15 Celebrities Who Really Should Not Be Parents

Having a bad relationship with your parents is something that has the potential to impact you and the choices you make for the rest of your life. A lot of children have resentment towards their parents because they did or said hurtful things to them. Although we are taught to always respect our parents, that does not mean that all parents deserve to be respected. Parents, be them celebrities or cashiers have a responsibility to be there for their kids, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Celebrities are just like people. Some are caring and compassionate while others are selfish and reckless. Some celebrities are good to their children while others forget they even have children. Having a child should be viewed as a privilege, not a right. Not everyone is made to be parents and more and more we at TheRichest are starting to see that.

Being a parent means putting your child's needs and feelings in front of yours. It means that sacrifices are made for the benefit of your child. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and the following fifteen celebrities were not up for the task.

These are the fifteen worst celebrity parents, please, do not follow their lead.

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15 Kate Gosselin - Carries Wooden Spoon To Instil Fear In Her Kids

Kate Gosselin is one of those celebrities that is pretty much famous for nothing. This mess of a mother does not seem like she has control over herself, let alone her eight children.

The reality star has publicly insulted her children’s father on numerous occasions and has been caught on camera being quite aggressive with her kids. The worst story surrounding this bad mom is the fact that she carried a wooden spoon in her car in hopes of instilling fear in her children.

What makes Gosselin the worst kind of parent is that she chose fame over her family and being a good mother. She pretty much sold her soul to the Hollywood devil.

Sadly, after her fans saw the kind of mother she was, they immediately stopped being fans.

We are looking forward to reading her children's "tell all" book one day!

14 Joe Jackson - Used To Physically Abuse Michael

Joe Jackson fathered one of the most legendary humans to ever live, Michael Jackson. However, sadly, Jackson was far from a good father.

It is said that Joe would allegedly beat Michael as a child in order to keep him in check with his music career and it is said that the two never fully repaired this relationship.

Michael did not include his father Joe in his will and when he died, his father was left with nothing. However, it did not stop Joe from asking for compensation after his son's death in 2009. Jackson demanded 26,000 dollars a month from his son's estate.

I guess you can say everyone mourns in their own unique way...

13 Woody Allen - Had An Affair With His Adopted Daughter

In 1992 legend Woody Allen left the beautiful Mia Farrow for a much younger woman. That woman was actually their adopted daughter Soon-Yi. How Farrow found out about her husband and adopted daughter having a romantic relationship was when she found naked photographs of their child in his things. No one really knows how long the affair was going on for, but regardless of the amount of time, it was very scandalous.

At the time, Allen was 56 years old and Soon-Yi was only 21 years of age. Allen who married his adopted child in 1997 has never seen anything wrong with what he did and has even said “what was the scandal? I fell in love with this girl and married her.”

The thing is, that Allen had other kids besides his adopted daughter-bride. All of those kids were slightly taken aback by their father and sisters actions and never really had to best relationship with either after that.

12 Alec Baldwin - Called His Young Daughter A Thoughtless Pig

Alec Baldwin is probably the most famous of the Baldwin brothers. The actor and producer has been part of some incredible projects and even took home an Academy Award for Best Supporting actor.

He has played countless awesome roles on screen, however, off-screen, his role as a dad has been less than amazing.

When he and Kim Basinger were getting divorced, the couple got their only child, Ireland, very much involved in their messy situation. To top it off in 2007, a voice mail Baldwin had left his daughter was leaked to the public and it is safe to say, it was far from a loving message.

The actor went on to call his daughter, who was at the time only 11 years old names like “rude thoughtless pig.” The voice mail was borderline verbally abusive and the world could not help but wonder what else he has said to his child behind closed doors.

11 Eddie Murphy - Denied Paternity Over Child Conceived With Spice Girl Mel B

After splitting from his wife of almost ten years, one of America's favorite comedians, Eddie Murphy dated former Spice Girl Melanie Brown. The pair did not last more than a year but they were together for long enough to have a child with one another.

In 2007 Brown gave birthday to a beautiful baby girl named Angel Iris. However, Murphy was not having it, even after seeing the results of the paternity test. The Nutty Professor refused to claim his child as his own and refused to have any relationship with the girl.

In 2010, his mind changed and it is claimed that he has more of a relationship with the girl. Sadly, the public rejecting of his child makes him a horrible parent in our minds, which is why he made this list.

10 Bobby Brown - Spent Time Locked Up Over Child Support Issues

Bobby Brown was very publicly married to the legend that was Whitney Houston. It is no understatement when we say that Brown was never really in the running for father of the year. Brown and Houston had one child together, the late Bobbi Kristina who was found unconscious in her bathtub, exactly like her mother.

What many do not know is that Brown fathered more than one child throughout his lifetime. He had been brought to court numerous time for failure to pay child support and has even done time in jail for it.

In 2007, he spent three days in lockup due to the fact that he owed Kim Ward, the mother of two of his children $20,000 dollars.

Come on Mr. Brown, get your act together!

9 Charlie Sheen - Refused To Help After Ex-Wife Lost Custody Of Kids

When you think of Charlie Sheen a lot of things pop into your head, but we are almost certain, him being a good father is not one of them.

Let us tell you a little story of why Sheen is not winning the "Best Celebrity Dad" award anytime soon. When his most recent ex-wife Brooke Mueller lost custody of their twin boys due to her drug addictions (yes that is right). Sheen did not step up to the plate and help out his kids. In fact, he did not even want custody of them Do you want to know who stepped up? His other ex-wife, Denise Richards. Talk about a good woman.

Sheen is really one of those men that should have never been a parent to begin with. He is just not good at being a parent, straight up.

