actress. While she has starred in a number of films, she has never truly garnered the respect from the industry as some of her lesser known supporting actors. Regardless of whether or not the rumors are true that she really was jealous of Jennifer Hudson for winning an Oscar for her role beside her in Dreamgirls, she would probably be thrilled to see her daughter finally getting the acting acclaim that she wasn’t able to get for herself.

4 Violet Affleck

via Posh24

Violet Affleck is the eldest daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and has been the subject of high debate due to her striking look. While some have likened her to a younger version of her mother, others have been able to see beyond her celebrity parents. She has a unique look about her that makes people wonder how that will translate on the big screen. However, Garner has made a number of comments on how she would try and sabotage her daughter’s pursuits to become an actress. In 2007, Garner gave an interview with People magazine and said, “We would just kibosh it,” in reference to what she would do if her daughter exhibited any signs of wanting to get into acting. Yet, that doesn’t mean that her daughter would be so easily thwarted. In fact, history has shown that when parents try so hard to deter their children in a particular route, it just makes them head towards that direction more fervently.

3 Apple Martin

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When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin first announced that the name of their daughter was Apple, people began criticizing their name choice. Yet, they definitely started a Hollywood trend because soon afterward, it seemed that every elite Hollywood couple went out of their way to think up unique and off the wall names for their children. Now that Apple is 11-years-old, she has definitely come into her own and has even adopted some luxury tastes given to her by her celebrity mom. Apple made headlines in February of 2016 when it was discovered that she indulged in $200 facials. While it’s still a bit of a mystery why an 11-year-old would even need a facial, at least it gave the public a great new picture of Apple as a tween. It’s undeniable that Apple looks like her celebrity mom, she seems to have a great mix of a look between Gwyneth and Chris. With the look of a fresh-faced beauty from a different era, Apple would be perfect for an upcoming scream thriller and people would undoubtedly flock to the theaters to see if she adopted any acting skills from her Academy Award-winning mom.

2 Matilda Ledger

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Matilda Ledger is the daughter of Michelle Williams and the late, Heath Ledger. The public has always thought of Matilda with an immense amount of sadness since she had to grow up without her father and especially because of the tragic circumstances surrounding his death. Matilda has stayed pretty much out of the spotlight since her father’s death, apart from a few photos taken by the paparazzi while out on a walk with her celebrity mother. Yet, the more recent photos have shown a striking similarity to her deceased father. The intrigue over Matilda has only increased since her recent facial changes that make her look more alike with Heath Ledger and it would undoubtedly increase even more so if she were to go into acting. She would make a great addition as a child actress, especially since she has such talented acting skills in her genes from both of her celebrity parents.

1 Damian Hurley

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Damian Hurley is the son of actress, Elizabeth Hurley, and has already started a career as a model and actor. It’s not surprising that doors would open for Damian since many have likened his look to his starlet mother. While there are definitely some similarities, Damian has a heartthrob quality that is all his own. He started his career on the British series, Neighbours, but his most acclaimed role has been in his mother’s TV show, The Royals, as Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein. While he’s already proven that he can act, it wouldn’t be a far-fetched notion for him to star on the silver screen in a horror film. There seems to always be a romance plot in a horror film as it is, so throwing in a hot Hurley actor would probably work into the storyline just fine. This would be a great way to introduce him further to American audiences and would undoubtedly help to draw some young female viewers to the movie theater.

Sources: Closer Weekly, People, NY Daily News

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