15 Celebrities We're Glad Have Left The Spotlight

You can imagine that there must be an incredible amount of pressure to be a celebrity. Every action that they do seems to get people talking and while they may (ideally) make a lot of money, there is no arguing that the amount of privacy they are afforded is drastically reduced.

We are sure many celebrities are praying for the day that the spotlight is no longer on them. We're also sure that there are many people who are ecstatic they don't need to hear about the 15 people on our list as often as they used to.

Several of the celebrities on our list we're glad we don't need to hear about them because they're horrible people. Like Stephen Collins who sexually assaulted minors, Sean Connery who has been open about his stance on beating women or you know, Charlie Sheen. And while he may not be as big a name, we also have the Big Brother winner who used his winnings to buy and selling oxycodone pills but found himself behind bars after he also decided that paying taxes was overrated.

Some celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, required the time away from the spotlight to help turn her life around and for that, we're also grateful. Regardless of the reasons that landed them on the list, here are the 15 celebrities that we're glad are out of the spotlight.


15 Katherine Heigl's Failures Extend From Movies To TV

Katherine Heigl may be good looking, but there are countless attractive people trying to make it as an actress and unlike Heigl; they may have a better reputation. Heigl has been called out for years about her alleged bad attitude around the set (both in movies and on her former show Grey's Anatomy) and her recent string of failures at the box office makes it all the clearer that everyone is ready to move on from her.

The biggest nail in the coffin may be the cancellation of her recent television series before the first season even finished airing. If Heigl is officially out of the spotlight (granted she does have one voice-over role coming out in the future), perhaps it'll be a lesson to other actors the dangers of ruining your public image.

14 Farrah Abraham Needs To Focus On Her Daughter


Farrah Abraham wouldn't be a celebrity in the first place if she didn't have a child at a young age. Which makes the fact that this former Teen Mom star has made so many headlines for her partying all the sadder. We're sure she also may not be the biggest fan of getting to explain to her daughter one day why she was in an adult video. Not to mention that the money for it probably just led to more partying!

Abraham seems to have cut back on the partying at least a bit but recently has made the news as she tries to promote her own line of sex toys. Yikes. At least she's in the headlines a lot less than she used to be.

13 Mike Sorrentino Gave Up The Partying Lifestyle

There is no arguing that Jersey Shore was a huge deal when it was on the air from 2009-2012. But there is also no arguing that all the partying that the stars went through caused some serious issues in their personal life. So much so that Mike Sorrentino admitted in 2014 that he had become entirely sober.

We're sure any headlines that Sorrentino used to make for his Jersey Shore antics are long behind him. The cast will reunite for a special reunion show in the near future but outside of that, it looks like the situation is that he's keeping things on the down-low.

12 Stephen Collins Assaulted Minors On Separate Occasions


One of the most despicable things you can do is engage in inappropriate behavior with a minor. Stephen Collins not only did this once, he did it in 1973, 1982 and again in 1994. While he admitted to these crimes in 2014 and was not officially charged for them, you can understand why this led to the swift end of his acting career.

The only thing Collins should be in the spotlight for anymore is raising awareness to try and stop more people like him from taking advantage of underage youth.

His actions played a role in his marriage ending with Faye Grant who he was married to from 1985-2012 and it was finalized in 2015.

11 Brendan Fraser's Departure Helped Lead The Way For The Rock

You may be happy that Brendan Fraser is out of the spotlight for a unique reason. One of the biggest mistakes of his career came when he turned away the opportunity to appear in the sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth. The decision led to Dwayne Johnson taking the role which went on to earn over $300 million at the box office and helped lead to his meteoric rise to the top of Hollywood.

Fraser, on the other hand, has failed to find any notable success as of late and has also struggled with paying his child support in the past. Which means not only is he a washed up actor, but he's definitely not living life as comfortably as he may have once been. Here's hoping that at the very least for his kids' sake, that Fraser has been able to pull things together on a personal level.

10 Cameron Diaz Bombed Hard With S*x Tape


Cameron Diaz has several films that we're sure she is incredibly proud of. After all, There's Something About Mary is a classic in many people's eyes and who doesn't love the Shrek movies!

But Diaz has clearly taken a leave of absence from Hollywood with her last project being credited to her in 2014 (though Gambit was released in 2016). It's hard to imagine many people are missing her though.

The end of her career was full of misses and at least as far as critics are concerned, her last successful movie came back in 2007. Her most notable failing came with the 2014 film Sex Tape which failed to earn more than $40 million at the box office.

9 Sean Connery Thinks Beating Women Is Okay

Sean Connery will always be part of cinematic history for his role as James Bond. His time acting, however, is long gone, with his last major involvement being The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen coming out in 2003. And while he may have talents, it came out in 2006 that Connery savagely beat his ex-wife, Diane Cilento.

It shouldn't be all that shocking if you have read more about Connery though, who said back in 1965, "I don't think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman -- although I don't recommend doing it in the same way that you'd hit a man. An open-handed slap is justified."

This was in the middle of his run as Bond but clearly didn't derail his career. That wouldn't be the case if he was in the spotlight today so we'd rather he just keep his views to himself and stay away.


