15 Celebrity Falls That Were Actually Pretty Funny

The shame of slipping up in public must have been triple for these celebs, but they had no choice but to pretend like nothing happened.

We’ve all experienced that awkward moment in life where we’ve tripped up in the street or on a staircase, but there’s one silver lining to every one of those moments - they weren’t viewed by millions of people. Some of us might have been caught stumbling in a Vine video or on a friend's Snapchat, but unless it went viral, these people won’t have faced any large scale public humiliation. Unfortunately for celebrities, their entire life is in the spotlight and when they trip and stumble in a public place, the world is gonna remember it!

The shame of slipping up in public must have been triple for these celebs, but they had no choice but to pretend like nothing happened. It’s no surprise that a lot of these falls happened on stage - which can often be blamed on high heels or a "wardrobe malfunction." But most of the time, these stars were getting a little too carried away with their performance to watch where they were going and the result is hilarious.

Being snapped falling over in the park is one thing, but having an epic tumble on stage means these famous figures had both their actual audience in the crowd and the world audience to contend with. Seriously cringey. We don’t want to trade lives with any of them in this situation. From glam red carpet events to choreography that didn’t quite go as planned, these are the moments celebs wish could be erased from public record. Here are 15 cringe-worthy falls we couldn’t help but laugh at...

15 Beyonce

I love and respect Queen Bee as much as the next person, but her epic fall during a 2007 concert was admittedly quite funny - mostly because it was head first down about 10 steps! Thankfully, Bey wasn’t injured at all so we shouldn’t feel too guilty about finding it funny. The audience could be audibly heard gasping after she hit the floor, but she soon got right back up and slayed with some signature hair-flipping dance moves.

After what must have been a hugely cringe-worthy moment for her, Beyonce apparently pleaded with her adoring crowd “Don’t put this on YouTube!” Unfortunately, even Queen Bee can’t hold back the tide when it comes to the Internet and within hours, her epic tumble was plastered over news channels and quickly sparked online parodies. As cringey and painful as it may have looked, nothing fazed Queen Bee - she apparently didn’t even miss a line of the song "Ring The Alarm!"

14 Katy Perry

Cake can figuratively be some people’s downfall (mine included!), but cake literally caused Miss Perry to slip up not once but several times after a rendition of her debut hit "I Kissed a Girl." Performing at the Latin America MTV Awards back in 2008, Katy P jumped into a massive pink cake on stage as part of her act. Unfortunately, the cake and icing mess made the stage super slippery and it wasn’t long before the singer slipped and struggled, Bambi-like, to get up again.

After slipping in the cake, Katy was visibly embarrassed but laughed it off by starting a mini food fight with her guitarist. He helped her up but she went down again (and again). Poor girl. Eventually, Perry just gave up attempting to stand at all and just crawled off the stage on her hands and knees - leaving a trail of pink icing behind her. Not one of her finest moments!

13 Jennifer Lawrence

Picture the scene: your name has just been announced after those amazing words “..and the Oscar goes to...” You can’t believe this moment. This is the day your career and life has been building up to. You make your way nervously and excitedly to the stage to receive this incredible honour in front of all the actors who have inspired you. But as you do, you trip up the stairs with the world and your hero's watching. Hi ground, please swallow me up.

This is what must have been going through poor J-Law’s mind when she tripped up before receiving her Best Actress Oscar in 2013. Jennifer Lawrence was probably wishing she had opted for a short dress instead of the epic Disney princess gown that made her trip up. Luckily, she recovered from it pretty well and even had Hugh Jackman step in to help her off the floor. Of all the moments to lose your footing though - cringetastic.

12 Iggy Azalea

In a not so "Fancy" move, Iggy Azalea slipped up in front of thousands during an MTV performance of her most well-known song, "Fancy." The blonde Aussie singer was clearly enjoying herself too much and became a little too engrossed in her rapping because she took a few too many steps backward and fell right off the stage! Ouch. That can’t be cool.

Amusingly, she could still be heard rapping the lyrics while on the floor and security guards soon stepped in to help her back on stage. A fan in the audience caught the embarrassing moment Iggy disappeared off stage after dancing backwards - you’d think her fans might have warned her to look out for the edge. Azalea must have been riding such a buzz to get totally caught up in her own rap lyrics and underestimate the length of the stage. Maybe stay in one spot next time, Igg!

