15 Celebrities With Pierced Chi-Chis And Ta-Tas

In a world riddled with new fashion trends and ways to increase popularity, celebrities will run the gamut in terms of ways to accessorize. The list we have compiled was generated from celebrities who have pierced a certain special place (or places) on their pedestal of private parts. Some of these may come as no surprise to you, although we are venturing to guess the majority of these will shock you. While most of the celebrities will take very obvious, although somewhat abrasive gestures to catapult themselves further into the ‘limelight’, these additions to their bodies come with a price; no pain, no gain! We all know that with these beloved stars can come controversy and calamity, these body piercings are the life-blood that keeps those conversations generating time and time again.

Whether you have a personal opinion on how these piercings may be perceived by different demographics, like young girls who may easily be influenced, or you just wanted to swing on in to take a gander at these beautiful celebrities who decided to add a little spunk to their already incredible bodies; we encourage you to gaze the following pages with undivided attention. Throughout the fracas that is our popular culture, we as a collective audience rarely miss a chance to voice our opinion; no matter what the topic.

From fashion statements to personal choice, if their idea was to get our attention it’s safe to say they succeeded. According to a popular celebrity piercer, there are quite a few celebrities who have taken the leap of faith into the painful expedition; these 15 girls are but a few of them.


15 Bella Thorne

The 19-year old former Disney star has turned into anything but a family night discussion topic. Having recently revealed her bisexuality on Twitter; Thorne posted a flashy photo of a see-through dress flaunting new metal. Her piercings haven't been the only focal point as of late, the actress recently made a statement about wanting to date Twilight star Kristen Stewart. Bella Thorne made sure to put her new jewelry and smoking hot body on display for the Twilight star, as well as for the rest of us. Thorne hasn't been shy in the least when it comes to flashy jewelry and skimpy fashion choices, and for that we have come to enjoy her unique personality. Bella Thorne certainly has a long future ahead of her in the movie industry, and if the past is any suggestion for how the rest of her career will play out, we will certainly be seeing more of her.

14 Christina Aguilera 


Of all the celebrities that have landed themselves on our list, Christina Aguilera has one of the most decorated careers. An elusive singer and pop star, Aguilera has also been known to possess a rebel streak that has landed her name amidst conversation. If you had any previous ideas about Aguilera’s past, than hearing she got her breasts pierced should have come as no shock to you. Aguilera is claimed to have over 12 body piercings, and her breasts aren’t the most controversial ( wink wink). The always energetic celebrity has since removed all her piercings in an effort to feel more like a woman than an 18-year-old pop star during the 1990s. Whether she currently has her array of piercings in or out, her wild side landed her on our list; and with not much surprise.

13 Christina Milian

In one of the most exciting nipple piercings in recent memory, or maybe of all time, Christina Milian got her breasts pierced during the filming of her reality show. Despite the fact that Christina called the pain caused by the piercing worse than child birth, she took it like an absolute champ, there’s no way we could have been able to tell how much pain she was in. She may have shrieked a tad, and clenched her fists a little, but the pain tolerance displayed by Milian was downright impressive. Talk about living in the moment, Christina Milian provided us all a behind-the-scenes all access pass into her piercing, which is more than we can say about anyone else who landed on this list.

12 Rihanna


This wasn’t Rihanna’s first time showing off her twin's, she had also posed topless (and bottomless) for Lui Magazine’s cover shoot, and Vogue Brazil magazine. As if the front page exposure wasn’t enough, Rihanna took it one step further in posting the same photographs on her Instagram, although she deleted them soon after. Was she feeling the heat from a little overexposure? The jury is still out. One thing we know for sure is that Rihanna typically doesn't shy away from showing some skin. The superstar singer has captivated our hearts on numerous occasions and with photographs like these you can easily see why. Clearly Rihanna doesn't mind who gets a glimpse of her headlights and she’s not very modest when it comes to keeping her feelings on a ball and chain.

11 Bella Hadid

Perhaps the everlasting shadow of being Gigi Hadid’s sullen sister, Bella Hadid made a stark and interesting choice to have her breasts pierced. The obviously gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model has had a tough time differentiating herself from her sister's catapult into superstardom. Bella Hadid has been a part of some ‘courageous’ photoshoots to say the least, posing topless on several different occasions and absolutely rocking the images. She has a bit of a ‘girl next door’ vibe to her, a bit of the unknown that always has a way of luring in the audience. She admittedly has trouble with smiling in front of the camera, but with a body like that her smile may go a tad unnoticed. Bella Hadid has emerged as her own star, but still has a ways to go to catching up with her sister.

10 Amber Rose


Before she dominated Instagram and social media realms worldwide for a shocking bottomless photograph of herself, Amber Rose dominated our minds with more shocking pictures of herself in bikinis and clothing that didn't have much use for covering her assets, but we sure appreciated them. Amber Rose has never been one to shy away from the public eye, especially when she's flaunting her goodies for all of us to drool over. It probably didn't come as much a surprise for you that she landed herself amongst our list of celebrities with their breasts pierced, although it is worth noting that the fans were quick to strike back to her racy photographs, including her 4-year-old son Sebastian into the conversation. At the end of the day it’s her body and she can do what she wishes to it, we are just here to enjoy the show!

9 Blac Chyna

In an odd and almost unforgettable video, Blac Chyna revealed a piercing smack dab in the middle of her cleavage. She qualifies for our list with her twins pierced as well, but we felt that this outlandish gesture invoked our utmost attention. The other half of star Rob Kardashian, Black Chyna has taken her fair share of ‘racy’ pictures on Instagram, and with assets like hers it’s not hard to see why. The American model and entrepreneur has definitely pioneered her way to superstardom, and has left our jaws-dropped at every turn. She has posed nude for, and posted several pictures in which her clothes didn’t bare much use. Black Chyna is only 5’2'', but her presence on camera makes her appear 6’7''.


