15 Celebrity Dimes Who Turned Into Nickels

Of course, we here at The Richest have heard of the monetary definition of dime. It’s a coin worth ten cents. Sometimes, it’s even slang for ten grand. But there are other definitions. A dime can be defined as a point in space, like, “stop on a dime.” There’s also the weed reference, for a little bag worth ten bucks. Perhaps our favorite definition is the flattering term for beauty. According to Urban Dictionary, a dime means, “A very attractive person. A perfect ten.”

This adjective definition of dime has been around for decades. It became popular via hip-hop lyrics and movies. Then, Joseph Gordon Levitt described Scarlett Johansson as a dime in Don Jon. Now, everybody knows this definition, except for maybe your grandma.

There is another term in our headline, which is not quite as popular, but you can probably figure out what “nickel” means. The nickel is also a coin and a pot reference, and we’ll also use it as an adjective. The nickel is obviously half of a dime. So, we’ll just say that an appearance has faded, lost half of its value, or deflated. The celebrity stock of many on this list have fallen, but at least it’s not down to a penny quite yet.

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15 Lindsay Lohan

Yes, LiLo is on top of the list because she’s such an obvious entry. Lindsay Lohan was once the queen of everything. Don’t laugh because it’s true. There was a short time, back at the turn of the century, when Lindsay was the most promising talent in Hollywood. She had just grown into her banging curves, had a hit record, a hit movie, and the sky was the limit. Then, crash! Substance abuse came into the picture. She was arrested for driving drunk, and then she spiraled out of control. Next came the s*xual rampage. She did about every actor in L.A., went to rehab, and wrote their names down on a list. Half the dudes on there were like, “Um, wasn’t me.” That was rock bottom. Recently, she defended Harvey Weinstein on Insta and posted a selfie video speaking in a weird accent. Was she trying to be Australian or something? Really off. She’s nearing penny status.

14 Cameron Diaz

Cameron was once queen of the dimes. She was so hot on Something About Mary, that just about every dude in the country was like, “Who dat?” But then, something happened. Maybe it was overexposure. Cameron rode the wave of her success into a series of poor films. Sure, they could have been hits, and you never really know which project will explode, but Diaz did not have any luck. Even big-budget studio films like the Charlie’s Angels franchise did not do her any favors in her long-term career. Then, there were the whispers about her secret past in the adult film business. Add to that her failed relationships with high-profile celebs like Justin Timberlake. All of these forces seemed to combine, shedding not such a flattering light on the actress. She’s a nickel now and is running out of time to increase her value.

13 Bella Thorne

We’re not quite sure what happened here. Everything started out gorgeous for Bella. Not only did she have the pretty face and remarkable figure, but she also seemed to be taking care of herself. She was often photographed working out at the gym. She took tons of selfies after doing spin sessions or yoga classes. But then, something snapped. The actress began to experiment. She wore a string bikini on the red carpet. She got a few piercings done. She made a few questionable decisions with heavy makeup and hair dye. Then, Bella takes her top off on Insta. Next thing you know, the actress is being called a has-been and worse, the next Amanda Bynes. This starlet is still quite young and has plenty of time for a full recovery, but we hope she gets back to that dime status soon.

12 Scarlett Johansson

Some dudes are going to be mad at this entry. Scarlett has a pretty large following still, but sorry to break it to you guys, the dime days are over. Remember when Scarlett burst onto the scene with Lost in Translation? Yeah, me too, and that film was shot 15 years ago. Scarlett is now clinging to the edge of a cliff in Hollywood between the young and relevant and the old and forgotten. She still gets the primo scripts, but the results are beginning to fade. Huge blockbusters like Ghost in the Shell grossed $40 million, but its budget was $110 million. Compare that to young and hot Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman who had the same budget and grossed ten times as much at over $400 million. The numbers don’t lie. The dime has tarnished. The funny thing is, Scarlett couldn’t be happier with nickel status. She’s been at this game forever. She wants to be the wise old actress who pushes political opinion, writes, and produces. The time has come.

