15 Celebrity Babes You Never Knew Appeared On "Married… With Children"

Married… with Children was one of the longest-running sitcoms in television history when it finally went off the air. It was the first show of its kind on FOX and they hit the jackpot with it. Al Bund

Married… with Children was one of the longest-running sitcoms in television history when it finally went off the air. It was the first show of its kind on FOX and they hit the jackpot with it. Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill), his wife Peggy (Katey Sagal) and their two children Bud and Kelly lived in the greater Chicago area and were part of lower class America.

The show was one of the funniest that has ever graced the screen as Al worked as a shoe salesman and was always trying to get rich quick while Peggy sat at home eating Bon-Bon’s and smoking cigarettes. Their daughter Kelly (Christina Applegate) was beautiful but had nothing in the brains department and their son Bud (David Faustino) was pretty intelligent but had only a little more common sense than his sister.

Over the years the show had countless guest stars on it and if you can find a complete list and look it over you’ll find some pretty impressive names. One of the staples of the show was there were always sexy women around that caught Al’s eye. Once in a while they even paid him a little attention. A lot of those women hadn’t yet made a name for themselves and it’s fun now to go back and see who made appearances on the show that we forgot about.

Do you remember Bobbie Brown of Warrant fame? Or Jessica Hahn from the Jim Bakker scandal? I know you remember Donna D’Ericco of Baywatch fame. All of them plus countless others met Al Bundy early in their acting careers. Here are just a few of them that you forgot appeared on that great show.

15 Pam Anderson

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Pamela Anderson has had a career of fame that includes being on just about every magazine cover imaginable, being married to Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee and she put the show Baywatch on the map. But did you know she appeared on Married with Children twice?

The first time was during Season 5 when she played Yvette in the episode called Al… with Kelly. She later came back for a second appearance playing Cashew in the episode called Route 666: Part II.

Anderson also played the role of the first tool girl on Home Improvement with Tim Allen before finding super fame on Baywatch. And of course, nobody can forget her sexy Playboy spreads.

On the Al… with Kelly episode Kelly and Al pretend to be sick so they don’t have to accompany Peggy to her mom’s house. When Kelly really gets sick it ruins the weekend for both of them. Several times during the show Al finds himself in bed with the beautiful Yvette (Anderson).

A couple of side notes about the episode, this was the first time Al ever mentioned the four touchdown game he had while in high school. It was also the first time that Al sang the theme song to his favorite television show, Psycho Dad.

14 Brandi Brandt

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Brandi Brandt was a beauty that appeared in Playboy a few times and was in a lot of their fictional video shoots. She is known more for being married to Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx than for anything she did on screen but she did stop by and visit Al Bundy once.

Brandt appeared as herself on the show during Season 4. The episode was called Desperately Seeking Miss October and she stopped into Gary’s Shoes to pick up a new pair of heels. Al recognizes her from his issue of the magazine and when he got home he tried to find the issue. He wanted to show his friend and neighbor Steve, the playmate that he met that day. To his dismay, he learns that Peg sold his entire collection so she could buy a good luck charm. Eventually, he made her get all of the issues back.

Steve is in the shoe store with Al when Brandi returns and they both just sit there and drool over her every move. It was one of the countless funny scenes in the show where Al dreams of what he can never have.

In 2013 Brandt was extradited back to Australia where she had to face cocaine trafficking charges. It seems she learned a thing or two from Sixx. Unlike him, however, it seems she never gave it up.

13 Bobbie Brown

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Bobbie Brown was a stunner that hit the big time with her role in the rock video “Cherry Pie” by Warrant. During the shooting of the video, she met and later married Warrant lead singer Janie Lane.

She appeared in three episodes of Married with Children, You Better Shop Around, You Better Shop Around, Part II and Route 666: Part II. In the first two-part show Al’s air conditioning at the house breaks so the family moves into the local grocery store for some relief. During their stay there Al and his neighbor Marcy are in a battle to become the store’s one millionth customer. The winner gets a $1,000 shopping spree and the Bundy’s will stop at nothing to win the contest.

