15 Celebrities Who Love Showing Off Their Implants

It’s no secret that with the fame and fortune celebrities collect from being in the spotlight, they also make drastic changes to their appearance. Whether it be rhinoplasty, botox, or liposuction, cel

It’s no secret that with the fame and fortune celebrities collect from being in the spotlight, they also make drastic changes to their appearance. Whether it be rhinoplasty, botox, or liposuction, celebrities do all that they can to remain in the spotlight with their fresh and tight image.

Lip fillers may be the most recent cosmetic enhancement to hit the scene throughout Hollywood thanks in part to reality star, Kylie Jenner, but there is one form of plastic surgery that will never go out of style: breast implants.

From the red carpet to the spotlight of the stage, the women of the entertainment industry are increasing their bust line one, or even three, cup sizes at a time. Their new physical enhancements are proudly being displayed in jaw-dropping numbers including low cut neck lines and barely there fabric on their chest that does very little to cover up “the girls”.

While many of these celebrities choose not to comment on their breast augmentations, there is no denying that they went under the knife as they unapologetically showcase their implants. Paparazzi photos and photoshoots alike illustrate these celebrities need to display their surgically enhanced bust lines.

Keep reading to check-out 15 of Hollywood’s women who have implants and aren’t afraid to show them off.

15 Wendy Williams 


Best known for her nationally syndicated talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, the American television show host has reached wide popularity among female show hosts. Her bluntness on air as a New York radio DJ earned her an induction to the National Radio Hall of Fame. But it’s her large implants that have earned her a spot on this list. Not shy to tell the truth, Wendy Williams openly discusses her plastic surgery experience that not only gave her new breasts, but also a new nose. Proudly stating that she wasn’t happy with her natural appearance in the chest department, the talk show host upgraded her chest with implants that many critics argue to be unnatural with her body. Despite the hate, Williams enjoys putting her new assets in full view for all to see. The television personality dresses in low-cut necklines and figure-hugging outfits to boastfully showcase her curves. With her large implants and filter-less personality, Williams rightfully has attention turning her way.

14 Nicki Minaj 


Prior to her successful music career, Nicki Minaj, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraji, had a rough childhood that inspired her quest to stardom. As she began to rise to fame in 2007, Minaj also began to undergo surgery to change her looks. From a nose job to butt implants, the “Super Bass” singer even enlarged her chest with implants. The young rapper is not shy about sharing her bust to the public with her daring looks on the red carpet. The 34-year-old entertainer’s chest is the center of attention as she isn’t shy about dressing for her curvy figure. Her scantily clad performance wardrobe and everyday looks zero in on her perky bust line. While Minaj has not publicly addressed her plastic surgeries, before and after pictures clearly illustrate the changes she has received to her body.

13 Miley Cyrus


During her Disney Channel days, the Hannah Montana star appeared to be as innocent as the character she portrayed on her hit show. But, the real Miley Cyrus came out to play following her Mickey Mouse days with a much more mature and scandalous side. Nowadays, Cyrus can be found with her tongue hanging out while she unashamedly twerks at any and every event. Especially while in eccentric costumes that leave nothing to the imagination as she freely exposes her implants that are a new addition to her slim figure. At the 2016 VMAS, the "We Can't Stop" pop-star hosted the event, but audiences were more focused on the custom made outfits she wore throughout the show, rather than her hosting monologues. Arriving at the red carpet prior to the show, Cyrus wore a slim strap of sliver metallic material that barely covered the center of her implants that she received in 2012. Even Cyrus' street style bares more than just a peak of her increased bust line.

12 Kendra Wilkinson 


She may now be a wife and mother to two young children, but prior to her white picket fence life, Kenda Wilkinson was formally Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend. The blonde bombshell rose to fame with the E! reality television series, The Girls Next Door. Wilkinson and her fellow playmates' lives were on display as their life at the Playboy Mansion was documented for television. Known for her athleticism and comedic attitude, the model was also known for implants that she received during her pictorial days. During her time as a bunny, the former playmate appeared in three nude shoots for the infamous magazine. Since her mansion days, Wilkinson hasn’t shied away from showing off her assets despite becoming a mother and marrying former NFL player Hank Baskett. These days, the blonde’s outgoing personality and implants can be found not only on the red carpet, but also on her WE television series, Kendra On Top.

