15 Celebrity Garbage Items That Sold For A Ton Of Money

There are people who hate the thought of celebrities. And then, there are other people who worship the ground they walk on. There are plenty of die-hard fans out there, but you aren't a true fan until you purchase a really, really weird item on eBay that once belonged to them.

This list of celebrity garbage that sold for an outrageous amount of money will shock you. Some people are so obsessed with a star that they would literally spend all of their life savings on anything that has to do with them; even if that is a used tissue or a small piece of half-eaten food. Yes, you read that correctly, and these particular items sold for not only hundreds, but thousands of dollars.

You'll be surprised to learn that there are a number of very odd items that have been auctioned off and sold for a ton of cash. It's also very strange to figure out how on earth these sellers even found these items. We're sensing a lot of rummaging in trash cans and restaurant dumpsters. However, there are a lot of celebs who know they are so famous that even cutting a tiny lock of hair will get them thousands of dollars. For example, when Justin Bieber had his gorgeous, full head of hair, he chopped a tiny piece off, and it sold for a whopping $40,668. Bieber did use that money for a worthy cause, so we'll give him that. Check out these other outrageous celebrity items that sold for a ton of cash.

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15 Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie's Breath In A Jar

Photo Via: dontpaniconline.com

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were Hollywood's "It" couple for 11 years until the actress filed for divorce in September of 2016. According to Jolie's lawyer, the hot couple decided to part ways "for the health of the family." They raised six children together–Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, and twins Vivienne and Knox–and seemed like a match made in heaven. Even with things turning sour for the former couple, people still love both stars. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are two of Hollywood's sexiest stars, and there is no doubt that people are obsessed with them and would buy anything that has to do with them. A man named Joe Wilson put up an eBay auction for a jar that supposedly contained the breath of Pitt and Jolie. The auction said, "Be the first to win this jar of celebrity air, which may contain air molecules that came in direct contact with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt." The jar sold for $523.

14 Ronald Reagan's Blood

Any item that belonged to a U.S. President has a ton of value. So, when a vial of Ronald Reagan's blood went up for auction, it reached a whopping $30,000. PFCAuctions.com put up the 5-inch glass vial that contains dried blood residue from Reagan from a sample taken at the time of an assassination attempt on the former president. However, the Reagan family was not pleased with the auction and stated that the blood was anything but Reagan's. "Whatever's in the vial–could be mouse blood–it's certainly not Reagan blood," Reagan's son, Michael, said. The auction was eventually canceled because it sparked massive outrage.

13 Scarlett Johansson's Used Tissue

Photo Via: huffingtonpost.com

Actress Scarlett Johannson has been in a ton of movies, including The Avengers, The Island, Lucy, and Captain America, so it's safe to say that she is one of Hollywood's A-list stars and one of the hottest. Besides gaining all her fame with her films, she's also taken a ton of sexy photoshoots, and people have become obsessed with her. During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, ScarJo stated that her co-star, Samuel L. Jackson, had given her a cold. When Leno gave her a tissue to blow her nose, she decided that she should just auction off her snot tissue. The interesting bid is also one of the grossest, but it worked in her favor. The actress received a bid of $2,000 for the tissue and gave the money to a worthy charity.

12 John Lennon's Tooth

Photo Via: consequenceofsound.net

Anything related to The Beatles is worth keeping, even if it's something as crazy as a member's tooth. John Lennon gave his discolored molar to his housekeeper in the '60s because he had heard that her daughter was a huge fan of the band, so she kept it as a souvenir. As she got older, she wanted to pass the tooth on so she wouldn't lose it, so it went up for auction with Omega Auction House in 2011. Canadian dentist Michael Zuk is said to have purchased the famous tooth for an insane $31,200.

11 Britney Spears' Used Gum

Photo Via: bustle.com

Britney Spears is a pop culture icon, and it's not a shock that people want something of hers. You may have her first album or old posters of the Hit MeBaby One More Time star, but I bet you don't have a used piece of chewing gum that was once in her mouth. With no actual piece of authenticity that it was indeed Spears' gum, it still went up on eBay as the pop star's with a copy of a ticket stub from a performance at the 2004 Wembley Arena concert in London. The asking price was $53. This isn't the first time people have auctioned off Britney's gum. In fact, people must be following the star around constantly waiting for her to spit her gum out because there have been numerous eBay auctions for it. A man from Ontario had his own posting for her gum at a ridiculous $1,000.

10 J.D. Salinger's Toilet

Photo Via: biblioklept.org

J.D. Salinger's most famous work was The Catcher in the Rye, and it made him one of the most well-known authors of his time. A signed copy of the book would be a great souvenir to have in your home, but why not also have his toilet bowl? A toilet that was described as being once owned by Salinger went up on eBay for a whopping $1 million. The person who put it for sale wrote that the toilet comes "unclean and in its original condition." The ad also stated, "Who knows how many of [his] stories were thought up and written while Salinger sat on his throne!" The toilet also came with a letter from the person who used to own the former home of Salinger and stated that it was removed for renovations. The listing has had many bidders, but it's unclear if someone bought it.

