15 Celebrity Enemies Who Were Forced To Come Together On Screen

War makes for strange bedfellows as the old saying goes. However, that goes for entertainment as well. As much as some casts love to talk about being friends and such off-screen, the truth is something else. Stories abound of folks who hated each other and more than a few times, a project has gone down in flames because of how badly the folks involved hated each other. Often, they can start out okay but then go sour such as Charlie Sheen with 2 and a Half Men or the cast of Glee. But what’s more interesting is how often, folks who already disliked each other are forced to work together on a movie or TV show. Indeed, a TV show is far more challenging as having to put up with someone you hate for years at a time can be very tense.

There are many examples of folks who just didn’t get along well working together. But more notable are the people who just outright hated each other and then having to continue a working relationship. Some were enemies, others friends before it went really bad and even a couple of cases of exes having to keep it up. It’s notable how much these feuds erupted and astounding the folks involved were able to keep up their act to let the final product be something great. Here are 15 cases where celebrities who hated each other had to work together on screen and how wild Hollywood can get.

15 The Cast Of Desperate Housewives

When Desperate Housewives hit the airwaves in 2004, it was a huge surprise as viewers were amazed at a series featuring women mostly over 40 getting into hot times. It was a real success and boosted the actresses up to further fame but it didn’t take long for reports to circulate that the ladies weren’t the best friends they portrayed on screen by any means. The big one was when they did a spread in Vanity Fair and a major row erupted over who would be in the center of the pic. Nicolette Sheridan famously feuded with creator Marc Cherry over the run, acting like she should be the star and even filing a lawsuit which ended with her character killed off.

The big one was Teri Hatcher as it seemed clear throughout the eight season run, she never got along well with the cast. She considered herself the real star, winning a Golden Globe but not happy when Felicity Huffman ended up with an Emmy. While they put on a good show of mocking the fighting, reports abounded throughout of the ladies slamming each other on set, wanting more screen time and Cherry have to be more a referee than a producer. When the series ended, the four main leads gave gifts to the crew but left Hatcher’s name off the card. For her part, Hatcher has said she doesn’t want to go into details but hinted there was clear conflict to show the real drama of Wisteria Lane was happening behind the camera.

14 Shannen Doherty And Jennie Garth

Over the years, Shannen Doherty has amassed a reputation as one of the biggest “b-words” in all of Hollywood. It all started on Beverly Hills 90210, the smash hit show that made her and Jennie Garth stars. At first, they got along well but Doherty allowed the fame to go to her head and became a massive diva. Soon, stories abounded of her and Garth clashing several times on set, each wanting more screen time. Garth has openly admitted there were many times when she and Doherty were on the verge of “clawing each other’s eyes out” and each has slammed the other a lot over the years. It finally got too much as Doherty was written off the show after three seasons.

Amazingly, when the CW revived 90210 in 2008, they somehow managed to get Garth and Doherty to reprise their old roles and they seemed to handle it rather well despite reports of some old conflicts. They were both written out as the younger stars took over the show. Today, the two seem to be on better terms as Garth has supported Doherty during the latter’s battle with cancer. But both are still remembered for one of the best “frenemies” conflicts in teen TV show history.

13 Leonardo DiCaprio And Claire Danes

If you’re casting the most iconic fictional lovers in history, making sure they actually like each other makes sense. Baz Luhrmann decided to ignore that when casting his 1996 adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. The film moved the story to modern times with rock songs and guns instead of swords but was focused on Romeo (a younger Leonardo DiCaprio) and Juliet (Claire Danes). The conflict was from how DiCaprio considered Danes a TV actress and not quite up to his standards of a co-star. For her part, Danes found DiCaprio immature and playing too many pranks on set while she wanted to take the movie very seriously. Reports abounded of them not getting along unless the cameras were running and very cool to each other in interviews. Luhrmann actually used that to show how uneasy the characters were with their new love but it still was remarkable that the actors playing history’s most famous romance basically loathed each other through the shoot.

12 LL Cool J And Jamie Foxx

You’d think these two guys would have gotten along well but you’d be wrong. Both former rappers who moved onto acting, the two had met a few times when doing their 1990s UPN sitcoms. However, they clashed a bit as Foxx considered himself more a “real” actor than Cool J. The two were cast as football teammates in Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday who turn out to be rivals. This just intensified their real-life feelings as several scenes were marred by them snapping at one another and getting in faces. It built up to things coming to a head with blows exchanged right on camera. Cool J claimed he was trying to make the scene look real and Foxx didn’t get it while Foxx claimed it was a cheap shot. The police were even called in to check it out with conflicting reports abounding. LL hit back with a rap song that slammed Foxx majorly. Today, the two have put their beef behind but still notable how they took acting as rivals way too far.

