15 Celebrities Who Haven't Exactly Aged Gracefully Over Time

Have you ever wondered what your future self will look like? Or have you never given much thought to that, instead choosing to live in the here and now? There's nothing wrong with that, just as long as you take care of your body now so that you won't regret it as you get older. Because there aren't any do-overs, you better do it right the first time.

We've probably all seen at least one person where we’re like, "What happened? He or she didn't age gracefully..." Maybe they lost all their hair, or their skin is starting to look dull, or they look 20 years older than what they really are, or maybe all of the above.

We've probably seen some celebrities who didn't age gracefully over time for a myriad of reasons. Years ago, they were paragons of beauty and youth. Now they're looking almost like shells of their former selves, even if they aren't that old. There are plenty of examples of celebrities who didn't age gracefully over time for whatever reason, and I rounded up 15 of them. You may be surprised to see the current appearances of some of the people on the list if you haven't seen them in a while.

So if you're curious to see who these 15 people are and how they've changed over the years, then check out this list of 15 celebrities who haven't exactly aged gracefully over time.

15 Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is far from his youthful boyhood days. He hit his prime during the 80's, both in looks and in acting while starring in films such as 9 1/2 Weeks, Barfly, and Angel Heart. He was young, handsome, and he had the playful smirk down to a tee. The same thing can't be said for him nowadays. In 1991 at the age of 37, Rourke left acting to pursue a career in boxing, a sport he enjoyed during the earlier years of his life. While he retired fairly early from the sport in 1994, the damage had already been done to his face, leaving him battered and banged-up as he claimed. Rourke had to get facial reconstruction surgery to fix his face, but it's taken years for him to try and reclaim his former glory.

14 Macauley Culkin

We all remember Macaulay Culkin, the once-cute little boy from the Home Alone movies. Culkin achieved star status at the peak of his fame during the late 80's and the early 90's, becoming one of the most successful child stars since Shirley Temple. However, his popularity began steadily declining after the 1991 drama film My Girl. Culkin seemed to have retired from the limelight until he resurfaced in 2003 to star in a biographical drama film named Party Monster! He would star in a few more films over the years, but it was clear to everyone that Culkin had definitely changed since his boyhood days which could be partially attributed to the use of marijuana and other drugs, made evident by his arrest on drug-related charges in 2004.

13 Kate Moss

Kate Moss was and still is one of the top supermodels in the world. After being discovered at the age of 14 at a JFK airport, Moss would set the modeling world on fire with her thin body. It was only fame and fortune for the model after that as she became one of the most sought-after models in the business, leading to a highly successful modeling career. She graced the cover of more than 300 magazines. But Moss was known for something else in addition to her gorgeous looks—her partying lifestyle. Moss was a frequent smoker and drinker, and years of smoking and drinking finally caught up to her, making her skin look dull and causing premature wrinkles.

12 Madonna

With her fresh-faced look and unique sense of fashion, Madonna was set to take over the 80's music scene. It didn't take long for her to become a pop sensation, boosting her career that spawned numerous Billboard Top 10 pop singles and selling over 170 million albums. Now that she's 54, it seems that the pop legend is still trying desperately to hang onto her youth, dressing like she was when she was 24—trying to rock crop tops and cone bras. Not only has the skin over her face stretched out over the years but her cheeks lost their youthful plumpness. Apparently, she uses fillers in an attempt to rejuvenate the plumpness in her cheeks, but the results have only gotten her "pillow face" comments from British newspapers.

11 Judd Nelson

During his heyday of the 80's, Judd Nelson was well-known for his long black, silky hair. Playing bad boy John Bender in the comedy-drama classic The Breakfast Club made him a star. After that, it was onto St. Elmo's Fire, another successful film. One would think Nelson could keep up the chain of box office triumphs, but unfortunately for Nelson, the only chain that followed The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire were a string of box office disappointments. Nelson still continued to do films after that, but he would eventually transition into TV, which in recent years he mostly works in. Just like Nelson seemed to have lost his star status somewhat over the years, he also lost his trademark silky hair and hardly looks the same anymore.

10 Brigitte Bardot

Popular during her younger days for her voluptuous body, flawless skin, and seductive voice, no one could deny that Brigitte Bardot was a bombshell. Bardot was a modeling icon who made the bikini popular. Her starring role in And God Created Woman accentuated this greatly, making her somewhat of a revolutionary figure for female liberation and sexuality in the highly-conservative landscape of the 1950's. After retiring from the industry in the 1970's, Bardot devoted her life to fighting for animal rights. She seemed to have let herself go, largely due to a lifestyle full of partying and heavy drinking. It would catch up to her eventually, resulting in sickly skin and thin hair. However, she's been quoted as not caring about all of that.