11 Selena Gomez


Being one of Disney Channel’s most beloved former stars, Selena Gomez has continued to grow her career since her Mickey Mouse days. Despite her innocent roots, Gomez hasn’t been afraid to showcase a more mature image as her music career blossoms. As the most followed celebrity on Instagram, the pop singer gave her fans more curves to admire when she allegedly got breast implants in 2014. Since her new additions, the Texas native hasn’t been shy about showcasing what she went under the knife for. In 2015, Gomez put her implants on display when she performed at the 2015 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Dressed in a low-cut dress, the plunging neckline proved her chest was more than just the result of a growth spurt (as is usually the excuse given when questioned). The actress has since continued to showcase her implants in various outfits as she graces the covers of magazines and prances along red carpets for prominent award shows.



Jennie Farley, also known as JWoww, became a household name when she joined the cast of the MTV reality series, Jersey Shore. The party girl and her seven fellow cast mates turned heads with their wild antics, but it was the reality star’s bust line that helped draw in viewers to the hit show. Her fake tan and string bikinis only accented her assets as she had no trouble letting her implants hang out. Eleven years ago the New York born star got her first pair of implants, but recently upgraded her chest to a 34F in 2015 after the birth of her daughter Meilani. On her official Instragram page, JWoww showed off her fresh new breasts in a black push-up bra while donning a cheetah print waist trainer around her midsection. Fans quickly had lots to say about her implants, but she defended her surgery by clarifying how much she and her fiancé loved them, "Now they are nice and bouncy!!! I kept them the same size, so they are still [34]Fs. I just switched them out from breastfeeding!”

9 Farrah Abraham


Farrah Abraham quickly rose to fame after starring in MTV’s hit documentary show 16 & Pregnant. Barely out of high school, the reality star allowed camera crews to illustrate her new journey of becoming a single teen mother. Abraham quickly became known as the less than friendly young mother for her rude outbursts and melodramatic tantrums. However, it was her career move of entering the porn industry that had the brunette unashamed to bare it all, on and off the camera. From impromptu beach photoshoots and questionable red carpet attire, the Teen Mom OG star doesn’t hide her implants when in the public eye. The twenty-four-year-old entertainer has had three breast augmentations. She first went from an A cup to a C cup at nineteen and the entire process was caught on film during the third season of the MTV reality show Teen Mom.

8 Heidi Montag 


In 2006, Heidi Montag was catapulted to fame when she appeared alongside her then best friend Lauren Conrad, for the Laguna Beach spinoff series, The Hills. The bubbly blonde was a fan favorite until her now husband Spencer Pratt came along and divided her friendship with Conrad. From there, the reality star underwent both emotional and physical changes. In 2010, the show documented Montag’s transformation as she underwent ten cosmetic surgery procedures. The young star went from a barely-there chest to a size F breast, which she had no problems showcasing to the world, despite the negative backlash. Whether it be lounging pool side at an event or frolicking on the beach, Montag showed off her new assets in tiny string bikinis that left little to the imagination. In 2013, the thirty-year-old went under the knife again to undergo breast reduction surgery. Even after her decreased chest size, Montag still doesn’t hide under clothes when out in public.

7 Kourtney Kardashian


As a mother to three young children, Kourtney Kardashian has no shame in admitting her breast augmentation. Even more so, she isn't shy about showing cleavage when filming her reality show or out in the public eye. When she was just twenty-two years old, the famous reality star underwent surgery to increase her bust from a B cup to a full C. She later openly discussed her enhancements and how she wasn't ashamed to hide them, "I have had breast implants, but it's so funny because it's not a secret, I couldn't care less." The proud mother has no issues displaying her physical additions in expensive clothing that accents her surgically increased bust line. Despite being arguably the more conservative one of the Kardashian sisters, the star will show off her chest in daring red carpet numbers and in selfies posted for all of her social media followers to admire.