11 Madonna

Remember when the Queen of Pop had her embarrassing fall from grace at the Brit Awards? It pretty much broke the Internet back in 2015 and countless memes now exist because of it. So what made it so meme-worthy? Let’s refresh. First off, it was Madonna’s first Brit performance in 20 years (unfortunate) and second of all, she fell from a pretty great height...backwards and in heels. Ouchie.

Madge was wearing a long cape as part of her dramatic reveal, but she struggled to untie it in time, so when her dancers assumed it was loose, they yanked it and Madonna came tumbling down with it. Apparently, though, this could have all been her own fault. In true diva fashion, Madonna vetoed the original cape design of a hook and went with a tie instead (which she failed to undo with one hand). Never heard of "hoist by your own petard," Madge?

10 Michelle Williams

Before Beyonce had her epic fall as a solo artist, her bandmate Michelle Williams had a pretty embarrassing slip up of her own. During a BET performance in 2004, the Destiny’s Child ladies were in the middle of dancing to their hit song "Soldier" when Michelle suddenly lost balance and collapsed to the floor. The funniest thing about poor Michelle’s tumble is the reaction from Beyonce and Kelly. They both briefly looked down at Michelle before carrying on as if nothing happened - they didn’t even help the poor girl up!

More than a decade later, Michelle’s infamous fall has led some to believe that not all was rosy between the Destiny’s Child girls. (The look Kelly Rowland shot Michelle as she stumbled was pretty shady!). But this was probably just a case of being pros and letting the show go on - even if a member of your group falls embarrassingly hard on live television!

9 Justin Bieber

Of all the celebrity blunders on here, this is the one that I’ll admit taking the most satisfaction out of. Sorry die-hard Beliebers, but who doesn’t enjoy watching this jumped up little A-hole make a fool of himself? I’m only human. In this particularity epic stage tumble, Bieber was performing a duet with Carly Rae Jepsen while on tour in Canada when he took a little trip down the stairs. What’s worse is that the pair could be seen on about three large screens as well, so there was literally nowhere to hide.

In what was probably intended as a flawless performance routine, the duo danced at opposite sides of the stage before meeting in the middle and dancing down a central staircase together. Embarrassingly for Bieber (and hilariously for the rest of us), Bieber not only stumbled on the steps but actually slid down a few on his butt. The fall probably hurt his ego more than his backside though. Get out the popcorn when you watch this one.

8 Naomi Campbell

You probably haven’t made it in the modelling world until you’ve had an embarrassing fall on the catwalk. It’s probably a badge of honour. We’re guessing Naomi Campbell didn’t see it this way though. The British supermodel had a spectacularly humiliating fall during a catwalk show in 1993. Campbell was modelling the latest Vivienne Westwood collection in Paris, when her absurdly high heels let her down in the worst way.

Poor Naomi started off graceful but ended up looking like Bambi on the ice as she hit the floor. The towering platform heels that caused her cringey blunder have since gone on display in exhibitions in New York and Japan. Alas - thanks to YouTube - Campbell’s epic tumble will forever be on display too. Westwood, who designed the ill-fated shoes, said that “Shoes must have very high heels to put women’s beauty on a pedestal.” Your shoes could have Naomi on a hospital bed!

7 Drake

In a pretty ironic move, Drake took a tumble on stage while he was in the middle of performing his song "Take Care." Drizzy might have heeded his own advice and taken care before he tumbled backwards halfway through his set! Admirably, he literally took the fall in his stride, since he turned his trip into a backward roll - prompting a lot of cheers from his fans. Leave it to Drake to try and make an embarrassing tumble look as smooth as his voice.

In a double dose of irony, the lyric of the song that immediately followed his awkward trip and roll was “You’ve seen all my mistakes.” Yes, Drake - a packed stadium and around half a million YouTube users saw it. It’s a wise dude that learns from his mistakes, though, so hats off to Drizzy for keeping his cool and making the fall look like it was all part of his plan.

6 Lady Gaga

What do you get when you mix sky-high heeled boots with performing on top of a piano? A pretty painful and cringey stage fall is what. When Lady Gaga fell off her piano during a 2011 concert, she never let on how much the fall must have hurt her, but man it had to hurt! While performing her hit "You & I," Miss Gaga decided it would be a good idea to place one heel on the piano keys and the other on the piano stool - what part of that did she think was a good idea?

