15 Celebrities You Forgot Wore Body Paint

Body painting has been around just about as long as paint has. When that first cave man started painting his wall, he surely got some on his hand, and probably painted that too. Since the dawn of battle, body painting has been popular with indigenous tribes across the globe. War paint is still used today when Navy Seals camouflage their faces for maximum cover.

But what about the sexy stuff? Like when naked women walk around wearing paint instead of clothes. Well, that began publicly at the Chicago World’s Fair way back 1933. Cosmetics giant, Max Factor Sr, and his model, Sally Rand, were actually arrested for their full body exhibit. Body paint was adopted again by hippies during the free love movement of the 1960's. Currently, body painting is more popular than ever. Annual festivals are held in Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, and Seeboden, Austria. There’s a wide range of body paint styles, including the sexy, the gross, animal skin, cosplay, and more. Fine artists can even blend a model into their background so well with body paint that they camouflage.

A few years ago, Sports Illustrated started painting their supermodels in the famous swimsuit issue. Celebrities have also joined in the trend. The question is, which hot celebrities do we know that tried baring all behind a coat of paint? There may be more than you think. Here’s a list of Hollywood hotties who had their most intimate body parts tickled with a paintbrush.

15 Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is no stranger to baring nearly everything in a bikini. The funny thing is that sometimes, paint seems to offer more coverage than swimwear. Usually, Heidi would never wear a one-piece, but she kinda did in this shot. Heidi is an old pro in the business, and she always, to this day, looks great. This is a younger shot of her, when SI was beginning its painting experiment. Lately, Heidi has acted as a host on the summer reality series, America’s Got Talent. Another supermodel will soon join the cast of the show, alongside Howie MandelSimon Cowell, and Mel B. Tyra Banks will not be the fifth judge on the board. She will actually host, replacing the former host, Nick Cannon. There seems to be too much celeb banter on the show already, and the highly opinionated Tyra is going to be chatty. The good news is she looks a whole lot better in a dress than Nick.

14 Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey has been kinda pushed out of the limelight lately. After losing in two consecutive UFC matches, it looks like retirement time for the woman who largely helped to popularize the sport. But this isn’t the end for Rousey. With her determined training habits and drive, she’ll rise to the top in whatever endeavor she chooses next. Many believe that the fighting champion will move on to Hollywood and take a serious shot at the acting business. There are a couple of rumors swirling around that the star will act in her own biographical film. She already appeared in Through My Father’s Eyes, the documentary just released on May 1st. Next, she may act in a more fictionalized take on her life. For now, she is working on smaller acting roles. On May 3rd, she starred in the TV series Blindspot, and played Devon, a tough prisoner who gets in a fight.

13 Kim Kardashian West

Well, if you look good and reveal a lot while wearing body paint, then you know Kim Kardashian is going to rock some. Here, she is in some silver paint and she's flaunting those curves. This woman will do anything to look good. And she usually knows exactly what to wear, which way to stand, and the posture her body needs to hold in order to look her best. Can you believe that Kim just “celebrated” the ten-year anniversary of the naughty tape she did with Ray J? Has the ten years flown by? Or was it an eternity? If you ask me, it’s been an eternity. The girl has been all over social media, reality TV, and even the real news, and the overexposure has got to come to an end soon. The problem is, as Kim ages, her little sister Kylie has taken the reigns. Will the era of the smokey-eyed, big boob, big butt, fish-face selfie ever end? There must be a fashion backlash coming soon.

12 Rihanna

So, Rihanna likes to wear body paint too. And that’s no surprise. Rihanna is one of the most free-spirited celebrities who bares her twins all the time. And while Kim K sheds clothes to show off, it seems like Rihanna just does stuff to do it, and doesn’t give a damn about what anybody thinks. I must admit that over the years, Rihanna has grown on me. She's done some acting and chosen her roles wisely. Her music has evolved from a bubblegum calypso beat to a gritty soul sound. “Love on the Brain” has a greasy, bluesy feel that goes back to the soul days of Muscle Shoals. The Barbadian hottie has donned body paint a couple times. Once, she covered every inch of her body in silver paint for a photo shoot. Another time, she did a partial painting over her unmentionables, giving her a lizard look for her music video “Where Have You Been.”