Brown catches Al’s attention while her character “Nibbles” is shopping. He keeps making her bend over to pick up items that she thought she had dropped but it was actually Al dropping them near her feet purposely.

In her next appearance, she plays a woman named “Pecan” who appears in one of Al’s fantasies. There are four beauties in the scene and all of them are named after a type of nut. Pecan may have been the most memorable though, as she asks Al if he wants to be spanked.

12 Tia Carrere

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Tia Carrere worked with Ed O’Neill on several occasions. The pair appeared in Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2 and to that point in her career, the part she played of Cassandra Wong in the movies, was her most famous role. She showed that she has talent to go along with her beauty in the films as she sang all of her own songs.

In Season 5 of Married with Children she appeared in the episode that was called Kelly Bounces Back. The episode also featured appearances by Debbe Dunning and Tina Louise (Ginger on Gilligan’s Island).

Kelly is competing with several other ladies for a modeling job and she creates a new move, called “The Bundy Bounce”, so she can clinch the gig. Her brother Bud spends the time during the audition hitting on all of the other women and he accidentally gives away Kelly’s idea. Piper Bauman (Carerre) decides to put it to use and Kelly is forced to defend her own idea from being stolen. At the end, Kelly and Piper come to blows and as usually happened in those scenes, the Bundy’s came out on top. Fighting seemed to be the only thing they were good at.

11 Donna D’Ericco / Shannon Tweed

Donna D’Ericco reached fame when she became a regular on the hit show Baywatch and she was also a Playboy Playmate of the Month. Shannon Tweed also used Playboy as a stepping stone to fame and the two of them appeared together in a Season 10 episode of Married with Children called The Two That Got Away.

During the episode, Al and Marcy’s new husband, Jefferson, decide to take a weekend fishing trip in northern Wisconsin. When they arrive at the fishing lodge where they thought they had a reservation, they are turned away. Shannon Tweed plays herself in the show but her character is a B-list movie celebrity and former Playboy Playmate. She used her celebrity status to steal Al’s reservation.

When they get home they realize that when Jefferson was taking pictures at the lodge he accidentally got a photo of Tweed seducing the lodge’s owner in a hot tub. They figured out that was the real reason they were removed from the property so they try to sell the photo to media outlets.

D'Ericco has a small part of a woman named Helga that catches the attention of the two vacation goers. Looking like she did in the episode who could blame them?

Bonus points for the photo of Shae Marks, another gorgeous playmate who appears alongside D'Ericco in the above photo.

10 Debbe Dunning

Via marriedwithchildren.wikia

Debbe Dunning became famous for her role as Heidi, the Tool Time girl on the old hit show Home Improvement with Tim Allen. She had actually played a role in an earlier season on that show and producers chose her to replace Pam Anderson when she moved on.

She appeared on Married with Children during the Season 5 episode that was called Kelly Bounces Back. The show also featured Tina Carrere and Tina Louise. Dunning played the part of Rochelle Alpert who was a model like Kelly Bundy and they, along with Carerre’s character, were competing for a job.

They were all auditioning to become the new spokesmodel for a brand new sports car called the Allante. The winner of the competition was going to star in all of the television commercials for the new car.

Kelly’s brother Bud is there and he told all of the other women that he is an agent in hopes of impressing them. Watching Bud work the ladies and the amount of rejection he faces is hilarious because he just won’t give up. While trying to impress the women he gives away Kelly’s new signature move called “The Bundy Bounce” and a fight ensues between the ladies.

9 Jessica Hahn 

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Jessica Hahn first hit the national spotlight during the Jim Bakker scandal and as soon as the world got a glimpse of the 21 year old beauty a star was born. During Season 6 of Married with Children she made an appearance in the episode that was called So This is How Sinatra Felt.

She plays a woman named Ricki that is a shoe groupie and she is in love with Al Bundy. That’s right, a shoe groupie and she was in love with Al. She made frequent visits to Gary’s Shoes not only to buy new footwear but to grab a glimpse of Al as well.

Peggy is suspicious because of Al’s recent happy go lucky mood so she sends Kelly and Bud down to the mall to spy on her husband. He told his wife that he wasn’t cheating on her; he was only taking part in some harmless flirting with a shoe groupie.

