15 Celebrities Who Had Secret Marriages

Celebrities try their best to keep their personal lives private, but we all know that never works.

Celebrities try their best to keep their personal lives private, but we all know that never works. But I can’t blame them for wanting to try; especially when it comes to important moments in their lives like tying the knot. While some things are meant for social media and their millions of fans to see, I completely understand why more than a handful of stars would want to keep at least a couple of moments to themselves. Kim Kardashian didn’t mind when it came to sharing the moments leading up to her wedding to Kris Humphries – but she definitely seemed to learn her lesson and switched gears when she married Kanye West in Italy nearly three years ago.

Still, there are celebrities like Adrienne Bailon and her now husband Israel Houghton who didn’t keep their engagement a secret, but decided to be private about their wedding date. Singer Ciara did the same thing just a few months before when she married her Seattle Seahawks quarterback husband, Russell Wilson. But the details of their wedding were a secret. We didn’t know they tied the knot in a London castle until after pictures surfaced from the secret (yet absolutely gorgeous) ceremony on social media and went viral on the Internet. There are even some celebrities who don’t want to share who they’re dating because a secret “side chick” could easily spark up out of nowhere and claim they’re dating him or her as well. So it’s not a surprise there are quite a bit of celebrities who kept their wedding (and sometimes even marriage) a secret. Take a look!

15 Beyonce and Jay Z

I have to start with the most obvious couple. Beyonce didn’t even confirm she was engaged to rapper Jay Z until after she was married to him. She even opted out of wearing an engagement ring and failed to speak on their alleged engagement when she was spotted rocking a $5 million 18-carat ring around the time of their reported engagement. Even earlier in their relationship, the couple denied rumors that they were together for years.

But her Destiny Child group mates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland were accused of letting out the news the night before the wedding. Still, we are just now starting to see some of the details from their wedding surface as the couple gears up to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary on April 4. I have to say, no celebrity can keep a secret like Beyonce. What we do know is that there were about 50 guests (I can only imagine who was on the guest list), she didn’t have a bridal party, and the ceremony took place in the living room of Jay Z’s home.

14 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Even one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood tied the knot in a secret wedding. But it didn’t take long for details of their wedding to be released. Apparently it took place in the quaint town of Charleston, S.C. at Boone Hall Plantation on Sept. 9 back in 2012. Even the woman who made their cake, Maggie Austin, had no clue who the peach-and-white wedding cake was for. How cool is that? Blake’s brother, Jason, also helped them keep everything a secret as he helped order cars from around the country to help with transportation. What’s hilarious is that people in the small city kept claiming they saw Ryan Gosling, not Ryan Reynolds. And of course celebrities were required to sign a confidential nondisclosure form and not take their cell phone into the venue. Rules like that kind of goes without saying for any celebrity wedding though. Only about 60 people attended the ceremony.

13 Misty Copeland and Olu Evans

Famous ballerina Misty Copeland also followed suit when she married Olu Evans. Here’s a fun fact: he is actually the cousin of Taye Diggs from shows like Rosewood and films like The Best Man Holiday. While their wedding was still small, they had a few more guests than Beyonce and Blake, as about 100 people attended their nuptials. Word is Copeland looked like an “ethereal goddess” in her Inbal Dror gown. She completed her look with Christian Louboutin shoes. Copeland spoke about keeping her wedding private and told E! News, “I just want to have a simple, easy-going day as I can have and just not have it be a big show. I just want it to be simple and classy and not feel like I’m in a tutu.”

Copeland made history when she became the first African American female principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. She and Evans had been together for ten years and married at the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach.

12 Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

Penelope Cruz made sure her wedding was kept private. Hers was nearly on the same scale as Beyonce’s, as only close family members were allowed to attend. They went as far as holding the ceremony at a friend’s house in the Bahamas for their July 2010 ceremony. Still, that didn’t stop Cruz from going big with her gown. John Galliano designed it for Dior Haute Couture. For Cruz and Bardem, it wasn’t just the ceremony that they kept under wraps. She was pretty secretive about their romance to begin with. In fact, Cruz once said of Bardem, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor thanks to his role in No Country for Old Men, “He’s a friend and the best actor in the world.” Cruz also won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Interestingly enough, Barden starred in that movie as well. But it was when they working on the film Jamon, Jamon in 1992 when they first met.