11 Lindsey Vonn

In doing research for this article, I was surprised by how popular Lindsey Vonn in body paint could be. She was the first celeb mentioned after only typing "body paint" into the search engine. There is no debate that the star is popular in both the entertainment and sports realms, due to the fact that she’s pretty, a talented skier, and has a charming personality too. She appeared on Running Wild with Bear Grylls. If you missed that episode, you might want to hit up YouTube. Not only does the leggy blond busts Bear’s balls with her humor, but she also looks smoking hot in a string bikini. She has a breath-holding contest in a lake, and we’re glad somebody brought the underwater camera. We also learn a lot about Lindsey in the episode. She talks about her past with Tiger Woods. She also explains the reason that she's so driven in sports comes from competing with her older brothers.

10 Miley Cyrus

A couple years ago, Miley Cyrus did a photo shoot for Paper Magazine, and the results were very explicit. She can be seen playing in the mud completely in the buff. She also wears paint, but it’s barely splashed on, rather than actually painted. It’s not that much paint either, so you can see everything. She donned the paint again in a music video with Future. In some silver paint that covers every inch of her flesh, Miley writhes around on a table and gets her head screwed into a bracket. It’s a futuristic setting, and she’s either a robot or an alien. The outfit, or lack there of, seems appropriate for the scene. We have to compliment Miley here. She has been accused of not having a chest large enough to flaunt, but that’s hogwash. She should be proud of her toned figure and glad that she never went under the knife, like so many starlets feel pressured to do.

9 Ashley Greene

Oh, boy! Here’s a beautiful celeb whose good looks often fly under the radar. If you never watched those Twilight flicks, you may not even recognize her. Staten Island Summer is another flick that Ashley Greene has starred in. Compared to Twilight, Staten was an indie movie...but funny, nonetheless. In the film, written by SNL chief Colin Jost, Greene plays the hot girl who torments the coming-of-age lifeguard at the public pool. In one scene, Greene struts her stuff in slow-motion, turning every head at the pool in her yellow string bikini. The underrated actress also appeared in bed with no top on, in the cop-drama TV series, Rogue. Here, we found a pic of Ashley wearing a liquid bikini in an advertisement for SoBe Lifewater. The marketing geniuses had a good strategy here. The pic makes most dudes’ mouths water.

8 Kate Upton

Wait a minute. Kate Upton isn't wearing a bikini in this shot. Look closer, it is actually just paint. Kate wore this body paint ensemble in a Sports Illustrated issue, and surely sold millions of copies. Kate still looks great. But what’s next for the buxom blonde? She tried her hand in acting with the awful flop The Other Woman. She didn’t do that bad, but the film would have done much better if they employed somebody else. Especially since it was a chick flick that most dudes never considered seeing anyway. Next, this August, she stars in The Layover and this flick sounds way better. Kate will costar with hottie on the rise, Alexandra Daddario. It’s a silly road-trip comedy also starring Harold and Kumar’s Kal Penn and William H Macy of Shameless. Macy also directed the film, so it’s bound to be entertaining.

7 Demi Moore

This entry is a bit of a throwback. After all, it seems to be Demi Moore’s daughters who are in the news nowadays, instead of the once smoking hot mom. Scout Willis is a huge supporter of the "free the nipple movement" and has been photographed multiple times walking down city streets with no top on. Then, there’s Rumer Willis, who starred in Dancing With the Stars, and has no qualms about going topless on the beach when the paparazzi is around. And they definitely got their free spirit and cutting edge mentality from their mother. Demi was wearing body paint way before it was cool. She also made the naked pregnant photo famous and now everybody is doing it. Even that girl from high school does the pregnant Demi on her Facebook page. Yikes. Not something that I needed to see. Demi is looking great here, though. What a risk taker.

6 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a beautiful ageless actress who is deceivingly eccentric. She has an odd taste in films and often shows up in roles you would never expect. She’s a decent actress, no doubt about that. After all, she did win an Oscar for Monster. The weird thing is, she didn’t look like Charlize in that role. She seemed like a whole other person, right? After the recent MTV awards show did away with gender roles for their categories, the Academy Awards are surely pondering the same change. And if the Oscars do omit gender separation, they’ll need more categories to fill time, right? Well, I’m proposing Best Masked Acting or Best Transformation. That’s the Charlize move. If an actor can’t be recognized, then they have an unfair advantage. You could also call it Best Prosthetic Nose Acting. How many actors won with one of those? Robert De Niro and Nicole Kidman come to mind.

