15 Celebrities Who Dated Stars From The "Other Industry"

The day a boy brings his new girlfriend home to meet his family for the first time is an anxiety riddled day. It’s one of those “can’t take this back” kind of gatherings. Full of nervous expectations

The day a boy brings his new girlfriend home to meet his family for the first time is an anxiety riddled day. It’s one of those “can’t take this back” kind of gatherings. Full of nervous expectations that often seem unreachable to a man valuing his mother's opinion. Shockingly in most homes that awkward situation becomes cataclysmic when the boy's new boo is a paid trick in the movies, I mean adult film industry. My apologies. Can’t you hear them all now? Mother, Son, and Hoe sit down and begin chatting it up, ignoring the fact that the XXX star's boobs are bouncing off the kitchen table when they should be inside of her blouse. Never mind the lack of conversation either because what exists is strictly surface, bland, and boring at best. That's when mom realizes her son decided he’d bring home a government high, self-medicated, money shot stained nympho that now refers to her baby boy as “Daddy.”

Haven’t you heard? Sex sells! If that bothers you get over it because it doesn’t appear anybody's listening. If it’s not a sex toy party for the girls, it's a bachelor party for the boys. Each gender has an endless amount of ways to self-indulge in America’s oldest business. The adult film industry happens to be a convenient way for people to enact their deepest darkest fantasies, Some of Hollywood's most famous celebrities have been filmed underneath, on top of, or from behind on home video, with some of erotica's most famous vaginas.

It’s not just the cameras that have fallen in love with the world’s biggest adult film stars. Celebrities who are in many ways as screwed as their new human sex toys were last night wind up dating, even marrying each other. That makes keeping up with the train wreck they call their relationships all the more doable. Only, in this case, the train's passengers are a bunch of scantily clad tricks, recently STD tested, prodded and probed. The wreck usually happens via the star's habits and daily sexual indiscretions aimed at pleasing every man on earth. Not just the rich and famous. Honestly, in most cases, it’s pretty damn hard to tell which of these Hollywood stars are more famous. Guess that depends on what you’re watching on television or streaming online.

15 Tiger Woods & Joslyn James


Tiger Woods has had his share of sex scandals turned viral mess over the past decade. Rumors of sexual dependency and sleeping with whoever the hell he could stick his little weenis in eventually lead him to date an adult film star named Joslyn James. Joslyn James is most famous for her roles in the adult movie industry. Movies with very creative titles like “Cougars, Kittens, and C—” are amongst the adult film star's long body of work. Joslyn didn’t waste any time throwing Tiger under the bus either once the scandal broke, just when he didn’t need it most. She revealed private text messages she had received from the professional golfer that were very incriminating indeed.

14 Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed


After being in a relationship with one another for over 25 years, back in 2011 globally famous rock star Gene Simmons of Kiss and his longtime main squeeze, former soft-porn actress Shannon Tweed walked down the aisle hand in hand together. The couple decided it was time to tie the proverbial knot of matrimony in front of their two children and the 400 guests who attended their wedding that August evening. Gene Simmons is no stranger to a woman's company (nearly 5000 by his count) but when Tweed and Simmons finally chose to make their love for each other official it came as no surprise to friends and family. Both have been happily together for so long now they must be doing something right.

13 Chuck Liddell & Jayden James


Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, martial artist, and UFC Hall of Fame fighter Chuck Liddell is no stranger to waking up and finding pictures of his Mexican vacation littered all over the internet. Something that can make the invasion of your privacy much worse is when those photos of “Iceman” are with his adult film star fling at the time named Jayden James. It’s hard to say which star was “using” the other, but it appeared as though Jayden had gotten the better of the limelight once she and the former fighter split ways back in 2009. Liddell was quoted as saying the "star" was using him to promote herself. Well, I’m pretty sure Chuck was using her to promote his penis. It sounds like both of them had a good time to me.

12 Kid Rock & Brianna Banks


Singer/Songwriter Kid Rock in 2006 dated a hot blond adult film star named Brianna Banks. The German star and Rock dated briefly, but that doesn’t mean there was any less to be reported to inquiring minds. Both Rock's and Banks' fan following at the time was super sonic, so the gossip about their relationship ran rabid. Plus, they’re both incredibly unique, attractive, buzz-worthy people that the public happens to find more interesting than not. Each is known for their work both on and off the stage. Whether that's in front of a camera getting railroaded by a make believe football team in a semen-laced locker room, or singing a smash hit on stage to thousands of attendees... both are certainly an infinite amount of famous.