8 Lindsay Lohan Needed To Get Away To Find Her Passions


Many of the celebrities who are on this list we're glad they have left the spotlight because they're jerks. For Lohan, she definitely had parts of her career where we're sure she was very unpleasant to deal with. She struggled with drug addiction, arrests and her life seemed destined to end tragically.

It was only when leaving Hollywood behind, that Lohan got her life back together

'I miss it but at the same time, I'm creating a bunch of different things on my own so I want to focus on what I'm doing. I think there's a lot of noise that we deal with, so I found a kind of peace in life working with children and helping other people that really interest me," said Lohan when asked if she misses Hollywood.

7 Charlie Sheen Has Too Many Problems To Count

Charlie Sheen has been in the headlines in the past for some positive reasons, but you probably don't think of those reasons before all the negativity that surrounds Sheen comes to the forefront. Such as his domestic abuse issues and his rampant addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Not to mention the fact that he was allegedly aware he was HIV positive but still was incredibly sexually active, including sleeping with several adult performers.

Following his high-profile dismissal from Two and a Half Men, Sheen starred in the series Anger Management that ran for 100 episodes. The series wasn't without controversy though as Selma Blair was fired following disputes with Sheen. Hollywood seems content to move on from Sheen but he has one last crack at it with the upcoming film 9/11 in which he'll play one of 5 people trapped in an elevator during the 9/11 attacks in New York.

6 Courteney Cox Has No Upcoming Movies Or Recent Hits


Courteney Cox has recently made headlines when she admitted she regrets some of the plastic surgery that she has undergone. Outside of that though, you probably are in agreement that you may not hear too much about the former Ms. Monica Gellar.

Cox worked hard to deviate from her Friends character but outside of a 2 episode stint on Drunk History has seen her career come to a standstill. It's been a while since Cox has seen a success as a movie actress including the notable failings of Zoom which earned 3% on Rotten Tomatoes and $11 million. Cox also attempted to flex her directing talents with Just Before I Go but flopped tremendously (10% and $11,000 earned).

You may love Monica, but not many people seem to be loving Cox.

5 Adam Jasinski Won Big Brother And Used The Money For Drugs

Many people feel that in comparison to celebrities that became famous for something like acting or singing, that reality stars aren't quite as talented. It's hard to argue that point, especially because our next candidate's biggest claim to fame is the fact that he won Big Brother. 

Though while that made him famous, it also led to his downfall as he spent a large portion of the money on oxycodone pills which he was later busted with. If that wasn't an ugly enough headline, Jasinski was also arrested after he failed to pay his taxes.

Real easy to explain why this "celebrity" faded from the spotlight, he spent years in jail!

4 Amanda Bynes' Time Away Helped Save Her Life


One of my favorite musicals is Hairspray which means I'm reminded on a regular basis of when Amanda Bynes was still a prominent Hollywood actress.

She had a tremendous downward spiral though that included several arrests and battles with addiction. Thankfully, however, Bynes time away from the spotlight as of late has coincided with her getting sober.

"I hike, I go spinning - take spinning classes - and I feed the homeless," said Bynes in an interview when celebrating her 3rd year of sobriety.

Bynes said she is interested in working on television again, so it'll be interesting to see how people will react if she re-enters the spotlight.

3 Chevy Chase Has Been A Jerk For Decades

Chevy Chase has spent decades making people laugh. But he's also spent decades being a complete asshole according to several people. This includes Will Ferrell who also told a story of how upon first meeting a female writer, Chase immediately asked her for some sexual attention later!

Chase also crossed paths with his Community co-stars, including Dino Stamatopoulos (who plays Star Burns) who said in an interview,

"I understand why the regulars on Community and the full time writers hating him. If he wasted my time as much as much as he wasted their time, I'd hate him, too."

Chase has one film in pre-production but it does not star anyone else of note and is perhaps as clear a sign as any that he's out of the spotlight.

2 William Shatner Was The Biggest Jerk In Star Trek History


William Shatner is always going to be part of the Star Trek legacy, but we're ecstatic that we don't have to see him on a regular basis anymore. Especially because according to people that have worked with him, Shatner is allegedly a bit of an asshole. This includes George Takei, who was on Star Trek with Shatner and has openly said that Shatner was the biggest douche of the series.

By his own accounts, he's also been quite sexist in the past including saying

"You say you wept? Wow. That’s so female. I can’t imagine the captain of a starship weeping," when Kate Mulgrew (a fellow Star Trek captain in her own right) talked about crying after they wrapped her series. As well as saying on several occasions, that a woman's place is in the fridge.

1 Edward Furlong Battled Addiction For Decades

One of the greatest action movies of all-time is Terminator 2. If you agree with that sentiment, then you at the very least are well aware of who Edward Furlong is. But Furlong was a young kid when Terminator came along and the older he got, the more troubled his life seemed to become.

Furlong struggled with a drug addiction and despite saying in 2006,

"I don't even think about (partying) anymore. It seems lonely now: running and clubbing and doing coke. I have nightmares about doing hard drugs. I'll wake up and I'm like, 'Did I relapse?"

He did later relapse, including getting arrested in 2013 and receiving a punishment which included drug rehabilitation. Furlong has one film coming out in 2017, The Reunion, but it doesn't look like it is going to be released on the big screen.

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