15 Celebrity Cosplays That Are Too Hot For Us To Handle

There was a time when celebrities were seen as ultra-glamorous and were mostly concerned with the brand name of their designer wardrobe, with an emphasis on couture gowns. Yet, the line between celebrities and regular folk have blurred over the years, with many celebs indulging in the same quirky eccentricities of the rest of the world. Celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber have revealed their love for video gaming and the increased focus on comic book-related films and television shows have put some of the world’s favorite stars in costumes.

Shows like The Big Bang Theory have depicted the people that attend Comic-Con and dress up in costumes on days other than Halloween as a bit “nerdy” but it has actually made the whole concept of cosplay seem really cool. For anyone lucky enough to have attended Comic-Con, it’s more than just a comic book convention. Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have attended Comic-Con to promote their films and television shows. In fact, seeing their favorite stars in person and attending one of the panels is oftentimes the biggest reasons that fans attend throughout the event. Yet, the biggest part of the fun for many is to see all of the cosplay individuals, especially when there are ultra-sexy women walking around in full costume. Many celebrities have joined in on the fun and have appeared in costume at various events or shared a photo of themselves all dressed up to depict their favorite characters from books, games, cartoons, films or television series. Check out the 15 hottest celebs in even hotter cosplay outfits and see how even celebrities know how to have fun with their look.

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15 Kendall Jenner And Cara Delevingne As Mario And Luigi

When Kendall Jenner first expressed interest that she wanted to go into the modeling world, there were a number of skeptics that couldn’t imagine someone from the Kardashian clan being accepted as a legitimate runway model. Yet, not only did she succeed in becoming a respected model for some of the top designer brands but she also acquired a number of model friends to help add to her legitimacy. One of her best buds just so happens to be the model, Cara Delevingne. Unlike other models that only spend time together when walking in the same fashion shows, Jenner and Delevingne have often been photographed partying in their off-time and posting photos of one another on their social media sites. In 2014, the pair of them went out in costume and chose the video game characters, Mario and Luigi, while out on the town. While it wouldn’t seem like too much of a sexy costume for the two of them to look like a pair of male plumbers, something about the skintight overall-inspired ensembles made a lasting impression.

14 Kim Kardashian As Wonder Woman

While the world was once X-Men crazy and obsessed with characters like Mystique that showed off their incredible physique through their costumes (or lack thereof), recent years have resulted in a new fascination with Wonder Woman. From the TV series to the big screen adaptations, there has been a huge impact with fans trying to speculate who would make the best Wonder Woman. There were a number of names thrown around on the Internet and the recent film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, proved that Wonder Woman has a fanbase all her own. While Gal Gadot performed a stellar job as Diana Prince in the film, it looks like she’s not the only one that could fill the role. Kim Kardashian dressed as Wonder Woman in 2008 and it is thought of as one of the most attractive of all of her costume looks over the years.

13 Naya Rivera As Carmen Sandiego

There's nothing more that video gamers like to see than references to old school games. Every Comic-Con there are numerous guests that choose to portray retro characters rather than the new school games and there are some depictions that get far more credit than others. The gorgeous actress, Naya Rivera, is best known for her role on the family-friendly TV series, Glee, but she proved that she could be far sexier than anything seen on primetime television. In 2013, Naya Rivera went out in costume, wearing a Carmen Sandiego ensemble. Her look may have gone over the heads of some people but gamers from the ‘90s were able to easily identify her and probably began singing “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego” upon first sight. This cult classic computer game was so popular that it led to a TV show, so perhaps Rivera was just letting showrunners know that she was up to the challenge of portraying this character.

12 Rihanna As A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

When it comes to creating an ultra sexy costume, there are a variety of ensembles that can do the trick. Yet, Rihanna didn’t want to go with the same old sexy nurse or slutty cop costume. Instead, she chose to go out with her friends in a full Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume and amplified the sex appeal by tenfold. Anyone can appear sexy in a frilly little skirt mixed with a corset top but it’s seriously difficult to make green body paint and a giant shell look appealing. There was an incredible amount of detail throughout her costume and she even had green hair to complete the look. She was obviously quite proud of this 2014 costume and took to her social media to flaunt her effort. She tweeted out a picture of her ensemble with the hashtag, #RIHphael, and gained major bonus points for including a reference to the actual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