11 Niki Minaj And Mariah Carey

Fox must have thought they hit the jackpot here. For the twelfth season of American Idol, they got Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey to be the judges with Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. True, Minaj and Carey had been said to have had issues. Carey had a long history of rubbing folks the wrong way while Minaj was no stranger to diva behavior. So the network thought the two could have a fun time and boost ratings. What they never imagined was the two would begin to tear into each other big time on air with massive tirades. They screamed and yelled off camera, had biting insults on and claims Minaj openly said she would shoot Carey if she could. Carey said she had her personal security boosted although later both claimed the feud was just made up by the producers. However, things got heated again when Carey slammed Minaj on a live broadcast for not having a Billboard Hot 100 hit and Minaj hit back with a Twitter tirade. Both ladies left after the year with Carey summing up that spending months with Minaj was “like going to work every day in Hell with Satan.” This is one Idol season producers prefer not to remember.

10 Al Pacino And Robert DeNiro

Many might not be aware there was a beef at all but it existed. Evidentially, the two clashed a few times back when they were struggling actors in the 1970s, often up for the same part. One story is that Robert DeNiro auditioned for The Godfather, didn’t get the part and somehow got the idea that Al Pacino didn’t want to work with him. Supposedly, it grew with DeNiro winning the Oscar for the sequel while it would take Pacino years and seven nominations to finally get his part. Several times, producers tried to get them in the same film but each seemed to be wary of working with the other.

This supposed feud pushed more the production of 1995’s Heat which was marketed as the first time the two appeared on screen together. But rumors of conflicts have continued, including the urban legend that for the famed diner scene, neither man would be with the other and thus each talked to a stand-in. Director Michael Mann has shot down those with on-set photos of them together with many stating the feud was more how committed both men were. Each has counted the other as a friend and claiming the “rivalry” was blown out of proportion but still added more “heat” to that 1995 film.

9 Julia Roberts And Nick Nolte

In 1994, Julia Roberts was still at the top of the Hollywood game but didn’t realize she was about to enter a bit of a low period. The kick-off to it was I Love Trouble, a supposed throw-back to the rom-coms of the 1940s. Roberts and Nick Nolte played rival newspaper reporters trying to out scoop each other who come together to solve a big story. From the start, the two bickered as Roberts thought Nolte too old for the role and wanted a leading man more her age. For his part, Nolte thought Roberts was all flash and no real acting talent and considered himself the star. The shoot soon had them bickering and snapping at each other majorly to the point where each refused to be on set with the other. Thus, you had the bizarre sight of each one doing a scene opposite a stand-in and the editors having to mix it together. Nolte has gone on record calling it his worst film while Roberts has called him the worst co-star she’s ever had. The only Trouble was getting these two together.

8 Ariana Grande And Jenette McCurdy

It sounded like a great idea at the time. In 2013, Nickelodeon launched Sam & Cat, a new teen comedy mixing some old favorites. The idea was iCarly’s sardonic, violent Sam (Jenette McCurdy) and Victorious’ ditzy Cat (Ariana Grande) becoming roommates and running a babysitting service. At first, things seemed to be going okay but from the start, there were reports of some conflict as the two had rubbed each other the wrong way when their shows did a big crossover event a year before. It got worse as the series went along, each girl slamming the other on set and wanting to be the star while also demanding more pay. It got worse as leaked photos of McCurdy hit the Internet and got her in trouble with Grande immediately pushing to take over. The show was axed without warning despite good ratings with Grande soon rising up as her own musical/acting power (and getting a diva rep). Each has tried to downplay the fighting but it’s clear that their clash is what killed their show.

7 Patrick Swayze And Jennifer Grey

Dirty Dancing is considered one of the greatest romantic movies ever. The recent failed remake just shows how much fans adored the chemistry of the 1987 original with Patrick Swayze as the suave man who helps Jennifer Grey’s Baby break out of her shell. That’s all the more remarkable given how the two pretty much couldn’t stand each other during filming. Their beef went back to when they made the cult classic Red Dawn as Swayze considered Grey a bit of a diva on the set of that film. Thus, he wasn’t happy with the idea he would have to work with her again on this. In his autobiography, Swayze openly discussed how he found Grey taking the movie too lightly, not into the intense numbers and breaking into laughter or tears too much to ruin takes. They did handle it in the end and Swayze gave her credit afterward but things were tense for years after the movie’s release until Swayze’s death. But for the most part, it sounded like Swayze would have preferred leaving Grey in a corner.

6 Shirley MacLaine And Debra Winger

Terms of Endearment was one of the biggest hits of 1983, a box office smash that also won Oscars for Best Picture and earning Shirley MacLaine her long overdue Best Actress trophy. It’s still much loved for the power of the mother and daughter played by MacLaine and Debra Winger whose relationship has wonderful ups before a tragic death. However, that just showed their great acting as the fact was, the two hated each other on set. Evidentially, MacLaine thought Winger was too old to be her daughter while Winger considered herself, not MacLaine the real star of the film. MacLaine’s autobiography claims Winger pulled pranks and totally unprofessional to the point of farting in MacLaine’s face during a scene. The two hung together to finish the movie but their feud continued, especially when they were both nominated for the Oscar. MacLaine ended up winning it and bad-mouthed Winger for years afterward to make the two longtime foes despite their success together.