During a funny scene when Peggy confronted Al she asked him if he wanted to explain himself. He replied “Well, I left high school, lost the will to live and here I am.”

At the time of her appearance Hahn was dating the show’s creator Ron Leavitt.

8 Lisa Robin Kelly

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Lisa Robin Kelly reached mainstream stardom with her role of Laurie Foreman on That '70s Show. Eric’s hot older college-going sister was a great character until a drug problem saw Kelly dropped from the show.

Prior to gaining her fame, she made two appearances on Married with Children. In Season 7 she played the part of Carol in Kelly Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. She returned in Season 11 for a more memorable role in Breaking Up is Easy to Do: Part 1. Her role in that episode was Heather Talrico who was Kelly Bundy’s arch enemy.

The two women come together when they are auditioning for a part in an upcoming boxing movie. The role is supposed to be a career maker so both ladies want it badly. During preparation for the audition, the women exchange heated words in the gym and Heather challenges Kelly to a boxing match. The stakes are high as the loser has to drop out of consideration for the role.

At the beginning of the fight Kelly says one of the famous mottos of the Bundy family, “Let’s rock!”, and then proceeds to knock Heather out quickly with a nice uppercut. It was a rare win for the Bundy family.

7 Tawny Kitaen

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Everyone knows that Tawny Kitaen was the woman in the Whitesnake rock videos back in the day and she even married their lead singer David Coverdale for a while. But a lot of people don’t remember that she appeared in an episode of Married with Children. Her appearance came in the first episode of Season 9 and a lot of hard core fans of the show say it was one of the worst episodes ever. That wasn’t because of Kitaen however; it was more because the writers just didn’t nail this one.

She played the role of Dominique and when 70’s nostalgia seemed to be selling very well Al and Jefferson decided to start selling shoes from that era. To try and capitalize fully they made a bunch of fake ones and as what usually happened when they tried a get rich quick scheme, they ended up coming out on the short end of things.

Katey Sagal isn’t seen in the episode but she is heard talking on the phone. The reason for this is she had just given birth to her daughter in real life.

Kitaen was enough to salvage an episode that was otherwise poorly written. At least when the re-runs are on now in syndication people don’t turn it off when they remember that she is in the episode.

6 Traci Lords 

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Traci Lords was involved in one of the biggest scandals in the adult film industry ever. Well, she wasn’t just involved in it, she was the cause of it. But she did come out on the other side and make a pretty decent mainstream acting career out of it.

She made a pair of appearances on Married with Children early in that career. Her first one was during Season 4 in an episode called Tooth or Consequences where she played the part of T.C., a hot dental assistant. Her second appearance on the show came during Season 6 in the role of Vanessa Van Pelt in Al Bundy, Shoe Dick.

During the run of the show there were a lot of rumors that Christina Applegate wasn’t happy with producers for making Kelly dumber and dumber as the show went on. At one point things were rumored to be so bad between them that insiders said that Applegate was about to be fired and replaced with Traci Lords. Lucky for us that change never happened and Kelly Bundy remained as she was supposed to be until the show’s end. Not that Lords wasn’t hot back then and might not have done a good job, but seeing someone else play the role of Kelly would have lost a lot of viewers. When an actor or actress has a role nailed the public doesn’t take too kindly to cast changes.

5 Tina Louise 

Tina Louise had a very long and successful career on television. She is best known as the sexy red headed actress Ginger Grant on the show Gilligan’s Island. When that show went off the air she went on to play several great roles in countless movies and TV shows but everyone remembers her as Ginger.

She even made an appearance on Married with Children in season 5. The episode was Kelly Bounces Back and Tia Carerre and Debbe Dunning were also in the episode. Louise played the role of Miss Beck, who was the casting director for a TV commercial for a new sports car. The girls were all in competition for the spot and Miss Beck was the one responsible for making the final decision.

While she was older at the time of her appearance, her long-time status as an international sex symbol qualifies Louise for inclusion on this list. The show had so many celebrities guest star on it over the years that they couldn’t help but bring in some ladies that were a little older and former beauty queens. They gelled nicely on screen with all of the current beauties.