11 Angelina Jolie

This actress was always kind of strange. Is there any other way to put it? Sure, we thought she was banging hot at one point. She was beyond a dime. Hotter than anything we had ever seen. She had that whole dangerous “I don’t give a damn” vibe that was so attractive. She got all goth and steamy with Billy Bob, then she straight up stole a married Brad Pitt from his super dime wife, Jennifer Aniston. Angie was breaking all of the rules. Then suddenly, she cashed in her dime herself. She went straight to the bank and was like, “Nope, don’t want this anymore.” She became obsessed with adoption, philanthropy, and politics. She had a health scare and then dumped Brad. Hollywood was in a tizzy. What happened? We thought the couple would be together forever and then the sudden split left everyone siding with Brad. Angelina has turned into a shadow of her old self while staying mysterious as ever.

10 Katie Holmes

This girl was a doll on Dawson’s Creek. Every boy in the nation had a crush on Katie Holmes. She was careful with the projects she chose and always looked as cute as a button. Then, we can blame Tom for cashing in this dime in. The stress of being married to the king of Scientology took a toll on Katie. Rumors flooded the tabloids all about how she had to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night and save herself and her daughter from the grips of the mysterious and powerful Hollywood religion. Things never quite recovered after that. She got back to work, and the projects did okay. She dated Jamie Foxx and seemed happy, but that soon ended. Recent gossip articles claim that she’s still trying to win Foxx back.

9 Brendan Fraser

Surely, the term dime is used to describe women more often than men, but there are some guys out there who deserve mentioning too—like one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, Brendan Fraser. Okay, so that was a poorly-phrased sentence, since the dude looks like a stressed-out mess right now. But back in the day, the dude was on top of the world. And he was fit too. Fraser went to the gym for George of the Jungle and looked like he could conquer the world. The bad news is that film was made twenty years ago and things change. Brendan also went through a very rocky divorce and spent much of his time trying to recover afterwards. Then, he played executive producer for a couple stinkers, including a project called Breakout, which went directly to DVD. His biggest success over the years has been voice work in the animated film, The Nut Job.

8 Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is a beautiful woman and her career is doing well, but compared to the smoke-show she once was, Tyra is no longer a dime. Tyra used to have her modelling career lit. The woman was the absolute hottest thing anybody had ever seen in a bikini. You look back at those older pics, and your jaw drops to the floor. Then, something went wrong. She started doing too many television shows and redefining goofy adjectives like “fierce.” Her television career was productive, but it changed the way people perceived her. Now you think Tyra, and you don’t think hottest model in the world; you think TV host. It’s a good move for her long-term career. After all, modelling is surely not a forever job. We just miss the Tyra from back in the day. She was beyond a dime, for sure.

7 Jessica Biel

Here’s another star we hate to see tarnish her status, but it’s true. Many of the hottest images you see of her today were actually taken several years ago. Remember when she got soaking wet and strutted around in her underpants in Chuck and Larry? Smoking hot! But guess what? That film was ten years ago. Jessica looks different now. Sure, she’s still gorgeous. We’re not saying that she’s ugly by any means, but time takes a toll on all of us. She’s a mom now. Like Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, or ScarJo, there’s a generation of stars that are getting older, and we have to come to terms with it. We have to respect their evolution as they move from the hottie dime into the attractive-yet-responsible motherly image. Sure, the old smoke-show images are nice, but that ship has sailed.

6 Keira Knightley

Keira started out as a body double for Natalie Portman. That’s no joke. She actually was the double while Queen Amidala secretly went casual as Padme in Star Wars: Phantom Menace. Then, when Keira showed up in Pirates of the Caribbean, most dudes were like, “Is that Natalie Portman? Oh, wait, nope.” What they realized shortly after was that Keira had the pretty looks of Natalie, but Keira seemed way cooler. Keira was more relatable somehow. She was the laid-back British chick who liked throwing back some ales and jumping in the sack. She soon earned critical acclaim for the Jane Austen flick Pride and Prejudice. But most dudes don’t really dig Austen-type stuff, and that’s pretty much all Knightley did for the next ten years. By the time she received her second Oscar nomination for The Imitation Game, she was no longer the hottie dime we once thought she was.

