15 Celebrity Kids Who Are Becoming Trainwrecks

Celebrity kids have more than most of us would know what do with in terms of opportunities, connections, the latest and most expensive clothes and gizmos, invites to the most exciting and lavish events and oh yeah... money. You might think this would lead to Hollywood's leading ladies and lads producing some of the finest offspring America has to offer but unfortunately, this is not the case. As you'll see, sometimes too much of something (or in some cases, too much of everything) can really be a burden on the psyche.

Whether they've fallen onto the unfortunate path of the drugs and alcohol that Tinsel Town seems to have an endless supply of, or they just seem to have gone off the deep end, we can't help but wonder how their famous parents truly feel about their troubled babies, regardless of what they say on talk shows and during interviews. Everyone, regardless of status and wealth, has the desire for their child to succeed in life. And this list just goes to prove that sometimes, even if someone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, you never can predict how life will turn out. And yet, we're all in charge of our own destinies. We have important choices to make. It's fair to say that the fifteen celebrity kids on this list have a history of making some pretty poor life choices. Here's to knowing when it's time to clean up your act!


15 Marston Hefner Got Booked For Beating On A Playmate

In 2012, Marston Hefner, one of the heirs to the Playboy fortune was just a young playboy himself at twenty-one years old and seemed to be living the life of Riley dating his very own Playmate girlfriend, Claire Sinclair. He said that her similar look to popular 50s pin-up model Bettie Page is what first attracted him to her. But the carefree happiness ended for the couple when he was sentenced to a fifty-two-week domestic violence program (a slap on the wrist, really) for kicking and hitting Claire. The judge ordered Marston to stay away from Claire, which was no doubt a blow to his ego. At the age of eighteen, he was quoted as saying, "I've just been around really hot women my entire life so the average high school girl won't do it for me." Yikes. What a charmer. Claire seemed to be in a forgiving spirit, promising not to press charges if Marston would apologize in a public manner and get therapy for his anger issues.

14 Tom Hanks' Son Chet (aka "Haze") Landed His Parents In Court


Last year, it was alleged that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's son Chet (who sometimes goes by "Chet Haze") found himself in hot water after someone claimed that he rear-ended their car on a California highway. He also accused Chet of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at the time of the accident. But the angry driver wasn't done yet. He took the super famous Tom and his lovely wife, Rita to court by suing them since they allegedly knew that Chet was regularly under the influence and their names were on the vehicle in question. Considering that Tom and Rita have spotless reputations in a city where a clean reputation is as rare as a polka-dotted unicorn, this ugly little mark probably didn't go over too well at the Hanks dinner table in 2016.

13 Indio Downey Has Followed In His Father's Footsteps... And Not The Good Kind

In 2014, Robert Downey Jr.'s lookalike son was arrested for cocaine possession which only furthered their father and son similarities. Unfortunately, Indio Downey hasn't yet walked the path of success that his megastar father has with his band. Instead, he's gone down the dark path of drug addiction that RDJ has struggled with on and off, for years, earning him his "bad boy of Hollywood" reputation and has even been to jail for. The famous actor has recognized that Indio has inherited the same addictive tendencies and disease of drug addiction that he suffered from and praised his son for working hard towards sobriety. Also just like Papa, Indio received a full pardon on his drug charges and had his "slate" wiped clean. Well, in legal terms anyhow. As for his slate being wiped clean as far as the media is concerned, that's never gonna happen.

12 Christian Brando Spent Years In Jail For Murder


Christian Brando, son of famous actor Marlon Brando, killed his half-sister, Cheyenne's husband, Dag Drollet, the son to an important family in Tahiti, where Cheyenne and Dag were raised. According to a then pregnant Cheyenne, Dag was abusive towards her. Christian claimed that he went to his father's Mulholland Drive house in 1990 only confront Dag... with a gun. Things escalated, there was a struggle and the gun went off. This celebrity kid being a trainwreck is different from the others on the list and even though Marlon was completely supportive of his beloved son during his trial, Christian's actions understandably took a huge toll on the famous elder Brando, professionally and emotionally. After the trial, Cheyenne gave birth to a baby boy but she was so depressed she ended her own life by hanging. As for Christian, he was released from prison in 1996 for the murder and died from pneumonia in 2008. Before his death, he said that he now questions his late half sister's state of mental health when she confessed the abuse to him. "I feel like a complete chump for believing her," he said.