8 Hulk Hogan - Slept With His Daughter's Friend

Hulk Hogan is best known for two things: his moustache and his ability to intimidate almost any living being.

There was a time when he and his family starred in their own reality show called Hogan Knows Best. Like most reality shows, when the cameras were on, they seemed like a happy family, however, when the cameras were not rolling, it was an entirely different situation.

After the series got canceled, so did his perfect family. Like many men in Hollywood, Hogan began being unfaithful which ultimately ended his marriage to the mother of his children.

Having an affair is not what made him a bad parent, what does make him a bad parent is the fact that he was sleeping with his daughter's friend. This situation not only brought shame to his wife but was extremely embarrassing for his children also. Not exactly father of the year...

7 Jude Law - Barely Has Relationship With Children And Has Denied Paternity

Jude Law may be very easy on the eyes but as a father, he is far from easy to deal with. Actually, he is not really around to ever need to deal with him.

Many people do not realize this but Jude Law has five kids, yes, that is right FIVE. His youngest child is from ex-girlfriend Cat Harding, who is a lot younger than him.

Not only has he denied being the father of some of his kids, a lot of them barely have a relationship with him. Law is always too busy, out of town or at an event to spend time with his children.

We think Law should either stop having sex or have a vasectomy because he should not be able to be a father.

6 Dina Lohan - Abused Lindsay's Fame And Is A Huge Partier

It is no secret that child star Lindsay Lohan has a few “issues” and it is safe to say her mother did not help her state of being.

Lohan won over the world when she played twins in the hit classic The Parent Trap. For years, Lohan played it off like she had a perfect life; the perfect job, the perfect clothes and of course, the perfect family. However, the reality was, that her life was anything but perfect.

Lohan struggled with substance abuse and her family slowly began to fall apart. Her mother, Dina Lohan and her freeloading ways became more and more obvious to the world. She even appeared on Dr. Phil and he was far from impressed with the stage mom's parenting techniques.

Dina Lohan is a mess and without a doubt someone who just should have never been a parent.

5 Courtney Love - Daughter Can't Remember A Time When Courtney Was Sober

There is not denying that raising a child as a single mother is a hard thing to do, especially when your husband dies tragically.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain had a gorgeous daughter together named Frances Bean. After the rock stars death, Love never really stepped up as a mother.

It is claimed that Love got into physical altercations with her daughter which ended up resulting in a restraining order on her child's behalf. Frances Bean claims that her mother is addicted to substances and has been using drugs since she can remember.

In 2015, the mother and daughter came together on the red carpet at Utah's Sundance Film Festival for the launch of Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, a film about Cobain which was directed by Brett Morgen.The executive producer of the film was Frances.

Clearly, even without parents, Frances Bean Cobain is a rockstar kid!

4 Farrah Abraham - Entered The "Other" Film Industry

Farrah Abraham literally used her teen pregnancy and death of her baby daddy as a way of cashing in. After appearing on the MTV hit television series Teen Mom, Abraham has made more than just a few questionable choices when it comes to her child.

Abraham has both been arrested for a DUI and starred in her own “home” movie which was titled Back Door Teen Mom...very classy. Abraham was also the one who brokered the deal for the tape's release.

She has also been caught doing some fairly questionable things to her child including waxing her at the time, four-year-olds eyebrows and stating it was because of her uni-brow.

We are looking forward to when her daughter is old enough and can tell the world even more horrible things that her mother has done to her.

3 David Hasselhoff - Daughter Uploaded Video Of Him Drunk On The Floor

Before his daughter released a video of her drunken father attempting to eat a hamburger on the floor, the world had no idea what it was like having this actor as a dad. This video showed the world his horrible parenting skills and demonstrated the horrible things his children were exposed to throughout their lives.

In the video, you hear his daughter pleading with her father to stop drinking while she was filming. Seeing how much the roles were reversed is truly heartbreaking. She goes on to explain to her father that if he continues drinking he will lose his job and he brushes her off and claims she knows nothing about life.

Apparently, since this video came out, Hasselhoff has gotten his problems with substances under control and is said to have turned things around.

We hope that he has become a better role model, but seeing what he put his children through proves that maybe he just should have never become a father.

2 Kate Moss - Forgot Her Daughter's Birthday And Former Drug Past

Kate Moss is an amazing model and even better party girl. What this supermodel is not great at is being a mother. We are sure that many of you reading this are thinking to yourself “Kate Moss is a mom?” and the answer is yes, she is just not a very good one.

Moss lives a very “single” lifestyle, jet-setting from place to place, attending the most lavish parties. The model who is an absent parent is also not the best at remembering things. She once forgot her own child's birthday and also allows her child to be watched by known addicts like her ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty. Not to mention that Moss is no stranger to taking drugs and has been busted on more than one occasion doing drugs.

Moss is far from being a good parent and we hope her daughter does not have too much resentment against her mother.

1 Ryan O'Neal - Physically And Verbally Abused Children 

There are not many parents in the world as bad as Ryan O'Neal. The actor who is famous for dating Farrah Fawcett is a sorry excuse for a father.

O'Neal, who had 4 children with 3 women was never able to keep track of his kids or his substance intake. It is said that O'Neal was extremely physically and verbally abusive to his two eldest children and ended up getting arrested in 2007 for assaulting his son with a deadly weapon.

O'Neal also introduced his children to drugs and was known to share his drugs with his kids as a leisurely activity. In his daughter Tatum's autobiography she talks about how after her suicide attempt, her father told her she was “doing it wrong” and demonstrated how to cut her wrists properly in order to end her life.

Disgusting excuse for a parent, that is what he is.

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