6 Kaley Cuoco 


Unlike many celebrities who choose to remain mum on the fact that they made enlargements to their bust, Kaley Cuoco isn’t afraid to talk about her experience. The Big Band Theory actress opened up about her surgeries in the December 2016 issue of Women’s Health magazine and expressed how getting implants was the best thing that she ever did, “As much as you want to love your inner self…I’m sorry, you also want to look good.” Cuoco’s increased confidence with her implants is easily recognized as the blonde enjoys dressing her chest to highlight her newfound curves. With a mix of drastic necklines and classy cleavage revealing clothes, the actress clearly enjoys showcasing her enhancements that make her proud of her body.

5 Carmen Electra 


The American model and entertainer gained fame for posing for Playboy magazine on numerous occasions. Her image also earned her a role on the hit television series Baywatch as well as a place on the bedroom walls of teenage boys. From her nude pictorials to her barely-there red swimsuits, Carmen Electra quickly became exposed to a high profile career. While promoting her television and film projects, the model turned actress isn’t shy about dressing to highlight the curves and large implants that stake claim of her chest. Over a decade ago, the Playboy model increased her bust line by getting double-D breast implants, which undoubtedly played a role throughout her career, for Electra has no problem displaying her implants either with or without clothes. Even today, the forty-four-year-old entertainer can be found walking the red carpet in a number that does anything but hide her cosmetic enhancements.

4 Pamela Anderson 


Pamela Anderson can easily be considered one of Hollywood’s most desired women. The Baywatch actress had viewers captivated by her looks while on camera and she wasn’t afraid to feed into that kind of attention. After appearing in two Playboy magazine pictorials, the model decided to undergo surgery by getting breast implants. Which was a decision that was ultimately a catalyst for Anderson securing more roles and lucrative fame. Whether it be magazine spreads or various acting gigs, the blonde bombshell didn’t hide her implants from the camera. Her look and ability to bare it all sky-rocketed the forty-nine-year-old mother of two boys to become not only an infamous entertainer, but also a pop culture icon. However, despite the attention her implants have given her throughout the years, Anderson recently admitted that she regrets her plastic surgery and that she actually likes aging.

3 Jenny McCarthy 


Beginning her career in 1993 with Playboy magazine, Jenny McCarthy rose to fame when she she turned her pictorial fame into an acting career. As a celebrity in the entertainment world, the actress has been bold enough to address her plastic surgery experience. She first desired to get implants at just nineteen years old when she began posing for Playboy, but later had them removed in 2009. However, she underwent the knife again to have them replaced with a new set. In addition to scandalous photo shoots, the former co-host of The View enjoys showing off her implants with her wardrobe. In fact, the blonde former model wore a white strapless ball gown that provided plenty of lift to her chest as she married NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg in 2014. While the forty-four-year-old mother is far from conservative, she does have her moments of coverage, but more often than not, her bust line is at the center of attention.

2 Kim Kardashian 


Despite claiming her backside is 100% surgery free, Kim Kardashian can’t hide the fact that her chest is cosmetically enhanced seeing as she proudly puts her goods out on display. Parading her cleavage around Hollywood since her infamous sex tape was a catalyst for her instant fame, the Kardashian uses the success from her empire and her expensive clothes to accent her implants. While the reality star denies that she has any type of fillers or lift to her chest, her numerous selfies and photoshoots fail to support her claims. Mrs. Kayne West has never had a problem baring it all for her millions of followers on Instagram or readers of magazines such as Paper Magazine. Whether on exotic expensive vacations or red carpet appearances, audiences can be sure to catch sight of her chest no matter the event. If candid photos aren’t enough, her NSFW social media pictures fail to hide her surgically enhanced physical additions.

1 Courtney Stodden 


Courtney Stodden received media attention in 2011 when she married the then 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison at just 16 years old. The platinum blonde was thrust into the limelight for her scandalous relationship and her overly mature looks for a teenager. No stranger to attention, Stodden began putting her looks on display as she competed in numerous beauty pageants and then eventually ventured into modelling. In 2013, at just 18 years old, Stodden underwent breast enhancement surgery to receive DD-cups. The saline implants were an extra boost to her already large chest, which she claims was natural. Since her surgery over three years ago, the teen bride uses every chance she has to draw attention to her breasts with small and tight tops that overspill her cleavage. Whether it be on her official social media accounts, or in paparazzi pictures while on a night out, Stodden doesn’t hide her implants from anyone willing to catch more than an eye full.


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