11 Dwight Howard & Mary Carey


NBA Basketball Star Dwight Howard and adult film star Mary Carey in 2009 dated for a short while when Howard was playing for the Orlando Magic. At the time Carey was quoted,

“Dwight’s a cool guy. For a month, we like talked on the phone, and he was always trying to give me prayers to get me out of porn and give me Bible verses to read. So then, I was going to visit him when I was in Orlando, but I went over to this other guy’s house instead, Chris Kirkpatrick from N’Sync. And then Dwight started calling, and calling, and calling me because he knew I was with Chris Kirkpatrick, so eventually at 3 in the morning, Chris was like don’t answer Dwight’s calls. I get a text from Dwight at 3 in the morning — I’m outside Chris’ house. I’m like 'oh my god, what do I do?' I was like 'I got Dwight here, and I got Chris in the other room, and I’m talking to them back and forth.' So finally I just to pulled Dwight in the bathroom and told him he needs to go home. I was like I’m sorry, I like you, but this isn’t the time or place. When I pull him in the bathroom, he pulls his pants down, I was like, whoa. Yeah, and so I ran and started screaming.”

10 Charlie Sheen - Tons Of Them


If I were a betting man, and I’m not because betting implies there’s a chance at winning and I never win when betting, I’d bet that Charlie Sheen has seen more XXX booty than any other swinging dick in Hollywood, period. The famous actor as the American public knows isn’t just famous for coining the catchphrase #winning. Former Two and a Half Men star, Sheen hasn’t looked like he’s been winning much lately but that doesn’t imply that his sexual indiscretions aren’t one of the most interesting parts of his life. That happens to be very true when he's usually banging uber famous adult film stars like Georgia Jones (2013). There’s no shame in Charlie’s game as we've all learned from the excessive behavior of Sheen and the company he keeps. That’s probably why dating adult film stars and living amongst hookers and blow is where one of Hollywood’s most famous felt most at home.

9 Rob Gronkowski & BiBi Jones


What happens when you pair the best NFL tight-end on earth with arguably one of the most famous adult film stars on the planet? Well, besides two sexy people snapping random selfies of themselves half-naked together, you get a pissed of NFL football team owner in Robert Kraft (New England Patriots) and a clamoring American public frantically surfing the web to see the famous photos of the two together before they could seemingly disappear forever. Naturally, her dressed in his Patriots game day jersey, while he stands shirtless for every female with a web connection to drool over! These two reportedly met each other in 2011 at the University of Arizona while Gronk was back in town where he played college football.

8 Dave Navarro & Kirsten Price


Dave Navarro won the lotto when it comes to being a talented musician (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers), having strangely good looks, and dating ridiculously beautiful adult film stars. Picking them over and over again, or so it would seem, from the famous guitarist and his insatiable appetite for dating Hollywood's most gorgeous adult film stars. As a matter of fact, Navarro appears to love the naughty industry and the women you can find on screen shooting these movies so much he rarely strays from that "type" of girl. A few of the adult film stars Navarro has been known to eat crackers in his bed with are, Jayme Langford, Brittney Skye, Amie Nicole, Jenna Presley, Kendra Jade, Stormy Daniels, Sasha Grey and Taylor Wane Jenna Presley, amongst many others.

7 Tito Ortiz & Jenna Jameson


Tito Ortiz is an incredibly famous name around the UFC community and was former Light Heavyweight Champion from 2000-2003. The Huntington Beach, California native isn’t just famous for the time he spent crushing opponents' skulls in the cage; he’s also well known for his tumultuous relationship with insanely hot adult film star Jenna Jameson. Ortiz and Jameson met in 2006 on the popular social media website MySpace. Their relationship would soon be plastered all over the news and remain there over the next several years. Reportedly, more things inevitably went wrong than seemed to go right for fighter Ortiz and erotica star Jameson when all was said and done. Then again when you date a highly self-medicated adult film star I’m not sure a normal relationship was ever to be expected.