11 Madonna As Daenerys Targaryen

In the 1990s, Madonna began practicing a form of Judaism, Kabbalah, and has long since said that it has helped her to deal with the stresses that come from fame. Although Madonna has never been a stranger to dressing up in costumes, it was her costume during the Jewish holiday, Purim, that had people really sitting up and taking notice. The costume was very much like the Dothraki ensemble Daenerys Targaryen wore in the HBO series, Game of Thrones. She even had the baby dragons to go along with her ensemble and her hair looked just like the Silver Queen. She posted the photo to her Instagram page and captioned it with, “Happy Purim!!!! All Hail All Queens!” Many compared her depiction of the Mother of Dragons with the biblical story of Esther, which is Madonna’s Hebrew name. Telling the story of a beautiful orphan girl that went on to become the queen of the Persian empire, it seems like Madonna chose a Game of Thrones character to celebrate the Jewish holiday.

10 Rita Ora As Catwoman

While there are some celebrities that would only dare to go out in a full costume on Halloween, there are others that don’t mind having a bit of fun regardless of the time of year. In March of 2014, Rita Ora was photographed wearing a full-on Catwoman suit while heading out for a night of clubbing. Although it looked like a black leather jumpsuit with a collar from afar, closer inspection showed all the stitch detail of an authentic Catwoman costume. She finished it off with a cat ear headdress and paired it up with her signature red lipstick. Not only did the costume truly show off all of her womanly curves but it offered a great new blonde take on the Catwoman character we all know so well. This seemed like a nod to Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal on the big screen but Ora’s headdress was much more flattering.

9 Audrina Patridge - Mystique

Audrina Patridge was first introduced to audiences through the reality TV series, The Hills. In a show filled with bleach blonde mean girls, Patridge was a nice deviation from the same sort of storyline from the previous Laguna Beach series. Most of her time on the show surrounded around the conflict with the other cast members, as well as the tumultuous relationship with Justin Brescia. Once the series concluded, Patridge went on to appear in a number of other roles. She appeared twice on reality TV through a spin-off series and as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and tried her hand at film acting without a huge amount of success. Yet, that didn’t seem to get her down and she proved that she still knew how to have fun when she posted photos of her costume to the 2014 Comic-Con. Rather than slapping on any old costume, Patridge went all out with full body paint and a comic book-inspired Mystique ensemble. While fans would have probably liked the outfit better if she went completely nude with the blue paint but she chose to be a tad more discreet. Nonetheless, Patridge still looked hot as everyone’s favorite blue mutant.

8 Molly Quinn - Mal Reynolds

Molly Quinn is an actress best known for her role on the TV series, Castle. The show cultivated a reputation for referencing Firefly, which also included the main actor, Nathan Fillion. It should come as no surprise that the Castle panel was a huge favorite for Comic-Con and Wondercon, especially since Firefly had a cult following. Whether Quinn was trying to tap into the fanbase of Firefly and Nathan Fillion or she just likes to get into the cosplay spirit, she has been known to don a costume on more than one occasion. One of the most memorable moments was at the 2011 Comic-Con where she dressed as Mal Reynolds, the character that Nathan Fillion portrayed in Firefly. Those at the Castle panel were thrilled by her ensemble but it wasn’t exactly her sexiest look. This photo, on the other hand, helped to amp up her sex appeal to fans as Supergirl ripping open her shirt to reveal her costume underneath.

7 Michelle Trachtenberg - Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas


There aren’t many young actresses that can boast having as successful an acting career like Michelle Trachtenberg. Although she’s been in a number of big-screen films, the bulk of her success is from TV roles. From The Adventures of Pete & Pete to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the HBO series, Six Feet Under, Trachtenberg seemed to go from one hit series to the next. She also appeared alongside Blake Lively in the hit series, Gossip Girl, and there was always buzz that all of the cast members had a blast while filming. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since Trachtenberg is known for going all out when it came to costume parties. Unlike other celebs that slap on a sexy costume and call it a day, Trachtenberg is known for putting the authenticity of the costume over everything. Many of her costumes have involved body paint but it was her take on Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas that truly took the cake. Even with the orange hair and blue skin, Trachtenberg showed off her amazing physique and proved that she didn’t take herself too seriously.