As expected, Lady G ended up doing the splits for a brief moment before landing in a heap on the floor. Of course - Gaga being Gaga - she tried to work the fall into part of her act and carried on singing underneath the piano. This isn’t the first time the daring singer suffered an embarrassing tumble due to high heels. A year before in 2010, Gaga fell flat on her face at London’s Heathrow Airport thanks to wearing ridiculously steep platform shoes.

5 Meghan Trainor

While dancing to her song "Me Too" on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Meghan Trainor lost her balance in a pair of towering heels right at the end of a pretty epic set. In a delicious slice of irony, her song "Me Too" is all about self-confidence and the fact that, as the lyrics go “If I was you, I’d wanna be me too.” Sorry, Meghan, but not many of us would want to be you in that situation!

Just seconds before the song ended, Trainor spun round for one last dance move, when she staggered and took the mic stand down with her. Cringe! Despite ending her sassy song with a pretty uncool and mortifying slip-up, she saw the funny side and so did talk show host Jimmy Fallon. As Meghan remained on the floor laughing it off, Fallon walked over to her and lay down next to her, just to make her feel less of a dork. Nice.

4 Heidi Klum

Not all supermodels fall over on the catwalk, as Heidi Klum proved during the 2008 Emmy’s. The gorgeous blonde model was being carried by co-host Tom Bergeron as part of a skit that went disastrously wrong pretty fast. Klum was pretending to swoon in Bergeron’s arms when he accidentally dropped her hard to the floor. The German beauty took a photo of her leg backstage which showed off a deep purple bruise at the top of her thigh - nasty!

Apparently, a lot of the comedy routines that night were fairly unrehearsed and left the audience pretty unimpressed. Still, at least the Emmy’s crowd got to see an epic blunder! As a slender, 5 ft 9 supermodel, Klum doesn’t strike us as particularity heavy. Maybe the organizers could have hired someone a little stronger than Tom Bergeron to carry Klum out onto the stage. Heidi’s butt (and her pride) had to hurt for days afterwards.

3 Demi Lovato

Poor Demi Lovato just can’t catch a break when it comes to stage tumbles. The singer/actress has slipped up quite a few times while performing in recent years, falling over in two separate performances in 2015 alone! The 24-year-old was performing her massive hit "Cool for the Summer" at the Madison Square Garden Jingle Ball back in December 2015 when she tripped on a mic stand and fell flat on her back. She had just completed a 20 minute set of her songs too!

Demi’s a class act though. She stayed on the floor and kicked her legs in the air in time to the music as if it was all part of the routine. It’s okay, Demi, we believe you. A few months before this slip, she had another stage dive at a summer pool party. She was dancing on a wet stage to "Cool For The Summer" and (unsurprisingly) slipped and landed pretty hard. Ouch. Maybe the song has some kind of curse attached to it?

2 U2’s The Edge

Living up to his name, U2’s lead guitarist The Edge walked a little too close to the edge of the stage one night and suffered a painful-looking (but pretty funny) fall. During the band’s opening night of their 2015 world tour, The Edge misjudged the actual edge of the stage and stepped off into the void which barely left the guitarist with even a scratch, despite how steep the fall was.

In an interview about the blunder, The Edge explains how he lost sight of where the stage "edge" really was “Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the curve of the round and I thought I was already there. I stepped off on what I thought was the stage and I had basically cut the corner.” U2 drummer Larry Mullen joked that it could have been the shortest tour in history if the Edge’s injuries were worse. Lead singer Bono joked that he was looking forward to the idea of “days off.” Harsh!

1 Rihanna

Poor RiRi. This fall wasn’t just a little slip-up - she suffered an epic topple and ended up on her hands and knees! Rihanna had just kick started her Loud tour in 2011 when she took an epic tumble in high heels while dancing on stage. The beauty from Barbados was twerking and rolling her hips along to her hit song "What’s My Name?" when her heels tripped her up and caused her to go flying.

Rihanna was dressed in a crop top and hot pants that showed off her gorgeous curvy figure, but there was nothing hot about her stage dive - that had to be super cringey! Luckily, Ri-Ri had a sense of humour about the whole thing and seemed to be laughing it off as she carried on with her dance routine. Falling on your hands and knees is never a good look (especially in front of thousands of fans), but at least she saw the funny side.


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15 Celebrity Falls That Were Actually Pretty Funny