15 Celebrity Halloween Costumes That Got Them In Trouble

Celebs just wanna have fun... and there's nothing more fun than getting ready to blow everyone away with a truly unique costume creation for Halloween. Sometimes in order to get creative, it's necessary to think outside of the box and that may blur the lines when it comes to being politically correct. But if you're just a regular

Sometimes in order to get creative, it's necessary to think outside of the box and that may blur the lines when it comes to being politically correct. But if you're just a regular ol' Joe or Jane Schmoe, this usually isn't a huge deal. Your friends already know and love you and if you risk a little backlash from your buddies at your pal's backyard Halloween bash, things will probably blow over with a little explaining and apologizing if someone is put off. But if you're a celebrity, wearing a potentially offensive costume can bring your career down or at the very least, ruin the month of November for you with a barrage of angry comments and heated tweets. So what's the moral of the story here? If you're a regular person, use good judgment and common sense when it comes to choosing your costume. If you're a celebrity, run your costume idea by your PR team, social media

So what's the moral of the story here? If you're a regular person, use good judgment and common sense when it comes to choosing your costume. If you're a celebrity, run your costume idea by your PR team, social media manager, and agent just to be on the safe side before hitting the red carpet in a controversial costume that could land a career into a candy coma.

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15 Reality Stars Heidi And Spencer Offend Other Reality Stars

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag-Pratt don't have a ton of room in their glass house to be throwing stones at other reality stars, but in 2009 they did just that for Halloween, dressing up as TLC stars Jon and Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate Plus Eight. The couple got really into character and looked the part, especially Heidi with her choppy blond asymmetrical wig and sunglasses. For his part, Spencer had on an Ed Hardy shirt, which Jon Gosselin heavily favored. Jon and Kate are certainly no angels and have many imperfections, but Speidi isn't squeaky clean either and, in fact, we're pretty sure the couple who found fame and insta-shame on The Hills has a lot more baggage and embarrassments in their past than Jon and Kate. If the Gosselins ever reunited, the ball would be in their court if they chose to pack a payback punch at Speidi for a future Halloween.

14 Dwayne Wade Dons "Whiteface" As Justin Bieber

Dwayne Wade either helped to end the debate on the controversial and offensive blackface topic or he instigated a new heated topic - "whiteface". When Wade dressed up for Halloween in 2010, there was no better costume in his mind that Justin Bieber. And why not? The Biebs' career was soaring and Wade thought it would be hilarious to imitate the young heartthrob. But after he posted pics of his finished costume, people began to respond with heated comments. If blackface is wrong, shouldn't "whiteface" be taboo as well? Some agreed, some didn't. To be honest, Wade probably didn't care too much about the negativity. He's a mega-rich athlete who just had a good time on Halloween and decided to share a photo. We don't think that Bieber would have been upset either... do you think Wade's costume had anyone convinced that he was supposed to be the singer? Neither do we. A+ for effort, though.

13 Chris Brown Loses His Remaining Fans By Dressing As A Taliban Soldier

Chris Brown lost so many fans after he pleaded guilty to physically assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna in June of 2009. He was at the height of his career when the abusive secrets of the hip-hop/pop star power couple came to light and it was no surprise to anyone when Brown's career took a nosedive soon after. He even made a video which he posted to social media claiming, "I'm ain't a monster" which is an ironic statement since he stated, "I felt like a monster" in an interview regarding his abusive relationship with Rihanna. Not helping his case any, Brown and his band of buddies dressed as Taliban soldiers in 2012. Smooth move, Exlax.

12 Heidi As Hindi Goddess Kali

Heidi Klum has staked her claim as Hollywood's official Queen of Halloween and she fights to keep that title every year when All Hallow's Eve rolls around. 2008 was no exception for Klum who went all out as usual and decided to put her energetic efforts into a Kali, Hindu Goddess costume. Klum's costume was remarkably accurate compared against depictions of Kali. She went for the extra details such as prosthetic points for her teeth, red colored contact lenses and a necklace of shrunken heads. She even makes the same face that Kali is seen making in depictions that can be found online. Unfortunately, accuracy didn't forgive Klum in the eyes of some Hindu-American leaders who thought that dressing up as Kali for Halloween was a sign of disrespect for their culture and religion.