11 Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

These two seemed like the ultimate BFFs turned husband and wife and we loved every minute of it. They first seemed to spark their friendship on That ‘70s Show before taking their romance off the set. They were extremely quiet about their relationship at first but we’re ecstatic they decided to open up about it. Still, when it came to their wedding, they wanted to make sure every moment was not only perfect but private and kept secret, which meant not having a helicopter hovering over their special day. “We didn’t want to be screaming our vows at each other and be like, ‘Forever! Did you say never?’ We went really under the radar with it,” Ashton Kutcher said. They had a summer wedding at The Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch in Glen Oak, California. Now, they are focused on their two children, Dimitri and Wyatt. Who knew Jackie and Kelso would end up this way?

10 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Yeah, we can all assume why this marriage was kept a secret. If you don’t know, it’s most likely because the early stages of their relationship was a secret, as he was married to his then wife, Jennifer Aniston, at the time. Still, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (who fans affectionately called Brangelina back when morphing names together was a thing) managed to pull off a secret ceremony. In fact, even city officials in the French town they got married in said no one knew what was going on. “It was a marriage which seems to have been carried out in total intimacy and absolute discretion.” One thing we know is that they obtained a marriage license from California. They also decided not to speak on their marriage after they became husband and wife. Brad often hid his ring until they finally admitted they were married. Unfortunately, they also made headlines after they decided to separate in 2016, which was followed by messy child abuse allegations.

9 Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

She is definitely one of the people who didn’t shock us when she had a secret wedding. Jennifer Aniston’s love life was really under the radar after Brad Pitt appeared to leave her for his then Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie. So when she found love again, we really didn’t know too much about it. But now, Jennifer has opened up about her 2015 wedding and why she wanted the moment to be personal. And she took it a step further than even most celebrities. “We were determined to keep it private and to ourselves. And the thing is, we haven’t even seen pictures,” she said. “It was just everything we wanted it to be, and [we are] very happy that we didn’t have to see our faces on the cover of a magazine.” Well, at least they’re on the same page when it comes keeping moments like a wedding a secret.

8 Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego

This was definitely a secret that was kept from the public, especially considering Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego’s relationship was considered a whirlwind romance. Rumors even swirled that the Avatar star only knew Perego for a few short months before they got married. Saldana tried to set the record straight but instead revealed she “knew OF” Perego “for months.” “I knew of his work,” she said in an interview. “Then we met. And months later, we both made the decision to do what we both individually vowed never to do — get married.”

I love how there is no shame in her game. When you know you know. And while they both said they would never tie the knot, Saldana said once they decided to get married, it didn’t take long for them to make the move. In fact, she said it happened just three weeks later. “That part was very, very quick.” Absolutely!

7 Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

These two definitely went a different route than most would think a celebrity would go. But considering we’re talking about Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, it’s not too surprising as they seem like the fun aunt and uncle of every family. The Parenthood actor and Veronica Mars beauty decided to tie the knot at the Beverly Hills County Clerk Office in an unplanned ceremony. Shepard revealed the possibility of them being husband and wife when she tweeted, “Wife coffee tastes way better than regular coffee in the morning.” She added a smiley face and tagged Shepard in the message. While their marriage was different than the usual thrills and frills, her reason for it was similar to other celebrities. “I feel like we get enough attention in our daily lives and we just want something sort of private that involves pen and paper.” Well they did just that.

