15 Celebrity Brawls That Ended In Serious Injury

Celebrity feuds are some of the best documented and most discussed elements of the celebrity world. With celebrities being so active and uncensored on social media, we are exposed to a new fight everyday. Well, we've talked about feuds and bickering fights in the past. This time, we're interested in more serious matters. Even though it's rare, celebrities do get into real physical fights like the rest of the world. Sometimes, these fights are violent eventually leading to someone getting hurt. These are the occasions that we're interested in. It's for science. Now, the title suggests that we're looking at serious injury. To make it easy to explain what we mean by this, we decided to look at fights that ended with someone in the hospital getting visibly injured.

Over the years, plenty of celebrities have been injured by random people. We've heard of muggings and attacks. But since we know virtually nothing about the other party involved, it makes the event less recognizable and less interesting. We've narrowed down this list to only include fights that had two famous sides (or at least two recognizable sides). This seems to make the fights a bit more newsworthy. Since the early days of show business, fights between celebrities have been one of the most interesting stories in the business. Things haven't changed much and for that reason, we've tracked down the biggest of them all. Here are 15 Celebrity Brawls That Ended in Serious Injury.

15 Drake And Puff Daddy

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After the much-publicized feud between Drake and P Diddy began over an allegedly stolen beat, a fist fight broke out between the rappers at a Miami nightclub in 2014. Even though Diddy denied that he assaulted Drake at the club, Sam Sneak, a DJ who was present at the club and witnessed the fight told a different story. Reports claim that Diddy confronted Drake and said, "You'll never disrespect me again." Then he punched him. Not long after the scuffle, Sneak announced that Drake was at the hospital for injuries he received in battle; injuries that turned out to be a dislocated shoulder. It's unclear if he received this from throwing a punch or if Diddy put Drake in a mean nelson. We like to imagine it's the latter. Either way, the injuries were not too serious. Just enough to be mentioned here. Apparently, the two have squashed this beef since then.

14 Chevy Chase And Joel McHale

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Chevy Chase is known to have been in a few celebrity scuffles over the years. Most, like the famous SNL fight with Bill Murray, were pretty harmless. Joel McHale, Chase's co-star on Community, however, tells a story about a scuffle that resulted in some injuries. McHale recalls that on a number of different occasions, Chase tried to fight him. But it was one eventful day on set that is most interesting. On that day, McHale tells that Chase was trying to rile him up. He "kept demanding that McHale hit him harder. To shut him up, McHale delivered a left jab. Chase ended up in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder." Now, if you're wondering what happened here. This implies that McHale was punching Chase in the arm. So it wasn't necessarily the most violent of fights, but the hospital visit checks one of our serious injury boxes.

13 Broderick Crawford And Frank Sinatra

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There are a number of accounts that suggest Frank Sinatra was not the saint people like to imagine him to be. In fact, most accounts tell of Sinatra being a bit of an a*s. Apparently, it was Sinatra's mafia connections that made him feel untouchable, so he abused many people in the industry. On the set of Not as a Stranger, however, things changed, if only for a short period of time. Actor Broderick Crawford, who played Lenny in Of Mice and Men on Broadway, took quite a bit of abuse from his co-star Sinatra. The crooner would continuously call him Lenny, which Sinatra used as a way of calling Crawford mentally handicapped. After one too many verbal jabs, Crawford snapped and threw Sinatra down. He then tore off the singer's toupee and began to eat it. Actor Robert Mitchum then grabbed Crawford off Sinatra, which led to Mitchum and Crawford brawling. It wasn't until Crawford began seriously choking on the toupee he was eating that the fight stopped. Medical personnel intervened and forced Crawford to puke up the toupee. Strange go-to move Crawford, strange move.

12 The Oasis Cricket Bat

The Oasis bandmates and brothers, Noel and Liam Gallagher, are known to have fought quite a bit in their lengthy careers. The worst of all the fights, in terms of physical violence, occurred when the guys were recording the famous song "What's the Story Morning Glory." Allegedly, Liam brought some fans of the band from the bar to the studio to watch the recording. Noel was furious with this as he just wanted to get to work. When Noel told everyone to leave, Liam, angry and drunk, lost it. He grabbed a cricket bat they had on hand, just in case a game ever broke out, and smashed Noel over the head with it. We don't necessarily know the extent of the injuries Noel suffered, but if you've ever held a cricket bat, you'll know that it's impossible to get banged over the head with one and walk away uninjured.

