15 Celebrity Cheaters Who Dumped Their Families And Married Their Lovers

Warm, loving, happy marriages — it's something that millions of couples hope to have after saying "I do." There's a saying that love can conquer anything, but can it conquer a husband or wife who chea

Warm, loving, happy marriages — it's something that millions of couples hope to have after saying "I do." There's a saying that love can conquer anything, but can it conquer a husband or wife who cheats on their spouse and contemplates leaving their loving family for their lover? Hollywood relationships and marriages are riddled with stories of celebrities who go looking for a little bit of fun on the side, only to be caught and tarnish their stellar reputations. Wanting to keep the backlash minimal, many cheating celebrities release statements apologizing for creeping on their partners, however, others just follow their hearts and their libidos, shutting down their marriages.

It's hard to fathom a man leaving his pregnant wife for his lover, but believe it because there's not just one, but two cheaters on this list who fit this bill. Let's not forget the Hollywood hunk married to the equally as famous girl-next-door actress, only to dump her for his most vampy co-star. That wouldn't be the first time that vampy other woman stole someone's husband, either. How about how embarrassing it was for the reality star to find out from the tabloids that her actor husband was in a relationship with a country star? Yet, we're not sure anything tops the father who left his partner of ten years to marry their adopted daughter whom he was carrying on a love affair. Get ready folks, this is a messy list that will leave you feeling sticky.

15  15. Billy Bob Thorton

We all know the story of how Brad Pitt met and fell in love with Angelina Jolie while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith, resulting in Brad leaving his wife Jennifer Aniston for his new lady. Six kids later we're now seeing the demise of Brangelina, but if we take a walk down memory lane, we'll learn that Brad wasn't the only guy that left his wife for the sultry actress.

Remember Billy Bob Thornton? In case you didn't know, Billy Bob dated and was later engaged to actress Laura Dern. He met Angelina in 1999 on the set of Pushing Tin and broke off his engagement with Laura to pursue Angelina. They married a year later to the devastation of Laura. "I left our home to work on a movie, and while I was away, my boyfriend got married, and I've never heard from him again," she said. "It's like a sudden death … For no one has there been any closure or clarity."

14 Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were longtime friends before any romance started. In 2000, Marc married girlfriend and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres and the two later welcomed two sons. The separated in 2002 but after trying to make it work, Dayanara filed for divorce in January 2004, and surprising to fans, Marc married J. Lo in June just a week after his divorce was finalized. It's safe to say that Marc and Jennifer were already dating while he was still married, and he would go on to leave his family and make a new one with his bride. He and Lopez have twins together but in the end couldn't make their relationship work, either. Marc filed for divorce in 2012, it was finalized in 2014, and just a few months after his marriage to Jennifer was officially over, he married model Shannon de Lima. They separated two years later.

13 Jerry Seinfeld

Okay, so technically Jerry Seinfeld didn't cheat on his partner, but his wife Jessica Sklar certainly stepped out on her husband to be with the comedian. It was in August of 1998 when Jerry and Jessica first met at the Reebok Sports Club. They immediately began dating, which was a strange turn of events seeing as how Jessica has just returned from her three-week honeymoon in Italy. Talk about terrible timing and making sure that you're really in love with the person you're going to marry! The public relations executive for Tommy Hilfiger had just married producer Eric Nederlander. Jessica promptly divorced her husband and married Seinfeld on Christmas Day of 1999.

12 Swizz Beatz

One of the most sordid tales of hip hop infidelity was that of Swizz Beatz. He met Mashonda Tifrere in 1998 and married her in 2004. Mashonda gave birth to their son in 2006, but by 2008, their marriage was over. Unknown to Swizz, UK singer Jahna Sebastian gave birth to his daughter that same year. It wasn't until 2009 that Swizz announced that he and Alicia Keys had been dating for close to one year, but according to Alicia, her beau's marriage was already over by the time she entered a relationship with him. Mashonda made it clear that she had no idea her marriage was in so much trouble and that Alicia broke up her happy home. In 2010, Swizz and Alicia were married and now share two children together. It seems that everyone has since made their peace and are the poster family for co-parenting.

11 Kevin Federline

No one really knew what Britney Spears was thinking when she began dating backup dancer Kevin Federline in 2004. Fans thought that maybe she was tired of having relationships with other celebrities so she chose a cute guy to be arm candy for a while. However, it came as a shock three months later when the two announced that they were engaged. What people didn't know was that Kevin was already engaged to Shar Jackson, the actress who starred as Niecy on the hit show "Moesha." Kevin and Shar were planning a wedding, already had a child together and Shar was pregnant at the time with their second. The breakup was devastating to Shar, and she watched as her ex married the pop star and went on to have two sons with her.

10 Julia Roberts

She'll always be our Pretty Woman, but you may not know that Julia is a husband thief. From 1998 to 2001, Julia was dating fellow actor Benjamin Bratt. In 2000, Julia met cameraman Danny Moder while filming The Mexican, and even though she was still in a relationship, the two began dating. That being said, Julia wasn't the only cheater; Danny was married to a woman named Vera Steimberg and a year after meeting Julia, he filed for divorce. As soon as the ink was dry on his divorce papers, Danny and Julia married in 2002 and the couple now share three children together: a son, Henry, and twins, Finn and Hazel.