5 Elizabeth Taylor And Debbie Reynolds

Long before Angelina/Brad/Jen, this was the scandal of a lifetime. Elizabeth Taylor, the gorgeous, glamorous star who was smoldering on screen. She could basically have any man she wanted and set her sights on singer Eddie Fisher. At the time, Fisher was married to beloved actress Debbie Reynolds and when he left Reynolds to marry Taylor, the outrage from the public was massive. Taylor would then end up dumping Fisher for Richard Burton with Reynolds not exactly unhappy about her ex’s fate. The two maintained a very cool relationship afterward with each taking shots on the other.

In 2001, Taylor made what would be her final movie, These Old Broads, written by Reynolds’ daughter, Carrie Fisher. A network executive wants to reunite the stars of a hit show (Reynolds, Shirley MacLaine and Joan Collins) only for their mutual agent (Taylor) to inform them they all hate each other. The idea of Taylor and Reynolds actually working together was astounding as one scene shows them having a talk about a past that clearly is also Taylor asking for forgiveness for stealing Fisher away. It was fun to see them seeming to bury the hatchet although they still naturally clashed a few times to remind you of how some hates go deep.

4 Sophia Bush And Chad Michael Murray

It’s never a good idea to mix romance with your work and here’s a top case. Despite a slow start, One Tree Hill soon became a big hit for the WB and later the CW. A coming of age teen show, it showcased some nice fun with a terrific cast. Rumors soon spun that Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush were in an off-screen romance. This was confirmed as the duo were married in 2005. But just five months later, they were separated with Bush trying to seek an annulment. It turned out that Murray had cheated on her with none other than Paris Hilton, seemingly with the heiress since before the marriage even started. Despite as bitter a breakup as possible, the two still had to work for another three seasons of the show. One has to give credit for Bush to continue working with the man who’d broken her heart in public and while things were tense, they managed to keep it up while Bush brushes past the whole thing as just a bad decision.

3 Bea Arthur And Betty White

The beef between these two goes back to the 1970s. Bea Arthur was starring in the ground-breaking sitcom Maude while Betty White was stealing scenes on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Somehow, they crossed paths during some network events and just never hit it off. Arthur seemed to carry more of a grudge, thinking she had a meatier TV role while White was just a flighty woman. White in turn just saw things as a job whereas Arthur took herself too seriously. In 1985, the two were cast in The Golden Girls, a massive hit with audiences that showed older ladies could be sexy and funny too. All four women won Emmys for the show but Arthur seemed annoyed that White got hers first. Arthur didn’t enjoy White cozying up to the audience between takes and they bickered as to who was really the show’s star as Arthur was top-billed but White got most of the applause. Some paint it as more “friendly rivalry” but others insist the duo truly hated each other and after the show ended, never really spoke before Arthur’s death in 2008.

2 Joan Crawford And Bette Davis

It says something that a feud is so epic it inspires its own television series. FX’s Feud wonderfully captures how, for three decades, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis absolutely loathed one other. They never tired to slamming the other (Davis once claiming Crawford has “slept with every star in the studio except Lassie”) and clashing at public events. It’s ironic as the two were actually much alike, both tough, independent and very talented as their Oscars proved. In 1962, both were at a low point of their careers with offers drying up with their age. Crawford found a script for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? about two sisters at war and brought it to Davis, arguing that the idea of the two famed enemies on the same film would make it an event.

The shoot was wild with stories abounding such as how Crawford wore weights under her clothes and then messed up takes so Davis had to drag her over and over. Each woman threatened to walk but in the end, it came together as Jane turned into the surprise hit of the year. However, any peace was ruined when Davis got an Oscar nom while Crawford was snubbed and started a campaign against Davis. Anne Bancroft won the Oscar and Crawford accepted it for her.

Amazingly, the two actually planned to work together again on Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte but it was a mess with Crawford holding out for more money. The studio called her bluff and replaced her with Olivia de Havilland. When Crawford died in 1977, Davis famously stated “you should never say bad things about the dead, only the good. Joan Crawford is dead and that is good.” The series shows how the two had all the ingredients of being close only to turn to enemies and even reminds one of the final line of their movie together: “You mean all this time we could have been friends?”

1 Klaus Kinski And Werner Herzog

It’s not sure what’s crazier: How much these two hated each other or the fact that they kept it up while working on five movies together. Werner Herzog is well known for his wild movie making experiments (he once did a film with the cast hypnotized) and going all out in productions. Klaus Kinski was a respected German actor who already had a few credits when he and Herzog first clashed. The two were actually roommates for a few months but Kinski’s wild and sometimes violent behavior like screaming on the telephone had Herzog terrified for his life so the idea of doing a movie with him was nuts. On Aguirre, Wrath of God, the two had a violent altercation, yelling and screaming and Herzog threatened to shoot Kinski if he left the set after Kinski shot off the finger of a technician during a card game.

Incredibly, the two actually kept working together for several more films, each one notable for the crew taking bets on who was going to finally kill the other. Making Fitzcarraldo, the two were once more at each other’s throats with Kinski nearly killed when Herzog sent the massive boat set into a South American jungle river. According to Herzog, a native tribe used for the film offered to kill Kinski after a tirade and Herzog actually seriously considered it. Herzog later made a documentary about his relationship with a man whom he had traded countless death threats with over the years. Its title? My Best Friend.

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