11 Nick Hogan's 2007 Reckless Driving Charge Left His Passenger Permanently Incapacitated

In 2007, Nick Hogan's yellow Toyota Supra crashed into a tree after he participated in illegal street racing with another vehicle. Nick's blood alcohol level tested at 0.055% and that was two hours after the horrific crash. Unfortunately, his good friend and former pit crew member, John Graziano who was riding passenger, will most likely need round the clock care for life, having suffered major brain damage from the incident. Mostly retired pro wrestler Hulk Hogan's only son went to jail and was fined, plus his family faced a lawsuit to cover Graziano's ongoing lifetime medical costs. Nick's lawyers tried to argue that he wasn't speeding but that was hard to do as the accident happened just sixteen days after he was issued his fourth speeding ticket within a span of eleven months. The public had little sympathy for Nick, who was a minor at the time, because Pinella County Sheriff's Department released tapes where Nick attacked Graziano's character, with the Hulkster on the other end of the line, going along with it.

10 Redmond O'Neal Has Been Arrested Multiple Times For Various Firearms And Drug Charges


Redmond, son of Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett and little brother to Tatum O'Neal, has a lengthy history of troubles with the law. His legal battles almost always have to do with possession of some kind... heroin, firearms, etc. In 2015, he was sentenced to 3 years in prison but was able to get away with just serving a year. Lately, Redmond has been spending time with his famous actor father but friends close to the family say that he never recovered from the 2009 death of his legendary mother, famous for her work in the popular 70s TV show, Charlie's Angels. Redmond's past legal offenses also were often the cause of probation violations. Now it appears that he is trying to keep his nose clean, so to speak, but he started acting out with drugs even before his mother got sick. His parents have had their own battles with drugs so his addiction hits deeper at a hereditary level. Here's hoping that he can maintain his sobriety.

9 Scout And Tallulah Moore - Underage Drinking, Fake IDs And Rehab

Bruce and Demi's girls, two out of the three anyway, have been up to enough out of control antics to make their parents, both elite members of Hollywood Royalty, cry out of concern and cringe with embarrassment. Tallulah especially, was on quite a party binge a few years ago and the youngest of the three sisters entered rehab after Scout caught her snorting cocaine at a party in L.A. at the exclusive Roosevelt Hotel. Demi blamed herself, feeling that her youngest might be taking after her (during her long ago party days) and Bruce reacted by threatening to cut Tallulah off financially. Back in 2012, Scout had her own scandal, the kind that high profile parents whole-heartedly detest. She was arrested for drinking beer in Union Square and providing inquiring officers with a fake ID. Bruce and Demi's middle girl got off with two days of community service. Pretty sweet deal! You think the prosecutor was a Die Hard fan?


8 Michael Douglas' Son Cameron Has Been In A World Of Trouble


When Michael Douglas first held his baby son, Cameron, in his arms around thirty-eight years ago, he probably never thought that his beloved son (who in some photos looks like his mini me) would ever be living in a halfway house one day but that, Cameron Douglas, did. He also spent nearly seven years in prison for drug offenses. His famous grandpa, Kirk begged the judge for a lighter sentence and his mother, Diandra, admitted that she made many mistakes in his upbringing and put the blame for his offenses squarely on herself. The judge apparently wasn't too moved by the mercy speeches because he increased Cameron's sentence, stating that he was a repeat offender. But Cameron still was released early considering that he wasn't due out until 2018. That's not to say that he had it easy in the stony lonesome. He sustained several injuries in prison consistent with a beating though he claims it was an accident. Ouch.

7 Jaycee Chan Got Jailed For Drug Charges

Jackie Chan's only boy, Jaycee, was arrested in Beijing when he was 32 in 2015 for various drug offenses. Beijing police had received a tip off for Jaycee's arrest and discovered 100 grams of marijuana at his home. Jaycee admitted to a charge of "sheltering others to use drugs" which kind of sounds like he had a crash pad for encouraging his friends to use drugs. That charge carries a sentence of three years but Jaycee served only a portion of that, just six months, in exchange for offering information. He stated that his parents did not visit him once in jail and he didn't want them to because he didn't want them to see him suffering. He admitted to feeling shame towards the incident and said that he wants to do right moving forward.

6 Marcus Jordan Cost His School $3 Million In Sponsorship Money


The heir to the Jordan throne, Marcus Jordan, once got booked for disorderly conduct but that's an entirely different story. One day, during an exhibition game for University of Central Florida back in 2009, Marcus put on a pair of his dad's famous shoes, Air Jordans. This may not seem like a big deal but it was actually kind of a bratty move. His school at the time, was sponsored by Adidas, who provided the school with $3 million in scholarship money. Once Adidas saw the defiant shoe-wearing that signalled betrayal, they dropped UCF, costing the school $3 million in sponsorship materials. In an interview, Marcus said that if the school had told him that he would have to wear Adidas, he never would have gone to the school in the first place. He said that he called his famous father after he heard the school was now sponsor-less and Michael said, "You know you're not wearing Adidas." Way to raise a team player, Mike!

