15 Celebrity Brunettes That Are Hot, But Have No Morals

Hollywood is famous for placing blondes in the temptress roles that have a low moral character, while the brunette is often seen as the “good girl” character that can’t seem to catch a break. People are often forced to root for the brunette in the film in order to finally find love or to have the man see that the blonde and flashy girl isn’t the one that will truly love him. It’s interesting that even hair color on a celebrity can make a huge difference in changing their public persona or creating a character on the big screen. It’s just as important as donning a costume and that is why so many actresses have had to dye their hair in order to accurately portray a particular character.

While it’s true that hair color can definitely tell a story, it’s a fallacy that being brunette instantly makes a woman a “good girl.” In fact, there are a number of brunettes within the rich and the famous that are anything but mild-mannered in the way they are so often portrayed in film. It seems like times are starting to change in regard to how women are perceived when they have dark hair. Rather than seeing it as a mousey look that creates a meek character, celebrities like Megan Fox have proven that sometimes dark hair can be even sexier than a busty blonde. Check out our list of the 15 celebrity brunettes with low morals and see how hair color doesn’t create the character of an individual (especially in Hollywood).

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15 Kim Kardashian

There aren’t many celebrities that have had their morals called into question as often as Kim Kardashian. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since she was first introduced to the world through the “leaked” sex tape she made with Ray J. Yet, it seems like things have gotten even worse in recent years. While she was once depicted on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as being ashamed of her sex tape and showing her naked body to the world, she has since embraced this exhibition style of celebrity. She practically broke the Internet with her nude spread for Paper magazine and she has garnered quite a reputation for posting completely naked photos of herself via her social media sites. On top of all of that, she is known to promote any and all products to her millions of followers for the right price and that even includes pharmaceuticals like when she promoted Diclegis on Twitter.

14 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has never fit into a neat little box in Hollywood since her over-the-top antics have been present from the very beginning of her acting career. From jumping into a hotel pool with all of her clothes on after receiving an award to wearing Billy Bob Thornton’s blood in a vial around her neck, Jolie hasn’t ever portrayed herself as a wallflower in the world of the rich and famous. Yet, it was the way she became romantically linked to Brad Pitt that truly had people giving her side-eye regarding her morality. Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston when he became connected to the film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which co-starred Angelina Jolie. There were a number of rumors surrounding their “chemistry” while filming and then Pitt wound up leaving his wife and instantaneously dating Angelina Jolie.

13 Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman started off as a film actress at a very young age and audiences seemed to watch her grow up on the big screen. The public thought of her as one of the most talented young actresses in Hollywood and she seemed to be one of the few young talents that was able to transition to more mature roles without spiraling into substance abuse or mental instability. Once she began filming the 2010 movie, Black Swan, there was a lot of chatter regarding her close relationship with the French ballet dancer, Benjamin Millepied. At the time, he was living with his longtime girlfriend and was asked to work onset as a choreographer. Portman began having an affair with Millepied and ultimately, he left his girlfriend and simultaneously, Portman was pregnant with his child. Portman wound up accepting the Oscar for her portrayal in Black Swan with Millepied on her arm and his baby in her belly.

12 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is another Disney celebrity that has been able to transition into a full-on music artist and even had a few acting roles. Yet, it’s her personal life that seems to be far more interesting than anything she could do in her professional career. While the world became invested in her relationship with Justin Bieber in the beginning, they soon became a bit skeptical after seeing a pattern of Gomez affiliating herself with people in an effort to increase her fame. She befriended Demi Lovato until it was no longer good for her career and then she suddenly became best friends with Taylor Swift. Once Bieber began to lose his favor with the public, Gomez suddenly began taking a different stance towards him. It was also insinuated that she coordinated her new relationships with the dates of her album releases in order to garner some more free publicity, which is exactly what happened with her latest headline-making news with The Weeknd.