6 Olivia Munn - OMG Princess Leia!

Olivia Munn has made headlines in recent years and not just because of her appearance as Psylocke in the 2016 film, X-Men: Apocalypse. The phone hacking scandal revealed far too much information regarding her sexting tendencies to her then-boyfriend, Chris Pine, and the Snapchat photo Aaron Rodgers sent out was even worse for her public persona. Yet, Munn doesn’t seem to embarrass easily and she is actually known to have a good laugh at herself in order to go with the flow. She’s appeared in costume a number of times, prior to her Psylocke mutant ensemble in the X-Men franchise. From Wonder Woman to the side hair buns of Princess Leia, Munn is no stranger to dressing up. Yet, it’s the Princess Leia slave girl costume she wore for a skit on the Attack of the Show that truly showed off her sex appeal.

5 Poppy Delevingne - Harley Quinn

There seems to be a trend in the modeling world to give rise to siblings dominating the runway and fashion magazines. From Bella and Gigi Hadid to Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the fashion world seems to love dipping into the same genetic pool. Another sibling duo that’s dominating the modeling world is Poppy and Cara Delevingne, with each having their own distinct look. Poppy is the older sister but that doesn’t mean she’s too old to have a bit of fun. For a costume event in 2015 thrown by UNICEF, Poppy showed up in a Harley Quinn costume that really showed off her ability to get into the spirit of the event. She didn’t just stop at the pink and blue hair and went with an entire rhinestone leotard with the matching bat.

4 Beyonce - Storm

Beyonce has always been a fan of going all out when it comes to costuming and spent the majority of her time in Destiny’s Child slathered in rhinestones. Every Halloween she has always had a bit of fun with the look she tries to attain, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she would try and be the star of the show at Ciara’s 30th birthday party with a superhero theme. Beyonce went as the X-Men mutant character, Storm. Yet, she didn’t go for the standard Halle Berry look from the X-Men film series. Instead, she went for a more traditional comic book style, including a barely-there ensemble with over-the-knee boots and a matching white cape. While the white eyes look a bit creepy on the big screen, somehow Beyonce was able to make even that look sexy.

3 Brooke Burke - Catwoman

Brooke Burke is a model and television personality that is best known for winning Dancing with the Stars and then becoming one of its hosts on the series. There was a bit of controversy when she was unceremoniously replaced by Erin Andrews but it wasn’t long before Burke appeared back on reality TV. She appeared on The New Celebrity Apprentice and there was a bit more controversy over the dynamic between her and her husband. Many felt that his appearance during the series showed an insecure part of him that was always hidden in previous years. In fact, Burke has always been known for being one-half of one of Hollywood’s cutest couples and her husband’s scene in the reality series didn’t quite fit the same mold that has been fed to the public over the years. In this particular photo, Burke attended a costume event with her family and wore a Catwoman costume. Her husband appeared as Batman and their youngest daughter appeared as Batgirl. Yet, it was the photos with just Burke posing in her skintight Catwoman costume that really stole the show.

2 Kim Kardashian As Poison Ivy

The 1997 film, Batman & Robin, was widely criticized for its storyline, casting choices and cartoon-like costumes. Yet, seeing Uma Thurman as the ultra-sexy villainess, Poison Ivy, wasn’t all that bad. In fact, many Batman fans have called for filmmakers to portray Poison Ivy in another film. The Dark Knight franchise did a great job at reinventing the Batman story into a much darker adaptation for the big screen but it still didn’t bring back the Poison Ivy character. With Harley Quinn receiving so much attention for her portrayal by the beautiful actress, Margot Robbie, fans are still holding out hope that they’ll see this green goddess again on the big screen. Proving that she can pull off any look (or hair color), Kim Kardashian appeared in a Poison Ivy costume in 2011. She went all out with her costume, including the foliage and the orange hair but it definitely worked to create an ultra-sexy cosplay look.

1 Adrianne Curry - Princess Leia

Adrianne Curry was the first winner of the reality TV competition, America’s Next Top Model. She became an instant sensation after her win and went on to star in other reality shows. While she continued her modeling career, it was when she teamed up with Stan Lee that she really got into the comic book world. It should come as no surprise that she is a staple at comic book conventions every year and she doesn’t pull out any stops when it comes to her costumes. She has appeared in a variety of different characters but it was her Princess Leia slave girl costume that people tend to remember best. She isn’t the first celebrity to choose this costume but she added something special to the overall look when she donned it at Comic-Con. Perhaps it is the fact that she is a world-renowned model with the matching physique, or perhaps it was the chain accent that really made the look pop.

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