15 Celebrities Who Can't Stand Their Siblings (And Why)

Famous or not, relationships are always complicated to an extent. Whether it's your partner, parents, siblings or friends, it's bound to have its ups and downs. But in many cases, things get more intense between famous people than for the average relationship, leading to some complications between the two sides. And when it comes to siblings, it is unpredictable in so many ways with a chance of them being on bad terms.

Celebrities are no different, which means they may not always get along with their sibling. Any form of relationship is guaranteed to become strained once someone finds fame and their entire world changes; things get a tad complicated from time to time. And it will certainly be challenging if the relationship was already damaged as in many entries on this list.

We tend to believe that everything falls into place for celebrities, but that's been disproven as all celebrities run into problems. Many of these entries may catch you off guard as they feature siblings who are both famous, which you might not expect. But complicated relationships between celebrities and their lesser-known siblings are also in high numbers.

With some of the most famous and beloved names on this list, you may be surprised to see them featured as we look at 15 celebrities who hate their siblings.

15 Lindsay Lohan And Ashley Horn

Just when you thought Lindsay Lohan's life couldn't get any more intriguing, you may be surprised to discover that she has a half-sister named Ashley Horn. What may be even more shocking is that they have never met in person although the latter did try to get in touch with her older sister in an unusual way.

Citing Lindsay as an inspiration, Horn went through several plastic surgeries to resemble her and even went as far as to claim that she was hotter. While Lohan has never publicly addressed the situation, it has been reported that she wants nothing to do with her younger sibling, choosing to avoid family drama by refusing to acknowledge the existence of her sister.

Since the initial breakout of the whole story in 2013, there haven't been any updates regarding the situation as Lohan has chosen not to give any attention to the subject.

14 Mariah And Morgan Carey

Mariah Carey may be one of the biggest stars of the past few decades, but even she couldn't escape family trouble and she has had a rocky relationship with many family members. When your own brother refers to you as an "evil witch" to the media, that's probably a decent indicator of the current status between the two siblings.

Morgan blasted his younger sister for refusing to pay the hospital bills of their sister, who was reportedly in a serious condition after having tested HIV positive. He added that the singer is extremely selfish and cares very little about everyone else, stating that she cares more about her own pets than she does for her close family.

Despite Morgan's harsh comments, Mariah has opted not to respond back - at least not through a public statement as we commonly see these days. There is likely still tension between the two sides since they clashed this past year.

13 Jennifer Aniston And A.J.

For so many years, it was reported that Jennifer Aniston has a half-brother whom she was attempting to keep away from the public eye. It is unknown as to why she has chosen to do so; the siblings have never been pictured together.

Aniston has never talked about him either, even when she did open up about her personal life, as there has always been problems between them. It's rumored that A.J.'s lifestyle might have something to do with their fallout as he doesn't share that same interest in maintaining an image for the public, opting to live differently than your average celebrity sibling.

During an interview, he opened up a bit about his relationship with Jennifer, indicating that there have been complications in the past. He has gone on record saying that his sister's fame hasn't had a great impact on his own personal life.

12 Halle And Heidi Berry

There was a time when the entire world had a crush on Halle Berry and she captured the hearts of viewers through some highly successful films. While we have heard about some of her personal issues, there is one that she has tried to avoid throughout her career.

When questioned about her relationship with her sister on The Wendy Williams Show, Halle claimed that they hadn't been close for years since they lived in different cities, but it appears that the problems run deeper than she let on.

Many of Halle's family members have come forward to accuse the actress of having cut them off at some point, and Heidi was no exception. While it's unknown as to why Halle has such negative feelings towards her own sister, some claim that they have never been close even in their younger days.

11 Julia And Eric Roberts

Regardless of how close you may be to your sibling, tension may arise from time to time. But rarely do matters escalate to the point where you cut them off. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened between Julia Roberts and her brother who stopped talking to each other for ten years before they reconnected.

Although the siblings were once close to each other, tension rose when Eric broke up with his ex-girlfriend Kelly Cunningham: a decision which didn't go well with Julia who supported her through the breakup.

When Julia choose his ex's side, Eric didn't take it well at all and the siblings engaged in a heated rivalry for a long time. They are reportedly on much better terms at this time although they remain mostly distant from each other.

10 Kim And Kyle Richards

For years, Kim and Kyle Richards have been in the news due to their rocky relationship that never seems to stabilize as issues continue to arise. There are numerous reasons as to why the sisters have been feuding with each other, beginning when Kim's dog bit the hand of Kyle's daughter which left her hospitalized for several days.

Additionally, Kim went through some personal issues and was recovering from years of alcoholism, but she didn't receive the support she had hoped for from Kyle who was critical of her at times. Even as the siblings get older, they always seem to have a new issue brewing.

From time to time, we hear about the sisters reuniting and supposedly being on good terms, but that never seems to last too long, as they always end up on bad terms again soon afterward.

9 Alec And Stephen Baldwin

Out of all the possible reasons for siblings to fight, this one is the most shocking of them all. The Baldwin brothers' rivalry arose due to their different political views. Alec was very critical of Donald Trump through sketches and interviews, which Stephen didn't approve of; he was upset that his brother would make such comments about the future President of the United States.

