15 Celebrities Who Got Arrested In 2017...So Far

Let’s be honest here - we are quite fed up with seeing celebrities walking the red carpet in their full splendor, or sunbathing on luxurious yachts somewhere in the Pacific. We’d rather see their mugshots taken before serving time for crimes they have committed.

Posing for stylish shots is bo-o-o-o-oring. So, of course, we find it much more interesting when movie stars and music icons are glowering at the police camera like sullen criminals. From after-parties gone wrong and gruesome cases of domestic abuse to DUIs and drug possession, the list of celebrity crimes goes on and on. And because we don’t want you to be the last to know, we give you the updated list of popular people that have been recently arrested.

It comes as a refreshing surprise every time you go online and read the line “Celebrity arrested on charges for –”. Yet, it is never someone of the caliber of Meryl Streep or George Clooney. See who were the baddest Hollywood boys and girls of the year and what they did wrong. Most of them are frequent visitors of police departments, others have just started writing their list of criminal offences. Here come 15 celebrities who screwed up big time so far in 2017.

15 Miles Teller Gets Arrested For Being Too Drunk In Public

“OK, first of all I wasn’t arrested, only detained!” This is what the actor known for his roles in Whiplash (2014) and Fantastic Four (2015) wanted to make clear upon his release from the San Diego Police Department. We’ve heard otherwise, dude! On July 18, Teller was hard-core partying with some guys in San Diego when an officer noticed he was having a difficult time standing on the sidewalk. The cop approached him and started asking him questions, but Teller was ignoring him as if he was talking to a brick wall. The officer offered to take Teller to a detox center, but the actor continued being uncooperative and refused to go with him. It was at this point when he got “detained.” However, they DID book him into jail and took his mugshot, which seems pretty much like a typical arrest procedure to us.

14 Tiger Woods Drives Under The Influence Of “Prescribed Medication”

On Memorial Day, golfer Tiger Woods was arrested on suspicion of DUI. His 2015 Mercedes-Benz was spotted being improperly parked at a parking lot in Palm Beach, Florida, and the driver was found passed out on the driving seat, his foot still on the brakes. The Jupiter police officers woke him up and started questioning him. Woods told them he was coming from golfing in L.A. and didn’t know where he was. The report said his speech was slurred. He was booked in the nearest jail, but was released without a bond a few hours later. He tested positive for drugs or alcohol, but, according to Woods’ official statement, alcohol was not involved. At the time of the arrest, the golfer was recovering from back surgery. He said he had no idea the mix of the prescribed medications would affect him so strongly.

13 Soulja Boy Is Charged Possession Of A Gun Which Previously Belonged To… Police

Iconic rapper Soulja Boy was arrested in January at his Hollywood Hills home for breaking the terms of his probation. After thoroughly searching Boy’s crib, the cops found two guns stashed in his drawer. What led to the unexpected search was an anonymous tip the police had received. The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name is DeAnde Cortez Way, had been threatening people online with guns, which was seen as a direct violation of his 24-month probation agreement. Back in 2014, he was charged for illegal firearms possession and had been ordered not to own any weapons. But just like a leopard can’t change its spots, it came as no surprise, really, when a Mini Draco AR-IS and a Glock 21 handgun were found in Soulja Boy’s home. Prosecutors said one of the firearms had been reported stolen from a police vehicle in Huntington, CA.

12 YouTube Star Austin Jones Charged With Inappropriate Child Content

The 24-year-old YouTube celebrity Austin Jones was arrested on July 10 on child pornography charges. He was stopped by Customs and Homeland Security Investigations at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Jones has so far amassed more than 500,000 subscribers to his channel where he posts videos of his a cappella pop music covers. According to court documents, Jones had been communicating with two underaged girls over Facebook. He requested that one of them send him sexy videos of herself to prove she was indeed his biggest fan. Jones admitted to all the charges. The prosecutors claim the YouTuber is a “risk to the community,“ so he must remain under federal custody as long as it is necessary. If convicted, Jones faces a minimum of 15 years in prison.

