15 Celebrity Beefs That Need To Be Sorted Out In A Boxing Ring

Disagreements between people happen from time to time, it's a part of human nature. It could be a problem with a co-worker or an issue with a family member or anything in between. Often these disagreements are just kept between the individuals or families involved, but not when you're a celebrity. With everything a celebrity does being put under a microscope, their feuds and disagreements are no different and everyone knows about them.

When a disagreement or feud takes place in Hollywood, it can often become a national headline and people talk about it for weeks, months or even years. Every little detail about the feud is released and analyzed by millions of fans. While some of these feuds are harmless or blown way out of proportion, others most certainly are not. There have been dozens and dozens of examples of Hollywood actors, rappers, singers and directors getting into it with one another.

These can range from a simple Twitter beef, to a full-blown fist fight and everywhere in between. Read on and take a look back at some of Hollywood's nastiest and ugliest feuds in recent memory.

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15 Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

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This one is actually an old friendship that soured. Back in the early to mid-2000s, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were the best of friends. They often tweeted each other and even sent birthday messages to one another. However, by 2012 or 2013, the friendship had all but turned into a battle. There have been dozens of tiny jabs sent by one to another over the past half decade and the beef shows no signs of slowing down. Possibly the weirdest thing about this whole ordeal is the fact that each people really haven't mentioned each other by name, just through very subtle and pointed jabs at each other through the media and social media platforms like Twitter. It is also worth noting that they both dated John Mayer at one time or another, so that might have something to do with it.

14 Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey

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While it is sometimes hard to pinpoint the start of a feud, the beginning of this one is incredibly simple to pinpoint. Mariah Carey was doing an interview for a foreign TV network in the early 2000s, in which the interviewer asked her about various other pop stars. After answering questions and speaking on other pop stars, when she was asked about Jennifer Lopez, she only said: "I don't know her". From there, a feud was born. Since then, these two have been throwing shade at one another left, right and center. Whether it is a subtle comment on social media or a small jab during an interview, these two don't seem too fond of each other. People keep asking them about the feud, and they keep talking about it and have never mentioned that they are on good terms.

13 Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano

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We are throwing it way back for this one, but for good reason. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty co-starred on the hit Drama, Charmed. After three years of working on the show together, Doherty left the series in 2001. She cited backstage drama as her reason for leaving, and it was believed that tension was mainly between Doherty and Milano. There were apparently some really rough days, which was enough for Doherty to leave and the two to feud for over a decade. However, this one has a fairly happy ending as the two of them have since reconciled, which is good as they are now in their 40s and have grown out of the "high school-like" feud they had going on.

12 Chris Brown and Soulja Boy

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This is one of the most recent feuds on this list and was fast and hard, as it was all over the news for a few weeks and then seemed to quiet down. While it is still currently going on in some capacity, it only began around a year or so ago, when Soulja Boy started it. The two began feuding over Chris Brown's ex Karrueche, and then they started a back and forth on social media for all to see. Tweets, Instagram posts, and videos were sent back and forth, and these two were making entertainment headlines each and every day. This one literally nearly ended in the boxing ring as the two rappers actually agreed to a real physical altercation in a boxing fight, but it never happened. Things have since cooled down, but don't be shocked to see this feud once again pick up steam sometime soon.

11 Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

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These two were in a tumultuous relationship with each other from January of 2016 up until December of that same year. The two were seemingly up and down throughout the relationship, but things were starting to look up as they had a child together and were engaged. However, this story didn't have a happy ending. Basically, Rob said she just randomly moved out of the house and took the child with her. A few months passed and then Kardashian went to social media and made several comments about Chyna, as well as posting bare photos of her on social media. He was obviously very hurt from her leaving and claimed that she had been with several guys since (despite her making him feel that they might get back together) and made other nasty comments about her. You could write an entire article about the various issues these two have had.

10 Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian

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We go from one Kardashian to another. As you can tell, they aren't strangers to crazy Hollywood drama. Another person who isn't a stranger to the drama is Amber Rose. Back in 2015, Rose made comments about Kylie Jenner's age and her relationship with Tyga. Khloe Kardashian didn't take too well to these rude comments and went to Twitter and sent some confrontational tweets about Rose's past as a "dancer". Rose, of course, responded with her own jabs and the two had a back and forth that was seen (and retweeted) by thousands and thousands of people. This was huge news in the industry and while it has cooled down in the present day, chances are they still aren't too fond of one another.

9 George Clooney and David O. Russell


It is somewhat normal for an actor and a director to disagree with things on a movie set, but this feud goes much beyond that. Actor George Clooney and director David O. Russell were working on Three Kings together in 1999, when they had an argument that got physical. After Russell verbally and physically berated some of the cast, Clooney stood up to him and said that kind of thing isn't allowed or good to do. Russell didn't take too kindly to this and head-butted Clooney, which led to him grabbing Russell by the throat before they were separated. We are sure that the two don't have any bad blood anymore (as it has been nearly 20 years), but there is no doubting that these two had some major issues for a while stemming from this altercation.

