15 Celebrities Who Got Better Looking As They Got Older

Everyone ages. We start to get tired more easily, we notice that our skin isn’t as supple, and it becomes harder to keep a trim physique. Most of us realize that we peeked in our twenties, and are slow to accept that it’s all downhill from there. However, there is a very small percentage of people that actually get better looking with age. Call it genetics, call it witchcraft, or call it good luck. These people are blessed to not only maintain what attractiveness they were born with, but to acquire more. Is it fair? Definitely not! It’s unholy, it’s unnatural and it’s unbelievable. That’s why it’s so much fun to marvel at.

Beauty is a commodity just like everything else, so we naturally want to know who has it – and who doesn’t. Anyone with a little fame and fortune can look better than they are. But to maintain beauty, and build it over time is another thing entirely. Celebrities are celebrities for a reason. In many ways they are superhuman. They have the power to make us laugh. They have the power to make us cry. And they have the power to capture our hearts with their picture perfect looks for years and years on end. Let’s take a look at some of the shiniest stars who have only gotten better looking with age. If you think they’re attractive now, just imagine what they’re going to look like in five or ten years!


15 Halle Berry

Halle Berry is regarded as one of the most beautiful women in show business. But she wasn’t always this hot. In her younger years, she was just average looking. Her face was plump, her eyebrows were bushy, and her hair was cut in an unflattering mushroom style. What was she thinking? No wonder she started at the bottom of the entertainment world by acting part time in a soap opera and on failed television pilots.

Nowadays, she has a more chiseled face which shows off her cheekbones, sparkly eyes and pearly white teeth. It’s been alleged that she went under the knife, at least to have her nose thinned. All we can say is that her surgeon was a miracle worker. Berry also dresses in a much more flashy way now than she did when she was young. We get to admire her toned arms, bountiful bust, and plenty of skin. Whether she is wearing gowns or walking around in yoga pants, she still gives the younger girls a run for their money. Berry will even probably look this good in another 20 years.

14 Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is virtually unrecognizable in her younger pic. She’s pretty much nondescript. It’s safe to say that she was a late bloomer, because look at her now! She has color in her face and flowing chestnut hair. Beckinsale is another celeb that is rumored to have benefited from the work of a plastic surgeon. She has a more chiseled nose these days, and an ample chest. She also took full advantage of cosmetic dentistry. There’s a reason she has a closed mouth smile in her younger pic – she had a classic set of British teeth. We wonder how much she paid for the whole look. It must have cost a fortune, but it was money well spent. Natural beauty or not, Beckinsale is one of the most attractive women of our generation. Unfortunately, it takes more than looks to sustain a career, because hers is DOA.

13 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie cleaned up her act years ago, so it’s hard to remember what she looked like back when she was an up-and-comer. During the first season of The Simple Life, she was downright sloppy. She looked more like she belonged in a trailer park than in a Beverly Hills mansion. Her hair was ratty, her body was bloated, and her face was in desperate need of a makeup artist. Somehow, Richie metamorphosed into a class act. The change that had the biggest impact was her dramatic weight loss. Being pin thin made her look elegant in an Audrey Hepburn sort of way. She acquired dainty features and moved with grace. She also learned a lot about fashion, and what sort of clothes to wear. And going back to her natural hair color gave her a certain amount of sensibility. Richie has had two children since she first made her TV debut, but she looks better than most starlets half her age.

12 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. Not only is he talented, but he’s great to look at. He’s quick with a smile and a good natured word, and apparently he’s really smart, too. He looks dapper in a suit and tie when he walks the red carpet. He’s always clean cut with coiffed hair and perfect teeth. And even though he has some crow’s feet around his eyes, it just makes him look wise rather than world weary. He’s a low key star, but we bet he has a bevy of ladies vying for his attention wherever he goes. No one watching him on Third Rock from the Sun saw that coming – and we mean no one! Gordon-Levitt was totally awkward in his teens. He was short, but his hair was long and out of control. He was kind of build, but he walked around in bulky pants. He’s probably just as surprised as we are at how much he’s evolved.

11 Jennifer Lopez

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The difference between a young Jennifer Lopez and today’s Jennifer Lopez is like night and day. Looking at her in her youth, it’s hard to believe that she was able to get her foot in the door - let alone become the megastar she is today. In her early days, she looked just like what she was: a girl from the Bronx. She had big hair, a full face, and no class. Now, she has beauty for days and style for weeks. Her hair is a gorgeous caramel color which brings light to her face. Now, she dresses in haute couture to showcase her three best assets: her breasts and he rear. And at 47 years old, her face looks more youthful than ever before. Her glam squad should get the credit for that, because they give her the smoky eyes, even complexion and chiseled cheekbones. However, Lopez does give them a great canvass to work with. She’s wrinkle-free and without age-spots, which is more than we can say about other stars approaching the big 5-0. Lopez is probably blessed with good genetics, but her clean lifestyle no doubt helps as well.

10 Nicole Kidman

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Looking at a young Nicole Kidman is like looking at a car crash – you can’t look, but you can’t look away. In her younger days, her face was chubby and ruddy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her red hair was out of control and frizzy, and her teeth were yellow and a size too small. And she definitely wasn’t wearing designer duds – her style was straight out of goodwill. Kidman gives hope to every teen who is stuck in their awkward years and doesn’t think their gawkiness will ever pass. Now, she is regarded as being a flawless beauty. Women copy her flat hair, her chic clothing and her subdued makeup. They also admire her elegant mannerisms and ability to remain professional under trying circumstances. Kidman is the type that has inner beauty, and it emanates outward. She’s no spring chicken, but she still has the glow of youth.