11 Emile Hirsch And Daniele Bernfeld

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During the Sundance Film Festival, actor Emile Hirsch and Paramount Digital VP Daniele Bernfeld got into a violent encounter. 'Encounter' might not be the right word for it. It started in a nightclub in Utah where Hirsch was drinking heavily. Allegedly, Bernfield was mad-dogging Hirsch pretty hard, so he asked her why she was acting so "tough." This caused Bernfield to call him "a rich kid" and questioned why he was at the festival in the first place. Some pushing occurred inside the club, but it stopped there. Later, after Bernfield had left the club, Hirsch reportedly "came up to Bernfeld from behind and wrapped his arm around her to put her in a chokehold." Bernfield blacked out during the scuffle while Hirsch continued strangling her until bystanders were able to pull him off.

10 Drake And Chris Brown

The date June 14, 2012 will go down in history as one of the most important fights in history. No...not really. But Drake and everyone's least favorite singer, Chris Brown, did get into a bloody brawl at a club they both attended that night. The story of the fight states that it all started when Brown sent Drake and company a bottle of champagne. Drake returned it with a note that read "I'm still f***ing Rihanna." Obviously, you'll remember that Brown once dated Rihanna and things didn't end nicely. From there, things got more and more tense until the fighting started. Fists, bottles, and everything that could be thrown were thrown. The aftermath was a mess. Brown's security guard, Big Pat, got the worst of it with a terrible head injury, cut open from whatever it was that hit him. Brown took to Twitter to show off a gash in his chin and called Drake's entourage "girls." Brown insists that he was hit with a bottle, but who can say for sure? This man has lied before.

9 Porsha Williams And Cynthia Bailey

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta women fight over pretty much everything. But the one constant thing in all of the feuds is that Porsha Williams is usually in the middle of it all. Williams is a borderline celebrity outside of the Real Housewives of Atlanta show, but she makes the list because her fight with Cynthia Bailey was highly publicized. Even though Williams' fight with Kenya Moore might have gotten more press because it was on tape, especially after Moore filed assault charges, the fight that occurred between Williams and Bailey resulted in the hospitalization of Williams. Apparently, Williams started the fight (no surprise) but Bailey ended it, kicking Williams in the gut and sending her to the hospital to think about what she had done.

8 Norman Mailer And Rip Torn

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Norman Mailer's film Maidstone is only famous because it has the evidence of the bloody fight that took place between Mailer and his main actor Rip Torn. Even though the film was experimental, Torn might have taken things a bit too far when he randomly struck Mailer in the head with a hammer while filming. The two then rolled around on the ground fighting as Mailer bled from his newly opened-up scalp. In the scuffle, Mailer also bit off a chunk of Torn's ear. Eventually, the two combatants were pulled off from each other as Mailer's wife and children watched on helplessly, screaming and crying. Again, all of this made it into the final cut of the film. Some say that this fight was staged but the bloody aftermath makes it appear real. Hell, if this was fake, then bravo! It was very convincing.

7 Geneva Thomas And Melyssa Ford

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Blood, Sweat & Heels might have been the stupidest show on television, but it did give us one nasty fight, at least. Even though we never got to see it on camera, we heard about it. Co-stars Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford, while filming an episode aboard a yacht, got into a violent exchange that ended with Thomas smashing a vodka bottle over Ford's head. Ford was taken to hospital and received stitches in her head and feet. Thomas was arrested for assault. Not long after, the show was cancelled both because of this event and because the show and its stars were impossibly stupid.

6 Halle Berry's Men

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Gabriel Aubry is a model and also one of Halle Berry's exes. Oliver Martinez is an actor and Berry's current husband. The two men came to blows during the Thanksgiving holiday outside of Berry's home to give thanks in their own special ways. Not much is known about the fight, with both sides blaming the other, but the aftermath is known. Martinez, who has some boxing experience and whose father was a professional boxer, got the best of Aubry, leaving him in the hospital with a battered and bruised face, a broken rib, and a concussion. Martinez was also treated at the hospital for a broken hand and a possible neck injury. Halle must be quite the woman.