9 Dean McDermott

What goes around comes around, and actress Tori Spelling had to learn that the hard way. She and her husband Dean McDermott first hooked up when he was married to a woman named Mary Jo, but Dean left her to be with the "90210" star. Dean and Tori met on the set of Mind Over Murder back in 2005, and not only was he married, Tori had a husband, Charlie Shahnaian. A month after meeting, both Dean and Tori filed for divorce and the following year they married each other. They expanded their family and welcomed children, but there was a bit of a hiccup when it was revealed that Dean was cheating on Tori — with his ex-wife! He's since apologized and he and Tori are working through their struggles.

8 Eddie Cibrian

They look so hopelessly in love! It's just too bad that they left broken hearts in their paths in order to obtain it. Eddie Cibrian was married to and has children with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" bad girl Brandi Glanville and country crooner LeAnn Rimes was wedded to her husband, Dean Sheremet. However, when Eddie and LeAnn were filming The Northern Lights back in 2009, they fell hard for each other. Their extramarital affair was well documented by the tabloids and soon both stars left their spouses for each other. The cheating couple were married in 2011 and have enjoyed marital bliss ever since. That didn't stop Brandi from airing out some dirty laundry and vocalizing her disapproval of her ex's relationship on reality television.

7 Jason Aldean

The tabloids nearly imploded when the very married country star Jason Aldean was seen locking lips at a bar on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood with NBA cheerleader Brittany Kerr back in 2012. This came to a shock to Jason's wife Jessica, his high school sweetheart and mother of his two daughters, and while there were initial denials of a relationship, Jason then tried to explain the dirty deed away by channeling his inner T-Pain and blaming it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

Jason and Jessica tried go on this awkward press tour and show just how much they loved each other, but in 2013 Jason filed for divorce. In 2014, Jason and Brittany announced they were dating and the following year the couple got married.

6 Melanie Griffith

They had a Hollywood love that lasted 20 years, but before the wedded bliss, both Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas were both married to other people. The pair met on the set of Too Much and couldn't fight their attraction to one another. Melanie was with actor Don Johnson (their daughter is actress Dakota Johnson who plays Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey) and Antonio was married to Ana Leza. Just one month after divorcing his wife in 1996, Antonio married Melanie who got a tattoo of her beau's name on her arm. That same year Melanie also gave birth to their daughter, Stella Del Carmen Banderas. After a long romance, in 2014 the couple announced they were divorcing and it was finalized a year later.

5 Johnny Depp

He may be the hottie that gets temperatures rising, but for a while there Johnny Depp fell a few notches on everyone's heartthrob list. Depp and French model Vanessa Paradis were together for 14 years and even had two children,  Lily-Rose Depp and John Christopher "Jack" Depp III, together, but it all came crashing down in 2012. Depp met actress Amber Heard on the set of The Rum Diary in 2011 and began dating and in 2015 they were married. Fans were surprised at the pairing, but the marriage only lasted year. The divorce was plagued with accusations of domestic violence as Amber obtained a restraining order against her estranged husband. Amber made claims that Depp was consistently verbally and physically abusive while Depp countered saying that she was just looking for a large financial settlement. She received $7 million.

4 Billy Crudup

How far would you go to chase down the person you believed to be your true love? We already know Billy Crudup's answer, because he left his very pregnant partner in order to be with Claire Danes. That's right, folks, Billy and Claire met on the set of Stage Beauty, but Billy was already in a relationship with actress Mary-Louise Parker, whom he dated from 1997 to 2003. Parker was seven months pregnant when Billy left her for his co-star, and he and Claire dated for four years before their relationship was over. In 2015, Claire talked about dating someone who would leave his wife for her, saying "I was just in love with him. And needed to explore that and I was 24...I didn’t quite know what those consequences would be."

3 Woody Allen

One of the most infamous cheating scandals belongs to Woody Allen. In the late 1970s, actress Mia Farrow and her husband adopted a seven-year-old named Soon-Yi. That marriage dissolved and later, Mia started dating filmmaker Woody Allen. They were together for 10 years before Mia found out in 1992 that Allen was having a sexual affair with Soon-Yi, who was 21 at the time of the revelation. Mia immediately left him and Allen and his much younger lady married in 1997. They adopted two children of their own and 20 years later, their relationship is solid. However, Dylan Farrow, Mia's daughter, claims that Allen molested her when she was just seven-years-old. Both Allen and Soon-Yi have denied the accusations.

2 Ethan Hawke

Power couple Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman met on the set of Gattaca and married in 1998. The two had a rocky five-year marriage but still managed to welcome two children. There were rumors that Ethan was having a little fun on the side with a 22-year-old model named Jen Perzow. Uma would tell Oprah Winfrey in an interview, "There was some stuff like that at the end. We were having a difficult time, and you know how the ax comes down and how people behave and how people express their unhappiness."

Ethan later married Ryan Shawhughes, his and Uma's children's nanny, in 2008. The actor has repeatedly made it clear that his relationship with Ryan had nothing to do with his breakup with Uma, but some beg to differ.

1 Tiki Barber

The Dirty Dog Deed Award goes to former NFL player and sports correspondent Tiki Barber. He was married to his college sweetheart Virginia Cha Barber for 11 years. The football player and fashion publicist walked down the aisle in 1999 and by 2004, they added two sons to their family.

In 2010 Virginia was seven months pregnant with their twin girls when news broke that Tiki had been carrying on an affair with 23-year-old Traci Lynn Johnson, an intern at NBC. He met her while he was working for the "Today" show. He left his wife and filed for divorce, a messy breakup that was covered heavily in the tabloids. Eight days after his divorce was finalized in 2012, Tiki and Traci were married and now have a daughter.

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15 Celebrity Cheaters Who Dumped Their Families And Married Their Lovers