5 Britney Spears

Nothing was hotter than Britney for a while. That seems to be a pattern for a lot of these entries. The dimes were so on top of their game that they had to come down at some point. Nobody can stay red hot for long. And when Brit came down, it was harder than anybody. The girl crashed like an avalanche. The whole head shaving thing. The paparazzi attack with the umbrella. There were mental health concerns involved. Next thing you know, she’s raising her kids, and she’s drunk and nearly drops her infant son onto the sidewalk. Brit still looks great now, and she has had some hit records. Even her personal life seems to have stabilized itself. But sadly, there’s no going back to dime status for Brit, not after an epic meltdown like that.

4 Mickey Rourke

Let’s mention another dude since his evolution is so drastic. The guy has been around forever, but even the years gone by don’t explain the shock in his appearance. The dude looks like a totally different person. How does this kind of stuff happen? Surely, there was some work done. A little nip and tuck here and there. Maybe a face lift and some hair plugs? Who knows? But at one point in his life, Mickey was a pretty good-looking dude. He did some steamy movies too, like Body Heat, 9 ½ Weeks, and Angel Heart. Then, he disappeared for decades and reemerged as a lovable villain in Sin City. Then he was great in The Wrestler and even Iron Man 2. But the fact remains. He looks like a totally different person. We’re not sure if this turns him from a dime to a nickel or from a dime to a sixpence.

3 Pamela Anderson

Yeah, this is a plastic surgery dime gone wrong. We’re not saying that Pam got her start on the surgery table. Oh, no, far from it, in fact. When Pam began her career, she was absolutely stunning. Her face was perfect, and her body was too. She was actually the only babe on the cover of Maxim magazine to not be airbrushed in their first year of publication. But things change. There is a vanity sickness that goes on in Hollywood. Money blurs the lines between beauty and image. People try to maintain a lucrative image that time will not allow. They get into the surgical game and end up looking like some kind of alien. Add to that the whole physical element of a body-based image, and women like Pamela Anderson feel like they have to get even more work done. Man, the results are sad and regrettable, yet the surgery trend continues. Pam was once the babe of Baywatch, but her image got tarnished long ago.

2 John Travolta

Here’s another star who has been in the spotlight for a long time, and all that light may have gone to his head. The dude was unstoppable back when Grease came out. Most of the women on the planet were certainly attracted to this guy. Then what happened? He kind of disappeared for awhile and things began to fade. He reemerged in the late eighties on Look Who’s Talking, but he seemed like a shadow of the Grease glory days. Then, he had another comeback with Pulp Fiction. This time, John seemed fresh and ready to act. But there was some weirdness under the surface. There were the gay rumors, which he refused to recognize, even in the non-homophobic climate of today. Plus, there’s the Scientology mystique that makes him seem crazy. The guy totally fudged Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars, yet he never admitted to being high for it. And there are plenty of pics out there of John with no hair, yet still he wears wigs and plays it off like he’s young. Very odd.

1 Courteney Cox

It’s sad to see one of your favorites tarnish. Poor Court has to constantly be bombarded by Friends reruns, seeing that face from years ago and thinking, “Damn, I still want to look like that.” It’s not easy to compete with your young self, we get it. But then, the plastic surgery happens. The sad part is, she was looking just fine before getting any nip tucks or injections. Please Hollywood, stop with the work! Even her bud, Jen Aniston, followed suit and got a little procedure. Everybody is doing it. I’ll just be watching TV one day and see another one and think, “Man, what did they do?” It’s noticeable, folks. So noticeable. You think you’re going to sneak one by us but we, fans, have your faces stamped out quite clearly in our minds.

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