5 Jack White And Jason Stollsteimer

Jack White of The White Stripes and Jason Stollsteimer from Von Bondies got into a pretty violent fight at Detroit's Magic Stick Club in 2003. The two rockers had some history and some unresolved beef about production credits on early albums. Apparently, they had gotten physical before this night in 2003. However, it was obvious that things weren't settled. The story started when White confronted Stollsteimer at the club and was yelling at him, but Stollsteimer refused to engage, even trying to walk away. It was then that White allegedly spat in Stollsteimer's face and punched him. He then threw the Von Bondies' guitarist to the ground and continued punching him until others separated the two men. Stollsteimer was treated at hospital for facial bruising and lacerations. The pictures make the injuries look worse than they were.

4 Chris Brown And Rihanna

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Everyone knows this story, but how could we ignore one of the most violent and infamous celebrity fights on record? After an argument broke out in a rented Lamborghini over another woman, Rihanna allegedly threw the car keys out the window. This is when the violence started and Brown repeatedly punched Rihanna and smashed her head into the window. Brown then choked the singer until she lost consciousness, even biting her several times in the process because he's a thug. When police arrived at the scene, Rihanna had suffered several injuries on her face and bite marks on her arm and hands. These days, Brown gets mad when people bring up this dark mark in his past. Sorry, Chris. This is one cross you'll carry for the rest of your life.

3 Bruce Lee Vs. Extras

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There are so many stories from the set of Enter the Dragon that it's tough to separate truth from legend. Yes, Bruce Lee was a legendary figure and a number of factors, including the type of films he made and his early death, have led to many tall tales being told, most of which are probably apocryphal. Still, the stories of Bruce fighting extras on the set of Enter the Dragon have been verified by a few witnesses, so we will consider them true. One includes a young extra who challenged Bruce who was beaten soundly but went back to work without any serious injuries. However, the other did result in injury. Dave Friedman, a photographer who apparently has some photos of this event, tells of a time Bruce was challenged while going to lunch. He says, "Yes he was challenged when we, the American Crew, were on our way to lunch at the beautiful old Repulse Bay Hotel one day. I saw it and I did take pictures and those pictures exist. I do not know what was said since it was all in Chinese. All I know is that it pissed Bruce off enough to kick the guy's teeth out. He told me afterward that he should have killed him and we continued on to lunch."

2 Tom Neal And Franchot Tone

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The most violent of all Hollywood punch-ups has to be the brawl that took place between actors Tom Neal and Franchot Tone over Barbara Payton. Neal and Payton met in the early 50's and began a relationship. It was said that Payton ended things with Neal when she met Tone. However, even after she and Tone began dating and were engaged to be married, Payton still kept things going with Neal on the side. This all came to a head one evening in 1951. Neal and Tone got into an altercation and it ended in a very one-sided fight. Neal, the former amateur boxer, brutally beat Tone, smashing his cheekbone, breaking his nose, and giving him a severe concussion. One onlooker described the fight "like a butcher slaughtering a steer." Tone was left unconscious and underwent a coma for 18 hours. Both Neal and Payton were blacklisted for the bad publicity. Neal would end up murdering another woman (his wife) later on down the line. Tone probably considered himself lucky he was alive.

1 Mayhem In Mayhem

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Mayhem is a famous Norwegian black metal band that made major headlines in the early 90's. The first big news item came when the vocalist, Per Yngve Ohlin, nicknamed "Dead," committed suicide in 1991. Though it could just be a rumor, one of the bandmates, Euronymous, allegedly made necklaces of the singer's skull and gave them to each of the band members. A couple of years later, Euronymous is said to have plotted to kill one of the other band members, Vikernes. On the night that the murder was supposed to go down, Vikernes tells that Euronymous attacked him and the two fought violently. In the end, it was Euronymous who was killed. He was stabbed repeatedly and died from his wounds. His body was found with 23 stab wounds. Pretty vicious self-defense if you ask us.

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