9 Goldie Hawn

During her younger years, Goldie Hawn was America's Sweetheart. The first of the "dumb blonde" archetypes, Hawn won over audiences of Rowan and Martin's Laugh with her infectious giggle, playful smile, and big blue eyes. It didn't take long for Hawn to become one of the leading ladies of Hollywood, accomplishing success on both the silver screen and on TV. She picked up multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations over the years and won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her performance in the 1969 comedy Cactus Flower. But as Hawn's impressive cinematic career kept rolling on, so did the signs of her aging. This wasn't something easy for Hawn to accept, so she went under the knife in an attempt to sustain her youthful beauty. The results only made her look older.

8 Keith Richards

Keith Richards was one of many rockers whose hard-partying lifestyle caught up with him later in life. Being the lead guitarist of The Rolling Stones, the self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band," Richards enjoyed the fame that came with being one of the top bands around the world, gracing the front page of various magazine covers and dating many beautiful women. However, he struggled with drug use over the years, convicted of several drug-related offenses and became addicted to heroin in the late 1970's. Even after giving up drugs later in life, it was already too late. They took a toll in his once-healthy body, leaving him looking the worse for wear, which he admits to.

7 Meg Ryan

Another one of America's Sweethearts was Meg Ryan. Throughout the 90's, her golden locks and lovely smile charmed the hearts of countless people who watched her movies. She won over the hearts of many through classic movies like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. But then Ryan messed up her good looks a little when she decided she wanted to get a little work done to her face. The plastic surgery transformed the actress' face completely and her lips have changed in shape month after month after the surgery. Her once glowing skin now looks like a little dull and the skin on her face almost looks like it's stretched too tight to cover her face.

6 Edward Furlong

Becoming a child star after his award-winning performance as the troubled young John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Edward Furlong's future as an actor looked pretty bright. His success as a child star extended into his teen years as he transitioned from child star into teenage heartthrob, and one wouldn't be wrong to think it would continue even further into his adult career. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs dug their claws into the young Furlong, leading to a lengthy addiction to heroin and other drugs. The DUIs and court cases didn't help matters either, and all the factors together served as the reason for Furlong's plummeting career...and the reason for the loss of his fresh-faced looks, as he looks completely unrecognizable from his earlier days.

5 Kirstie Alley

Like Brigitte Bardot, Kirstie Alley's combination of a voluptuous body and seductive voice in addition to her comic wit, skyrocketed her to popularity playing Rebecca Howe on the hit sitcom Cheers. After the series ended in 1993, Alley moved onto other acting projects, experiencing both highs and lows in her career, while also struggling with substantial weight gain. She confessed in an interview that she had been eating obsessively her entire life but didn't notice any changes to her body until she reached menopause. Fortunately, she's been making an effort to shed off the extra weight in recent months, so perhaps in the future she won't have to appear on lists like this one.

4 Geena Davis

Standing at an impressive 6-feet tall, Geena Davis was a statuesque beauty who commanded attention everywhere she went, especially with a radiant smile that could light up a room. She was just as impressive on the silver screen and on television. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the 1998 drama film The Accidental Tourist and a Golden Globe for her work on the drama television series Commander in Chief. But in recent years, Davis doesn't look quite the same as she used to, thanks to some cosmetic surgery—a face lift, botox injections, and eyelid surgery to be exact. Add to that a few wrinkles and a little extra weight on her frame.

3 Axl Rose

The lead singer of punk rock band Guns N Roses, Axl Rose, was one of the biggest rock icons of the 80's. The band achieved critical acclaim and immense popularity with their music, and Axl Rose was at the center of it, especially with his controversial antics. His success in the music scene transferred over to his romantic life as he dated a string of supermodels. But after the band's original members left the group, Rose went off the grid, resurfacing several years later with a new lineup for the band. He was a far cry from his younger days as he performed at the Rock n Rio concert, appearing overweight and feeble. Not to mention he forgot the lyrics to his own songs.

2 Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner was considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the latter half of the 21st century. She showed off her remarkable beauty and wit in playing roles such as a femme fatale in the 1981 neo-noir thriller Body Heat, her breakthrough role into the industry. Throughout the rest of the 80's, Turner would star in one popular movie after another, such as Romancing The Stone and Prizzi's Honor. But after her peak years, the actress hit a bit of a downfall. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and she became very much attached to the medication and alcohol she took to relieve the pain. As a result, Turner's career suffered, and her good looks waned as well.

1 Lindsay Lohan

Like Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan is another child star whose career and youthful beauty took a serious nosedive. Lohan's film career started out with starring roles in Disney films such as The Parent Trap and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but it wasn't until Mean Girls that she became a true star in the making. But as the starlet's status flourished, she began making increasingly frequent appearances at nightclubs. Lohan was often a target of the tabloids that documented her wild partying lifestyle full of alcohol and cocaine. This lifestyle led to multiple run-ins with the law and a stint in rehab. While Lohan has been attempting to get her life back together in recent years, no one can deny that her looks have changed over the years, and not for the better.

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