9 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is very young, even by Hollywood standards. Yet, she manages to get hotter and hotter with each passing year. As a teen she blended in with all the other girls. She had wavy hair, a full face, and a bubbly smile. But now, she is all woman. Grande lost what little baby fat she had, which revealed a chiseled face complete with coy eyes and a naughty smile. And when she lost weight in her body, she didn’t lose it up top. So she bulges out of spaghetti strap dresses and tube tops. She’s basically boobs on a stick. Grande knows she looks good, so she never passes up a chance to show off her body. She loves to wear short skirts to reveal her thin legs, crop tops to show off her middle, and high ponytails to let her waxen hair flow.

Grande’s looks really are the secret to her success. She made just about everyone in America hate her after her donut-licking America-bashing incident, but they got over it. Why? Because she’s just so darn attractive.


8 Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes had the cutest little baby face when she acted on Dawson’s Creek. She was pretty in a girl next door way, and no one thought that she’d amount to much. After the show ended, she faded into oblivion – until she hooked up with Tom Cruise and showed off how much her looks had matured. Holmes is now in her thirties with a child and should have wrinkles, several extra pounds, and be lagging behind the fashion trends. But she surprised everyone by looking better than ever. It’s like she discovered the fountain of youth. Her face has lost volume in the best possible way, so she gets to show off her great bone structure, supple lips, and hazel eyes. Her hair style has evolved from simply ponytails to being worn down with perfect layers. Her body is even better than ever, as she is long and lean which allows her to wear any fashion trend with success.

7 Jessica Biel

It’s kind of a shame that Jessica Biel’s career is all but over, because now that she’s older, she’s better looking than ever before. Age certainly agrees with her. After so many years in the biz, she finally learned how to play up her best assets. She keeps her makeup simple, but accentuates her almond shaped eyes and wide lips. She’s grown her hair, so that she looks more like a vixen and less like a high schooler. And she chooses ensembles that show off her very toned body, rather than hiding behind bulky items.

6 Beyonce


We don’t know how she did it, but Beyonce looks a million times better today than she did when she was an unknown. When she was younger, her skin tone looked ashy, her hair was lackluster, and her body wasn’t what it is today. Now, she actually looks younger by just making a few small changes. Her blonde hair now contrasts with her skin tone. Her light makeup makes her look radiant, as if she’s glowing from within. And her pastel color palette allows us to focus on her toned body instead of her dark, drab clothing. We’d like to chalk this all up to a great glam squad, but the fact is that many stars in her age group still can’t manage to look like this. Just consider Tara Reid, Rene Zellweger and Jennifer Garner.

5 Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has been around for what seems like a million years. Still, she’s aging in reverse. It’s like she’s a female Benjamin Button. As a young woman, she looked downright tired. And she didn’t do herself any favors. Her severe hair made her look matronly, and it just made us focus on her face which was made unattractive by gothic makeup. Her blood red lips looked spooky, her white face powder was reminiscent of a character from The Addams Family, and her masculine clothing didn’t allow her to show off her body. Now, she finally looks as beautiful as God intended her to. She’s toned down the makeup so that we can admire her proportioned face and lovely smile. Her hair is worn in a pleasing, playful way. And she finally dresses like a girl. Well done, Gwen! It only took you 20 years to look this hot!

4 Sandra Bullock

When Sandra Bullock starred in Speed, everyone was abuzz about her unique features like her boxy face, wide eyes and full lips. Bullock was pretty. But now, she looks pretty amazing! Her body is smokin’ with its thin frame and perky chest. Her hair is graceful, with its chocolate brown color and thickness. But her best asset is still her face. Her features are symmetrical, which is naturally equated with beauty. Her brown eyes dance, her cheeks glow, and her pink lips smile in a most friendly way. Women of all ages want to be her, and men of all ages want her.

3 George Clooney

It’s been said that George Clooney ages like a fine wine, and we couldn’t agree more. Most men get paunchy with age, or bald, or paunchy and bald. But not this guy! He must have made a deal with Lucifer himself, because he is hotter than ever before. He’s hotter than when he was on ER. He’s hotter than when he won an Oscar for Syriana. And he’s even hotter now that he’s married. The secret to his success has got to be that he embraced age. He let his hair go silver, and it’s a great contrast to his dark skin. He also dresses age-appropriately, which means suit and ties. And he acts his age. This is key because nothing makes someone look older than trying to look like they’re still in their twenties. Clooney was wise to cut his hair, keep himself in shape, and dress in a dapper fashion. It’s what made him the star he is today.

2 Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron was by no means an ugly duckling when she was younger. But a head-turner she was not. She was pretty in a generic, everyday way – like the girls you went to high school with. But now she is a full-on goddess. With a few little tweaks, she turned herself from pretty to gorgeous. Theron lightened her hair, so that now it shimmers. She got her teeth done, so that now her smile is flawless. She started dressing more simply, so that big jewelry and loud prints didn’t distract from her beauty. And she learned how to play up her features with makeup, like by drawing on thicker brows, wearing darker lipstick and using contouring and highlighting tricks to frame her face.

1 Megan Fox

Megan Fox grew up competing in beauty pageants when she was younger, but it’s hard to believe when we see her early look. In her younger days, she looks cheap. Her hair color is straight from the bottle, her makeup application is without skill, and she didn’t know how to pose for the camera. These days, she is one hot mama. Darkening her hair actually did wonders for her style, because it contrasts so well with her porcelain skin. And by keeping her makeup neutral, Fox is able to highlight her angular facial features like her eyes, cheeks and nose. And she knows how to dress for success. She never fails to command the red carpet by wearing items that reveal her best features, like her ideal chest, thin torso and toned legs.


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