6 Marilyn Manson & Stoya


If you haven’t seen, heard, or witnessed a Marilyn Manson concert then I’m sure you’re not alone. The peculiar singer, actor, former music journalist, is famous for multiple talents including his seething stage presence with the band Marilyn Manson. Don’t judge a book by its cover though because Manson speaks eloquently and is a super interesting interview guest if you ever get a chance to watch him. If you've not heard Manson speak and judged him for yourself, then you don't know much about the dude, do you? A rule that applies to much of life when it comes to judging any person, let alone "strange" people like him. What we do know however is that the bizarre musician can pull some seriously hot trim! The goth singer's been known to date adult film star hotties like the famous Stoya. Marilyn Manson and Stoya dated for much of 2009 before calling it quits. Now those two would be fun to party with!

5 Pauly Shore - Several Stars


Hollywood comedian Pauly Shore began dating adult film stars back in the early 1990s. That's when Shore was at his most popular and it just so happened to be when the actor began dating an XXX star named Savannah (Shannon Wilsey). This tale of broken hearts ends poorly with the tragic death of Wilsey. Shannon Wilsey wound up taking her own life to the utter dismay of friends, family, and fans alike. Reflecting on Shannon's life, Shore says,

“She was the nicest, most beautiful girl I ever met [and her death] was a very dramatic thing for me. She became Savannah. She became her character, who was into drugs and needed reassurance all the time. She forgot who Shannon was.”

4 Tommy Lee & Stefani Morgan


In 2006 Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and sex kitten-adult film star Stefani Morgan began a steamy romance of their own. The famous drummer is known for dating many of Hollywood’s most gorgeous girls which included being married (for a couple of years 1995-1998) to the forever hot Playboy Playmate of the Month (Feb 1990) and Baywatch, V.I.P, actress Pamela Anderson. Stefani Morgan didn’t hold back when speaking of their relationship saying then,

"More guys than girls ask me about Tommy in the bedroom. Everyone asks me, 'So how's the sex with Tommy?' I have no complaints. I've had a lot of great sex with other people before, and with Tommy it's awesome. He's also the most down-to-earth person I've ever met. I'm crazy about him."

3 Jesse James & Janine Lindemulder


Bad to the bone biker Jesse James has married some attractive females. Some of those girls are legit, charismatic actresses like Sandra Bullock, and others are porn flick legit talented actresses like his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder. Lindemulder and James were married shortly from 2002-2004. The big news of James stepping out on Bullock came as no surprise to ex-wife and XXX star Lindemulder. The former adult film star said that James is “ a chronic cheater.” as well as saying, "Felt sorry for Sandra because she was so in love with Jesse. She was blind and gullible," said Lindemulder, 41, who is in a halfway house in Oregon after being charged with tax evasion. She also said, "(Bullock) once said, 'I finally found a man who has my back.' And all I could think was, 'No, you have this man who does it behind your back'" 

2 Hines Ward & Lisa Ann


Former NFL receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers Hines Ward and adult film star Lisa Ann were once rumored to have at least hooked up after being photographed together looking awfully chummy at a 2008 adult film festival Christmas Party. A relationship that the future hall of fame wide-receiver would instantly deny and who could blame him? Undoubtedly, Ward didn’t need the media backlash from the rumors about him dating an adult film star at the time. Especially an XXX star with the popularity of the likes of Lisa Ann. Lisa Ann apparently has a thing for athletic boys and has reportedly had intimate relationships with other stars like hockey player Michael Del Zotto, and ex-NBA big man John Salley. No pun intended.

1 Shinji Kagawa & Ameri Ichinose


Some of you've not have heard of Shinji Kagawa or his relationship with adult film star Ameri Ichinose. That’s probably because Japanese football, or soccer if you’re an American resident, isn’t as popular in the United States as other sports tend to be. That same statement doesn’t hold true when referring to football overseas, or the adult industry for that matter. Mega super star Shinji Kagawa and adult film star Ameri Ichinose started dating back in 2012 before he transferred to the acclaimed Manchester United Soccer team. Shinji Kagawa has largely stated “no comment," when asked about his relationship with the adult film star. Leaving the world to wonder if one of the planets most famous “footballers” prefers the touch of an experienced hand on his soccer balls.


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15 Celebrities Who Dated Stars From The "Other Industry"