9 Marilyn Monroe's Chest X-Ray

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Marilyn Monroe was not only known for her films, Some Like It Hot, The Seven Year Itch, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but also for her curves. The actress always flaunted her body and was proud of it. There have been hundreds of Monroe memorabilia sold over the years. One in particular was her sheer crystal-emblazoned dress which she wore when she sang Happy Birthday, Mr. President to John F. Kennedy. It was sold for $4.8 million. Her dresses always go for tons of money, so there's no surprise there. However, items put up for auction, which were rather odd, were three sets of chest x-rays from a 1954 hospital visit. The x-rays were sold at Hollywood Legends auction at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas for $45,000. What makes the x-rays unique is that Monroe was still married to American baseball star Joe Di Maggio so her x-rays carry the name Marilyn Di Maggio.

8 Niall Horan's Half-Eaten Toast

Photo Via: Twitter.com

When One Direction released What Makes You Beautiful in 2011, young girls and even some older women went crazy for the five talented musicians. When we thought the days of boy bands were over, One Direction came into our lives and changed everything. It seemed like everything had the band members' faces on it, from t-shirts to socks to underwear, and fans would spend hundreds for them. But, some fans went way too deep in their pockets to pay for this absurd One Direction item. When boy band member Niall Horan took a bite out of his piece of toast with Vegemite, he was not a fan of it. Little did he know, those leftovers would be worth thousands. In fact, Horan's leftover toast was sold on eBay and received almost $100,000.

7 Wil Wheaton's Dented Ping Pong Ball

Photo Via: thedailydot.com

Wil Wheaton is best known for starring as Wesley Crusher on the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation and Gordie Lachance in the movie Stand By Me. Wheaton was cleaning out his garage when he decided that it would be a great idea to auction off a dented ping pong ball he found on eBay. To entice his fans, he created a ridiculous story about the ping pong ball, and interestingly enough, he started receiving bids that went up to over $1,000. After receiving so much money for a dented ball, he began auctioning off other odd items he found. He even offered to throw in a small piece of bagel if the ping pong ball reached $1,500.

6 Queen Elizabeth II's Monogrammed Underwear

Photo Via: fizzlerr.com

Believe it or not, there was one time when you could have scored Queen Elizabeth II's monogrammed underwear on eBay. This silky undergarment was auctioned off in 2012, but it wasn't confirmed if they were really hers or not. The story behind the underwear is that aristocrat Baron Joseph "Sepy" de Bicske Dobronyi obtained the panties from the pilot of the private plane the Queen was flying in when she visited Chile in 1968. Dobronyi wanted to auction off the underwear with auction house Hansons Auctioneers, but they were taking too long, so he took the monogrammed underwear to eBay. Bidding began at $4,000 and skyrocketed to $18,000. There were 18 bids for the underwear, and the winner has remained anonymous.

5 Britney Spears' Pregnancy Test

Photo Via: self.com

People sure do love items from Britney Spears. Not only has her used gum been auctioned off a number of times, but people apparently want her pregnancy tests too. When Spears stayed at a Los Angeles hotel, a positive pregnancy test was found in the trash bin, which was weirdly taken out and given to an Ottawa radio station. An Internet casino company acquired the test for $5,001. The singer was then pregnant with her former husband Kevin Federline's baby. The internet casino claimed that the proceeds from the pregnancy kit were going to a children's cancer foundation and The Easter Seal Society, which helps disabled kids.

4 William Shatner's Kidney Stone

Photo Via: thesun.com

Anyone interested in a celebrity's kidney stone? We're not talking about just any celebrity though; we're talking about James T. Kirk, the Captain of Star Trek's USS Enterprise. It appears that some people are after William Shatner's kidney stone, that was auctioned off on eBay for an insane $75,000 in 2006. The buyer was GoldenPalace.com, who donated the proceeds to charity. The buyer is no stranger to purchasing odd items. The online casino company also bought a cheese sandwich that resembled the Virgin Mary for a whopping $28,000.

3 Justin Bieber's Lock Of Hair

Photo Via: daily.social.com

Justin Bieber could auction off one of his eyebrow hairs, and we bet it would go for thousands. There is no question that the Biebs is one of Hollywood's most famous stars, and girls all over the world wanted everything and anything that had to do with the pop star. When the singer appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show, he told her that he cut pieces of his trademark hair and presented a piece on the show. The single lock of hair was put in a clear box, which Bieber also autographed. Astonishingly, the box with his hair sold for $40,668. All the proceeds were going to a charity that Bieber chose.

2 Pharrell Williams' Hat

Photo Via: thetodayshow.com

We were all a bit confused about Pharrell Williams' choice of accessory when he showed up to the Grammy Awards. The Buffalo hat he was wearing was definitely the statement piece of the entire night. Williams decided that it was time to give up the hat and auctioned it off on eBay as a fundraiser for his charity for at-risk teens. The winner of the auction turned out to be food chain restaurant Arby's, who bought it for $44,100. It was a pretty good buy for Arby's since the company's logo looks very much like the Vivienne Westwood hat.

1 Eminem's Used Couch

Photo Via: siriusxm.com

This auction was extremely awkward, and we still don't understand it. We get if Eminem wanted to sell his own stuff, but when a member of his Shady Records group sells something of his, it gets really weird. Rapper Obie Trice auctioned a used couch that Eminem gave him for $2,000. He apparently did it as a joke, stating, "As a joke I had this couch that Eminem gave me a long time ago, so I put it on eBay for sale. It was one of those things, if it worked; I would of sold it (laughs). It went the wrong way and people thought that I was broke."

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