11 Kristen Stewart

When Kristen Stewart first started her career as an actress, no one could have predicted the level of superstardom she would achieve. Her early roles were often quite obscure and she didn’t branch out from being a true leading lady until she appeared as Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga. While the world was falling in love with her romance with her costar, Robert Pattinson, people seemed to forget that she was actually already dating someone at the time. Yet, they were able to look beyond her cheating ways because fans were so transfixed in getting their onscreen romance to transition into real-life. However, they weren’t able to look the other way when she was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

10 Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale started off her career as a film actress by playing a plethora of characters that were portrayed as the “good girl.” From Alice Through the Looking Glass to Brokedown Palace, Beckinsale had the perfect look to play a character with high morals and an innocent persona. Yet, that wasn’t exactly the case in real-life. When she was cast as the leading lady in the first film in the Underworld franchise, Beckinsale was married to Michael Sheen. Rumors began to circulate about the way Beckinsale landed the role in this lucrative franchise and before long, Beckinsale separated from Michael Sheen and the Underworld director, Len Wiseman, separated from his wife, Dana. Dana gave an account of her version of events and stated, “They are saying their relationship started in January 2003 after we separated – but that is simply not true.” Dana went on to elude that she became suspicious of their relationship while shooting in Budapest.

9 Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is starting to make a name for herself as an actress through popular roles like her Psylocke character in the X-Men franchise. Yet, the biggest publicity she gets is through the antics in her personal life or through television appearances. During a celebrity hacking scandal, Munn’s personal texts and photos to Chris Pine were leaked and it was shocking to read the absolutely filthy things she was saying to her then-boyfriend. Once that started to die down, her boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers, sent a Snapchat photo of Munn engaging in a sexual act with the caption, “The Super Bowl can suck it.” It should come as no surprise since Munn has repeatedly promoted her mouth skills and even appeared on the Attack of the Show where she was blindfolded while Kevin Pereira put various objects in her mouth while she guessed what they were. Scraping the bottom of the barrel was when she stuffed sausages in her mouth to see how many she could fit in there. Now, that’s class!

8 Amanda Bynes

When Amanda Bynes started off as a Disney kid, she had the fresh-faced look of the girl next door. When she transitioned to the big screen, she played in a number of films that perpetuated that same persona. Yet, with a seemingly thriving career, Bynes reportedly decided to retire with the millions she’d made on TV and film. Although there wasn’t exactly an outpouring of grief over her decision to quit acting, people did wonder what would be next for Bynes. However, no one could have guessed the erratic behavior that would ensue. From being arrested for throwing a bong out of a window to the crazy new look, Bynes went through serious mental issues that played out in the headlines and social media. It was the posts from social media that truly showed how low her morals had become. From the sexual statements about Drake to telling Rihanna, “Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough,” Bynes definitely changed her persona in the eyes of the public.

7 Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is an accomplished model that is best known for posing in lingerie as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. While people may not agree with that sort of line of work, there is a level of prestige associated with being a model (regardless of it involving posing in panties). Kerr may have been able to hold onto her dignity by using her model status as a front but all of that was washed away through a series of naked photos she used in order to amplify her fame. In a 2014 pictorial spread for GQ magazine, Kerr posed in a variety of scantily clad photos that included more than a few raunchy shots. From the photo baring her breasts while straddling a pommel horse to the raunchy wet t-shirt look that exposed her nipples, these were just a few examples of how Kerr whittled away at her dignity in an effort to promote herself to the world.

6 Rihanna

When Rihanna was first introduced as a music artist, she was portrayed as the girl-next-door version of someone from Barbados. While she was considered incredibly beautiful and sexy, she was far from the stripper-loving artist she is today. Her relationship with Chris Brown showed them as the cutest couple in R&B music but their physical altercation was hugely instrumental in changing both of their personas. Brown immediately became a woman-beater and Rihanna seemed to gradually change to become a far edgier celebrity than she was in her earlier years. She’s appeared on the red carpet wearing nothing but a few strands of rhinestones held together by mesh and she’s been known to frequent strip clubs and post her partying photos online. Although everyone is allowed a bit of recreational time, hanging out at strip clubs and boasting about marijuana smoking isn’t exactly the same as doing charity work on your days off.