8 Will Smith and Janet Hubert

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This is a feud that has been going on for decades, and doesn't seem like it will ever stop. It all began when Will Smith and Janet Hubert were shooting The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Hubert played Aunt Vivian for the first few seasons of the show). After three seasons, she left the show. While many thought it was because of creative differences, that's not actually the reason at all. Since leaving the show, Hubert has not been quiet about saying it was actually Will Smith who caused her to leave the show. She was upset that he (the star of the show) wouldn't go to bat for them when it came to trying to get a raise. She has called him egotistical and attacked him numerous times, while Smith has done his best to be civil about the whole thing. Even in 2017, Hubert and Smith still do not see eye to eye. While many feuds will dissolve or weaken after the years, this one seemingly has not.

7 Biggie Smalls and Tupac

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This is one of those beefs that still lives up to the term. In fact, many would argue this is one of the biggest beefs or feuds in the history of the music industry. The beef was between the West Coast rappers (led by Tupac Shakur) and the East Coast rappers (led by Biggie Smalls). These groups went back and forth with diss tracks, jabs in the media and more. Both sides felt that they were the superior rappers and they weren't shy about proclaiming it to the world. While most celebrity feuds don't get anywhere past a bit of pushing and shoving, this one escalated far beyond that. In fact, both Tupac and Biggie were both killed in drive-by shootings from unknown assailants. Tupac was shot in 1996 and Biggie in 1997, likely as a retaliation.

6 Drake and Meek Mill

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While it can never live up to the craziness that was the West Coast vs. East Coast rap beef of the 1990s, this is likely the most famous rap beef of the last decade or so. The beef all started when Meek Mill took to Twitter to claim that Drake never actually writes his own raps and has a ghostwriter. From that point on, the battle was on. The two traded highly publicized diss tracks and many others in the rap community took sides, and this feud was at the top of the entertainment news for weeks. While things never got super crazy violent, there is no doubting that it could have if the two were in the same place at the same time. Things seemed to have cooled down between these two in the last while, but all it takes is another diss track or rap lyric that could start it all right back up again.

5 Kanye West/Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift

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Yet another Kardashian on this list (Kim Kardashian this time), they cannot seem to stay out of the drama. This feud actually began with Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift in their now-infamous encounter at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when West interrupted Swift after she had won an award, which he felt should have gone to Beyonce. Ever since then, there has definitely been a lot of awkwardness and weirdness on both sides. Things have escalated in the past, as Kanye West included a questionable lyric in his song Famous, which claims he made Taylor Swift famous. Swift has responded with subtle shots in some of her songs, so this feud is seemingly alive and well, nearly a decade later.

4 Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields

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Back in the early to mid-2000s, Tom Cruise was exhibiting a lot of strange behavior in public, such as the famous "jumping on the couch on Oprah" situation. Another (much more terrible) thing he did was openly criticize Brooke Shields for using antidepressants and called her irresponsible for doing so. He is a Scientologist and believes that all types of psychiatry is nothing but a type of pseudoscience, which obviously isn't the case. Of course, Shields and mental health advocates everywhere were not okay with this and Tom Cruise caught a lot of flak for these comments. Shields was taking them after a bout with postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter in 2003. He has since apologized, but it took him much longer than it should have and many people don't believe it was very genuine.

3 Bill Murray and Lucy Liu

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When you think of Bill Murray, you likely think of a silly and wacky man who is very positive to be around. While most of the time you would be right, it was a little different one fateful day while filming a scene for the Charlie's Angels movie. Right in the middle of a scene, Murray stopped and complained that Lucy Liu couldn't act at all, right in front of her. Of course, she wasn't too happy about this and actually lunged at him and tried to punch him out. They were separated before things got too out of hand, but still, it is pretty wild to hear that a guy like Bill Murray was involved in an altercation while filming. While Murray denies this ever happened, he was subsequently replaced by Bernie Mac in the sequel, so there's a good chance something was up and Murray is just embarrassed about it.

2 LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx

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These two had a very quick an explosive altercation and one that neither of them has been shy about mentioning. During filming for 1999's Any Given Sunday, the two of them played athletes and rivals during the film. As the filming went on, things got a little bit more intense. One scene, in particular, had the two physically engage one another, and things got WAY out of hand. In an effort to make it more real, LL decided to push Jamie Foxx, which wasn't in the script. From there, the two of them went at it physically and punched each other a number of different times and each suffered minor injuries on their faces as a result of the on-set fight. The feud didn't end here, however, as the two traded barbs over the next little while, including LL Cool J rapping out his thoughts on Foxx's manhood. In 2006, the now-older and more mature LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx reconciled and put this silly beef behind them.

1 Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell

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That's right, even the president of the United States of America is included in some major beef. Donald Trump and actress/former talk show host Rosie O'Donnell have had a major feud that has spanned over a decade. It began back in 2006, when O'Donnell criticized Trump's decision to not fire the co-owner of the Miss USA pageant after some bad things surfaced about her. She called him a snake-oil salesman, said she didn't enjoy him and slammed his previous marriages. Of course, Trump returned fire by calling her a real loser and more. Over the next decade-plus, they have gone at each other more times than we could count and have called each other everything under the sun. Even still, in 2017, the two send the occasional barb at one another and we doubt this feud will be solved anytime soon, and it is only gaining traction thanks to Trump's role as President.

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