5 Courtney Stodden

There are certain “celebrities” in this world who would not exist without social media. If this was 1997 again, would anybody know who Courtney Stodden was? Sure, maybe we would have read a brief article about some 16-year-old buxom blond marrying a fifty-year old D-list actor. But that would have been the end of it. We may have marveled at how this creepy old guy, masquerading as an acting coach, lured this young blonde into his clutches. It’d make for a nice headline in the entertainment section of the newspaper. But then, we’d throw the newspaper in the garbage alongside banana peels, coffee grounds, and aluminum cans. Oh, how the world has changed. Now, we have to live with this blonde star wannabe forever, because we can’t stop staring at her assets. She keeps posting, so we keep clicking. What choice do we have? She’s hot! Here’s a nice pic of Courtney as a superhero hawking vegan pamphlets. Hey, she wore pasties—so dignified.

4 Nicki Minaj

Had to go with Nicki Minaj for this next entry. For a while, we considered Paris Hilton but how many “mystery talent” celebrities can we feature on one list, right? Kim K and Stodden already fit that description. Paris looked amazing with gold paint on, but the metallic look was getting tired. This list is about body paint, not actresses who look like the Tinman from Wizard of Oz. Instead, we’re going with Minaj. This woman actually has quite a bit of talent, if you enjoy rap music. She also went with a different paint style that is unique to our list. This is more of a Jackson Pollock abstract look, almost a Holi-styled look. Holi is the Hindu festival held every spring in India, when they throw paint powder at each other. The whole event looks pretty fun. Minaj donned this look for her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album cover. She’s also done the metallic body paint, tribal stuff, and a blue paint job, which made her look like a negative of Marilyn Monroe.

3 Jenna Dewan Tatum

Here’s a woman who seems to have the looks and the talent, but just hasn’t been landing any good film roles lately. She has been busy on television, though. Jenna has starred in a string of hit shows, including Supergirl, Witches of East End, and American Horror Story. Yet, with her great looks and dazzling personality, we have to wonder why she’s not on the big silver screen. Somebody should write her a screenplay that involves dancing, her other talent. The girl can actually dance, unlike other stars who just fake it long enough to survive closeup scenes, then bring in a body double. We’re looking at you Julia Stiles. This screenplay project should also involve Courteney Cox, because we love her too. She and Jenna could play sisters, or maybe even mother-daughter. Sorry, Courteney. In this shot, Jenna is representing PETA in an anti animal-based clothing ad, which was titled, “Wearing Exotic Skin Kills.”

2 Kaley Cuoco?

Beware, my friends. These body paint images are often doctored in Photoshop. Many dudes have fantasized about the Kaley Cuoco pic on the right, but it’s actually a Photoshop of the unknown hottie on the left. Not that the hottie on the left is anyone to scoff at. She may even be prettier than the TV star. But the difference is, we don’t feel like we “know” the blonde on the left. It’s sick that we feel like we "know" Kaley, but that’s just how we feel. After all, we've spent hours and hours with her and Sheldon and the rest of the gang on Big Bang. Those people are our friends, right? What do you mean it’s a TV show? Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot. Jokes aside, the point of this entry is beware of fakers. Megan Fox and Jessica Biel have also fallen victim to the online phony-paint.

1 Chrissy Teigen

“All of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges. All your perfect imperfections.” Whether you like his music or not, we have all heard those John Legend lyrics about his beautiful wife, Chrissy Teigen, at least a hundred times. If you’ve been to a wedding, that song is playing. If you’re in the car with your parents, that song is playing. Your girlfriend knows every word. The damn song is even playing at the convenience store when you’re making a quick Gatorade run. It was surely overplayed, but the lyrics aren’t bad because they describe Chrissy to a T. She is beautiful, but she’s not perfect. I mean, nobody is. And his lines about a "smart mouth" are certainly true. The girl loves to post witty comments and opinions on social media. She talks about everything and everybody. I’m not sure if she has the talent or charisma to stay in the spotlight too much longer, but we’ll see.

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