5 Weston Cage Embarrassed Papa Nic With His Out Of Control Behavior

Nicolas Cage has been accused of being a vampire (if you haven't seen his 19th century doppelgänger that helped to start the rumor, please check it out) and his adult son, Weston, isn't doing too much to help dispel those rumors. Weston has been involved in metal bands for years but they have yet to emerge onto the main scene but that's not what caused his famous father grief. Just a couple of months earlier, Weston was cruising after a bit of boozing in the San Fernando Valley when he got into a small car accident. Once he heard that the cops were on their way, he decided it was time to leave. Weston fled from the police, denying to pull over and instead proceeded to take out a row of mailboxes and a stop sign with his brand new Chevy Camaro before losing a tire and crashing into a tree. Weston has also been fighting an alcohol addiction for several years. Despite all of the trouble, Nicolas remains a source of support in his troubled son's life but all of this no doubt caused embarrassment for him.

4 Richard Hilfiger Booked On Charges of Possession With Intent To Sell


Similar to Nicolas Cage's son, Weston, Tommy Hilfiger's boy has been bit by the music bug. But instead of metal bands, Richard prefers the rap scene and goes by "Rich Hil" or "Ricky Hil." He also prefers to get into tons of trouble, causing his dear ol' dad to turn a shade similar to that of the crimson colored socks that he sells. The heavily tattooed "emerging" rapper, who once dated Rita Ora, has gotten into trouble for possession, disorderly conduct, and battery after he punched a bouncer at a Miami night club over a dress code issue. Classy, right? Regardless of the massive difference between father and son, Rich Hil emails his dad new songs all the time to get his feedback. And to pay homage to the famous designer, one of Rich Hil's many tattoos says, "I love you, Dad." This heartwarming tattoo sits near a clown smoking a joint. Imagine if Rich Hil takes over the popular line one of these days...

3 Nicole Richie Put Her Parents Through A Smorgasbord Of Troubles

Nicole Richie, the beloved adopted daughter to the vintage music powerhouse that is Lionel Richie, has been through a slew of problems from getting arrested for a brawl in a New York City nightclub in 2002, heroin possession in 2003 and a DUI in 2006– it's clear that she has been no stranger to her fair share of issues in her younger days. She's been in and out of rehabs and (really shortened!) jail sentences. Today, she seems to have cleaned up her act and is focused on mothering her two children, Harlow and Sparrow. Now she is a far cry from the hard partying girl she used to be, enjoying the fame she earned from her days on The Simple Life as Paris Hilton's sarcastic sidekick gal pal. But back in the early 2000s, Nicole Richie was one heck of a trainwreck.

2 Caroline Giuliani Got Arrested For Shoplifting $100 Worth Of Goodies From Sephora


In 2010, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani's daughter saw approximately $100 worth of makeup essentials at Sephora that she just couldn't live without. And she didn't happen to have $100 on her. No matter, she thought and stole the loot from the popular store. But Ivy-League educated Caroline apparently wasn't a smart enough cookie to get away with the theft. She was tasked by a NYC court to pay back her fine to society by scrubbing toilets and mopping floors by joining the "bucket brigade" of the NYC Sanitation Department. Caroline joined the ranks of other famous types who have thumbed their noses at the law like Boy George and Naomi Campbell who have been inducted into this "brigade." Caroline has said that she is very sorry for the theft and has learned a lot from her mistake. No doubt that despite her apologies, former Mayor Rudy had some very red cheeks during the time of this incident.

1 Nate Montana's Bad Boy Behavior Is Shameful For His Larger Than Life Football Famed Father

In 2010, a handful of Notre Dame footballers were arrested for assumed underage drinking. One of those players happened to be the son of the very famous Joe Montana. The shame train kept on rolling full steam ahead when Nate was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. After refusing a breathalyzer, his driver's license was automatically suspended. He then chose to plead guilty to reckless driving, which carries a much lighter charge and promptly paid the fine. But things still didn't stop there. Apparently, Nate didn't learn his lesson and later got in trouble for shoplifting. Many football fans felt sorry for ol' Joe in 2014 when Nate decided to spike the ball during one college game with no timeouts and the clock running out on fourth down. Can you imagine how Joe's hardcore fans felt about Nate's legal mistakes?


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