5 Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder was once thought of as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood with iconic films in the ‘80s. From Beetlejuice to Heathers, it seemed like Ryder had already solidified her role in Hollywood as the eccentric beauty with the porcelain skin. Yet, things began to slow down a bit for Ryder and she wasn’t churning out the back-to-back hit films like before. During this time, the world was shocked when they heard that Ryder was arrested for shoplifting in 2001 at the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue. In court, she claimed that a movie director told her to steal in order to help her get into the right mindset for an upcoming role but the judge wasn’t buying it. Accounts from witnesses to the event also made statements during the court proceedings and stated that she was acting in an odd way and came prepared to steal. She had over $5000 worth of merchandise when she was arrested.

4 Kris Jenner

While Keeping Up with the Kardashians first started as a way to give Kim Kardashian more of a platform to increase her fame, it quickly drew attention to her “stage mom” mother, Kris Jenner. It became blatantly clear that Kris Jenner was out to get as much publicity, opportunities and money for her children and she evaluated her love for them based on how much they could earn. Her kids often remarked how they could easily tell that Kim was her “favorite” and after a number of seasons, Kris seemed to stop hiding it. There have been a number of times when Kris showed the amount of her greed, as well as her manipulative behavior towards her children. One of these instances played out in the TV series when she pushed Kim to pose for Playboy, even though Kim was clearly uncomfortable with it.

3 Madonna

With Madonna dying her hair blonde for many years, it can be easy to forget that she’s actually a natural brunette. Her Italian background was a huge part of her persona early on in her career and she often mentioned her strict Catholic upbringing. Yet, she has done everything she could possibly do to rebel against the values that she was once brought up to respect. Nowadays, she’s made a myriad of headlines regarding the state of herself as a parent. Her daughter, Lourdes, had been photographed smoking cigarettes as early as 15-years-old and she has even been photographed drinking at Madonna’s concerts. Madonna seemed to condone her children’s bad behavior and even posted a photo to social media with her underage son surrounded by liquor bottles. While some might argue that she may have allowed her children to partake in substance abuse in order to remain on their good side as the “cool parent” but that obviously didn’t work out. Her strained relationship with her son, Rocco, has played out in the tabloids and she’s even talked about him in a foul manner during her stage performances.

2 Gabrielle Union

When Gabrielle Union began dating NBA basketball player, Dwyane Wade, people were looking at her like she was “the other woman” rather than a woman that finally found the love of her life. Wade was still married at the time and she was the mother of his two children. Union looked very much like the classic second wife where as soon as someone reaches celebrity status they ditch their first wife to upgrade. The negative feelings were so strong that Wade’s first wife actually sued Union in court and claimed that she should receive damages from Union for breaking up a happy home. The case was dismissed but people could never get over the fact that Union’s walk down the aisle started off with another woman’s broken heart.

1 Alicia Keys

There was a time when Alicia Keys was hailed for being a classically trained pianist with an amazing ability to sing and write music. Her climb to superstardom was filled with eccentric looks on the red carpet, a string of hit music videos and amazing stage performances that made her a favorite at award shows. Yet, her relationship with fellow artist, Swizz Beatz made people look at Keys and start to question why she would want to engage in an affair with a married man. The whole relationship played out in the headlines after his wife, Mashonda, wrote an open letter to Keys that was released to the public. She was open about her accusations of Keys and really made the public feel her pain in having her husband pulled away from her in such a humiliating manner. Ultimately, he divorced his wife and now the world is supposed to look at Beatz and Keys as the happy little family but many people aren’t quick to jump on that bandwagon.

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