With both men being very opinionated when it comes to politics, there was bound to be some heat between them, though it has extended beyond what we initially thought. Even a year after the election, they continue to argue about their views and it seems like Stephen can't let go. He continuously mentions that his brother was wrong, going so far as to claim that his sketch wasn't funny.

8 Britney And Jamie Lynn Spears

It can be tough for celebrity siblings to maintain great relationships as tension may arise due to the nature of the industry. As the star of Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn Spears would have been a celebrity in her own right if she hadn't been the younger sister of Britney Spears, who is one of the biggest stars in the world.

Despite Jamie's success with the sitcom, she always found herself in the shadow of her older sister's fame. Over the years, they have had a love/hate relationship as evident by past events which either saw them united or throwing shots at each other.

At some point, they were distant with each other for unknown reasons as tensions appeared to be at an all-time high between them. But in recent years, Jamie has been away from the spotlight as she has been busy with her personal life.

7 The Jonas Brothers

There was a time when you couldn't escape The Jonas Brothers even if you couldn't name a single song by them. After breaking into the scene thanks to Disney, they ruled the airwaves for years until the band eventually split up as all three went in different directions.

It's been reported that tension had grown between them, which further complicated matters not only when it came to the band, but on a personal level as well. The brothers have been open in interviews about the band's split up, admitting to having grown not so fond of each other as they matured.

Despite the years of disagreements that led to the eventually split, the brothers never blasted each other in public and they kept most private matters behind closed doors, which is certainly difficult in today's age.

6 Kim And Rob Kardashian

When it comes to the Kardashian family, all situations tend to somehow get complicated and messy. The relationship of Kim and Rob Kardashian isn't any different as they have been through plenty of ups and downs since gaining fame.

During the earlier times on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the siblings got along just fine despite Rob being critical of some of his sister's choices. As they got older, trouble began brewing more than ever as Rob left the show in order to upset his sister.

Since then, they have had some unresolved issues which certainly escalated when Rob started to date Blac Chyna - much to the disapproval of Kim. In the past few years, Rob has been going through some difficulties in his personal life, creating further issues between him and Kim. This past week, we saw the Kardashian Christmas photos and everyone was talking about how Rob was missing from the shoot.

5 Charlie Sheen And Emilio Estevez

The sons of Martin Sheen have gone on to have successful careers of their own to make a name for themselves in the industry although the siblings couldn't be any more different. While they have previously been on good terms and even starred in a film together, their relationship has always been intense in some ways.

For instance, Charlie followed his father's footsteps in changing his surname while Emilio refused to do so - a decision that didn't go over well. When Charlie's antics got too crazy, even his very own brother was critical of him in several interviews although that's not a topic that he loves discussing.

As the older brother, Emilio did indicate that he feels partially responsible since he may not have been a great role model in Charlie's younger years.

4 Liam Gallagher And Noel Gallagher

Liam and Noel Gallagher joined forces to form one of the most revered bands of all time, Oasis, but the siblings' relationship has been rocky for so many years. In the past few days, it's been rumored that they might be finally reconciling, but fans have heard that plenty of times before, so they may not necessarily buy into it.

As opposed to many entries on the list, this feud began during their younger days although they did manage to put their differences aside for some time. But problems always followed them around. Noel has quit the band numerous times to anger his brother, while also exchanging some words through different media platforms.

In recent years, the brothers took their rivalry to social media as they continue throwing shots whenever given the opportunity.

3 Aaron And Nick Carter

Nothing is sacred in the world of celebrities, not even family. Nick and Aaron Carter have had a lengthy history of issues between them with the brothers constantly being involved in public arguments from time to time. Their feud has been ongoing for over a decade and we seem to get a new update on a yearly basis.

Despite having been on good terms in the past, the brothers haven't been able to work out their differences ever since their battles begun in the mid-2000s. Not only have they been exchanging words and insults for years, they even got into a fist fight once for everyone to see.

A few years ago, Nick threatened to sue Aaron for supposedly spreading lies about him to the public. It doesn't seem like the brothers will be getting back on good terms anytime soon.

2 Olly Murs And Ben Hart

For the past eight years, these siblings have been engaged in a heated feud that has been covered by all the major media outlets. You know it's serious when Ben chose to change his surname to avoid being associated with his brother, who skipped his wedding to attend an X Factor event.

Ben never forgave his brother for his choice to miss his wedding and has held a grudge since then. While Olly went on to reach new levels of fame, things only got worse as they engaged in a public feud with Olly claiming that he wants to fight his own brother.

A few months ago, it was reported that Olly was ready to bury the hatchet, but the interest may not be mutual as Ben appears to have moved on with no plans to reconcile anytime soon.

1 Madonna And Christopher Ciccone

Not only did Madonna And Christopher Ciccone have a relationship as siblings, they also worked together for over 20 years. That came to an end in 2008 when the latter released a tell-all book. He revealed some private information and exposed many of Madonna's secrets. She was upset with her brother to the point where she reportedly blacklisted him from the industry.

While he has defended his decision to put out the book by claiming that it's based on his years of experience working alongside her, Madonna has a different point of view: she believes that he was simply trying to cash in.

Since then, their relationship hasn't improved at all so perhaps time doesn't heal all wounds. Madonna is still holding a grudge against Ciccone who threatened to release a second book about how horrible she is as a person.

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