This episode was packed with future stars and Louise’s role was just as important as the others.

4 Denise Richards

Denise Richards proves that everyone has to start somewhere with her small role on Married with Children in Season 6. In the episode called Kelly Does Hollywood: Part 2, Richards is only credited as “Girl #2”.

Kelly had a talk show on local Chicago television and the networks loved it and brought her out to Hollywood to make the show a national sensation. During this time Al tries to pitch several stupid ideas to producers so he can get a job in show business and Bud obviously tried to hit on every woman he comes across.

Richards’ role is so small that if you aren’t paying attention it would be easy to overlook her. We all know what happened to her later on down the road so it just goes to show you that paying dues is something that’s done in every field of employment. She was only twenty years old at the time and it’s obvious that she was chosen for the part based on her looks over her talent but that’s ok. As soon as she was allowed to show off that talent she made the most of her opportunities. Now if she could only go back in time and not marry Charlie Sheen her life may have turned out more successful than it has been.

3 Tiffani Thiessen

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Tiffani Thiessen has been credited in most of her work as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and she has had a pretty decent acting career. Back in the day before she made it to the big time she made an appearance on Married with Children. It came during Season 4 in an episode called What Goes Around Comes Around. She would later go on to fame in Saved by the Bell and again on the original Beverly Hills 90210.

Thiessen plays Heather McCoy in the episode, a girl that had humiliated Bud Bundy in sixth grade by hanging his underwear on the flagpole. He liked her but the feeling wasn’t mutual so she invited him to go skinny dipping and then stole his clothes. Now in high school, Bud gets her to fall for him and he has a plan to get even with her. But like most of Bud’s plans, it backfired on him.

His date offered to go skinny dipping with him again to make up for what she had done in the sixth grade but the result was the same. When all was said and done Bud was naked in front of the entire school and his humiliation only got worse. The Bundy’s win out though as Kelly gets revenge on Heather later in the show.

2 Tina Yothers

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Back in the day when Tina Yothers was still hot she made an appearance on Married with Children during Season 11 in the episode called Kelly’s Gotta Habit. Bud Bundy was forever hitting on models and actresses and in this episode he finally was able to get one in Yothers, who plays herself.

Bud is her boyfriend/manager and in the episode, she becomes unhappy with his managerial skills. He gave an acting job in a commercial to his mom, Peggy, rather than giving it to Yothers who was a better fit for the role. She goes on to remind him that the last job he got her was as Pebbles in the production of “Flintstones in the Park”. It rained throughout the filming and Bud’s sister Kelly, who was playing Dino, the dinosaur/dog, completely upstaged Yothers. She finally gets angry enough with Bud to fire him and she adds insult to injury when she tells him that she was only pretending to be happy with him so she could further her career.

For Bud, it was the typical ending for him in the rare occasions that he was able to land a girl. He never had much luck but that never stopped him from trying. It was a great and very funny storyline throughout the show’s run.

1 Charlene Tilton

Via sitcomsonline

Charlene Tilton hit the big time on the hit show Dallas back in the day. The beauty appeared on over five hundred magazine covers and was recognized around the world. During the 90’s she did a lot of commercials for the fitness equipment called the Abdominizer. She appeared on Married... with Children during Season 7 in an episode called Tis Time to Smell the Roses. She plays herself and comes to the Bundy house to sell them a similar piece of workout equipment.

During the episode, Al Bundy is given early retirement from Gary’s Shoes along with $12,000. While he is dreaming of how he is going to live out his golden years with this huge chunk of money Peggy actually finds it. However, Peggy doesn’t dream about what she is going to do with the dough. She spends it immediately. Within the hour she had spent $6,000 of the money thanks to a no holds barred shopping spree.

Al is then forced to go back to work and gets a job at Homeplate Athletic Shoes. He wants to buy the store but when that fails he spends the remaining six thousand dollars on lottery tickets. In typical Bundy fashion the tickets don’t pay off and he ends up working back at Gary’s Shoes once again.


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