13Ben Stiller And The Frat Pack

Dubbed the "frat pack" a play on the term "rat pack", Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Owen Wilson and brother Luke, made up the majority of the movies released

in the mid-nineties. However, it was Ben Stiller who managed to cement his position as head of the group, even going on to star in a number of successful movies after the fad had finished. But how? Stepping on his best friends of course! As the laughs began to dwindle, Stiller began hatching a plan to escape by wisely choosing family favorite movies instead and deterring his co-stars from doing the same. Starring in classics such as Madagascar and Night at the Museum, Stiller became a household name, while the rest of the frat pack continued on in movies that just weren't funny anymore.

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