11 ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Kills Iowa Farmer

This may sound like a cynical joke, but yes, Iowa farmer and former star of ABC’s The Bachelor, who charmed millions of viewers with his small-town lifestyle on the reality show, was arrested in April for killing a fellow farmer. According to a press release from the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office, the 35-year-old Soules was arrested and charged with a “class D felony”. In other words, you are not considered violent or dangerous, but a Class D felony conviction will permanently remain on your record. What actually happened was that Chris was driving a Chevy pickup, and about 15 miles from his farm in Arlington, his pickup and a tractor were forced off the road. Soules left the scene of the accident on foot, and the other vehicle’s driver was sent to hospital, where he died.

10 Travis Scott Is Arrested For Inciting A Riot

On May 13, rapper Travis Scott was arrested for inciting a riot during a live performance in Rogers, Arkansas. The concert ended with police taking the 25-year-old Houston native away. During the show, the rapper, whose real name is Jacques Webster, encouraged people to rush onto the stage. However, during the rush, several people were injured. The instigator of the whole thing was released without bail, but he had to appear in court. In the following days, people who attended the concert shared their experience on social media, and their comments were mocking the arrest charges of their idol.

Just a reminder: Shortly before the incident in question, Scott encouraged a fan to jump from a third-storey balcony during a concert in New York. Although the video of the mishap went viral, he did not face legal charges for this one.

9 Louis Tomlinson Is Arrested Over Beating Up A Photographer At L.A. Airport

The incident happened on March 3. Former boy bander Tomlinson returning from a week in Las Vegas with his girlfriend, fashion blogger Eleanor Calder, when a photographer spotted the couple. He started taking pictures of them while they were collecting their bags at luggage claim. Louis asked him kindly to stop filming, but as he refused to do so, the singer lost it and knocked the pestering paparazzo on the floor. The photographer made a citizen's arrest, and later sustained injuries to his back and head. In an official statement, Tomlinson’s lawyer said that the paparazzo “provoked and caused the altercation,” and it was definitely not the first time that it happened. Louis was set to pay $20,000 bail, but he didn’t pay a penny because he must have signed a contract promising he would attend court instead.

8 Aaron Carter Likes His Mary Jane, But Cops Stay In The Way Of Their Love

The younger brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, Aaron, has always been a handful. Last time he had troubles with authorities was July 15, when he was detained at 9 p.m. in the rural county of Habersham, Georgia, for a DUI, marijuana possession, and possession of “drug related objects”. At the time of the arrest, Aaron was in the car with his girlfriend, photographer Madison Parker. His next concert in Kansas City was cancelled due to “transportation issues.” And on the following day, his brother, Nick, posted the following tweet, “I love u no matter what & if you feel the need to reach for help, I am here and willing to help you get better. Family isn’t always easy, but we’re all here for you.” Yeah, Aaron should remember that next time he needs to be bailed out of jail…

7 Shia LaBeouf Has Been Keeping The Cops Busy

The 31-year-old actor makes headlines with displays of his disruptive conduct far more often than with his artistic performances. And he’s been especially busy since the beginning of 2017!

First, he got handcuffed in January at the site of his anti-Trump art installation. Reportedly, he had a disagreement with a man who had a different a political opinion, which led to LaBeouf assaulting him.

His second arrest took place quite recently, on July 8, in Savannah, Georgia. This time the charges were for “drunkenness, obstruction, and disorderly conduct.” The trouble began when the actor asked an officer for a cigarette. Upon refusal, LaBeouf kinda lost it, and started swearing and using vulgar words at the top of his voice. When the situation heated up, he ran to the lobby of the nearby hotel, where he was eventually arrested.

6 Sentenced To Jail For Environmental Protest

The Oscar-nominated, 77-year-old actor, best known for his roles in Babe (1995) and The Green Mile (1999), was sentenced to a week-long stay in prison for refusing to pay a $375 fine. He received the fine after attending a protest in New York against a proposed power plant. Cromwell, whom we’ve watched also in American Horror Story and is about to appear in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, was one of the six protesters in front of Competitive Power Ventures, and whose actions, they claimed, were justified as the plant would cause damage to the local environment and add to the irreversible climate change. Three of the six protesters paid the fine, but the actor and two others refused. He is now heading to Orange County jail to do his time.