11 Julianne Hough Dons "Blackface" As "Crazy Eyes"

Red was the new orange in 2013 after Julianne Hough debuted her Halloween efforts... red were the faces of the angry public when they got a look at Hough's completed costume. With a group of gal pals and a guy too, Julianne's crew took on the task of recreating the cast from Orange Is The New Black. The only problem is that Hough felt the need to include blackface along with her costume. Fans were outraged with her insensitivity and called Hough a racist. In all of this madness, there was one shining heroine in actress Isla Fisher. Fisher was reportedly horrified when she saw Hough's artificially darkened skin and pulled her aside to recommend that she hightail it to the bathroom to wash her face off before any photos were snapped. But Fisher was too late and Hough later issued a public apology on Twitter, stating, "I am a huge fan of the show Orange Is the New Black, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created. It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize."

10 Hilary Duff And Boyfriend Go Fully Politically Incorrect

When Hilary Duff and her new beau, personal trainer and gym owner Jason Walsh dressed up for the Casamigos Halloween Party which was held at a private residence in Beverly Hills a few days before Halloween in 2016, they had no idea what backlash they would receive for their couple costume idea when Duff posted it to her Twitter account. Some of the angry tweets were, "HILARY DUFF YOUR COSTUME IS SO YESTERDAY", "No @HilaryDuff Traditional dress is not a costume and you being dressed as a pilgrim proves to me how insensitive and ignorant you are" and "Look at how much work dude put into being racist." Some commenters mentioned the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy and accused Duff and Walsh of being insensitive to that issue. Duff later apologized for the oversight in judgment.

9 Snooki Offends Parents Of Missing Children

It must have been hard coming up with a Halloween costume idea for someone who actually is a Halloween costume. During the popularity of MTV's Jersey Shore, Snooki was one of the most sought-after costumes. It's pretty easy to pull together, actually... one tight minidress, bright fuzzy slippers, oversized sunglasses, hair pouf with a big bow, an alcoholic beverage in hand with a sassy, spunky attitude and of course a spray tan and you're all set. But for the girl who actually is Snooki, it seemed that she ran into a conundrum while searching for her costume and ended up sticking a milk carton over her head at the last minute. What the dear Snook probably failed to realize was the reaction that parents and family members who have gone through the real-life horror of losing a child or having a child who remains missing would have from her poorly thought-out costume choice.

8 Prince Harry Infuriates Many With His Nazi Costume

In 2005, young, fresh-faced, and redheaded twenty-year-old Prince Harry attended a private party in which all guests wore Nazi costumes complete with Swastika armbands. Obviously, there was a public outrage for Harry's insensitive and thoughtless costume. Michael Howard, the Israeli foreign minister, as well as many survivors of the Holocaust, felt that Harry should have known better than to wear such an inconsiderate costume which serves as a painful reminder to all of the lives lost at the hands of the Nazis. But despite the many requests and demands for Prince Harry to be stripped of his place at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, all outcries were promptly ignored.

"He is most emphatically not a liability. We take the same attitude to the prince as any other cadet," a senior Army official said in defense of Harry. "I am quite sure there are plenty of cadets who display lack of judgment, but we never hear of them because they do not end up in The Sun."

7 Bill Maher Stands By His (Dead) Steve Irwin Costume

2006 was a tough year for fans of Steve Irwin, star of The Crocodile Hunter. When news hit that Irwin had been fatally pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while starring in an underwater documentary, fans of the Aussie were deeply touched by his death. That same year, comedian and political commenter Bill Maher dressed up as Irwin with a bloodied chest complete with a stingray barb sticking out of this chest. He was met with heavy criticism for his costume choice but stood firm in his decision and stated that he had his reasons.

"Stop hassling me about my Halloween costume," Maher said. "Yes, you've seen it on the internet. I went as the Crocodile Hunter with a bloody stinger in my chest. People who really love animals understand if you get killed by one, chances are you were doing something to it you shouldn't have been."

6 Tia Mowry Is Accused Of Appropriating Japanese Culture

In 2013, half of the famous Mowry twins, Tia Mowry caught flack for posting photos of herself in an elaborate geisha costume. She took the time to expertly apply makeup including white face powder, soft pink blush, dramatic lipstick, and purple eyeshadow. She also wore a great black wig in an updo and had a fancy dress and fan for an accessory. She went all out for Halloween and for her troubles, she caught a wave of hate on social media. Geisha costumes are actually pretty popular among little girls and women alike for Halloween, especially with the book and movie Memoirs of a Geisha that did so well in 2005. But Mowry was the elected poster child to take all of the hate. The heated opinions stated that Mowry was guilty of cultural appropriation since Mowry is not truly Japanese.