8 Kendall Jenner


The typically reserved Kendall revealed a wild side to her persona, she has joined the lucrative club with recently acquired jewelry. In a series of pictures over the past few weeks Kendall has flaunted not only her beautiful smile and physique, but new objects that will be sure to set off any metal detectors she may encounter in the future. Whether she is rocking a see-through shirt, or just plain flashing her girls for all to see, we love her either way. Opening up about the controversial topic, she stated “I think people are obsessed with the topic because it seems so unexpected of me”. Unexpected is quite right, as a superstar in a day and age where everything a celebrity does is under scrutiny, she has shown us her rebellious side and went ahead and did what made her happy; landing her on our list of celebs.

7 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has used her wild-child rebellious streak perhaps better than anyone else on this list, maybe better than anyone period. We imagine it comes as no surprise that you found Richie on our list of celebrities with pierced sandbags, but we are guessing this image provides a nice flash to the past. Nicole Richie once dominated our television screens and has since fallen back into our collective memories. Nicole Richie has an array of piercings, varying from her nose, all the way down to her belly button. On her right ear alone Richie has 5 lobe piercings, which might be a bit excessive but hey, she looks good. The daughter of Lionel Richie has proven to be every bit of a handful as her father!

6 Candice Swanepoel


This Victoria’s Secret diva may embody the ultimate package for the most perfect human being. While the prerequisite for that award doesn’t call for a special piercing, Swanepoel went ahead and added it to her resume anyway. In a topless photoshoot in exotic Hawaii, Swanepoel didn't hold anything back, flashing her rocking hot bod for all of us to gaze at. This South African native has posed seductively for Victoria’s Secret for years, and has added the icing on the proverbial cake with her recent addition to her entourage. The pierced nipples haven't exactly caught us by surprise, but they certainly add some spunk to the already gleaming superstar. Her courageous photoshoot in Hawaii wasn't her only dare-to-be-different moment in her young career, but it did spark conversation that landed her on out list of young celebs with their girls pierced!

5 Kylie Jenner

In a series of boisterous Instagram photographs, Kylie Jenner revealed more than just her rocking body and model physique. Through a see-through bra, Kylie let us all know in a very carefree manner that she joined the club of celebrities with pierced Ta-Tas. With an Instagram following of 94 million users, it’s safe to guess that word travelled fast about her most recent acquisition. Joining her sister Kendall Jenner, the two both have an apparent lust for the piercings, and are unapologetic about it. While they both are absolutely entitled to doing what they want, it does give cause to pause when thinking about the adverse affect it may have on some of their younger audience. With one of (if not) the largest audiences worldwide it does leave a heavier burden than most other celebrities about life choices and public image.

4 Adrienne Bailon


Adrienne Bailon has recently been rocking some serious bling, and no we aren't talking about her engagement ring. ‘The Real’ television host has recently acquired a double piercing that landed her smack dab in the middle of our chosen celebs. During fashion week, Bailon rocked a gorgeous black top that just so happened to be see-through. Accident? We don't think so. The 31-year-old star has been flashing all types of jewelry, and has taken to her Instagram to show off her bedazzled bling. Clearly she’s comfortable in her skin, and why shouldn't she be? Her hourglass shape and epic beauty is almost unmatched, but admittedly she stated she hasn't always been so comfortable!

3 Kristen Stewart

Many fans have brainstormed that Kristen Stewart’s ‘nip-slip’ during the Hollywood Film Awards was an intentional and calculated stunt to catch the eye of her former co-star Robert Pattinson. This stunt being a move to win old love back seems unlikely, it seems more geared towards regaining Hollywood traction or just to simply put her name back in the headlines. Stewart may have orchestrated a semi-controversial revealing of her new piercing’s but typically Stewart is quite reserved. The 24-year-old actress has been doing very well career-wise this past year and is pegged to have another big year; with a career riddled with talent and beauty it’s unlikely that any of her piercings or ex-boyfriends can get in the way of her famed talent. Regardless of the tabloids Stewart has proved resilient and collected throughout her stroll down Hollywood Boulevard.

2 Pink


After a concert in Germany, the global phenomenon Pink took a camera crew backstage and filmed herself getting another piercing, this time it was her nipple. After the raucous of a massive concert, Pink said she used her adrenaline from being onstage to help get her through the immense pain of having her twins pierced. It was just our luck that she decided to film the ordeal and open up about the entire experience so we had a better understanding of where her head was during the high intensity situation. Pink has enjoyed her fair share of fame during her career, and moments like this one provide a healthy flashback into the crazed stars moments of glory. Pink has always been an open book so to speak, and her down to earth persona has helped her connect with millions of fans worldwide.

1 Janet Jackson

Remember when it used to take a Super Bowl sized mishap to reveal a piercing we didn’t know about? Flashing back to Super Bowl 38 when Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were stealing America’s attention during a halftime performance that would end up being referred to as “nipple gate”. During an apparent ‘accident’, Timberlake ripped off half of Jackson’s shirt exposing her breast to millions of fans worldwide. Not only because it caused a major problem for the younger audience's furious parents, the blunder landed itself the title of one of the most memorable Super Bowl moments of all time. Who truly knows if the mishap was a planned stunt aimed at gaining more ratings or fan-fair, or if it was a spur-of-the-moment action from Timberlake, but we paid full attention; and caught a glimpse of Jackson’s newest addition to her body!


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