6 Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

We were all surprised when Mary-Kate Olsen proved she was not little Michelle Tanner anymore when she started dating a man who looks old enough to be her TV dad Danny Tanner. So the idea that she would marry him in private is not necessarily a shocker. Their venue was at a home in Manhattan in front of about 50 guests. I can guess who two of them were: for starters, I’m sure none other than at Nicolas Sarkozy, who is not only the French President, but also Olivier’s half-brother, was present. And of course Olsen’s twin sister Ashley Olsen was there too. As for the guests, they were said to be given “bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes…” apparently “everyone smoked the whole night.” While Mary-Kate and Olivier are pretty private about their personal life and stay low-key for the most part, I can say I’m not really surprised that this was the vibe at their ceremony.

5 Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser

While fans were trying to figure out if Alexis Bledel’s friend Blake Lively was helping out Bledel with her secret wedding to Vincent Kartheiser, they didn’t know the wedding already took place. What’s even more interesting is that it wasn’t so clear as to when the wedding actually took place. They could have been married for months before it actually hit headlines. The one fact that is known is that it took place in California. There is speculation that it was in June, but it’s not clear if that’s actually true. Bledel took a page out of her own book when she and Kartheiser had their first child; she hid her pregnancy before they welcomed the baby in May of last year. Their romance has been blooming ever since Bledel made an appearance as Kartheiser’s mistress on Mad Men. Still, they decided not to date until two months after the season actually wrapped.

4 Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden’s wedding was certainly kept hush hush. But she didn’t mind letting everyone know that she knew right away they would get married the first time they met. This might be why it didn’t matter for them to have a huge wedding. In fact, they kept it confined to their living room. I have to say, if a celebrity like Diaz (and Beyonce) can do this, it might not be a bad idea for the average person.

Anywho, Diaz also said they celebrated in a party on the tennis court in the yard. They met Diaz’s sister-in-law Nicole Richie. She once joked with Andy Cohen that she wondered how she missed Madden’s attractive looks in the past. Now, Richie and Diaz are forever connected as Richie is married to Benji’s brother, Joel Madden. I feel like that family reunion would be fun every time!

3 Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha

Kerry Washington and NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha should write a book on how to date and wed secretly. No one knew the Scandal star was even dating someone, let alone ready to marry them until their wedding certificate was released and made its rounds in the news. In fact, they waited until just days before their wedding to obtain the marriage certificate in none other than Idaho! It was at the state’s office of Vital Statistics. They also married in Hailey, Idaho on June 24. They were together for an entire year before that. The actress’ parents, Earl and Valerie, served as the witnesses while her now sister-in-law Chisaraokwu Asomugha was the officiant. The two also were pretty secretive about both of Washington’s pregnancies. But she couldn’t keep the first secret for too long as she was filming for Scandal at the time. The show tried to hide Washington’s baby bump but her glow was definitely shining through.

2 Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is another star who decided to say his wedding vows in the comfort of his own home. He married his now wife Tasha McCauley on Dec. 20, 2014. Gordon-Levitt definitely protected his relationship with McCauley long before they said their "I Dos." He confirmed he was dating someone the year before they tied the knot but refused to say who. He often said in interviews that she preferred it that way too. He only offered the hint that she wasn’t famous. I understand why he would want this under wraps. He’s been famous since he was just a boy in his breakout role Angels In The Outfield. But now we know a little bit more about her. It turns out she is the co-founder and CEO of Fellow Robots. It’s a robotics company at NASA’s Research Park. They are still going strong after welcoming their first child together the year after their ceremony.

1 Leighton Meester and Adam Brody

She might have played the snooty Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, but Leighton Meester wasn’t here for gossip when she married her now-husband Adam Brody. The two never confirmed that they were actually dating. But seeing them together continuously kind of made it so they didn’t have to. Their engagement was confirmed less than a year after news hit that they were dating one another. The location of the wedding is still in question but word is that Mexico was the spot for them. That was later shut down after it came out that Meester was only in Mexico for work. Rumor has it that Meester had her bachelorette party at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood. Brody was also seen wearing a gold band shortly after the news of a possible wedding was released. The idea of Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen of The OC tying the knot is absolutely adorable.

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15 Celebrities Who Had Secret Marriages