5 Chief Keef Is Arrested For Robbing And Beating Up His Music Producer

“If I was a celebrity I wouldn’t come personally jump a person with your five friends and an AK 47. Yeah, I’m pressing charges on yo ass. You a f**cking low life mf n**as out here tryna do positive s**t and you still on some goofy Chicago s**t. We’ll see u in court.” This is what the victim, the rapper’s former producer Ramsay The Great, posted on Instagram alongside graphic selfies of his badly battered face. The arrest occurred on January 26, after the Love Sosa rapper forced his way into Ramsay’s house, holding an AK-47 machine gun and started beating him. He then collected $1,600, an iPhone, a ring, and a Rolex, and took off. The 21-year-old perpetrator wasn’t caught until a couple of days later when the police arrested Keef after executing a search warrant at his home in Tarzana, CA.

4 The American Pie Songwriter Don McLean Gets Arrested For Domestic Assault

The 71-year-old singer-songwriter was arrested in January 2016 in Camden for a misdemeanor domestic violence charges against his ex-wife, Patrisha. The two had been married for 30 years and were going through a painful divorce at that time. He then pleaded guilty to the charges of threatening, criminal restraint, and criminal mischief. McLean’s lawyer claimed his client was not a villain, but although the authorities did not disclose details of the incident, the singer’s wife obtained a restraining order against him on claims of long-term anger issues. In July this year, McLean was dismissed after he met the terms of his plea agreement, including staying out of trouble for a year. The veteran songwriter also paid a $3,000 fine to settle the charges.

3 Rock Star John Mellencamp’s Son Has Been Having Troubles With Law Since 2013

The 22-year-old Speck Mellencamp was arrested in Indiana on July 16, after he and brother Hud got into fight outside a Jimmy John’s. According to the police record, the younger son of the rockstar John Mellencamp had blood all over his face, was drunk, and refused to answer questions about how he got the injuries on his face. No wonder he was charged with public intoxication and resisting law enforcement. That was not the two brothers’ first infringement of the law. They demonstrated their belligerent temper also in 2013 when they were arrested and charged with felony battery after a fight. The charges were later dropped, and Speck served only 86 hours in jail, which were split into 12-hour stints due to his panic disorder.

2 Ex-Boxing Champ Jermain Taylor Handcuffed For Biting And Threatening GF

At around 2.40 a.m. on July 18, former professional boxer Jermain Taylor was arrested for biting and threatening to kill his girlfriend during a heated argument. Police were called to Taylor’s home in Maumelle, Arkansas by the victim herself. The girlfriend, Ashley White, told the cops the boxer bit her several times on the face and left arm, and broke her cell phone. The officers could tell Taylor smelled of liquor at the time of the arrest. He was later charged with threatening and two misdemeanors - battery and interference with emergency communication. Taylor had previous incidents involving violence and intoxication, which means that there is a solid chance that this time he stays behind bars for quite some time. He is currently serving a 6-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to nine felony charges back in 2015. Back then former middleweight champion fired a shot at his cousin, critically wounding him.

1 NFL Star Dante Fowler Breaks Man’s Glasses And Throws A Bottle Of Liquor In Lake

On July 18, Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. was arrested on charges of battery and mischief. Fowler was driving through an apartment complex in his hometown, St. Petersburg, Florida, when a men made a comment on his driving. Fowler heard him and got so enraged that he stepped out of the car, exchanged only a few words with the passenger, and then struck him, knocking off his glasses. “He then took the victim’s grocery bag with previously purchased liquor and threw it in a lake,“ the police report further read. Fowler was booked into the Phinellas County Jail, and was released five hours later on a $650 cash bond. That wasn’t the first time Taylor was involved in a violent incident. Last year he watched his GF beat the s**t out of his baby mother for quite some time before he decided to intervene.

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