5 Octomom Dragged Her Babies Into An Offensive Group Costume

What the devil? Nadya Suleman came to fame after giving birth to octuplets conceived via in vitro fertilization in January of 2009. Suleman fell under harsh criticism for many issues, such as not having the means to care for eight babies along with her six older children. She fought back against these claims publicly by stating that she planned to get back in school and finish her master's degree in counselling, but public records proved that she had been receiving disability checks between 2002 and 2008, and then she purchased a house in La Habra in 2009 which only angered her critics further. The same year that she moved her big brood into the new house, she decided to dress up as a pregnant nun for Halloween and dress the octuplets up as little devils which many found tasteless and crude. Ironically enough, she later starred in the indie horror flick, 666: The Devil's Child in 2012 which turned out to be a tremendous flop.

4 Lily Allen Threw Shade At Ke$ha With Her Dr. Luke Costume

If we're looking at Lily Allen as a model, we would have to assume that in the world of female singers, girls do not stick together. Allen took a huge shot at Ke$ha with her "Dr. Luke" costume. If you're not aware of this story, Dr. Luke is not a real doctor. It's just a nickname for Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald who is an American record producer and songwriter. But Allen cleverly used the moniker and the fact that Ke$ha accused him of inappropriate behavior and assault to up her Halloween costume. With her name tag reading "gynecology department", she was clearly making a statement when she arrived at Kate Hudson's Halloween party in 2014. Even if she was trying to poke fun at Dr. Luke, she also poked fun at Ke$ha's claim of abuse with her choice of costume. No girl power there.

3 Ashley Benson Disappoints Animal Lovers Everywhere

Cecil was a Southwest African lion named after Cecil Rhodes who served as Prime Minister of South Africa in the late 1800's. He was largely beloved in his home of the Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. Cecil was something of a local celebrity at the park and was being studied and tracked by the University of Oxford as part of a larger study. He was just thirteen years old when he was illegally killed by Walter Palmer, a meek-looking dentist from Minneapolis. After Palmer skinned Cecil and cut his head off, he was smug and unapologetic about the murder of Cecil which outraged the masses. This already aching sore point was pushed further by Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars when she posted a photo of herself in a fancy gold get-up on Instagram with the caption, "Help! Can't decide on my Halloween costume this year! What do you guys think of this Cecil the lion costume?" Commenters called the post "distasteful," "insensitive", "f---ed up". Ashley claimed it was a mistake, but the damage was done.

2 Kelly Osbourne Dressed As Controversial Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal's story may be fascinating but many people find her to be infuriating. So when Kelly Osbourne dressed up as her for Halloween in 2015 and posted the captions, "kellyosbourne #CallMeRachel #MyCasualLook" she caused quite a stir with her Instagram followers. "WOW I actually thought you knew better... #fail #fail #fail," one commenter wrote. Even worse, another person wrote, "This from the same person who was up in arms when her BFF made an insensitive comment about zendaya..." basically calling Osbourne out as a hypocrite on the incident that caused her to quit Fashion Police. The incident involved Giuliana Rancic making inappropriate remarks about Zendaya's dreadlocks and saying that she looked like she smelled like marijuana. Standing up for Zendaya, Osbourne quit the show, saying that she didn't want to be around any sort of racism. But soon after, she chose to dress as one of the most controversial individuals regarding race in recent history. Go figure.

1 Adrianne Curry Goes Way Too Far As Amy Winehouse

In 2009, the first winner of America's Next Top Model, Adrianne Curry caused outrage in the public eye when she gave an interview to Hollyscoop dressed as singer Amy Winehouse who was near the height of her career at the time. Dressing as Winehouse was a popular choice back then but Curry took things to a level that many found tasteless when she pretended to inject herself in her arm with a fake hypodermic needle after wrapping a belt around it (without cinching it) all while laughing and smiling big for the camera. People suffering from addiction along with people who felt that Curry's public portrayal was in poor taste made their feelings known about the former model. When Winehouse died two years later on July 23, 2011, from alcohol intoxication, some remembered Curry's costume and the bad message that it carried: making fun of addiction.

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